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hrmm [12 Mar 2006|07:48pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

Wow, it's been a while. I'm amazed my account isn't all gone and stuff. Interestingly enough I'm taking an online class (Intro to Information Sciences), and we're doing an assignment on Myspace.com, which led me to think about blogging and my blog from a million years ago. So, update. I'm living with Al now (it's been over two years since our last breakup, can you believe it?) in a nice little two bedroom lower in Bayview. I don't work at that hellhole of a bank any longer (I worked there for about a year). I'm a circulation assistant at the Central Library here in Milwaukee. They called me back a year after I took that civil service test and all that nice stuff. So, I have a great job, and a great boyfriend, and a great apartment. And I'm going to school again, yay me!

Unfortunately, I am still very messy and very much a procrastinator. I need to go do my assignment which is due at midnight! Talk to you later.

Oh yeah, and Liz and I are going on vacation to Mexico later this month. Very, very, VERY excited. Yay warm weather! And clear turqouise water! And beaches! And free booze!


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[22 Mar 2004|07:25pm]
Yay! I have a job! I start on the 5th, and I'll be making 9.25 an hour. Now I either have to lose weight so I fit in my dress pants that are too small or I have to buy new pants. Yay new clothes. Cept I won't really have money until I start my new job. Boo. Well whatever. It'll work out. Now I'm off to celebrate at yummy Majarahja. Yum yum. Yum.

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[18 Mar 2004|12:37pm]
Hooray! It looks like M&I is going to hire me. I had to go take a drug test yesterday, and today they called Al because I listed him as one of my references (cheating, I know :) So. To leave work or not to leave work. I don't think I can do it! The thought of it makes me sad. I'm pathetic, I know. But I've worked there about 3 and a half years now! It's like my second home. Too bad the bank downtown wasn't interested in me, because I'd rather work downtown but oh well. I imagine I can always transfer if it comes down to it. Ick, the thought of having a full time job. No time to sleep! But the money part is good. I wonder how much they pay. I really hope it isn't less than I make now, that would suck. Al said they usually make 9 or 10 dollars an hour, which I don't believe. Would be nice tho. I think Angie only makes as much as I do, but her bank has a below average pay scale. I can't remember what Becky made at her bank when she first started. Then again, even if I only make 6 dollars an hour that'll be quite a lot when you work 40 hours a week. If I make 8 an hour that would be 1280 a month pretax. Which comes out to only 15360 a year. Huh. The salary calculator says the median average income for a teller in Milwaukee is 17 a year. Which would be 9 an hour. I never realized that a dollar makes that much difference.

Ok, enough rambling about money and jobs. Adios!

(See, I really am updating)

(But no one's reading it anyway)
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[16 Mar 2004|10:29am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Yay, I figured out the printer! Now I can print stuff! And scan stuff and copy stuff. Now I just have to clean the huge mess that the dining room has become since I started setting up all the new computer stuff. I'm going to go take Toby for a walk and then Mom and I are going to see Return of the King (she still hasn't seen it yet). Talk to you later!

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[15 Mar 2004|12:07am]
Oh! I just read over my last post and I found one update that needs telling. Al and I are not broken up. We must have gotten back together at the end of November . . . not really sure. We've actually been clicking really well since this last getting-back-together, and I'm really happy with him. And he's happy with me. Yay!

Ok, talk to you soon. I'm going to put blurty in my bookmarks bar so I will see it every day and remember to post once in a while. I really like Apple's new browser, Safari. But then, I love pretty much everything about the new computer :-)

Bye again!
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[14 Mar 2004|11:56pm]
[ mood | mellow ]


I just got a new computer (an Apple eMac). I have to say that I love Mac OS X. Maybe now that we have a computer that works for more than 10 minutes or so at a time I'll be updating more. Two biggest updates since my last post so very long ago- I got my license (yay!), and one of my dogs (Darcy) died. It was sad :-( but he was old and we knew he was sick. So it least it wasn't a surprise. We miss him and my parents are probably going to get another standard poodle after we come back from vacation in June. Also, I cleaned my room! Hooray. And tomorrow I have a second job interview at M&I bank. A few happy newses with a sad news in the midst.

