10:06pm 26/01/2004
mood: aggravated
music: the hell song
ok so yeah basically things have been pissing me off..ok maybe not things..maybe just one thing..i just dont get some things like you try so hard to make things okay to just i dunno..make sure everyones you bend over backwards to make sure everything works out for everyone else and then it goes and stabs you in the back..fucking not face the yea whatever ive kinda figured out that maybe i dont wanna be a part of it if its gonna be like this then maybe it just not worth it worth it to make everyone but yourself hapy and then still get screwed over..fucking should be at least one benefit for fucks sake..its just so fuckin messed up cuz like..holy shit..i dunno i guess i just feel like..people think im gonna take over that all i want to do it make their life shit when all i want to do is make them see them smile..cuz fuckin a people..i want to be your friend..i mean has been said before friends dont let friends run alone..why am i running solo all the time now?..i dont get it anymore..its just over..fucking a its done..damnit

escaping down the open road..memorys weep for stories told..on and on and farther i go..just to be free of all i know

im trying to figure out if you even want me anymore..should i even try..i dont think this is working..i feel like all i am to you is a bore..just tell me know..before it breaks..should we keep going..or will it be my heart you will take..and leave me?
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04:08am 26/01/2004
mood: annoyed
music: the boy who blocked his own shot
ok so i went from being indifferent to being annoyed..oh how great and all in a matter of 16 minutes..holy crap..yeah i love it when that yea bored..n i guess touchy..cuz i dunno i think its the weather..this stupid suxors lol..haha does..damm..damn winter..o well degrassi may be on so i think im gonna go watch it..oh boy..peace out kids
03:54am 26/01/2004
mood: indifferent
music: anthem of our dying day
so yeah wow another journal..this is quite..uh i guess cool and maybe a lil crazy..but yea i dunno i saw this on a friends profile and i thought "oh what the heck im bored as all hell i cant sleep and yea" shiver me timbers i made an extra journal..this will prolly be the death of me..writing in all these journals..jeez am i nuts or what..oh lordy yea..anywho..its a new funness to yea basically my mood right now is freaking out but calmly..and worried and stuff but tired too cuz just a bunch of shit has been going on and basically been making me go absolutely nutso over yea im a mental case..thats always nice to say on your first an awesome first impression..well anyway..hope you all continue reading..this should be uber fun..peace