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    Sunday, March 28th, 2004
    1:36 pm
    Was on the phone with Taryn from about 5:30 this morning till about 11:30. She invited me to go to the movies with her but she has to ask her mom and her mom will prolly say NO. O well. I'm getting a Golden Retriever sometime next year. My aunt is getting a female puppy in August and she is gonna breed it when it gets older and she is saving me a puppy since my dog Jedi died last year. My mom is on her way back from Florida. She should be here either tonight or tomorrow sometime. It was a good 2 weeks without her. Not much to write anymore. I prolly won't update much anymore so this is prolly the only update for this week. I might update once a week to keep all my fans in check with my shithole I call LIFE.

    Current Mood: Want sex even more now.
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    Saturday, March 27th, 2004
    10:36 pm
    Taryn came over today. We got 2 booty calls. Well 1 for me cuz I didn't get off the 2nd time. My aunt was being a bitch and wanted to leave and I weren't done. O well. At least Taryn had a good time. I bought her a bowa at the mall. Its hot pink. She told me she was gonna call me when she got home but she hasn't called me yet. Im bored. Theres nothing to do. Thursday is me and Taryns 4 month anniversary. Yea I know it seems like its been like a year but only 4 months. 20 more days till the Godsmack concert! I can't wait. Its gonna be sooooooo badass. Im hoping I can go to Taryns house Monday or Wednesday. Haven't talked to her yet today since she left my house and came up with the idea recently so I gotta talk to her before I know. I won't be able to spend our 4 month anniversary with her cuz I got Drivers Ed so Im hoping that her mom lets me go there Monday or Wednesday.

    Current Mood: I had sex Woot!
    Current Music: Dry Cell - Body Crumbles
    Friday, March 26th, 2004
    11:13 am
    Just woke up...
    Yea I just woke up and got in the shower. Im wide awake which sux cuz I want to sleep this boring day off cuz I have nothing to do. Taryn won't be here untill 11 or so tomorrow. Have to wait that long ass time now. Prolly just gonna sit here and play games all day. Sounds like a good plan.

    Yea like I told you guys in another entry Taryn starting smoking again. I predicted it didn't I. Karen didn't give here the cigarettes tho. Josh gave her the cigarettes. I told her that I didn't want her smoking btu she did it anyway. She how much she cares about my thoughts and opinions. O well. Im gonna have to deal with it because obviously Im not important enough for her to stop for me. I don't know if I can deal with it again but Im gonna have to try.

    Current Mood: annoyed
    Current Music: Dry Cell - Body Crumbles...Love this song
    Thursday, March 25th, 2004
    9:37 pm
    Soooooooooooooo.....Started Drivers Ed today finally. Only 10 classes of it and Im finally done with it. That class is sooooo dumb. And its easy o well. Yea so tomorrow is gonna suck. I won't see Taryn at all. I see her on Saturday tho woot! Can't wait till Saturday. Its gonna be soooo much fun. Im soooooooooo excited about it. My aunt is comin up around 11 or so. She is pickin Taryn up on her way up. Yea Im staying up really late tonight so I can sleep most of the boring day tomorrow off. Got nothing better to do but I gotta do dishes tomorrow. I wish we had school tomorrow. Talked to Taryn today for a total of about 5 min on the phone. She is or was(I dunno which 1) at Karens house and she doesn't like being on the phone or the internet when she has company. She told me she was gonna call me when she got home but like that is gonna happen. She has better things to do. She most likey forgot about me like she usually does. She has forgot that I was on the other line before. Just shows how important I am doesn't it?

    Current Mood: horny
    Current Music: Dry Cell - Body Crumbles
    Tuesday, March 23rd, 2004
    6:49 pm
    Hey hey I found a survey
    I found this survey today and answered it with my answers

    [x]. You have a b/f or g/f? = Yes
    [x]. You have a crush on someone? = No
    [x]. You wish you could live somewhere else? = Colorado with Taryn
    [x]. You think about suicide? = Fuck No..Couldn't hurt myself
    [x]. You believe in online dating? = Fuck NO
    [x]. You want more piercings? = Tougne and Lip
    [x]. You want more tattoos? = 1..Ninja Turtle with Taryns name on the strap on his chest
    [x]. You drink? = Fuck NO..Thats for losers
    [x]. You do drugs? = Fuck NO..Bad experiences..once again...for losers
    [x]. You smoke? = Yea right
    [x]. You like cleaning? = Nope
    [x]. You like roller coasters? = Who doesn't?
    [x]. You write in cursive or print? = Print
    [x]. You carry a donor card? = Whats a donor card?

