hey peeps   
12:58pm 04/03/2004
mood: mellow
music: SlipKnot "My Plague"
I'm at school of course in 5th period goofing off listening to Carrie's Slipknot cd. *Yawn* what a long day, Seriously, I had like no sleep last night, but hey who cares. Time is so slow but in that case this class is awesome. We have a sub today of course. I knew that yestuday. When does this day end. I have like a bazillian things to do today and I have to get it all done before I leave for church tonight. I have 21 more days until it's a year that me and David have been going out. I really can't wait. My friend,James, is having problems. Poor guy he's a real sweetheart. He's like my big brother. He watches out for me like a big bro anyway. I gotta go laterz.
Wow School agian Damn It!   
02:01pm 05/01/2004
mood: bitchy
music: "Smile Empty Soul" "With This Knife"
Oh what joy i'm at school agian AAAAAAHHHHHHH Shoot me now well gotta do some work laterz peps
02:11pm 18/12/2003
mood: pissed off
music: Linkin Park "Runaway"
I'm in class at school in 7th period LAST CLASS OF THE DAY WHOOOOHOOOOO. LALALALALALALALALALALALA!!!!!!!!!!nothing to do gggggrrrrr I've already finished all my work. It's all so cool NNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Well gotsta go chill laterz
Howdy doddy do   
02:29pm 17/12/2003
mood: hyper
music: System of a Down "Toxicity"
hey everyone how are youdoin' WWWWOOOOOHHHHHOOOOO ILOVE DAVID OH YEAH!!!!!! Time flys when your at school well not really but that 's normal gotata go bye peeps
Hey everybody   
02:44pm 16/12/2003
mood: bitchy
music: Stained "It's Been Awhile"
Hey it's me on this day in December oh what joy. Carrie if your reading girl you gotta reply i gotta get your name. Well, school is as boring as usual. Not much change in that, i doubt if there ever will be any change. Time is slow not like anyone in this messed up world cares. The only people i think that care about me are my friends and my boyfriend, David. I don't know this world seems so messed up that every time you try to get your hopes up someone comes by and knocks them back down to the ground. Jerks or not people shouldn't be allowed to do that it's just not right. We should love thay neighbor as thee loves thay friend, yet love your love more than that fore they lift you up to the sky. Never stopping. But most of the time you never stop and your at an all time high. Although for me it stops. Once I walk into those double doors and into the halls time runs slow and tears begin to fall. Only time will tell if the love of my life can help me. Of course he can he loves me and hates seeing me upset but sometimes I still breck down into tears. Loving him is the one thing that keeps me sane if it wasn't for him who knows where i'd be right now. I'm not saying I would have committed suicide without him although some of my friends would have. Half the time love is all the suicidal people want don't send them away to some kind of looney bin protect them talk to them. Showing them you care is the number one cause of suicides. Some parents just don't let their children know how much they love their children. Their children begin to feel rejected pushed out of the way maybe worse. Well, time to go I'll talk to ya tommarrow.
Truely yours,
PS: I LOVE YOU, DAVID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!