Book log: Kushiel's Avatar by Jaqueline Carey. If you enjoy fantasy you'll really like these books (it's a trilogy; start with Kushiel's Dart, and then there's Kushiel's Chosen). It's an interesting mix of fantasy and alternate history with a good dose of sex thrown in. Really well written, it's not smut. Unfortunately these are the only books she's written so far so I have to wait awhile for her to creat a new series.


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The usual [08 Nov 2003|04:10am]
[ mood | restless ]

I haven't updated in forever. See subject line. I think I got tired of writing basically the same crap all the time. Blah blah, don't have a (full-time) job. Blah blah Al. Blah blah went to Node. I suppose I could start a Return of the King countdown. A little over a month. I don't really feel like counting at the moment. I am assuming (praying?) that the third will kick the second's ass. I think it might be a little too much to hope for that it will kick the first's ass. But that would be wonderful.

New in my book-life: The original Dunes (i.e. the Dunes not written by Frank Herbert's son) are great. I really really like them. Chock full of yummy-stuff-your-noggin-full thinks. (Oh, the thinks I could think . . .) And Margaret Atwood is superb. Love the way she writes. Sadly, I haven't read the latest Anne Rice yet (Blood Canticle). It's rumored to be the very last vampire novel.

New (maybe not so new) in my Al-life: Broken up again. Almost made it to 5 months. Don't feel like going over it.

New in my TV-life: Angel is really not a great replacement for Buffy. Even with the addition of Spike. I still like it. Just not as much.

My mom is all done with chemo and radiation. Hooray! Her hair is cute and fuzzy.

Okie, I think I'm done. Hopefully I won't wait (insert however many months it's been here) to write again. Goodnight.


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[21 Aug 2003|03:53am]
[ mood | giggly ]

Hehe, I just realized that the initials for Associated Bank are AB. I should call it abfab.

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Hi [21 Aug 2003|03:36am]
[ mood | determined ]

Update time. I don't have a lot of patience for blurty at the moment because a couple nights ago I wrote a big long entry and then my computer froze and I lost it all.

This week I actually have work because it's Aida-time. I work every day but Monday and Friday (Friday for Angie's partylite party). It's nice to be at work again, even though certain people (can anyone say MATT?) still annoy me to no end. Annoying how I'm still stuck doing the same thing all the time though. But I've missed most of my co-workers, most of them are really great.

I don't know for sure about Blue Sky yet because I don't know if I'm going to be able to get a loan. I have to ask my grandma to cosign it, and she wasn't sure about it because the only income she has is social security. We'll find out. I'm not going to ask my dad's mom because my cousin is in jail and my aunt and uncle asked her for money to hire a lawyer.

Today I went to take the Associated Bank skills test. I hope they'll call me back soon and there an opening somewhere that would work with my hours. And my lack of a car. If I could work at the bank by Angie's apartment it would be pretty cool because it's only about a block away. Even if I couldn't afford to pay her full rent I could sleep over on the nights before I work and give her a couple hundred dollars a month to help her out.

Al and I are as we usually are. I'll let you know if anything actually happens. He starts school soon (for some reason he hasn't checked the actual date he starts). I like the boy a lot, perhaps too much.

My mom's very last chemo treatment was last Thursday, thank goddess for that. By the end of this week she should be feeling a lot better. She's going to start work by doing half shifts at first. Hopefully she'll feel well enough to start at the beginning of September as she planned.

Liz crashed a car into another car at her dealership. Uhoh. It wasn't her fault, but if she can't prove it they'll take up to $500 of the damages out of her paychecks.

Keep your fingers crossed for me. If all goes well this will be my last month being totally broke, and I'll get decent hours at Associated, be able to stay at the Marcus Center AND go to school full-day on Wednesdays. I really really really want to go to Blue Sky. I really hope I can get a loan. If not I'll just have to work full time for a year.

Ok, night night time. I have to be to work in 12 hours. Grr. Stupid programs.


