Today is diamond dog day   
11:53am 25/05/2004
  Well this is really my first entry on this thing. I feel a bit more at ease with this journal compared to the other as not a single soul knows who I am so I can write what I like, about whom I like and they won't know. Unless someone breaks into my email account and finds out what my name is i.e. my boyfriend, he's very good at doing that. Most of this stuff that I write in here will be poop and depressing, but I am going to treat this place as my something to talk to when theres nobody else that wants to listen.

I've felt the need to create this new account because I do need something to talk to, everything seems to get me down. I feel as though I'm getting my heart broken on a daily basis. The biggest heartbreaker of all is Dan. He's changed. Well don't most people? We've been going out a year now and I was pretty happy until about 2 months ago, before then the days seemed to have passed so quickly and I was really excited about going out with someone a year, its quite an honour. When that day did come I felt so down and broken, I just didn't care, I looked at Dan and thought 'do I really want to be with this person?' for the first time ever it felt strange. I suppose you could say for that split second I fell out of love with him. I just don't feel appreciated anymore and I'm not talking what presents I get given, I don't expect anything. I just want emotional support and to feel loved again. I don't think Dan understands this, I feel that his mindset is that if you buy someone a gift, it makes it ok. I'm only assuming this as one day I told him I didn't think he cared and his response was something like 'of course I care for you I bought you X the other week, if I didn't care for you I wouldn't have bought you X'. I could be wrong...I'm also playing second fiddle to everything and everyone in his life. Well, he's online now, I'm just gonna see what he has to say for himself.