    for or against....
    [x]. Long distance relationships = Against
    [x]. Using someone = Against Big Time
    [x]. Suicide = Against
    [x]. Killing people = Against
    [x]. Teenage smoking = Against Big Time
    [x]. Doing drugs = Against Big Time
    [x]. Driving drunk = Against
    [x]. Gay/lesbian relationships = Against Big Time
    [x]. Soap operas = Against

    [x]. Food = Chinese
    [x]. Song = Shoots and Ladders
    [x]. Thing to do = Hang with my girl
    [x]. Thing to talk about = Random things..anything to make ppl laugh
    [x]. Sports = Any Xtreme Sport
    [x]. Drinks = Sierra Mist..Certain fluids...won't go there
    [x]. Clothes = Hoodies and baggy clothes
    [x]. Movies = Ninja Turtles II: Secret of the Ooze..Obviously
    [x]. Band = MuDvAyNe, Slipknot, Korn, Godsmack, Static-X, many others
    [x]. Holiday = Christmas if I spend it with Taryn, If not.. Any holiday
    [x]. Cars = Viper..Anything that runs

    have you ever....
    [x]. Cried over a guy/girl = Hahahaha...Thats funny
    [x]. Lied to someone = Who hasn't?
    [x]. Been in a fist fight? = Too many
    [x]. Been arrested? = Yea...My mom had me arrested

    [x]. Shampoo do you use? = Whatever is in the bathroom
    [x]. Perfume/Cologne do you use? = Polo...Tommy
    [x]. Shoes do you wear? = Cheap shoes cuz they get ruined quick
    [x]. Are you scared of? = My shadow

    number of....
    [x]. Times I have been in love? = 1
    [x]. Times I have had my heart broken? = 0
    [x]. Hearts I have broken? = 0
    [x]. Continents I have lived in? = North America
    [x]. Drugs taken illegally? = Pot...Huge mistake there
    [x]. People I would classify as true friends? = Between 2-5
    [x]. People I consider my enemies? = Too many
    [x]. Cd's that I own? = Not many...I lose them all
    [x]. Times my name has appeared in the newspaper? = Once or twice
    [x]. Scars on my body? = Too many
    [x]. Things ive done in my past that I regret? = Going out with Nina...Biggest mistake of my life..but I got my girl that is right for me now...Love ya Taryn. ~Kisses~

    Yea take the survey if ya want or just read it.
    Sunday, March 21st, 2004
    10:09 pm
    Well its nice to hear some ppl had a good weekend. Mine sucked. Yea I know Im writing about my gay ass weekend but Taryn said she was gonna call at 10 cuz her phone died but she isn't calling and Im bored. Im not going to Taryns house cuz her mom said that I need a ride home if I go there. The only reason that she said that is she knows I can't get a ride home and therefor I won't be able to go over. Its just her way of limiting me and Taryn from spending time together and it works very well but Thursday I start drivers ed and my mom said I can drive with my permit as long as she doesn't change her mind Im all set and if she does then Im gonna see if she will drive down to pick me up and I'll drive back. My life sux big donkey nuts. Nothing goes my way. Knowing my luck my aunt will decide she doesn't want to go to the mall Saturday and I'll have another weekend of sitting home on my ass cuz I have no fuckin life. And what small portion that some ppl could call a life and I don't keeps getting worse and more compressed. It will eventually be full of my misery and anger and explode resulting in a deep depression that will take alot of time to come out of.

    Current Mood: pissed off
    Current Music: Random music
    11:45 am
    Boring weekend
    Yea this weekend pretty much blew big balls. Taryn had to go to Portland with her family for a weekend vacation. I sat here and played games all day. I might be going to Taryns house tomorrow. Not sure tho..she has to ask her mom. I start Drivers Ed Thursday finally. Can't wait till I can drive. This weekend my aunt is taking me and Taryn and whoever my aunt brings to the Portland Mall. Thats gonna be fun. I love the Portland Mall. I USUALLY have fun when I got there. Its gonna be a blast. Im making my aunt come up early in the morning Saturday and pick up Taryn on her way up so we can spend some time together. Not much to say so Im done.

