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my quizzes!!!!!!!!!!!! ahh coo! [21 Sep 2003|08:42pm]
[ mood | awake ]
[ music | new Saves The Day cd, haven't memorized the song titles yet. ]

You're goin' down! FOR THEIVING!
Please rate if you liked!

What Would You Go to Jail For? (Many outcomes)
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this side of brightness
What Thursday Song Are You? [Updated Images]

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You are Geoff Rickly, the lead vocalist of the
band. He has very unique interests and
hobbies. His accomplishments include producing
a CD for the band My Chemical Romance.

Which Member of the band Thursday Are You??
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good quality

You're Thursday!

Random Song Quote: "I don't want to
feel this way forever."

Which of my favorite bands are you: Taking Back Sunday, Thursday, Something Corporate, Dashboard Confessional, or AFI?
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No. Today is not Thursday.
No. It is not Thursday today.

Is or Is Not Today Thursday ?
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This is great...Just great... [26 Aug 2003|05:59am]
[ mood | sore ]
[ music | "For the Workforce" & "Signals in the Air"-Thursday ]

OH no! Oh no Oh no..............

This is not good. I just went to the orthodontist today and i might need to get braces!!!!! Argh! NO WAY! It's all because my bottom front teeth are a little crowded and may get worse like five years from now! THis so sucks. I don't want them all the way to high school!!!!!!!!!!!! And also, that would mean that basically I only need them on the bottom teeth, but noooo! I may need on the top too so both top and bottom will match.... Grrrr... So they had to make a mold of my teeth, top and bottom. First they did the bottom and the gooey sponge gunk was "suffocating" my teeth and they pressed down so hard. It hurt after. Then they did the top which was completely worse. The excess mold substance was being pressed down the back of my throat. It was sliding, sliding, down and it made me gag! I kept on gagging and gagging that tears sprang to my eyes. :''( Because i couldn't stop they had to put a bowl under my mouth! Isn't that embarrasing! It's not like I would really throw up! But maybe... hmmm...Argh! When they took it off I was so relieved. Now I had to schedule an x-ray so they can see my teeth and bones that may move my teeth!

Oh for the love of music and magazines! They calmed me down!

God, how I love Thursday.


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Updating, finally, after what?, a month?! [10 Aug 2003|05:05pm]
[ mood | pleased ]
[ music | "Skies So Blue"- The Rocket Summer ]

Hey all!
I'm updating this thing finally. I just first want to inform you all that I may not be on the internet let alone online very much anymore. Let's just say, abuse of internet privlages. Boo hoo!!! :'''( Anyway I had a great time traveling in Europe!. I swear nobody did a thing that compares to my experience! It was great! BUt I'm too shy to call anybody that I've met there. I will get up the courage though soon, I know it.

Yesterday I went to Vivian's birthday party and it was great. The only bad thing was that nobody was properly introduced there. That was why there were so many different groups there. I wish it wasn't. I shouldn't have been.
A band played there and it was awesome. What is it? Staten Island Television. They didn't properly introduce themselves either. Some of the players were different though. So... It was cool. The drummer Taylor was very talented and cool. A little attractive i'll say. And the guitarist, John, was cool too! Not so attractive but not horrible. Let's say, average, but cute in his own way.
I'll say, I was not properly introduced to them either. I would have wanted to, if Vivian had thought of it. Well, at least I was there!!!!!! :D

THe band played great but I would have wanted to talk to them. I am not as socially talented as my friend Vivian. i got to see a bunch of people from school there like Jordan, harrison, amanda, kelly, mya, and others that i may not have been close to much.

I think you would say that my style is indie. INDEPENDENT. I love the music style anyway. So how was it for my newest blurty entry!?


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It's there. It's always there. That can not be... [19 Jun 2003|07:44am]
[ mood | annoyed ]
[ music | "The Same Complaints"-The Prom ]

My mood right now is really weird. I don't know what to do. It's early in the morning and school doesn't start until 10:30 today I'm pretty sure. I need to call someone because I don't want to go ot school late by accident.
I'm listening to music today. I'm listening to Death Cab For Cutie's "A Movie Script Ending." Really good.
I'm listening to music today. I'm listening to The Long Winter's "Blue Diamonds." Really good.
I'm listening to music today. I'm listening to The Prom's "The Same Complaints." Really good.
I'm listening to music today. I'm listening to John Vanderslice's "The Mansion." Really good.

