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    Friday, May 21st, 2004
    6:48 pm
    hey im hannah
    hi uh so yeah im like not as old as i said i was lm a lot younger but who cares its just a journal i needed a new journal cuz my other one sux so yeah im like uhh 14 and single and pathedic and im like a strange little girl im going to go to leander high school next year the school year is almost over and im excited sorta in the shcool will be over kinda way not in the yay i get to do nothing for three months shit i need to like find me a boy to spend the summer with or someone to shack up with that sounds wrong more like hook up with like to make out with or something like that
    i also need to get trim im going to work out this summer like no other im gonne loose as much as i can i want to be really hot for high school though i dont see why im kinda already pretty not hot but pretty it will be nice to be trim
    im like so out of it i want a guy to love me though i dout it will happen soon im like a man repelent thing or something i dont know why ither then turk (my ex) but there will be others sooner or later life isnt just now it will be awhile before i die or get really ugly to the point where i cant get anyone cuz im soo old and wrinkly and fat i want to be really pretty and like get anyone i want eh like that will ever happen hah im like a oi i dont know not perfect well i g2g i hope i write in this thing again bye


    Current Mood: blank