    Current Mood: blah
    Current Music: Simple Plan - Perfect
    Thursday, March 18th, 2004
    6:14 pm
    Today sucked
    Last night was alright. I was happy that I could go to Taryns house but at like 5:30 last night she started to get the 24hr flu. She was too sick to come to school today. Last night she couldn't even move cuz she was in so much pain. I felt sooooo bad for her it made me want to cry everytime she moaned cuz it hurt her. I went into a deep depression starting this morning. I had to force myself to take a shower. I was depressed cuz of Taryn but when I got home and talked to her I started to come out of it. Don't really have that much to write about so Im gonna stop. Im cooking supper too.

    Current Mood: Getting out of depression
    Current Music: Smile Empty Soul - Nowhere Kids
    Sunday, March 14th, 2004
    9:47 pm
    Im confused
    What is with girls being able to make out with each other and not think anything of it. Or a girl can make out with a guy making the guy think she wants to go out with him when in reality she was just bored and looking for something to do. I don't get it. I could never just make out with a random person that Im not going out with. And how can you make out with someone if your not single...And Im not putting this all on you Ann, I know other people that did this too, 1 of them being Taryn. I think if you make out with someone and your not single then you are cheating on your significant other. I have very high standards when it comes to cheating cuz I have been cheated on and walked in on it. It was gross. If someone cheats on me I never talk to them again.
    6:46 pm
    Taryn and Karen are friends again. Well I guess it serves me right. Im never lucky enough to have things go right. I don't really care that they are friends besides the point that Karen will come around me and I fuckin hate Karen with a passion. I can't stand that girl. Its hard to believe btu I like Stephani more that Karen. Just as I get Taryn to quit smoking I guarantee she will start up again now that she is back hanging out with Karen. Janette promised me she wouldn't give Taryn cigarettes but now she can get them from another person. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr I fuckin hate Karen soooo much. If she comes around me at all Im gonna flip out on her. I won't be able to hang out with Taryn that much anymore even after she is ungrounded. Taryn is obviously going to hang out with Karen all the time like she usually did b4 they were fighting and Im not going to put up with Karen to be around Taryn. Any of her other friends I can be around like Sarah and Brandiee I can hang out with but not Karen. O well I guess I deserve all this don't I?

    Current Mood: Pissed off/Sad
    Current Music: Nowhere Kids
    Saturday, March 13th, 2004
    9:08 pm
    This weekend sux pretty much. My mom left for vacation this morning. She went to Florida for a week. I am getting paid to watch my brother o yay. Might be going over Taryn's house Wednesday not sure if her mom will let me tho. Her last day of groundation is Monday. I have been so bored this past month that I am actually doing homework at home! Usually I do it in my studyhall but I would rather sit and talk to Taryn in the studyhall so I do my homework at myhouse now. Hopefully I get to go to Taryns house cuz Andy Parlin is letting me borrow IT the movie and Im making Taryn watch it(she is afraid of clowns). Plus its an early release so we might get a booty call for the first time in a month! April ? Taryn is going with me and Kevin to a coon hunt in Albion. Can't wait for that. April 16th I get a booty call for sure tho cuz my aunt is taking me to see Godsmack and she is gonna pick me and Taryn up at school at 2 and go to my house untill 4:30 or 5 then we going to Portland O Yea!!!! Im excited.
    Thursday, March 11th, 2004
    4:31 pm
    This weekend is iffy on whether its a good one or not. My aunt isn't sure if she is coming up or not. If she doesn't come up then Taryn can't come up. If Taryn doesn't come up then her last day of groundation is Monday. If she does come over then she is grounded untill the 22nd.
    Monday, March 8th, 2004
    6:49 pm
    It's been too long
    Wow its been to long but I have nothing to write. Norman is coming over Wednesday to spend the night...Fun Fun there. Norman you best not bore me with talking about Steph the whole time...When we hang out we hang out to play video games so thats what we are going to do..You can talk sometime about Steph and all but not constantly. Ann...Just fuck Graham and get it over with...You know you want to so do it already! Im sorry if Im being mean but Im a little stressed out...Taryn is pissed at me cuz all she ever says is whatever and shes always pissed at me anyway. O well. I wrote a letter to her mom a lil while ago and now Im gonna go sulk in a game of WarCraft III.
    Sunday, February 29th, 2004
    12:13 am
    O O O I am going to SnoCore 2004 now too! Yea thats right! Went to get Puddle Of Mudd tickets today and they are sold out so I picked up some SnoCore tickets. Dunno if Taryn is gonna be able to go cuz she is grounded till the 15th and SnoCore is 13th so its iffy. Altho if she is able to go Im gonna have my aunt pick her up on her way to my house so we will get a few hrs alone. O yea! That means if she is allowed to go then we get a booty call! Altho Im not getting my hopes up cuz Taryns mom hates me so she might not let her go cuz of me. If she can go then it'll be great.
    Friday, February 27th, 2004
    8:43 pm
    Another weekend without seeing Taryn
    Shes grounded untill the 15th so we got a ways to go. Taking drivers ed next month finally. My mom is gonna let me drive with just my permit tho just if I get caught then she isn't helping me get out of it. I don't ever speed tho so its all good. I get my ear pierced tommorow finally. I almost did it myself last night. I stuck the needle halfway thru and then stopped cuz my mom flipped out. She told me that if I wanted it done then let her friend do it with a gun. So Im getting it done tommorow. Trying to get my mom to let me get my lip done too. Hopefully I can talk her into it. My mom doesn't want me to look like a "freak" untill Im 18 tho but I'll tell her it's going to be my only peircing that I get.
    Thursday, February 26th, 2004
    5:30 pm
    Im Bored
    Tuesday, February 24th, 2004
    5:02 pm
    Another Poem