I was also online on Saddle Creek records. The mother of Bright Eyes, Cursive, The Faint, and more. I noticed how Deseparicidos, Bright Eyes, The Good Life, and another that I can't remember all sound exactly the same. I don't usually like when this "coincidence" happens because it sort of defiles the music. Music people, I would love it if you all didn't sound the same. I mean be yourself and make your OWN music. It must be more fun to do your own thing. Don't follow, lead. I learned from experience and am still suffering from the damage. Please. Thank you.

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I just saw this good movie. [16 Jun 2003|09:35pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]
[ music | "Anthem"-Phantom Planet ]

Has anyone seen the movie Pretty In Pink? You should. Rent for a birthday party or something! I saw it today because we got out at 12:30 from school and I got home early. The guy in the movie that I think is so cool is named Duckie in the movie. I love his style and I love how passionate and fun he is. I would definitely be attracted to him if he was a real person. My picture for my page is Duckie, so now you see!
Yesterday I went to the beach. I put on sun block everywhere accept the back of my shoulders. At home when I took off my shirt, I saw these REALLY RED marks on my back. Oh my gosh! I was so burned. They hurt me now and I don't want to wear my backpack.
Another thing about my sun burn is that I had my hand on one of my shoulders for a long time and I have my FINGERMARKS on my back! It's so weird. But its funny too. It hurts...! When it starts to peel it's going to be so itchy. Now I'm mad!
That movie was really good, Pretty In Pink. The guy that Andie falls in love with is so ugly!!!! Eww... How could she have been attracted to him at all!? I like DUCKIE! Anyways, you should see. Especially during a sleepover because it's the kind of movie that you would see with your friends. There was also some really unrealistic things in the movie. Like, she makes out with this guy after going out with him only twice! And then she falls in love with him after those two dates. Oh geez! I guess I'm just the kind of person who likes to go slow! Well, anyway! Good night, and watch Pretty In Pink. Also, in that movie in the record store scene where DUCKIE is singing hte song on the record player, that song is GOOD! Ooooh!. Okay, Maya

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Don't quit your day job. [12 Jun 2003|04:00pm]
[ mood | peaceful ]
[ music | "Daisy Duke"- Rooney ]

Yesterday, I wrote a poem in my TA class while they recited poetry. I think I just got really inspired or something. Well, I did like four more today, and I even did a song. I think it's all getting pretty good. i htink I want to get some kind of notebook or journal to write all of it in. It'll be real cool. I love to write so it would be the perfect hobby for me. i also want to start playing guitar. That way i can try and write a tune for my song. I dont have a melody worked out yet.
I'm not at a professional writing level right now so I haven't got all hte metaphor and figures of speach down yet. I was trying to work it out, but it wasn't working. I just need to keep on writing and I'll get it, I know it. So, that's basically all I really want to write for the moment now so, BYE!

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Move over... [10 Jun 2003|08:01pm]
[ mood | hyper ]
[ music | "Shakin"-Rooney ]

I finally got the Rooney cd. They are so cool. They have really good , nice mood music.They have all these cool tunes and a really cool retro style music. They are like nothing else. I have also been really happy this weekend because I found out about this cool website. It is for Barsuk Records. I now think that it is the best record label besides Vagrant. They are really good too. has all these songs that you can listen to online. And you hear them FULL LENGTH! Isn't that great?! OH yeah it is. And then I downloaded a song that was from the website so now I can listen to it whenever I want to.
From this WONDERFUL website, I found out about all these bands that I either never heard the music from or never heard of before. I found out about hte coolest band, Death Cab For Cutie, which is this so cool band. I love it. I also listened to This Busy Monster who has all these driving guitars that are going in different directions (theres a metaphor/personification). They have all these weirdo tunes that just make it together in a cool harmony. Good music. And then I heard htis band which is The Prom. They are really cool. Thay have horns and piano ( I think) in their music. So good. Barsuk also distributes Seldom, but they are on a nother label. Seldom is one of the coolset bands around too. Why didnt I come there before?!
I was extremely happy and hyper when I found out about Barsuk. You are doing good Barsuk. Make someone happy again! Well, that's all i feel like saying right now, even though I have MUCH more to say. Well, goodbye!
-Love, Maya

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You heard it from me. [04 Jun 2003|09:29pm]
[ mood | creative ]
[ music | "If It Were Up To Me", Rooney ]

Hi people,
I havent updated ina while because i didnt have enough time and/or didnt want to take the time to do it. When I go to Europe (and I just got my itinerary and it sooooo cool!) I'm going to be on buses/coaches and a plane for quite a long time. I need to survive the boredom. I will need to buy some cds to take a long with me. First I will need to get one of those (rather expensive) book cd cases. Those hold so many and I am begining to fill up. Once I get that, I have some shopping to do.

