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Thursday, February 12th, 2004

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    Along Came Who?
    So watching Along Came Polly, made me question relationships in the past, present, and future.

    Past relationships: They seem good while i'm in them.....but once i'm out.....i notice that they weren't too great afterall.....i'm not saying they all sucked......but damn, that want for love is really blinding!

    Present: Well, seeing i don't have any solid relationship....i don't have much to say. Yet, the movie shows, and real life backs this up, flings are a good thing.....ENJOY them while they last!

    Future: I don't wanna get married. I really don't. Life partner (i don't mean the same sex kind) is fine....i'll live, love, and fuck a guy for the rest of my life but i don't want something as symbolically binding as a ring or proof of marraige in writing. Hell, the only thing a marraige is good for is the alamony (spelled wrong but who cares!).

    This isn't something that depresses me! In fact, this movie made me feel happy about tha decison cuz society rules against anything thats not like Ricky and Lucy. But done right, it can be a very respectable choice! Stay true to the one you "love" or "lust", and once they're gone....they're gone! You can still love them with your heart and soul, but just move on!!!

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    You are a (enter stereotype here).
    So some guy made this thing that tells you all about yourself....and this is what i got! Interesting....isn't it?

    Get to know the REAL you by crash_and_burn
    Your Name
    You Are A:Dork
    Your Favorite Band/SongLudacris - Rollout
    You Like To Read:Biographies/Autobiographies
    You Firmly Believe In:Nose-picking
    Everyone Thinks You Are:A respectable person
    You Were Conceived:In a cheap motel
    You Will Marry:A punk-rawker
    Created with quill18's MemeGen 2.0!

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    I think i'd rather crucify than learn!
    I can't believe this. I woke up this morning and actually cleaned my bathroom. I'm not talking about waking up and sitting around for an hour or two then cleaning a bit......I woke up....went into the bathroom and cleaned that mother fucker...i was even on all fours to clean the toilet.....ew! Now its uber clean!! YAY!!! I love clean bathrooms. I also cleaned my bed sheets and blankets and i just might clean my room!!! woot woot! So this is what productive day off of school is! Well, i'm off to do whatever.....tata!!

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