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Thursday, August 7th, 2003

Time:12:13 am.
So we took Boy in to the vet today for x-rays. He's been sick a while and we weren't sure what the problem was. Blood tests a few days ago showed nothing. But he hasn't been eating properly and he's lost a lot of muscle. So the x-rays showed what they suspected. He has an internal tumor that's affecting his breathing and eating. He's suffering a lot and there's nothing they can do about it. He's 18, almost 19 in November. Most cats live to or just beyond that age.

So tomorrow evening my parents are taking him in to have him put down. I can't deal with this. It's too much. He's older than I am. My parents bought him and his sister while my mom was pregnant with me. He's always been around. 3 houses, 18 years, every birthday, every christmas, everyday he's been there and I've been able to see him. Now I'm just supposed to come home from work tomorrow and face the fact that he won't be there, that I'll never be able to see him or hug him or cuddle with him ever again. I can't do that. I can't take this.

I was fine when my great-grandfather died three years ago. I was fine when my great-grandmother died a couple of months ago. Why does this hurt so much? God, I can't stop crying. I don't want this to happen.
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Thursday, July 31st, 2003

Subject:Rolling Stones: Benefit For Toronto
Time:12:43 pm.
Music:The Flaming Lips - Race For The Prize.
So Sars-Stock is done and over with. It was mayhem, but oh so good. My face and back are burnt red cause I forgot to put sunblock on until halfway through the day.

So me and my parents left around 9:30, picked up Kristan, and headed up to my dad's school. Parked there, and bussed it to Downsview Park. We go through the security check and they throw out all my pens and pencils, my batteries, and my parents ziplock bag of pistachio nuts. God knows why. Later on, we meet up with my dad's friends and they brought in apples and oranges and small vodka bottles and nothing got taken. What the fuck?

So we get in and it's around 11:30 now. There is just people and barbecue stands as far as you can see. So we start walking towards the black blur in the distance that is the stage. Things start to get more crowded and dense as people with blankets sitting down are everywhere. We force our way through them, trampling a few, kicking a few others, and finally get semi-close to the stage. We have a sound system next to us, we can see the stage, we can see 3 of the monitors and we can hear well. Sounds good to me. So we set up a blanket and sit back and relax.

Around 12ish, Mike Bullard comes out and talks about the show for a bit and introduces the first act - the Have Love Will Travel Revue band. In other words, the new Blues Brother. Dan Aykroyd, Jim Belushi, and various band members come out dancing and perform 3 blues songs. Boring, really. But it was a change of pace. After them, there was a fifteen minute break before Aykroyd came out and introduced the first act, Sam Roberts. So apparently each band was allowed to play 3 songs. So Sam came out and played Don't Walk Away Eileen, Brother Down, and Where Have All The Good People Gone. Next was Kathleen Edwards. She played 2 songs I didn't know, and then her hit single Six O'Clock News.

At the beginning of Kathleen, my parents went off to find food. Next came La Chicane. Some french band that played some songs about the Taliban and war. Then came the Tea Party. They played Temptation, Heaven Coming Down, and Sister Awake and called it a day. After them, came the Flaming Lips.

Now I like the Flaming Lips but I wasn't expecting this. The singer comes out with the bassist, drummer, and a hoarde of people all dressed in animal costumes. As well as two big cartoon sun mascots. They all start dancing and spinning around. Each mascot is wearing a sars mask, the singer has three enormous balloons on a rope which he's spinning around his head. He releases them into the crowd, reaches into his coat, and runs around throwing handfuls of confetti everywhere. The mascots rip off the sars masks an continue to dance. They played Race For The Prize, Fight Test, and Do You Realize. They were great.

During the Lips, my parents came back so me and Kristan headed out looking for food. Not too anxious to see Sass Jordan or the Isley Brothers. It took us forever to just get out to the food areas. We got lost countless times. When we finally reach the place where they sell hamburgers, through Dominion, we realise a single hamburger is $5 and you have to get food stamps first. The food stamp line went on and on forever into the distance. It was ridiculous. Finally, we said fuck it and went to a small hot dog vendor cat. Even at one of the many, many carts in the middle of nowhere, we stood in line twenty minutes before I got a hot dog. Eating and walking, we made our way back to our area and got back during Blue Rodeo's first song. My parents had disappeared but our spot was still free so we set up our blanket again and sat back down.