1. Rooney, Rooney
2. Thursday, Full Collapse
3. Seldom, Romance
4. Kind of Like Spitting, Bridges Worth Burning
5. Hot Hot Heat, Make Up the Breakdown

I obviously have much more, but just can't think right now. I will be so busy, but very excited.
Oh! Guess what?! I just got a band shirt. My dad got it for me from Israel. He got me a The Doors t shirt. Isn't that delightful (hey, watch the language!). It is so cool, but it's sort of big. I'm going to put it in warm water in the wash and throw it in the dryer and see waht happens. I hope it shrinks at least a little bit! Anyway, it's cool.

There's this band named Rooney and their cd just cmae out a while ago. They were out a little while before but they didn't have much publicity yet. I found out about them on the TV and magazines and (a little too suprising,jk) the internet. (What possibilities surfing the web has...). THis band has these cool songs and stuff. Also, the guy who is the frontman, Robert, is Jason Schwartzman's brother of Phantom Planet. It's really confusing though because Robert's last name used to be Schwartzman, but now it is Carmine. I told my dad and he said that he thought it might be because he didn't want to seem a tag along to his brother with the same name. I don't think I would ever want to change my name. I think it's just a stage name though, luckily. Why would you want to change your name?! Actually this Robert Schwartzman/Carmine guy was the guy who played Michael in the movie The Princess Diaries. He's so cute! I loooove his hair, and his music. They have all this retro pop and rock sound. Something that's not floating in the air much.
I havent heard a lot of their music yet, except "Blueside" and "If It Were Up To Me" which are both good songs, but I still want to look into them and buy their album anyway.

I don't know if I'm sick, but I might be allergic to something in the air. Oh no! This is going to ruin everything.

Why does everyone quote band lyrics? It's weird but I like it, personally. I don't do it much because everyone else does it. There is this one lyric that I don't know what it says exactly from a band I like, Justincase, that sounds really cool. Wait a sec. let me find it...

Here it is, from the song "Inside Your Mind",

"...somewhere behind your silent eyes
there's a story
I swear that i can help you write
the perfect ending..."

I have to give them credit, because i don't want to get in trouble with the copyright laws. So, im getting kind of tired of typing/writing all this stuff if the only people who reads it is me and another person. Boy, I hope that list expands. Well, I guess I'm leaving.

So long,

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18 days... [27 May 2003|08:37pm]
Hey people,
I'm pretty bored. I was so happy when I got to do this online journal thingy. Now I've pretty much noticed that I didn't have a nything to say now that I have it. Of course I still want to write stuff. I just am so bad at opening up to people. I guess I really have to trust the person truly.
I'm going to be gone alot this summer and I'm so excited! I'm going to Europe this summer actually. I'm going to six countries and I can't wait. I'm going with a bunch of 6-8 graders and I have already met some of the girls there. I'm going to get some souveniers for me and a few people. I'm definitely going to try and find pins with the flags on them from EVERY country that I go to.
Also, I have just gotten into the whole photography scene. I am going to take pictures of every thing that I feel that I want to remember. Any kind of cool people that I think would be something nice to capture. My dad said that when he lived in England for a while when he was in his 20s or so, there was a town called Cheslie (i think its spelt differently.) There, in the 70s period im sure, there were a lot of punk people. I'm not trying to be like them I know, but they are so fun to look at. That sounds sort of rude but I think that it would be cool to have them in some pictures that I'm planning to take. YOU KNOW THAT THE PEOPLE WHO DRESS LIKE THAT ARE ACTUALLY TRYING TO GET PEOPLE TO NOTICE THEM AND GIVE THEM ATTENTION! Why else would they? I mean it can just be their "style" but you can't just go around and have people NOT look at you. You can see it in their faces that they like the attention. Well anyway, I am so excited! I love to go to different places. My family travels a lot you see. But this time I'm going to be going by myself across the sea with 40 other kids my age and 4 adults. Isn't that tubular (there is a groovy word, haha.)? So I'll be gone for three weeks. That will be so fun.
People may think that it is scary that I'm going at a time when we are going through such hard times with the war and economy. Well, we just have to move on and get over it. If we don't leave the country because we are scared then it is just like giving up. We can't let these bad people keep us from doing what we want. They are slaves to fear, that's what it is!
Oh geez, thats enough typing already. Okay, got to go! Bye y'all!