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Yay! [14 Aug 2003|12:51pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

I had my interview today at Blue Sky, and I'm basically in. They just have to send me the enrollment papers. And I have to figure out what I'm going to do about a loan and stuff. Dunno dunno. We'll see. I'm excited :) And a little apprehensive. New stuff, new people, new things to learn. New place. Hopefully new friends. And I'm doing it all on my own. The last time I did something completely on my own I think it was summer camp. I went to Marquette with Shannon. I started work with other people from my school. When I went back to MSL I already knew people. So yeah, I'm nervous and excited. I think it's going to be a lot of fun but also a lot of work. AHH! Way lots of science. But if I take the time I need to study I'll be fine. I'll let you know when everthing is official. Time for me to go put away some laundry and then go to my eye doctor appointment. Bye!


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Blue Sky, and other things [12 Aug 2003|01:34pm]
So wow, I am actually going to Blue Sky (on the small contingencies that I get accepted and I find a way to pay for it, of course (anyone out there wanna give me 8 thousand dollars? no takers? ah well, didn't think so)). I am really excited, and I feel great. Knowing that I have some direction now has done wonders for me. I'm going to do something I'm really excited about. Angie and I went to the Open House last Thursday, and I signed up for an interview. I sent the application and fee in the mail on Saturday, I asked Beverly to write me a letter of recommendation, I found the receipt for my massage down in Florida, I wrote a letter to Marquette asking them to forward my transcript, I called my doctor and asked for a letter stating I'm in good physical and mental health, and so I pretty much just have a couple things left to do. And I have to find out about the money. I really doubt I'd be able to get a loan on my credit alone. But we'll see. So excited!!

In other news. Al's grandma passed away last week, so he went down for the funeral this past weekend. He doesn't seem too upset, he handled it pretty well. He played while his aunt sang for the funeral service. Angie had her surgery on Friday morning, and she's no longer freaking out. Her doctor told her she has to quit smoking, so I'm going to quit with her. Last night she came over and helped me clean my room (thanks Angie!), something which wouldn't have been done for quite a while without her. I should finish it and start my laundry today. And find a job. But that's not going to happen. Maybe I'll get lucky. Oh, and I finally talked to Yannick! He apologized to me for some things, and I really miss the boy. Hopefully we'll get to visit him sometime in the next year.

Ok, time to go do actual stuff. And somebody do my survey!!
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These surveys are all dumb . . . [05 Aug 2003|03:38am]
Therefore I am writing my own. But I don't feel like answering my own questions. So somebody take my survey and post your answers. At least this stuff is interesting. It's great that your favorite color is blue/orange/pink/green but who cares?

1) Have you ever had an existential crisis? Did you resolve it?

2) Have you ever seriously thought about your religion(s), or lack thereof? What conclusions did you come to?

3) What makes (or doesn't make) reading a more worthy intellectual pursuit than watching TV?

4) Do you do anything to combat injustices in your life and our society (for example racism or sexism)?

5) Do you know where you want your life to go? How did you figure it out, or how do you hope to figure it out?

6) Do you consider where you grew up your home? Have you thought of living in another city? Another country? Why or why not?

7) Which do you value more, time spent with friends or time with just yourself? Why?

8) Do you believe there is an absolute moral right and wrong? Are good and evil relative? Can one exist without the other? Why or why not?

9) Is there a book/movie/person that has changed or majorly influenced your life? Explain.

10) What are your views on abortion and why? How did you come to decide (or not to)?

11) Do you think your job is worthwhile in the bigger picture? What about actions you take on your own?

12) Which is better, apple pie or cherry pie?

13) What is one thing we could do to improve our public school system?
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'Nother survey. This one is perhaps slightly less dumb. [05 Aug 2003|03:36am]
Five details about your appearance right now.
[x] Messy hair.
[x] Stubbly legs.
[x] No bra.
[x] Chubbier than a year ago.
[x] My palm tree boxers, they're so cute.

Five things you did today.
[x] Made brownies.
[x] Talked to Al.
[x] Whined a whole lot.
[x] Talked to Liz.
[x] Ate brownie batter and chicken noodle soup and cereal and part of a pancake. Not in that order.

Five things that everyone should know about you.
[x] I'm needy.
[x] Night is my natural day.
[x] I like to laugh and have fun.
[x] I couldn't live without reading.
[x] I get bored pretty easily.

