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Wowsers [31 Mar 2004|01:35pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]
[ music | "Crockfield" -"Sherry! The Musical" ]

Yes. There's a "The Man Who Came To Dinner" musical. It's called "Sherry!"

Nathan Lane is Sherry, Mike Myers is Banjo, Carol Burnett is Lorraine, and James Lipton is Dr. Bradley. That's right! The "Inside the Actor's Studio" Guy!!!

My mother is awesome. I really needed something funny right now. I've been thinking about things that are changing my thoughts on who I am... Sort of. Where I come from, at least.

You know why I'm glad school exists? Daytime TV is torture. Even when just passing through a room.

Some old guy on a CBS Soap Opera: "Are you questioning the strength of our marraige? Directly behind you is a vase I fill with roses everyday to remind you of my love."

Her response: An overdramatic pause and glance as the camera zooms in on her face and cuts to another couple.

Eh. To quote Sherry: I may vomit.

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Psycho [31 Mar 2004|12:33pm]
[ mood | amused ]

If i was a serial killer i would be Ed Gein .

The Original Leather face. Ed gein, started out as a grave robber, robbing graves for the remains of women around the age of 50 and using the bits and pieces that he found to furnish his house. Eventually moving up to living subjects Ed would go on to kill 3 local women whom he would decapitate, skin and leave on meat hooks in his basement.

He later went on to confess that he would fashion masks and vests out of the skin of the women he had killed, even going as far as cooking and eating their hearts. Ed believed that he had to do these killings because his dead mother told him to.

Silence of the lambs, Psycho and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre are just some of the many movies that have been inspired by the life of Ed Gein.

Kill Count: 3

Find what serial killer you would be, Take the Serial Killer Quiz now!

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Whee... Look, ma! I got better! [12 Mar 2004|07:11am]
[ mood | awake ]


-- Personality Disorder Test - Take It! --

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I'll Say a Hail Mary for you, Pa. I'll Say a Hail Mary. [18 Oct 2003|06:06pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]
[ music | ""No Rain" - Blind Mellon ]

Ok. So, I haven't written lately. I'd like to say I want to more often, but I'm just not as compelled to do so as others are. I don't know. Half the time, I look at whatever I write about and think how hopeless I am. Really. The only thing I've been happy about lately is my James Joyce paper I wrote for AP English. I think I had the highest grade in both classes. Take that, anal retentive pukes! *sigh* It isn't even all that great though. I don't see it. I mean, it's mostly crap I wrote the morning it was due. It seems that's always my excuse though. At times I wonder if that is why I procrastinate... Just to be able to blame the last-minute-ish-ness if it isn't as great as I wish it was. Oh well. I may as well share for anyone who is very pathetic. Oh, and yeah. It's slightly out of format from transferring it from WordPerfect.

Christopher Price

Trapped in Dark Water: Dubliners

In Dubliners, James Joyce utilizes symbolism, characterization, and thematic paralysis throughout "Araby," "Eveline," and "Counterparts," preparing the reader for an epiphany. Joyce's epiphanies, the sudden immense realization a character has, occur as they expose the climax. Joyce's style allows the reader to sense the characters' hopelessness, which adds dramatic irony. By involving his readers, Joyce conjures sympathy for his protagonists and concurrently provides a cathartic sense to compel his audience.

"Araby," a short story by Joyce held within Dubliners allows the reader to understand what ending there will be for the protagonist from the first page until its conclusion. Obviously, Joyce wishes to create a desperate sense of dramatic irony, making the reader alert of the effects proceeding every action. Firstly, this is developed through symbolism. Joyce writes, "The wild garden behind the house contained a central apple-tree and a few straggling bushes under one of which I found the late tenant's rusty bicycle pump." Choosing this private setting, Joyce shows the secret desire of the narrator to reach something which he is incapable of attaining. Placing the symbolism before the characters can reveal themselves fully, Joyce sets dramatic irony and preparation of the epiphany for the audience.

Thematic paralysis is also demonstrated by the method of escape, a bicycle pump, being rusted and useless. The boy is stuck, hoping he will achieve his goal. Instead, he is left alone, in his ‘garden,' unable to call for help. The paralytic aspect of "Araby" is seen in this way by the situation not changing.