After Blue Rodeo, Have Love Will Travel performed again followed by the much-anticipated Justin Timberlake. Now Mike Bullard spent five minutes introducing him and basically apologizing asking people to bear with him. Justin comes out to huge boo's, says "I'm here the same reason you are - to see the Stones." Then says something along the lines of "it will be over before you know it" and starts into Cry Me A River. Bottles fly from every direction and all you can see on the monitors is huge piles of empty water bottles, one after another, flying at him. At the end of the song, Mike Bullard comes out, hugs him, says something to him and walks off stage. Justin plays 2 more songs and hits the road.

Next are the Guess Who. Amazing, of course. They played all the hit songs: No Sugar Tonight, New Mother Nature, Takin' Care of Business, American Woman, etc. After them came Rush, who we don't like, so we sat down as they played their set. After Rush, AC/DC came out and played for an hour and fifteen minutes. Every song you can think of, they played: Thunderstruck, Hell's Bells, If You Want Blood, Highway To Hell, You Shook Me All Night Long, and so on. And after them, came the headliners.

Countless people on Q107 interviews and in the Toronto Sun and even Dan Aykroyd on the day of the show promised surprises. There was none. No U2, no Christina Aguilera, no nothing. The Stones hit the stage and played for an hour and a half. Ruby Tuesday, Satisfaction, Brown Sugar, You Can't Always Get What You Want, Sympathy For the Devil, and all that. Justin came out and sang and danced to one song with Mick. Angus Young came out and played guitar and rocked to one song with Keith Richards. Stones leave the stage, come back, play one song I've never heard of, and head out. The end.

We force our way through the crowd, find my parents, walk to my dad's school, and drive home.

It was a great day, although disappointing there were no surprises. Frustration that food was impossible to get. And I'm pissed off that I have to hit Grand & Toy and shell out $10, 15 to buy pens, pencils, markers, and batteries to replace the ones they threw out now. Otherwise, it was alright. What more can I say?
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Sunday, July 27th, 2003

Subject:i stole this from val.
Time:12:23 am.
Music:Headstones - My Perspective Fades..
Pick a band and answer only using that band's song titles: Headstones
1. Are you male or female? Come On...
2. Describe yourself: Exhausted
3. How do some people feel about you? Mystery To Me
4. How do you feel about yourself? Look Away
5. Describe your girlfriend/boyfriend/interest: Blonde And Blue
6. Where would you rather be?: Downtown
7. Describe what you want to be: Supersmart
8. Describe how you live: Nothing Changes
9. Describe how you love: Oh My God!
10. Share a few words of wisdom: Where does it go?

Thank you, that was interesting.
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Friday, July 25th, 2003

Subject:fiddler on the roof.
Time:11:18 pm.
Music:Guster - Red Oyster Cult.
Well, I just got in. It's quarter after 11 pm. Yesterday, Thursday, I woke up at about 1 in the afternoon and hung around the house. Around midnite, I got online and began talking to Kristan. We talked non-stop all nite, never leaving once. At 8 am, I showered and at 9 am, I caught the bus to her house. Her family was gone for the day so we lay around watching Young Frankenstein, the Many Adventures of Winnie-The-Pooh, Fiddler On The Roof, and others. We managed one hour long nap but that was it. Eventually, her other friends headed over and we went out for the evening.

And here's where I am now. I like her. So much. I know I could fall in love with her in a second. I know I probably am as we speak. He's a dick to her. He makes her cry. He upsets her. And she doesn't even know why she takes it.

And she still chooses him over me. What does that say about me?
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Thursday, July 24th, 2003

Subject:robin hood
Time:1:35 pm.
Music:Guster - So Long.
I can still smell her in my clothes, in my comforter.