Five groups/artists you listened to yesterday.
[x] No idea. The radio.
[x] Too lazy
[x] to think
[x] too much
[x] about it.

Five things that make you happy.
[x] Hanging out with my friends.
[x] Al.
[x] Books.
[x] Sex.
[x] Cigarettes.

Five things that disgust you.
[x] The president
[x] Conservatives.
[x] Rotten food.
[x] Stinky garbage cans.
[x] Assholes.

Five things you can't live without.
[x] Food.
[x] Water.
[x] Shelter.
[x] Companionship.
[x] You can really live without the majority of the crap that we have. I love reading, but I could live without books. Couldn't live without water.

Five things you'll do when you complete this.
[x] Talk to Mikey.
[x] Look for a survey that's actually interesting.
[x] Go to bed.
[x] Read.
[x] Turn off the light and go to sleep.

Five things you feel right now.
[x] Indifferent
[x] Slightly cold.
[x] Nicotine craving.
[x] Slightly tired.
[x] Fatalistic.
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Bored . . . so will do dumb survey [05 Aug 2003|02:46am]
1. What facial feature do you find the most attractive on others? Butt!! Wait no, facial featue . . . ok smile.
2. Would you vote for a woman candidate for president? Now that would depend on her politics. But if there was a man and a woman candidate and they were both my kinda liberal, I would vote for the woman of course. This is a really dumb question. Would anyone really NOT vote for a woman just because she's a woman? I suppose so, but not anyone I know.
3. Would you marry for money? Depends, would I marry Liz for money? Hehe, if she wins the lottery it's already been decided. Real answer: No. That would be dumb. Lots of dumb.
4. Have you had braces? Yes, thank Goddess.
5. Do you pluck your eyebrows? Yes, otherwise they would be very bushy.
6. Do you like hairy backs? Hell yes, what kinda question is this?
8. Could you live without a computer? As I have already for about 14 years, I believe the answer is yes.
9. Do you use ICQ, AOL Buddy list etc.? AIM
10. If so, how many people are on your list(s)? No idea. Thirty something.
11. If you could live in any past time period, which would it be? God no. Are you kidding me? I'm a woman. I enjoy being treated as a human being (most of the time anyway). Now if the question was what time period would you like to VISIT, that would be a different story. Is all of them an acceptable answer?
12. Do you drink enough water? Probably not.
13. Do you wear shoes in the house or take them off? Take them off.
14. What is your favourite fruit? Um, gold pineapple. And watermelon and raspberries (that aren't moldy).
15. Do you eat wheat bread or white? Wheat. White bread is virtually nutritionally worthless.
16. Where is your favourite place to visit? I would love to visit Europe again.
17. What is the last movie you saw? Drumline . . . yeah pretty dumb. No one will go see Tomb Raider 2 with me. I know, that's pretty dumb too.
18. Do you kiss on the first date? Ummmm, yes, I believe so. Who cares?
19. Are you photogenic? Ehhhhhhhh . . . .
20. Do you dream in colour or black and white? No idea. Don't really perceive things like that in my dreams. They're not really pictures after all. Is this survey British, btw?
21. Are you wearing fingernail polish? Nope.
22. Is it fresh or chipped? I said I'm not wearing any, dumb survey . . .
23. Do you have any dimples? No. Sides the ones on my back above my butt. But they're not really dimples. More like dents. And that's a weird way to phrase the question "do you have any dimples?" Wouldn't "do you have dimples?" suffice?
24. Do you remember being born? Yeah, like that's possible. Take some human development classes dumb survey writer.
25. Why do you take surveys? I am bored at the moment.
26. What is your bra size? 36c. I take it not only is this survey writer young, but also male.
27. Did you like or do you like high school? It was fun. Now it's over. That's nice.
28. What is the most beautiful language? Now this is not a fair question at all. How many people have heard all the languages in the world? I certainly haven't. Personally, I like Spanish.
29. When you are asleep do you like being kissed awake? Of course. Unless the other person has horrid breath.
30. Do you like sunrises or sunsets the most? Sunrises, since I am rarely up to see them. And they are a beginning instead of an end. Although of course a sunset is the beginning of night.
31. Do you want to live to be 100? Depends on my heath and physical ability. Just for the sake of knowing what happens in 80 years, yes.
32. Do you think women should be expected to shave their body hair? Expected?! Wtf. No. Women should do whatever they want with their body hair, as should men. This is a very biased survey, I've noticed.
33. Do you like salty food or sugary food the most? Oh sweet of course. Give me chocolate and I'll love you forever. And ice cream. And candy.
34. Is a flat stomach important to you? Important? No. Cool and good and all that stuff? Definitely.
35. Do you or have you played with a ouija board? Yes. Oooo, scary.
36. Are you loyal? To what or whom?
37. Are you tolerant of other peoples beliefs? I like to think so.
38. When you watch movies at home, do you like the lights on or off? Off usually.
39. Do you believe in magic? Ehhhhh
40. Do you have nightmares frequently? No.
41. Do you like your nose? I suppose so. I've never had a different one so I don't know if I'd prefer another one.
42. Do you like abstract art? Sure.
43. Do you think you can draw well? God no.
44. Do you listen to music daily? Umm, usually.
45. Do you like to watch cartoons? Sometimes. I'm definitely not a guy tho.
46. At what age did you find out that Santa Claus wasn't real? No clue.
47. How many pairs of shoes do you have in your closet? None in my closet. I have a whole bunch laying aorund though.
48. Do you like to wear the same shoes everyday or do you like a variety? I like for my shoes to match the rest of my clothes, but as I don't have an unlimited income that doesn't happen too much.
49. Do you write poetry? No. I'm a consumer, not a producer. I can appreciate it.
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Complete and utter crap [05 Aug 2003|01:25am]
So it's been how long, about half a year since I started my blurty? I'm in the same mental place. I want to move on! I want to be happy with myself. But I don't know what I want. I mean I don't know what I need to make me happy. I want my life to go somewhere, but I'm not sure where. I can distract myself from all this when I'm out doing things and when I'm with people. Or is it just that I need to fill my life so I don't have times like these when I can't fall asleep? I don't think so. I want to be able to be content with just me, and no one else. Not that I mean I don't want to have friends and a boyfriend and a job and a life, I just mean I want to be happy with times like these, when there's nothing going on and there's just me. I don't want to have to hide from myself.

