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eh [18 Feb 2004|04:27pm]
[ mood | crushed ]
[ music | Angel-Jimi Hendrix ]

well, last night was pretty depressing. me and amy got into a disagreement over something and it made me sad. like really sad. amy said somethin bout how i never start the fights its always her. and i mean, she does start the fights alot, but i start some of them. and thats just cause we don't understand each other fully. it was el fucked up. today she said she was sorry i think. and i just wanted her to feel ok. once again reinstating i'm too fucking nice. i listened to angel by hendrix. it made me somewhat happy. then thinking of how i'm gonna move on from this hell and move into a castle made me happier. i am going to live in a castle damnit. then i got a 71 on a s.s. test. i have a 75 in her class. i gotta get my ass in gear or i'm gonna get grounded. i'm going to a movie with renee on fri. so i can't get in trouble. man you guys should've seen me las night tho. it was jus pathetic. i'm gonna go soon. so later.

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