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Sunday, February 22, 2004

11:17PM - Oh, look....i'm leavin!

So this is me writing my last entry in blurty. To find out about my wierd dreams, my rants and raves, my boring and exciting life.....well, go to

why the change......well, its finally available to those that are too lazy to get a stupid code number, i know more people that use that one than this if you are actually interested in my ramblings......just hop on over to the other'll be just as enjoyable!!

I bid thee adieu!

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Saturday, February 21, 2004

10:27PM - Fuckin, TINMAD DOG!!!

So today was supposed to be really cool! I was supposed to sleep in somewhere between 9 and 11! Then jenna and i were gonna go to see a psychic and then afterwards we'd either do something or i'd call tim and we would hang out. How'd it really go?

I was woken up at 9:30 by my house phone ringing. Then i heard my mom yell up to me that i had a phone call. Now, common sense would say pretend to be sleeping and don't respond. but hell, i just woke up so common sense didn't come to me. I asked who it was and she said she didn't know. She also said that if it was work i could tell them that i had plans cuz i guess i couldn't think of that myself. So i pick up the phone and its jenna, she opened today. Stephanie was supposed to be in at 8:30 but she hasn't shown up or called. well, since my plans were with jenna...i really wouldn't be able to i really don't mind getting more hours. so i said to give me an hour to get ready and i'll be there. then she said she had some bad news.....she couldn't go to the psychic! Well, yeah, that kinda made answering the phone a horrible idea. But i went to work....and it was fun for a while! Dave bought me orange chicken.....and my favorite drink...i love panda express's fruit punch! The thing that made me crabby was the fact that we kept getting customers trickling in. Not a couple big rushes...but a customer enters, i take care of them, they leave, i go to start something and another comes in. And this kept happening. Well, i go home and call cc cuz she called earlier.....we talked for a while......and then i went to sleep. and i slept.......and slept.....and slept.......i didn't wake up till about an hour ago. i had a funky dream. but yeah, this made my day totally uneventful......i could've called tim and we could've hung out. damnit. well, at least i won't be so groggy when i open tomorrow!!! My foot fell asleep!

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Thursday, February 19, 2004

7:46PM - Time to get emotional!

This song always cracks me up cuz all i hear is the edited version....and well, edited songs are always funny! So i thought I'd share the fun!

I Don't Want You Back by Eamon!

Whoa oh oh
Ooh hooh
No No No

See I don’t, know why..I liked you so much
I gave you all...of my trust
I told you I loved that’s all down the drain
Ya put me through pain, I wanna let u know (ahhh) that I feel

What I said it don’t mean shit now
The presents might as well throw 'em out
All those kisses, it didn’t mean jack!!! I don’t want you back (ahhh)

What I said it don’t mean shit now
The presents might as well throw em out
All those kisses it didn’t mean jack
You, you , I don’t want you back

You thought, you could
Keep this shit from me, yeah
Ya burnt bitch, I heard the story
Ya played me, ya even gave him head
Now ya asking for me back
Ya just another act, look elsewhere
Cuz you're done with me

What I said it don’t mean shit now
The presents might as well throw em out
All those kisses it didn’t mean jack
You, you , I don’t want you back

What I said it don’t mean shit now
The presents might as well throw em out
All those kisses it didn’t mean jack
You, you , I don’t want you back

Oh oh Oh oh
Uh hun yeah
Oh oh Oh oh
Uh hun yeah
Oh oh Oh oh
Uh hun yeah
Oh oh Oh oh
Uh hun yeah

Ya questioned, did I care?
You could ask anyone, I even said
Ya were my "great one"
Now its...over...but I truly mean I am sad
It hurt real bad, I cant sweat that, cuz I loved a hoe

What I said it don’t mean shit now
The presents might as well throw em out
All those kisses it didn’t mean jack
You, you, I don’t want you back

Oh oh Oh oh
Uh hun yeah
Oh oh Oh oh
Uh hun yeah
Oh oh Oh oh
Uh hun yeah
Oh oh Oh oh
Uh hun yeah
[Until the end]

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Wednesday, February 18, 2004

10:45PM - I'm Giving In! This one actually intrigued me!

1. Have you ever been in love?
I believe I have....simply because i haven't experienced anything more yet!
2. How do you know it's love?
I don't.....It's all relative!
3.What makes you fall in love?
Attraction on all levels....physical, emotional, goes on!
4. What if your girlfriend/boyfriend is a bad kisser?
Make them get it right or dump their ass!
5. What turns you on (at 1st sight)?
Looks! What can i say, i like to look at pretty things!
6. Are you the jealous type?
Not really. Do i need to be?