Lots of stuff going on this week. Al went down to see his sister who's back from Japan for a month. I'm kind of hurt that he didn't invite me to go down and meet his family and stuff. Whatever I'll live. Liz had her final interview at Heiser Toyota today. She thinks she's gonna get it, we'll find out tomorrow. If she gets the job she's offered to pay the security deposit and first two month's rent for me if we find an apartment. Also, she'll get a car allowance each month, so if she gets a new car she wants to give me her Tercel. Woohoo. I need a job. I need money. On Thursday either Al or Liz or both are going with me to the open house at Blue Sky. Hopefully all this will work out and I can get all the application stuff in on time and they won't reject me. Knowing my luck I'll pay the 50 dollar application fee and they will reject me. Yes I'm very pessimistic tonight.

Other annoyances- Al's all moved into his new apartment, but it sucks the big D cuz he's sleeping in John's room on John's bed so I don't get to stay over. Grr, his stupid last month before school and we don't get to spend any time together anyway. Ok, that's an exaggeration. I see him pretty much every day but that's when we're out with our friends. I'm a whiny bitch aren't I? Add that to the fact that he DOESN'T WANT ME TO MEET HIS FAMILY EVER and maybe my bitterness is a bit more understandable. But honestly I don't know if I'm justified in being ticked off at him or not. About the parent thing. Not the new apartment thing. He seems just as annoyed by that as I am. Shouldn't he want me to meet his parents and be happy to bring me down there with him? I think maybe I'm just being a bitch. But it's making me feel like he thinks I'm not good enough. I'm not going to say anything to him because then he'll just feel obligated to do it, which is total crap. Whatever. I'm a bitch tonight.

Ok, things Katie needs to do- get license, apply to Blue Sky, find a job, stop being a bitch to boyfriend, get apartment, move out, be happy. And I should freaking wake up in the daylight hours and spend some time outside for once. Before it's 90 derees below zero again.

