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///...I Love Him...\\\ [10 Nov 2003|08:29pm]
[ mood | content ]
[ music | Closer:::Nine Inch Nails ]

you know what i've noticed.. even since halloween night.. i've had awesome times. all because of Willi.. he's the awesomest kid ever! hehe.. i love him so much. anywho!! oh man!! WILLI REFUSES TO WATCH FINDIND NEMO!! how could he!?!? so now.. i'm gonna strap him down in a chair and make him watch it! tehehe. ::giggles::

oh man! you wanna know who's REALLY REALLY REALLY pretty? Rima. i wishi was as pretty as Rima. i miss her a lot. ::shrugs:: i'll see her in the summer.

you know.. it's 5 days till the day i was born.. psh.. oh well. i wont get anything that i REALLY wanted cuz yeah.. eh.. everyone's telling me to be happy cuz my birthdays coming up.. why should i really be happy? if someone could give me a GOOD reason to be happy about it... i will. but until then.. psh.. fuck it.

::taps the microphone:: is this thing on? hello!? ::screams:: IS THIS THING ON!?!?

eh.. no one was listening anyways..

oh.. ONE of the good things about today was..

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALEX!!!! YOU'RE 17!!! I MISS YOU!!! ::gives you a kiss like the old days:: hehehe...

and the other good thing about today was...... hehe.. something with willi. haha. i love him!

nightynight children
::gives you a kiss goodnight::


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///...Bettie Page...\\\ [10 Nov 2003|09:03pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]
[ music | listening to Willi on the phone.. tehehe ]

oh man.. i love her! she's really pretty.

hehe.. she's so sexy. haha

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