The next method of foreshadowing the epiphany is characterization. The narrator is described as being young, and is developed to be naive and idealistic. The boy idolizes Mangan's sister and sets himself for ultimate disappointment at the moment the epiphany is revealed. The thematic paralysis, a common trait of every Dubliners story, is created as a looming topic on the minds of everyone. In "Araby," the narrator is incapacitated, even though he does not at first accept his fate as being too young for any of his fantasies to spring to life. The moment of the epiphany comes directly after Joyce tells the reader:
Remembering with difficulty why I had come, I went over to one of the stalls and examined porcelain vases and flowered tea-sets. At the door of the stall a young lady was talking and laughing with two young gentlemen ... Observing me the young lady came over and asked me did I wish to buy anything. The tone of her voice was not encouraging; she seemed to have spoken to me out of a sense of duty. I looked humbly at the great jars that stood like eastern guards at either side of the dark entrance of the stall and murmured, ‘No, thank you.'

Directly after realizing how he is treated by older girls, the narrator accepts that he is too young to be an object of love. The boy then sees himself as "a creature driven by vanity." The author also tells the reader through narration that the boy's eyes "burned with anguish and anger." Joyce concludes "Araby" by revealing the epiphany which he prepares from the first page.

"Eveline," the second example of Joyce's ability to prepare the reader for an epiphany also can be shown through the symbolism of names. An instance of such symbolic use is the name Frank. Joyce uses Frank's name to show that Eveline is falsely afraid of the man lying. As an adjective, "frank" means honest. As a verb, "frank" means to allow passage or leaving freely and easily. Although not done easily, Eveline lets Frank leave Ireland. Joyce shows through the symbolism and the significance of the man's name, that it is probably a mistake to let him go. Joyce shows Eveline's early hopes for the man, "Frank would save her. He would give her life, perhaps love too. But she wanted to live. Why should she be unhappy? She had a right to happiness." By showing Eveline's dreams, Joyce introduces the reader to the situation where the epiphany will occur.
The characterization in "Eveline" proves to the attentive reader that Joyce alludes to the epiphany before he reveals it. Joyce tells the reader:
As she mused the pitiful version of her mother's life laid its spell on the very quick of her being- that life of commonplace sacrifices closing in final craziness. She trembled as she heard again her mother's voice saying constantly with foolish insistence, " Derevaun Seraun! Derevaun Seraun!"

With such a powerful image of repetitious persistence of the family around Eveline, it is quite apparent that the young woman comes into conflict with her obligations. By causing Eveline to tremble as she hears the constant shouting of "Derevaun Seraun!" Joyce properly instructs the audience to expect the moment that Eveline will be paralyzed by nonsense. "Derevaun Seraun," are nonsense words. Eveline is trapped in the call to trivial and nonsensical family obligations, disallowing her romantic happiness. Having promised her mother of her wish, "Derevaun Seraun," and still being completely ignorant to the phrases origin, Eveline is afraid that she would break her promise to the matriarch of her family. Having since taken those very duties, Eveline feels she must fulfill her obligations. These duties allow Joyce's audience to view from what heights Eveline falls with the coming epiphany.

Although Eveline experiences her sudden need to escape from Ireland with Frank, she is paralyzed. Joyce develops the paralysis through his diction. He shares, "She stood up in a sudden impulse of terror. Escape! She must escape!" Using a subjective quality to his writing, Joyce successfully conveys the feeling of urgency, not only for Eveline, but for the reader as well. Eveline's epiphany comes when the realization that she cannot leave her home with Frank. Joyce writes:
The boat blew a mourningful whistle into the mist. If she went, tomorrow she would be on the sea with Frank, steaming towards Buenos Ayres. Their passage had been booked. Could she still draw back after all he had done for her? Her distress awoke a nausea in her body as she kept moving her lips in a silent fervent prayer.

Eveline's epiphany comes to her when she is ready to leave Ireland. She realizes that she cannot leave her country no matter the circumstances. This revelation, of course, is prepared for the reader long before the characters acknowledge it.