God, I can't help it. I didn't want this to happen.
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Saturday, July 19th, 2003

Subject:empty baby carriages
Time:12:16 am.
Music:Guster - Careful.
So about 11:30 last nite Kristan's like "me and Ashley are thinking of taking the car and going out for a while. what are you doing?" Of course I'm doing nothing so they picked me up and we went cruising for a few hours. Getting back to Kristan's house, her parents are awake and have noticed their car and daughter are missing. So they get me to hide and I sit in the backyard in the dark for an hour and a half listening to her parents berate her. After they finally went in, I did the hour walk home. Got in at 4 and went to bed right away.

Today, I went to the mall with Lauren to celebrate our paychecks. I bought the new Guster cd, the Brain Candy dvd, the High Fidelity dvd, and seven comics. Then we headed over to the hospital to visit Jay Young who's still in after being hit by a car last week. He's doing better and should be out tonite or tomorrow.

I headed home after and watched my movies and plowed through my comics here. Tomorrow, I'm working 8 to 3 and I'm not sure what I'm doing in the evening. Sunday, Kristan and I should be doing something together. I'm looking forward to it.


Harley, whatever you do, don't fall for this one. You know it can't happen. Don't let her get to you.
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Tuesday, July 8th, 2003

Subject:it goes on.
Time:6:23 pm.
Music:Blur - No Distance Left To Run.
I woke up at 1, and went to the mall with Adria for a bit. I bought a long-sleeved shirt from Alcatraz, bussed it to Wyld Star, and walked home from there after purchasing one comic book.

Tonite, I will sit at home alone, watching tv, and sitting on the computer downloading music. Tomorrow, I will do the same. I have no money until I get paid again on the 18th.

It turns out that the reason I haven't seen Lauren in two days is because she's been out "partying." She just informed me that she's spending the last of her paycheck on alcohol and drugs, so that's good to know.

I wish I had a friend, any friend, who didn't do drugs or drink. Andy doesn't do drugs, but he's always with Alison. And JF does neither, but he's never around either. So here I sit alone and sober staring at the computer screen as yet another evening kills itself off.
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Subject:long time no update.
Time:1:53 am.
Music:Weezer - Butterfly.
Well, stuff's been going on. Me and Dan went to a Pearl Jam show at the Amphitheatre. It rocked, but it seems a long time ago now so I won't talk to much about it.

Last Friday, me, Luna, Lauren, Jordan, and Monique went to Reel Big Fish at the Kool Haus. The Matches, Wakefield, and Zebrahead opened. And we ran into Adria and Katie there. It was a great show, I had such a fun time walking around Toronto all day with them. And it was good to spend time with Luna again cause she's been completely gone from my life since she met John. He's her sole center of attention so, of course, there's no room for friends.

So that was Friday. Saturday nite, I worked close until 10:30. After that, me and Lauren went up to North End Bowl to play Dance Dance Revolution and some games. We walked back to her place after and didn't get in until about midnite. Her parents and brothers were gone for the nite, so we had the house to ourselves. We ended up watching tv all nite. Trading Spaces, Iron Chef, Back To The Future, Sunday Nite Sex Show, Meet The Feebles, and so on. It was just so great to be lying there at 3 in the morning with her head in my lap and my arm around her watching tv. It was so everything I've always wanted. Around 5, we finally caved and she decided she needed at least some sleep before going to work for 11:30, so I left and let her go to bed. I ended up walking home at 5:30 in the morning. The sun was coming up, it was brisk out, and cars were driving past me on the way to work. And I had the hugest smile on my face and I felt so great when I finally went to sleep at 5:30 am.

So I worked close Sunday until 7:30 and went to Luna's afterwards. She was having people over for a barbecue so I went there for a while. It was okay. I didn't have a great time; she wouldn't let Lauren come. And I don't get along with Mark Taylor or Natalie really anymore. But it was okay.

Today, I tried getting ahold of people to go to the mall to buy clothes with me but Lauren disappeared and I realised I have no other friends than her, so I went up to Deja Vu Discs and the comic book store by myself instead. I bought 2 Spider-Man comics, a Lemonheads cd, a Pearl Jam cd, and the movie Singles on dvd. After that, I came home and sat here by myself all nite, like usual.