7. Body or brains? the long run...i'd rather talk than stare!
8. Do looks matter?
Oh yes....but then again....looks change with personality.
9. What turns you off?
Close mindedness, narcissism, liars, cheats, assholes, etc.
10. The perfect date?
Spending the day with the person doing things that you both can enjoy! even if that means watching movies at home....or just home movies...tee hee!
11. What do you have that will make a person fall for u?
I'd rather be myself more than anything....if a person wants a fake they leave me alone.
12. Do you still believe in courtship?
Yes....but hell if it happens to me!
13. Flowers or chocolates?
Flowers.....I love things that smell good! Roses, pansies, snap dragons....they're all great...especially in purple!
14. Kiss on the first date?
Oh yes!
15. Sex on the first date?
Have done it (don't mind the pun), don't recommend it!
16. What would you do if you found out that your boyfriend/girlfriend was cheating?
Fuck, he can kiss my ass! You do it once, i won't give you the chance to do it again!
17. Have you ever cheated on someone?
I honestly was drunk at the time....just ask my sister!
18. Fling or long term relationship?
At the moment, flings are nice. In the future, long term would be nicer!
19. What do you think of holding hands in public?
I love it! Its shows the maturity of the relationship and plus, i don't wanna see people playing tonsil hockey so why would you wanna see me doing it.....pervert!
21. What if your girlfriend/boyfriend is a smoker? doesn't bother me....if it is a problem...i have mints!
22. Ever fell in love with a friend of the same sex?
23. What would a girl/guy have to do to win your heart?
My heart is not something to be won! I don't want no romeo, or comedian. I want a friend. I believe that to love someone, you must like them first!

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2:03PM - I love Canada!

Summary of the week thus far!
Monday night Tim convinced me to go out with him despite the fact that i was super tired! We went to denny's and while we were eating.....i realized i still had to prepare my prose book for my performance tuesday! Then i realized that i didn't know if i needed my monologue memorized for acting....which then led to the biggest downer! I had a rough draft due! So i ended up staying up till 3 am working on the prose and essay. i took a lucky guess that the monologue wasn't due.....thank god! So i got a total of 4 hours of sleep. well, tuesday i woke up late, almost forgot to print my rough draft, parking sucked. Then school turned out to be pretty good. My monologue may actually be interesting to the class after prose piece got good comments from the class....turns out everyone did their rough draft last minute so they all sucked. But at work i was crabby and so was lori but we were working with "god loves the little children" we were even more crabby. Plus, she totally left a customer standing there waiting for his drink for 10 minutes! And yeah, i get home wanting nothing more but to crash!

I go into my kitchen for food and i see a box on the table. I open it and inside are 5 beanies that my aunt promised to get me and my sister. (she got us seven of the 12 beanies of the month over the summer.) and there was also a note. so i read it and the first line says "guess who the canada mints are for?" I look back into the box and there is a bag of Canada Wintergreen mints!!!! I LOVE THOSE THINGS!!! I jumped for joy cuz damn these are good!!! They are by far the best candy! They're my joke, i eat them till i get sick and then i eat even more!! All in all, that really made my day!! I can't believe they remembered how much i liked them!! I love my family.....they Polish but they're great!

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Saturday, February 14, 2004

7:12PM - Will you be my Valentine?

I just read someone's away message and I LOVE IT!! It said, "Happy Singles Awareness Day".....That puts a smile on my face!! Valentine's day sucks being single! I mean, you see couples being all cute and so you turn away to see that no one has yet to give you a simple card. But that is where family comes in i guess. My dad gave me candy, a card, and a little booty angel with a heart arrow through its head. How cute is that! And my sister got me a card and a bear! Whenever i just wanna remain calling her a selfish bitch.....she comes along with something nice! But yeah, I'm not really as depressed as i may sound towards today! Except that the plans i had fell through due to illness!!! Damn flu!! YOUR TIME WILL COME!!! And yeah, maybe some of us single folk will find something to do. I suggest inventing my gallon of layered ice cream and eat it all!!!! Ya with me?

As for the sum up of my day. Woke up, went to speech, now i'm home waiting for tonight's plans to form!! So as i just heard, "Happy Singles Awareness Day"

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Friday, February 13, 2004

1:48PM - What? There was once a time of NO CELL PHONES!?!?!?! Thats Ka-razay!!!