innocent kiss
innocent kiss - you're cute and sweet and like it
that way

What Sign of Affection Are You?
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MY QUIZZES [22 May 2003|09:49pm]
You have an entrancing kiss~ the kind that leaves
your partner bedazzled and maybe even feeling
he/she is dreaming. Quite effective; the kiss
that never lessens and always blows your
partner away like the first time.

What kind of kiss are you?
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you're indie!

How can I label you?
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You are a mod revivalist! You probably wish it was
the 60's so you could wear Clarks desert boots
and Ben Sherman shoots without looking like an

What Obscure Subculture are YOU?
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Just in... [21 May 2003|07:51pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

Hey people, I'm back here updating. I got this new CD. I got Phantom Planet, The Guest. It's really good actually. Did I mention that i like bands with keyboards. Others are cool too.
Do you know what I've noticed? I've oticed from my dad that a lot of bands now don't really have any just instrumental parts in their songs. They just have to be singing when they're playing their songs. Some bands it's all right because their music makes up for it anyway. But these bands have got to be more for the fans. I mean...i don't know. The song I'm listening to is going through the part where there is only instruments playing. Everyone should do that!
So... my day was fine and I got to actually talk to Vivian today so that was good.

...and here is the message that states that we're over...

I made up that little bit and it sounds cool. Maybe I like poetry now because that's what we're doing now in English class. It's actually cool. I wish we could do them on ANY topic we wanted to though. That would be even cooler. I fell like oding a quiz for my page now. Let me go to Quizilla for a sec. and I'll put it onto my page okay?
Be back...

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Today is the day before Friday. [15 May 2003|04:26pm]
[ mood | geeky ]

Hello, today is thursday. Speaking of thursday, there is a really good band called thursday. More hardcore than Taking Back Sunday i'll say. Anyway. I would like to add to my list of things that make me different.
11. i don't use mechanical pencils.

Anyways, I'm at the library. I'm on the computer, obviously. I'm on three,no four, different websites. One is, where you do exactly what I am doing here. Two, I'm on, which is the coolest video game via the internet. And three is, which is not the best place but I go there if I'm bored. Four, I'm at THis website hasn't been udated much since December. I hate it since I sent something in to go in the writing section. CMHWAK stands for cross my heart with a knife. Obviously someone wasn't in the best mood when they made that up.So, I'm okay.

My pants got messed up in the wash I guess. Did you see those faded streaks on my black pants today?! Well whatever, what can I do. I can't wait until high school. It seems to me that nobody is my type at this school. More of it is that I would mainly like to become friends.
I'm pretty bored as you see...

I need to order this shirt online. I've been trying to but there's no returns. It's the coolest shirt. I've decided to get this one before I get the other band shirts.

I feel so washed out lately. I don't know what it is. I seem so happy really but I'm not really exhuberant.(is that how you spell it?) I feel worn out and stuff. I get a lot of stress. my dad's here for me. that means i got to leave. bye all!

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What I'm Feeling. [14 May 2003|07:20pm]
[ mood | discontent ]
[ music | My Radio Station, Duh! ]

I'm glad that I got this since I am getting bored with not being able to tell my words out loud.
I really think that there is something wrong with me. I get TONS of time alone, I'm sort of solitary if you didn't know, but I still get mad at the little things. Of course I don't show it. I'm not your most emotional person. I hold it in. I have to talk to someone. I think, sometimes, that I'm the only person who understands me. I hate it!
Anyway, what to talk about, what to talk about.
I really wanted to get this BLURTY thingy because since I can't seem to tell my words through mouth, I'll tell my story through type/words.

What makes me different than other people...

1. I like music that not everybody listens to. (Until they ruin the "secret club.")
2. I don't shop at the same stores as everyone else.
3. I don't like to use INTERNET LINGO.
4. I read a LOT.
5. I love to read. (I'm a bibliophile.)
6. I'm a computer nerd.
7. I'm solitary at times.
8. I'm like science.
9. I like intersting facts.
10. I am Maya, and that is all. (You can't beat that one!)

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