Tomorrow will most likely be the same. I have no friends. I have no plans. I have very little money. And I'm in love with my best friend.

Give it a few days and it will only get worse.
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Friday, June 27th, 2003

Time:11:52 am.
Music:Elastica - Connection.
I had 2 last nite. The first woke me up around 6:15. I lay in bed thinking about it for a while and went back to bed. The next occurred just before 11:45 which is when I woke up again and finally got up.

I only remember the ending of the first one. I know it was much longer but I can't recall any of the beginning. The ending begins with me and Lauren standing at the desk of our dentist's office. I'm filling out some time adjustment forms, and she makes some comment about Sid Vicious. So I hand in the papers to the secretary, we exit the glass doors, and get into the elevator.

The elevator takes us down 2 floors, and we step out into a spacious, green room. To our right, there's a computer and a desk alone in the corner. Miranda's sitting there and she's reading about some bands or something. We walk towards her, but turn left and begin down a long stairwell instead. It's pitch black but, about halfway down, I lean off into the emptiness to the right, and turn on a lamp out of nowhere. It's slightly visible now, but still pretty dark near the bottom. So we keep walking down, I reach the bottom and turn to wait for Lauren to catch up. It's dark and she doesn't see the last 2 steps and thinks she's at the bottom already, so she steps forward and trips. I reach out to catch her and she falls into my arms. We sort of just stand there for a second, her lying in my arms smiling at me, and we kiss. We kiss for a good five, ten, seconds before I wake up.

In the second dream, I again forget the beginning. I only remember me and Katie walking down the street somewhere. A car pulls up to a stop sign and almost hits her. We avoid it and keep walking. The next thing I know we're in Blockbuster, looking at movies in the comedy section. We're commenting on all the classics and saying things like 'oh, i haven't seen this one in forever!' and 'this one's so great!' and things like that. And that's all I remember.

I have no idea what any of this means.
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Wednesday, June 25th, 2003

Time:7:57 pm.
Music:Weezer - Devotion.
He wins again. He always wins. I've never even met the guy and I hate him.

Why? Because I'm so jealous. I've got nothing. I woke up at 12:30 today and went on the computer. I got off once to go shower, and came back on after. It's 8 pm and I'm still here. I haven't left the house once today.

Why? Because I've got nowhere to go. I've got nothing to do because I have nobody who wants to spend time with me. Sometimes I like to think that maybe, if I had friends, my life would be more interesting. But I really can't say, cause I don't know what it's like.

I want to write. Not crappy teenage love poetry like I always do. I want to write a novel. A long one. An impressive one. I just don't have anything to write about.

Maybe I should just write about a guy who hates his life, hates his job, constantly gets turned down by any girl he falls for, and spends all his free time at home by himself. That should be an easy enough topic for me to write about.

All my past journal entries are brainstorming enough.

Sometimes I just want to look you in the eyes and say "you know what? i hate you. go to hell." But I won't. Because you already know it, don't you, Harley?
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Subject:life as a house
Time:1:12 am.
Music:Saves The Day - Shoulder To The Wheel.

Jess just went home. She came over tonite and we went for a walk and came back here and watched Life As A House. She's sitting next to me for 2 hours. Inches away. And she is so gorgeous and so desirable and I'm sitting here trying to watch the movie, and consciously make sure that I'm not drooling at the same time. And I just want so badly to lean over and kiss her and put my arms around her and just kiss her all over.

And then she's leaving and I'm telling myself, "go with the hug goodbye. it's sweet. girls generally like it. you go for the goodbye hug as she's leaving then, as you're releasing, kiss her on the cheek. it'll be really sweet and she'll be all like 'oh, he's such a sweetheart' and all that." So what do I do? I walk up stairs, watch her get her shoes on, open the door and walk down to the car. And I close the door and I let out a scream of frustration in my head and I come downstairs and sit down at the computer and type this all up.