Okay, this sucks.....i have to mail my phone off to get it fixed or replaced.....and the phone repair people said it'll take 15-21 days to get a "fully functioning phone". and "should physical or liquid damage be identified" they will send back the phone un-fixed or call! THAT SUCKS BIG ELEPHANT COCK 'N' BALLS!!! well, i'll be sending it off yeah, if ya need me call the house phone....if you don't know that one.....well, you suck and your just S.O.L. S.O.B!!!

So, tonight Jenna is working as a shift....and they want me to close with her!!! Woo Hoo!!! Its gonna be fun....but i can't escape the feeling that they're trying to test us to see that if we work together, we'll stay on task and do what we are supposed to. If thats what they're doing...well, thats can trust us!! Well, i gotta go eat my pizza!! love ya'll!!

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Thursday, February 12, 2004

5:31PM - I think i'd rather crucify than learn!

I can't believe this. I woke up this morning and actually cleaned my bathroom. I'm not talking about waking up and sitting around for an hour or two then cleaning a bit......I woke up....went into the bathroom and cleaned that mother fucker...i was even on all fours to clean the toilet.....ew! Now its uber clean!! YAY!!! I love clean bathrooms. I also cleaned my bed sheets and blankets and i just might clean my room!!! woot woot! So this is what productive day off of school is! Well, i'm off to do whatever.....tata!!

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5:27PM - You are a (enter stereotype here).

So some guy made this thing that tells you all about yourself....and this is what i got! Interesting....isn't it?

Get to know the REAL you by crash_and_burn
Your Name
You Are A:Dork
Your Favorite Band/SongLudacris - Rollout
You Like To Read:Biographies/Autobiographies
You Firmly Believe In:Nose-picking
Everyone Thinks You Are:A respectable person
You Were Conceived:In a cheap motel
You Will Marry:A punk-rawker
Created with quill18's MemeGen 2.0!

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12:41AM - Along Came Who?

So watching Along Came Polly, made me question relationships in the past, present, and future.

Past relationships: They seem good while i'm in them.....but once i'm out.....i notice that they weren't too great afterall.....i'm not saying they all sucked......but damn, that want for love is really blinding!

Present: Well, seeing i don't have any solid relationship....i don't have much to say. Yet, the movie shows, and real life backs this up, flings are a good thing.....ENJOY them while they last!

Future: I don't wanna get married. I really don't. Life partner (i don't mean the same sex kind) is fine....i'll live, love, and fuck a guy for the rest of my life but i don't want something as symbolically binding as a ring or proof of marraige in writing. Hell, the only thing a marraige is good for is the alamony (spelled wrong but who cares!).

This isn't something that depresses me! In fact, this movie made me feel happy about tha decison cuz society rules against anything thats not like Ricky and Lucy. But done right, it can be a very respectable choice! Stay true to the one you "love" or "lust", and once they're gone....they're gone! You can still love them with your heart and soul, but just move on!!!

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Wednesday, February 11, 2004

2:56PM - Boop Boop Be Doop!

What a boring school day! Jeez.....i almost fell asleep in my bio class! My math test was already graded....damn this teacher is fast.....and guess what.......I got an 83%....Hells yeah! I thought i got a D!! Woot Woot!

Tim and i might actually be able to go out somewhere....we're thinkin movie. He gots class but he might not go but even if he does he might get out early!! Another Woot Woot! But yeah, later i'm goin to Deanna's apartment to look him up in her year book. Fun stuff....i have a feeling marcin will be there.....and possibly bart....w w.

Yeah, tonight should be interesting.....and i gots no school tomorrow!!! SLEEP IN TIME!!!!! WOO HOO!!! well, i gotta stuff my face with these chocolates i got from work....they're so yummy. its three kinds of dark chocolates and three kinds of milk chocolate....yum!!! SSSSHHHHUGAR HIGH!!!

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Tuesday, February 10, 2004

10:26PM - Nothing beats a rasberry mocha....except for a rasberry white mocha!

Okay, I was so happy oral interp we were assigned to perform a paragraph or two from A Tell Tale Heart. I got the last two paragraphs....which is the best part! So yeah, we go in chronological order so the story sounds good and we critique each other. I go up there....and i was muy nervioso!! But I gave it my all and the class had nothing bad to say.....except for the other speechie....who is on harper's speech team...but it wasn't horrible was just that i could've done more for certain parts....but WOO HOO ME!!! I awed them, i could see it on their faces.....that feeling never ceases to astound me! That is what i love about can feel the audience! Ooooo, it sends shivers up my spine!! I can't wait to do my actual prose peice....another girl is doing the same peice, and she is good so its gonna be interesting to see what she does.