    I Miss You

    I miss you kissing me
    I miss you playing with my nipples
    I miss you trying to tickle me
    I miss how ticklish you are
    I miss you cuddling with me
    I miss talking to you for hours on the phone
    I miss being with you after school
    I miss spending all my time with you
    I miss you biteing my neck
    I miss you kissing my neck
    I miss you putting your hands in my sweatshirt pocket
    I miss you holding onto my bag when we walk
    I miss having your arms around me
    I miss seeing your beautiful face
    I miss holding you in my arms
    I miss being able to be at your house
    I miss you riding the bus home with me
    I miss how your family actually liked me
    I miss the time before our lives got fucked up
    I miss watching you play UT2003
    I miss you sitting behind me while I play Raven Shield
    I miss everything that we can't do now
    Most of all......
    I miss you

    And NO! Me and Taryn didn't break up and we aren't fighting. I just miss her cuz I only get to see and talk to her at school.
    Monday, February 23rd, 2004
    9:11 pm
    I think I fucked up my knee today. I hit it against a metal bed post at Taryns house today. I went there after school cuz her mom wasn't supposed to be home untill 5 and we wanted to get 1 last booty call in cuz we won't get one for a while now if at all. We were sitting at her house and then all of a sudden her mom shows up at like 2:45PM...I ran down stairs into the basement and I slammed my knee. I could barely walk. I sat in Josh's room untill Peggi went into the living room then I booked it out the basement door, over to the neighbors yard, through 3 ft deep snowbanks, and onto the road. I got cold. About 2 min after that Josh picked me up down the road and brought me home. All in all me and Taryn never got that booty call and I fucked up my knee.

    Current Mood: Horny: I was gonna get laid
    Current Music: Nowhere Kids - Smile Empty Soul
    Sunday, February 22nd, 2004
    7:31 pm
    Been about 5 days
    I usually only update this for Taryn so she has something to read but yea shes grounded for a month so she won't see it for a while. Not much to really say tho. In the last week I have seen Taryn for a total of 10 min and it sux royaly. Tommorow I get to see her tho. My day sucked. Thats all I have to say. Talked to Taryn today for a total of 1 hr.
    Tuesday, February 17th, 2004
    1:04 pm
    OK This just blows all. Taryn told her mom that we have had sex and her dad won't even be in the same room as her now. I think we fucked up big time. She is grounded for a month from everything and she can't go anywhere. Im not grounded cuz I set my mom straight. I told my mom that we have had sex. My mom just said get her on birth control and keep using condoms. I told her I would and that was the end of the conversation. Taryn is still allowed over here if her mom lets her. Me and Taryn right now are limited to seeing each other at school. She calls me once a day from her moms work(her mom makes her go) for like 2 min and then she has to go. The only reason she is grounded is cuz she told her mom that we have had sex. I think the whole sex thing is why her mom won't talk to me. She told me she was mad at me and would talk to me about it when shes ready to. I miss Taryn so much. We usually talk like 3-4 hrs a day if we aren't together. We have study hall together Monday and I am gonna make Ms. Dunham let us go to the other side of the room and talk or let us go somewhere to talk. We can't talk in that study hall and it pisses me off.
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