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Friday, October 3rd, 2003

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    well i just moved here from Cali dont ask why
    i moved here from cali.......i used to live here before but i dont remember my child life here............ i wuzz about to be in a relationship with the love of my life..................... Tim he's one of those BI-Curious fellows-BI in denile-what it really means............ so i miss him so much i try calling him everyday but one day he told me he wuzz going back out with his ex-gf and that's when it hit me after all the time's he said he loved me just a lil it wuzz probably just all a lie so i asked him and he said he does have/ did have feeling for me so im in my room depressed and sad so i cry because i reall did love i move on with my life school satrts for me-started late- so the first few days were scary but i got through them since i meet SHANNOn a good friend of mine that knows almost everything about me, so one day we had the same lunch period and she came and sat by me so she said she'll brb so i said ok, i satrted to read my MANGA book-different from anime- next thing i notice is that this REALLY REALLY HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTT guy comes and sits down by me i wuzz like this is gotta be a trick or something he introduced himself to me and said he wuzz one of SHANNON'S friends his name wuzz JUSTIN i wuzz like in like denile again saying to myself can this be true hes like everything im wanting in a guy, so SHANNON comes back and sit and goes through the intro's again, so after lunch i told SHANNON i liked someone in the school she knows (JUSTIN) and shes all trying to guess who it is so i just tell her one day she says u might as well give up on him since hes straight............. just my i keep likeing him everyday i want to find out more about him, i already know where he works and lives, but one day SHANNON told me that ALYSE and JUSTIN hooked up that just threw me over the edge but i kept liking him anyways even though i didnt even have a chance, and i couldnt tell him that im bi and i like him since hes homophobic,........... but i didnt even have a chance with TIM till he came out and said he wuzz BI-Courios u know......................... so im having second thoughts about going to this concert with ALYSE and LEAH but i decided to go because i wanted to have fun that night, i had a great time even thought we got lost a couple of times but we got there thought at 4:30 and we didnt see the band we wanted to see they werent going to be on till 12:00 midnight and we all had cerfews so we left at like 9-9:30 so then we got in to BOSTON and got lost in BOSTON how can u get lost in BOSTON so we finally get to Revere stoped @ wendys for a bit LEah wanted to go inside and eat but they where closed so went throgh the drive through......... we stayed there for like a half our one of ALYSE'S friend's car wuzz somken pretty bad ..................... so finallly we get to my place @ 2am where im droped off, then off to my room thinking what i should do about the JUSTIN situation till like 3am but it wuzz all good................ Monday awful dreaded word /day of the week i have to go through the school year now knowing that ALYSE is with Justin but im happy for them and jealous at the same time the week went by fast though just yesterday i saw JUSTIN while walking home we talked he asked where i lived i couldnt say a word i wuzz in his trance he said he had to go i wuzz like l8r JUSTIN so i started walking my direction of home i stoped and thought maybe i should tell him, i wanted to run to him and say what iot i wanted to say but i wuzz all like nahhhhhhhhhhhh, and now i regret not telling him yesterday............................. well g2g myself i skiped over a lot of stuff but but what i said wuzz the main dish so i yea................................ l8r

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