Tim called after i got out of school....we might do something tonight. The thing is he has a super huge final test for his EMT class so he might just wanna call it a night....which i don't blame him. I'm kinda tired myself. But yeah, we'll probably go eat somewhere or just chill. whatever.

Anyways, work was fun.....casey is back. god that girl rarely ever seems happy about life.....yet she can put me in such a good mood cuz she has the greatest expressions and she's funnay! Had to deliver tp to the itasca store.....anna, i saw your mom's house...tee hee....anyways, lori is so fast closing....when i got back she did practically everything!!! That woman is amazing!!! OOOOO, CORY IS MOST LIKELY GETTIN CANNED! Our district manager found out about cory taking a Nautica scarf that was left here, so now cory is suspended...which usually leads to a suspension. WOO HOO!!! OUR PRAYERS HAVE BEEN ANSWERED!!!!!!

Well, i'm gonna wait up a bit......and if tim don't call i'm goin to bed!!!!!! Good night ya'll!! Love yaz!

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Monday, February 9, 2004

10:17PM - ::Le sigh:: a nice long day of nothing!

Woke up late....missed biology 101!
Woke up ten minutes before i had to leave to make it to school on time for my math test.
Looked shitty, unprepared so felt shitty.
Came home with pizza hut's personal pan pizza....yum!
Took a nice....lukewarm bath....which is why its nice...not exhilarating!
Shaved....silky smoothness is always a plus!!
Accidently avoided a fight with ex computer crashed.
Went to work and got tips....Matt brought his daughter....she is gonna break hearts as she gets older.
Bought Fiji water....very very good!
Actually, worked on homework....really, i didn't go out with a friend just so i could do my homework....and i'm glad i did!!
Now, i'm cutting stories and chillaxin!

Its days like these that remind me as to why its better to be social.

Well, goodnight to all. I love you all and please don't cut each other!!

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Sunday, February 8, 2004

3:09PM - The Tale of Munger and Cuba!!!

Yesterday was grrreat! I went to the Regional tournament to support the eg speech team. I got to see Reesie and Jenni Steljes....I love those girls! But yeah, the team as a whole are now regional champs....GO EG! And yeah, Nicole is such a bitch...well, not really but she almost made me cry. While the team was takin pictures, she put her arm around me and said, "Doesn't this suck. You're no longer performing on speech and you have to watch everyone else still go through it." Thats not a direct quote but it gives you the jist of it....and yeah, i almost cried cuz college speech just aint the same and well, i aint even on that. but yeah, speech would never be the same if it wasn't for the fact that the team is behind you. and since my freshmen year, we have worked our asses off to keep the team tight. and i'm proud to see that it still is! you guys rock my face off!

Afterwards, i was supposed to get my palm read....well, that fell thru. sucky, but yet not sucky! I went with catie and jenna to munger road and cuba road...two supposedly haunted roads. Cuba sucked as always....except for a mysterious fog at the intersection of krueger and cuba!! Now the story of munger road is that six kids got stuck on the R&R Tracks and were headed to the only house on the street. The next morning they were found dead!! So while driving down munger.....we see flashing lights! It was the R&R tracks and cars were going aound the lowered flashing barriers. A train was stopped five feet from the road. We decided to turn around and on our way back two cop cars passed us!!! So we turned around again....heheh! And the train was gone and cars were free to go again......creepy or what?

Well, this took us to 11:30 which meant no midnight show....sorry guys! Plus, Pottker wasn't able to anywayz cuz he had to work.....damn you! So when catie dropped me off, i went driving and got sarah and we drove around past her old work and ended up in La Grange...Woot woot! We eventually turned around and went back home....i love those drives. Its so stress relieving!

Now, i'm gonna get some fast food....or italian food. And then go to a store meeting. I don't know if i want cory to show up or not. cuz i dont wanna hear him bitch but then again we all got a lot to say to him and he can't ignore us or say he's the boss cuz shovonda will be there and he'll have to listen! Ass!

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Friday, February 6, 2004

2:26PM - I love boob boosters!!!

well, last night was okay....i was home and fell asleep a couple times cuz i was uber tired! Tim and i were gonna catch a movie but he got out of class we went to friday's!! Fun stuff.

So today i had to get up early for a check up with my oral see if my molarless sockets are healing correctly....which they are....but i think the guy thinks i'm a freak cuz i laughed at something he said cuz i thought he said something else....i can be such a dumbass! But yeah, math was dull but i got through it. Yeah the test was moved to monday instead of now i really have to learn what we did the entire week cuz i spaced out....damn it! Tonight will be fun filled....i work till 7:30 with jenna and cory!! Woot woot! i'm sure jenna will rip out his throat....GO JENNA! then its off to the midnight show!!! We are seeing Hedwig and the Angry Inch....which i've never heard of but friends say its worth watching.

