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    Monday, December 13th, 2004
    10:21 pm
    @--}-- they told me that the roses were free
    so.. its monday and i am done with school~ Yayyy! now i was thinking about going to live with my aunt back in chi'town.. but uh'' i could make lots of $ yet still gottah talk to her about it hah! its 10-and the ealrist ilve gone to bed since-like april.. hah humm mabie i am getting older.. Nah' just been a long day
    okay, gotah make my blakets, and dream catcher-ke. and who knows crhsymas is around the bend

    Current Mood: crazy
    Current Music: south austin jug band
    Friday, December 10th, 2004
    3:53 pm
    Sooo! i graduate on monday! yay! i am very stoked because it took me 12 years yah know, and to ever think i would be graduating ealry not to mention 5 weeks early :) it all depended on this state test, and i beat the system my 1st time... so now its like what am i going to do.. while all my friends are going to college i am here saying "TOUR... TOUR... i am going on tour and theres nothing thats going to stop me>..." i do need a full time job until atleast ,MAY.. BUT I''Lll be missing Ratdog tour, anywho i couldn't go becasue it starts in march and i don;t turn 18 till end of april.. and unless i wanna have a house to come back to in the end, i betta do what the rents say. so in the mean time i am going to CANADA (rocky's) to live for about 5 months, work full time, although i can make more money here in the states well see.. I am just so happy though now ive been done with school.. i've got no worries! my buddy from mass is going to az and i can't go again becasue "18" i swear i don;t think i'll ever make it to that.. but then i am like just ENJOY lifeand quit thinkin about the damnn time, TIME SUCKS
    eh' betta go tell someone
    Thursday, December 9th, 2004
    12:12 pm
    well, school is finally almost there, i have 2 more days left. This kid, hes a pretty rad guy but its like he won't hang out or somthin. humm hes odd, but friendly yes indeed. going to umprees on the 30th thats the highlight of my month.. well no christmas time around the bend, whole family stuff...but graduating already and i still have 4 months till i can acually go anywhere, now its like i have waited 12 years for this moment and now its here! just watched a pretty wicked movie that insipred me, sometime i think the way the movies do and its my own fantsy(the world is crazy) but noone knows whats gunnah be coming up next, its as though we could be playin along and all the sudden something will come and completly whipe out what i;ve been thinking about for months... today went to the library and started reading a book on hemp, it was good too becasue it said how you can relax your mind, but you have to trian it... i used to do that and i guess in between trobles i forget. just gottah keep my head up hiGGH and hope for the best, cananda is sounding better everyday now a days, and hopely be there after new years... humm tired

    Current Mood: numb
    Current Music: grateful dead :)