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Wednesday, April 16th, 2003
8:44a - nuttin much heere
im extremely bored and this vacation totally suckz like a hoe!!! i haven't talked to jesse since the last day of school b4 vacation and i need... need help!!! j/k i wanna go out?!?>>> whos w\ me??? OMG jess, if ur readin this, my dad new all along we were goin out ever since you came over and i said you were my "friend" they were totally attacking me w\ questions yesturday when we were sitting out on the deck (cuz of your ring on my chain) okay! enuf about that... MY PARENTS SAY I CAN'T GO 2 ISLANDS OF ADVENTURES!!! that blows... like a hoe ;0 LOL there being really really gay! i had got 2-A's,
1-B, 2-C's 1- freakin D in mr. kantors i need bryan ali to attack him.LOL but my parents said they'll give me a chance 2 talk to him and i'll jus explain to him that i'll try EXTREMLY hard in his class... oh yah, if i don't get a B or higher in his class i fail 8th grade... don't fret guyz i can do it, i just haven't been doin wut i need to be doin... i was probably only a point off from a C... THIS SUCKZ!!!LOL like a HOE j/k guyz! jesse!!! call me. i'm gettin really paeranoid{spellin!} lately... i don't know i guess its cuz i haven't been w/ u in so long... don't be suprised if i attack you when i see you...LOL i'm just kidding! i just really miss you... g2g ;)

current mood: crappy
current music: 50cent-21questions

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