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[13 Mar 2012|04:09am]
Paying for hotel internet. $11.99 for 24 hours. :p
Readers Digest version of Day One:
Shuttled up to Minneapolis Airport. Got my seat assignment. I got an exit aisle seat and didn't have to pay extra. YAY for free legroom. :) Flight was uneventful.
Met Joe, hoobird at the airport in Las Vegas and we headed to the Stratosphere.
Turned down an offer to upgrade to a "newly remodeled" room for an extra $15 a day. Room we got is a VERY basic room. Last time we stayed here we had a nicer room and I thought that was a basic room. Obviously they found some even more basic rooms to rent.
Called home to let parents know I made it safely. Called Melanie penelopes_web to let her know we were in town. Made arragements to meet up Tuesday evening.
We headed out and up to Freemont Street. So glad to see buses are still just as packed as before.
They really need to play their Freemont Light Show more frequently than once an hour. Got to see/listen to Bon Jovi and Queen. Next one was going to be The Doors. Would have been nice to see/hear them, but didn't feel like trying to waste an hour.
Headed down to the Strip to see the Volcano at The Mirage. It was okay, but slightly disappointed. Not sure what I expected.
Then we headed across the street to Dennys to get something to eat. Afterward stopped into Walgreens to get some toiletries because I didn't feel like messing with that through airport security. :p
Got back to the hotel. Both of us are feeling it in our feet and legs. LOL.... Groan....
Later today we are going to the Neon Museum nad the new Mob Museum.
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