Why? Because, by god, I want her so badly and there is nothing I can do about it. And that is so frustrating.
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Tuesday, June 24th, 2003

Time:8:24 pm.
Music:Rancid - Salvation.
It was 28°C out today and humid. I walked for almost 2 hours to get to Jessica's house, because she didn't have any gas to come pick my non-driving ass up.

I went to the mall but they didn't have the cd I wanted, so I got a cheap Sonic Youth one instead. I felt bad about her having to be the one driving all the time, and I didn't want her to have to spend her own money, since she's got actual stuff she needs money for like college books, etc. so I gave her my last $15 from my paycheck for gas money.

I've now got 44 cents to last me for a week and a half.

So I give her the absolute last of any money I have, knowing I'll be broke for the Canada Day long weekend now, and I walk an hour and forty-five minutes in the blistering heat to her house just to spend time with her. And she still thinks I like Lauren over her. I just don't understand.

She's got a boyfriend, and she's questioning me as to whether or not I like her. She's gorgeous, she's nice, and she's fun to be around. Why the hell wouldn't I like her? I just don't know what I'm supposed to say or do anymore. Everything's so pointless.
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Saturday, June 21st, 2003

Time:1:26 am.
Music:Wax - California.
Every time I'm around her, I just want her so much. I just want to be with her, to kiss her, to hold her... And I drive myself up the walls in frustration because of this.

Then I meet this great girl who's amazing and I really like, so much so that she completely drives the first girl out of my mind whenever I'm with her. But to no avail. I'm nothing special.

My party was enjoyed by all, but me. What else is new? I'm never as lovesick as when I'm around her.

It's pathetic.
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Friday, June 20th, 2003

Time:11:33 am.
Music:Limblifter - Screwed It Up.
So, at least a week beforehand, we make plans to see the Hulk on Friday during the day, and go to the mall. And I tell her about my party in the evening and ask her to come.

A few days beforehand, she tells me that, despite knowing about my party, she told Sean she'd go to his baseball game and it's in the evening, so she probably won't be coming. But we can still go to the movies.

Then, the day before, she tells me there are other plans she didn't remember about, so we can't go to the movies, but we can still hang out at the mall for a bit.

Then, the morning of, she tells me her plans are even earlier, and now we can't go to the mall at all.

So there go any semblance of my plans for Friday during the day. I blew off going to the movie until Sunday for her, and now I'm going to have to wait to get my other stuff I need. So I tell her, "it's alright, I'll find someone else to go to the mall with" and she gets pissed off at me because of it. Then she goes and blocks me.

Well, what the hell am I supposed to do? I can't re-arrange my whole life because she's unorganized! I need pants for work and I need a new notebook and I need batteries. If she can't go to the mall with me today as planned, I can't be expected to wait two or three days to get my stuff. I need batteries today, I can't wait until next week. Jesus christ. What does she expect of me?

My whole life can't revolve around her schedule, and her boyfriend.
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Wednesday, June 18th, 2003

Subject:caterpillars and elephants
Time:11:30 pm.
Music:Taking Back Sunday - Cute Without The 'E'.
Yeah, so I haven't updated this thing in a while. I never do, cause I never know what to write. My life's been in turmoil for a while, anyway.

This new girl Jessica started in housewares a few weeks back. First time I saw her, I was just like "god, she's hot" but, y'know, in a more subtle, only in the back of my head, way. So it took me a while but I finally got up the courage to say hi to her. And, within no time, she fell under my spell. So, as I worked my magic, we began hanging out at work more and taking lunch together and breaks and all that.

So one nite, during the week, a Wednesday maybe, like it matters, I was sitting on the computer bored with no one to talk to and I'm like "too bad i'm not talking to jessica" so I decided to give it a shot and run a search on ICQ using our city and her first and last name and sure enough, she came up. So I added her on msn and started talking to her the next day.

So, after a while of begging and threats of suicide, I finally managed to guilt her into going on a date with me. So we went to see Hollywood Homicide. And I attempted to be smooth and put my arm around her and kiss her goodnite and all that, but we know how well I can pull that off. So it turned out really awkward-like and I looked like a buffoon.