Oh, yeah, i broke out my padded bra today....DAMN I GOT CLEAVAGE!!! But of course it covered up by my turtle neck.....but that might change later!! MuAHAHAHA!!!

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Thursday, February 5, 2004


Just another day in acting, oral interp, and english. Sex seemed to be on everyone's minds today! Acting, we had a guy acting out a scene as though he had sex with someone else and his girlfriend found, JERRY! JERRY! Then english and oral interp are combined....but we got on the topic of sex controlling a character's actions in english. yeah, i guess sex controls a lot of guys' actions....and girls too! But then in oral interp i was talking to marty and kim about peircings and how i contemplated getting nipple peircings....riskay, eh? And marty said it doesn't hurt....he also added that the bigger they are the less they all you girls with dinner plates for nipples....finally you have an advantage! but yeah, sarah, once you are able to peirce people....give me a call and you can peirce my left breast....and it MUST be the left one! *PING* I love these classes!! Gotta go work on prose and monologue.....woot woot!!! wüt!

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Current music: Walk Like An Egyptian---The Bangles (I LOVE THE EIGHTIES!!!)
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Wednesday, February 4, 2004

2:11PM - From other people's closets to your home!

So i went to bio today but i really didn't want to sit through i skipped it. On my way home, i was thinking about how much my work pants really suck and how much i really need sweaters. Well, i still had a couple of bucks in my checking account and i always go past Plato's i thought what the hell!! well, i think i'm in love. I got a pair of express, paris blues, and hydrualic jeans plus two nice shirts for only $$55$$!!! So yeah, i totally promote Plato's Closet!! Of course, i then had to go to discovery to get sweaters...i got two and then two long sleeved shirts....i actually bought a pink one (but i might return it cuz it looks better on a hanger)...but then i bought underwear!!! YAY BARGAIN SHOPPING!!! My next attempt will be bras and shoes....good luck with that one.....maybe my mom can be of some assistance, eh? well, i gotta work on my monologue for love, peace, and chicken grease!!

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Tuesday, February 3, 2004

2:19PM - My name is Loretta and I'm a Cath-aholic!

Well, actually i'm christian!

Yeah, not much to say....except for this one thing that disturbs me ::::holds up a peice of mail:::::......i can't believe i just did one of those action thingies.....lame. anyway, i'm sitting by my computer typing...what else is new...and i see this pile of mail to my mom. since i love looking at mail, I look through it. well, the envelope second from the top really freaked me out about getting old. Its from American Medical Alarms, Inc. In the bottom right hand corner there is a picture of an ambulance with this phrase surrounding it, "HELPING SENIORS NEVER BE ALONE"!!!!!! Now, please tell me what old, cenial people are supposed to think when they read that! anywayz, that is my antidote for the day......i'm gonna eat and get ready for work.

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Monday, February 2, 2004

2:49PM - I'M ALIVE!!!!

What a laid back weekend....superbowl sunday turned out to be a doze fest....i was waitin for sarah to call me back and ended up fallin asleep!! Go SUPERBOWL!! but yeah, work was interesting as always....cory just is fucking up left and right....cusomers don't like him, employees don't like him, and well, i think the district manager is getting annoyed by him! So a goodbye is in store for him soon!!.....hopefully! Can you believe i actually have hours this week....i got 19 of em!!! Thats awesome compared to my pitiful 12-13!!! Woot woot! So yeah, this week is gonna be kinda dull...aint much goin on....i got some plans but i gotta call some people and such! so yeah, we'll see how the week unfolds!

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Saturday, January 31, 2004

5:20PM - I look like a chipmunk!

So i woke up this morning feeling like i had a big bulge in my face.....well, i looked in the mirror and i did....or at least a little bulge. Stupid wisdom teeth! Well, another day of trying to keep my mouth free of debris and such....i'm starting to really like salt water! Today was very laid back....i ended up sittin in the kitchen with my parents and we were talking for a bit....haven't done that in a while! But yeah, then i watched Chicago and fell asleep....damn those pain killers are good! Well, im gonna go....hopefully tomorrow i won't have the chipmunk look....its cute for little kids and rene zelwiger (however you spell it) but not when its lopsided!

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Current music: Shut up---Bloodhound Gang ( i love em!)
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