I need to go try to sleep. Goodnight everybody.

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La [25 Jul 2003|12:39am]
So I don't have much to say, I think. The Chamber Music Festival is over on Sunday, so yay I get my boyfriend back. But it will make him sad. As much as he complains about how tired he is all the time he really likes it. I should take a camera with me on Sunday and take some pictures during his concert.

So I looked up all the massage places. Basically I have 3 choices, Lakeside, the Institute, and Blue Sky. From everything I've seen and people I've talked to Blue Sky is the best. It's also the most expensive. Lakeside is in the middle, and the Institute is the cheapest, but it only has something like 620 hours as opposed to Blue Sky's 840. Stuff stuff stuff. Who knows if I'd even get in anywhere. And I don't have $50 to waste on an application fee if I don't get in. I hate money. Really really hate it. Still need a job. The other cool thing about Blue Sky is that it's either one full day (8-9) or two mornings or nights a week. The other places are every day. And Blue Sky sends you to a doctor's office or a spa for your clinical training, whereas for the Aveda Institute you do it right there. Blue Sky also has specialty tracks, and I think I'd like to do the therapeutic/medical track, which the other ones don't have. Downside, it's in Grafton. But only one day a week. Whatever, we'll see. I don't know what I want to do!! Al thinks I should wait at least another half a year before I get into any more school type things, which is probably a good idea, that's what I wanted to do in the first place. But I feel so useless right now. Grr.

Ok, enough about that. I'm going to go to their open houses and check things out. Let's see how excited it gets me. I think I'm excited enough at the moment actually, but the thought of all the stuff I'd have to do to get in puts a damper on it. Shows you that I'm still the same old procrastinating me. But the thought of actually doing something makes me happy. I'm full of contradictions!

Went to Node and blah blah the usual tonight. Sick of Node. Sick of cigarettes too. Down with cigarettes. Especially sick of creepy guys. And drunk girls who hang all over my boyfriend. And Angie obsessing over Kyle and Perry. Stop it! We need a new hangout.

Ok, I should head to bed soon. I have to work at 9:15 tomorrow morning. Evil Rainbow Summer. Down with Rainbow Summer.


PS: I guess I lied about not having much to say.
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Doodle-butts [23 Jul 2003|02:57am]
So I survived work last week. Hopefully my check will be enough to cover my bills. Some of my hours this week were cancelled, which sucks. Liz is in New York. Rob is happy to be free from her for a while. Al is in his last week of the Chamber Music Festival and next week he moves out of his apartment and in with John. Angie hates her job and is now obsessed with Perry, who is an ass. Not sure what everyone else is up to, haven't seen anybody really for the last week, sides the aforementioned.

And I am in the midst of another what-the-hell-am-I-doing-with-my-life crisis. I don't know what I want to do. I'm not going to be covered under my parents' insurance after next month if I don't go to school full time. I have had no luck in finding a job. I was getting excited today at the thought of going to massage school again (check out blueskymassage.com), but I don't know if I could do it. I wanted time off from school right? And I'd still need a job and money, and would they even accept me? Honestly I don't know if I could do it. The only thing I'm good at is lying in bed all day. I think I'm an expert at that. Maybe I could be a mattress tester :-P Tomorrow I will email them and ask if there's a possibility that they would accept me, since I don't want to waste the $50 application fee if there isn't (they ask for transcripts as part of the application). I feel trapped in a corner by my own actions. I probably couldn't even go to school if I wanted to. Of course there's always MATC. A part of me just wants to get a decent job and make money so I can move out and spend time with my friends and blah blah. I could do that for a while, but if my job was something meaningless and empty I don't think I'd feel happy for long. If at all. Grrrrr. Too many choices.

Today was Al's and my 2 month anniversary. From the last time we started going out. Everyone keeps asking that. I don't know where we're going either. I really value him and his company and his conversation and I care about him a lot. I think I care more about him than vice versa. I don't know, we're both in very different places. I hope I'll just feel better about everything once I'm doing sometihng. Right now it sucks to be the person always waiting around for the other person to have free time. Stupid crap. That's what my life's full of right now. He's at least doing something with his. Even if he doesn't know what he's going to do with that something when he's done.