So we've tentatively got another date for this Friday to go see the Hulk. Now here's the part of the entry where I vent my frustrations, and they are aplenty.

So she's been seeing this other guy Sean for a few months now. And apparently she's incapable of making a decision between us. One day she's saying that she's just with him out of routine and she's going to end it, the next she's hanging out with him and going to his baseball games. See I don't want to like yell at her or force her to make a decision between us, but I don't like not knowing where I stand. And, in the meantime, she's still being intimate with him and all that. And that bothers me. I get upset easily about "sharing" a person, I guess. Call me weird, if you will.

Yeah, and this is where we are. I really like her, I want to be her boyfriend, but I don't think she knows what she wants. And if she doesn't, how should I know? I'm just overall frustrated and I really wish it was just a cut-and-dry, black-and-white situation, but it never is. Where do I stand with her? What does she want? What does she want from Sean? Does she even like Sean as a relationship person or just out of convenience? What will happen, if anything?

So many questions, I really don't know. Just do me one favor, Jess. If you're reading this, don't get pissed off at me or anything for complaining. I need to vent somewhere, and I'm sure you'd rather I do it on here where no one'll see it then have me complain to you over the phone.

That's all for now. goodnite.xx
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Sunday, June 8th, 2003

Time:11:32 pm.
Music:Sonic Youth - The Diamond Sea (radio edit).
"I wonder how he's gonna make her smile,
When love is running wild on the diamond sea."

God, this is a great song. Anyway, I worked today. All weekend actually. I could talk a lot about Friday, but I wouldn't know where to start. We went to the Rainforest Cafe. There was 16 of us in total. It was fun. After, we went to North End Bowl, got 2 lanes and bowled for a bit. After that, I walked home. I'm over my crush on Katie. Why waste time crushing over someone who's going to move away in a month anyway, and I'll never see again? Pointless.

So today I worked 9 til 5. After that, Chris, Thiago, and Jay Young came over to film an english video for Wuthering Heights. It's kinda stupid, but kinda good. I guess I'll see the reaction tomorrow.

Lauren's planning on a big hiking hardcore camping trip for us. Three days long. Get dropped off somewhere, hike for 6 hours, set up camp, relax for the nite, hike some more the next day. 3, 4 hours. And so on. It sounds exciting. I love camping, I don't go nearly often enough. And I can't think of anyone else I'd rather go with. That's not til July, though. Still a while away.

Reel Big Fish is July 4. The current party-goers looks like it will be me, Lauren, Luna, Josh, and this new girl Jessica from work. I'm not sure if Josh and Jessica are too interested or not, though. Or if they'd be coming with us. I'm afraid to go with a group of Josh, Luna, and Lauren. Trouble's sure to ensue. I think I'd be better off if it was just me, Lauren and Jess going together. And Josh and Luna went alone or with Josh's gf or something. I just can't be in the same area with Josh and Lauren for longer than 5 minutes. It bothers me.

So my last day of exams is July 19th. On Friday, July 20th I'm planning a party. Symphasonic will play. Up The Anti may. I'm thinking tons of people. Big party. End of school blowout. I can feel it in my veins, it's going to be good.

So uh, yeah. I like indie rock. It... uh... rocks. Sometimes I put on my orange plaid shirt and I button it up almost to the top, but not quite. Then I'll open it up so you can see my long-sleeve black shirt underneath. And my two necklaces will dangle there, so as not to leave it bare. And my hair will be slightly messy, but not too much. And I'll take photos and think to myself "good god, you are cool". Then I'll put on my cow motorcycle pyjama shirt and my Grinch pyjama pants and climb into bed next to my teddy bear, under my spider-man posters and across from my winnie-the-pooh dvd's and laugh.
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Thursday, June 5th, 2003

Subject:How To Make A Disney Film: The Music
Time:3:12 pm.
Music:Red Hot Chili Peppers - Catholic School Girls Rule.
In most modern-day Disney animated films, the soundtrack follows a simple process. Throughout the movie, there are five key songs, including vocals and characters in the film singing. Alongside this is a score, which plays throughout the film. For all intents and purposes, we'll analyse the films Beauty And The Beast, Aladdin, and The Lion King.

