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So, here's my new journal since I deleted my old one.

I didn't really do anything today...I did some homework but it's just too boring. I mean I know that I have to do my MicroBio homework but it is so fucking boring. I should have never taken the course. I just want to be a doctor in the ER not a microsurgeon.

I went for a walk around the block with Cedes earlier, and she gave me an early birthday gift. I love how she does that. It was a Count The Stars tshirt. We walked over to the park for a little while and made a little snowman type thing, and then I guess she had this "urge" to tackle me into the snow. Nonetheless, I had a good time.

I haven't cut in awhile, so I guess that's good. I know that Cedes is happy. My Psych teacher seems pleased at the fact too, but that wouldn't be too much of a surprise. I sent out some transcripts today to ColumbiaMed and Stony Brook. I really want to get into Columbia, it's such a great school and Cedes is going there to be some sort of doctor or another.

I guess I'll go do some homework, not like it matters.

I love you Mercedes. xD -- Friday should be fun ;p


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