Stuffity stuffity stuff. That's what it comes down to.


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La [15 Jul 2003|02:19am]
I'm sitting at home, which is a change from the norm lately. I think I spent Thursday night at Angie's, and Friday and Saturday and Sunday at Al's. Even when I do stay home I'm out pretty much every night. Tonight I got home around 11 and watched Queer As Folk with my mom. I think it's funny that I got her addicted to it. Although every time anyone has sex she has to fast forward it. A thunder storm is rolling in. Woo, just checked the radar and it looks like a pretty big one. Dammit I wanted to go have a cigarette. Anyway.

What's happened this week. Found out I didn't get the job at Angie's bank. Mick and Emily and I saw Al's recital and then I hung out at their place for a while. Spent a bunch of time at Node. Went to the Renaissance Faire with Angie (she wore my costume) and Liz and Rob and Amanda (I'm not really sure how we know Amanda but she got invited by Liz and Rob and she's pretty cool). Wished I had a job and money. Wished I could spend more time with Al (I know I spent 3 nights there this week but that was mostly sleeping time, not actual seeing him time). I'm a whiny needy bitch, I know. Today Angie and I went over to Shannon and Joe's and watched 200 Cigarettes.

This week I work a shitload. Today was the only day I had off. Stupid work, it's either all or nothing. Grr. Arghh.

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[27 Jun 2003|11:23pm]
Well I didn't update and no one yelled at me.

Hooray! My Harry Potter finally came in the mail today (stupid mail). So this is going to be short so I can go read it :-) Anyway, what's going on . . . last night Angie and I got together a few people to go see the Big Bang. We were really far away from the fireworks but it was still fun. Al is down in Il for his friend's wedding til Saturday night or Sunday morning. Tomorrow I work a shitload and then I'm staying at Angie's and Sunday morning we're going to the zoo for her company picnic, yay the zoo, yay the zoo for free.

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Wow [23 Jun 2003|09:43pm]
I haven't updated in forever. I guess I've been busy, I haven't been spending much time online at all. So, update on me. My mom went throught the surgery fine, but they did find cancer in one of her sentinel nodes so they removed a bunch of lymphnodes, and now she's doing chemo. She's doing well, she just gets tired more easily and her hair fell out of course. She has four more doses (every two weeks) left. After that she'll have radiation therapy for a while, but she's going back to work once the chemo's done.

Al and I are dating again, biw we're actually boyfriend and girlfriend. It was a very strange road to where we are now. Basically, back when we didn't talk for a while he realized he missed me. Then I went on a few dates with a guy at met at Node (his name's Mike), and I think that made him a little jealous too. And he's finally over Christy, she really pissed him off the last time he went to visit her. When we started hanging out again he told me everything he'd been thinking, apologized for acting like an ass, and wanted to give it a try (a real one, not the stupid crap we were doing before).

The last month or so I've just been working, hanging out with Al and Angie, and wishing I had a full time job. I've gotten sick of not being able to fit in my pants anymore, so I've (sorta) started to exercise again. The Queer as Folk season 2 DVD is finally out, so I've been watching that with my mom (which is funny cuz she's a total prude). Can't wait for Harry Potter 5 to come in the mail, I pre-ordered it through bn.com instead of just going to buy it (stupid me). And I've been playing Breath of Fire on Al's supernintendo, it's an awesome old roleplaying game. Right now I'm reading Catch-22, I want to finish it before H.P. comes in the mail or I never will (I have a tendency of stopping in the middle of books to start reading something else and getting back to the other book months later). I will update more tomorrow I think, I'm going to have a lot more time to spend online since Al just started playing in the Chamber Music Festival today. He has to spend all his time rehearsing and practicing, which sucks for me but I'm a big girl. It's only a month long. And there's lots of stuff I need to be doing as well. Such as cleaning my room (I still haven't unpacked from moving out of the dorm!), FINDING A JOB, and getting my license. Ok, so I think I'll update tomorrow. If not, yell at me.

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