Song #1 - The Theme Song:
The first song heard in the film will play during the opening credits and act as a prelude to the film. The song will play through and the credits will finish before the story officially begins and any characters are introduced or any dialogue is spoken.

Examples: Arabian Nights, The Circle of Life, etc.

Song #2 - The Protagonist Song:
The second song will appear partially into the film. It will be sung by the lead hero/heroine and it will either explain a problem they're involved in or a lifelong desire of theirs, which almost certainly will occur later on in the film.

Examples: I Just Can't Wait To Be King, Belle, One Jump Ahead, etc.

Song #3 - The Antagonist Song:
The third song in the film is almost always sung by the lead villain. Similar to song #2, this song will be about some diabolical plot they're up to, or a plan which they will set into motion shortly thereafter.

Examples: Gaston, Be Prepared, etc.

Song #4 - The "Big" Song:
The fourth song will not arrive for a while after the first three. Whereas the first three act as introductions to the cast, the fourth song will appear about midway through the film and is never sung by the star. It's usually a combination of many of the supporting cast members singing together in a huge extravaganza.

Examples: Friend Like Me, Hakuna Matata, Be Our Guest, etc.

Song #5 - The Love Song:
The last song with vocals, usually song during the movie, is the romantic one. This one will appear shortly before the big final conflict and the resolution at the end of the film.

Examples: A Whole New World, Beauty And The Beast, Can You Feel The Love Tonight?, etc.

And there you have it. Your own guide to making a soundtrack to a Disney film.
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Subject:Fiona Apple
Time:3:09 pm.
Music:Radiohead - The Trickster.
When The Pawn Hits The Conflicts He Thinks Like A King
What He Knows Throws The Blows When He Goes To The Fight
And He’ll Win The Whole Thing ‘Fore He Enters The Ring
There’s No Body To Batter When Your Mind Is Your Might
So When You Go Solo, You Hold Your Own Hand
And Remember That Depth Is The Greatest Of Heights
And If You Know Where You Stand, Then You Know Where To Land
And If You Fall It Won’t Matter, Cuz You’ll Know That You’re Right

Oh, Fiona. It's been almost four years. Where have you gone?
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Sunday, June 1st, 2003

Subject:Saturday Nite Fever
Time:1:40 pm.
Music:Dire Straits - Romeo And Juliet.
Oh ho, it's Sunday. Eight more days of school and I'm done for the summer. I'm counting down the minutes.

Anyways, last nite was fun. I only worked 8-12, so I was home all afternoon. Around 7, I headed over to Melissa's to help her film a video for an ISU along with her friends Dylan and Tammy. She kicked us out around 9:30, so she could be alone with John. I don't like him.

So I got home around 10, and called Lauren cause I felt bad cause I was supposed to go to the movies with her, but I ditched her to go to Melissa's. So me and Lauren went up to North End Bowl so she could play some Dance Dance Revolution, and came back here after and hung out for a bit.

Today, I've got no plans on the horizon. I went up to the comic book store earlier and picked up the new Peter Parker and I got a new Clerks inaction figure. I already had Randall, and I bought Dante (http:// ) today.

And that's that. Nothing interesting is happening in my life. However, July 4th. Reel Big Fish. Zebrahead. Kool Haus. I can't wait.
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Monday, May 26th, 2003

Subject:$300 paycheck
Time:10:35 pm.
Music:Modest Mouse - Trailer Trash.
Well, here's what I spent my paycheck on:

-$30 to pay back parents
-$30 for Bad Religion t-shirt

Third Eye Blind - Out of The Vein
Weezer - Maladroit
Better Than Ezra - Deluxe
Modest Mouse - The Lonesome, Crowded West
Taking Back Sunday - Tell All Your Friends

And food, and 14 comic books.

No wonder I'm always poor.
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