In "Counterparts," Joyce prepares the reader for the epiphanies, much like in all of the Dubliners stories. Farrington, the protagonist's job is tedious and timely. He works as a clerk who makes copies of documents, all of which must be exact duplicates. An example of his occupational difficulty is shown by Joyce as Farrington, " ...struggled on with his copy, but when the clock struck five, he had still fourteen pages to write." His occupation and attitude are symbolic, as he angrily makes exact duplicates of every thought and line he records. This prepares the reader for how he conditions at least one of his sons, impressing him with the displaced aggravation Farrington has for himself. He transfers everything onto another sheet—— spreading the discontent.

Farrington is developed as being foolish and too eager to prove he is not obscure and growing old. A prime example can be seen at the bar. He tries desperately to prove his worth. However, Weathers beats him in an arm wrestling match. Farrington is as a result humiliated. Disappointed in himself, Farrington has his fist epiphany that, "He had lost his reputation as a strong man being twice defeated by a mere boy." He is not the man who he always imagines he is.

Joyce prepares the reader for the story's second epiphany through paralysis. Not only does his job trap Farrington, but his family life as well. As a Catholic, Farrington cannot divorce his wife. Instead, he remains miserable and stuck with his wife who, "bullied her husband when he was sober and was bullied by him when he was drunk." If his wife is not around to abuse, Farrington turns to his children. It is made obvious that pain, anger and humiliation cannot go away, even with forgiveness, but only transferred to the ‘next copy.' "Counterparts" leaves the reader with the haunting cry of Farrington's son, "O pa! Don't beat me, pa! And I'll say a Hail Mary for you... I'll say a Hail Mary for you... Pa, if you don't beat me ... I'll say a Hail Mary...."

Joyce prepares the reader for an epiphany through the use of symbolism, characterization, and thematic paralysis. This techniques are seen in the short stories "Araby," "Eveline," and "Counterparts."

So yeah. That's it. Thanks if you cared to read it. You're a loser. BUT I LOVE YOU. So, it's all good (the you being a loser. Not the writing.)

Later I guess.

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Sweet Dreams [06 Sep 2003|10:25am]
[ mood | lethargic ]
[ music | "New York State of Mind" -Billy Joel ]

Sweet Dreams
"Sweet Dreams" (by Eurythmics)
Sweet dreams are made of this
Who am I to disagree?
Travel the world and the seven seas
Everybody's looking for something
Some of them want to use you
Some of them want to get used by you
Some of them want to abuse you
Some of them want to be abused

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Haha... riiight. Bastard.

Ok, those were completely pointless.

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gubernatorial...haha [04 Sep 2003|11:22pm]
[ mood | complacent ]
[ music | "Until It Sleeps" -Metallica ]

I love that word. lol. Anyway: Here's something fun. ;)

Your Name: Christopher Michael Alexander Price
Your Date of Birth: 02/12/1986
Your Question or
Information: Will I ever meet my aspirations as a director?


Berkana - Growth, abundance, fertility, Mother Earth, protection, the zenith of an idea or situation.


Ehwaz - Abrupt changes, moving into new home and environment, travel, swift change in situation.


Ansuz - Communications, wisdom and clarity, to attract others to your cause, increase magickal energy.

Cast the runes here:
Rune Caster

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Crazy. [31 Aug 2003|09:34pm]
[ mood | crazy ]
[ music | "Big Balls" -AC/DC ]

I was just going through websites and found some cool "fan buttons."

...Word to your mother!


...I have no frickin clue who the hell that one was, but I'll act like the biggest fan for effect. OH, they rule! *hmm*

And for Liz: !


Ok then.

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"Maybe you can direct the next Harry Potter movie." [29 Aug 2003|01:45pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]
[ music | "House of the Rising Sun" -The Animals ]

Oh yeah? Screw you. If I have anything to do with a Harry Potter... anything-- it'll have to be "Harry Potter: The slow and painful death by way of his entrails being ripped out." Of course, that's just the working title. :) Muhahahaha!

Direct Harry Potter.


Ok. End of that.

Anyway. I just saw that I was not invited to watch auditions to an M. Night Shyamalan movie. Yet Catherine and Ashley were there. I see how it is. :p Yeah.


"You keep using that word. I don't think it means what you think it means."

Oh well, enough Princess Bride.

Eric came to my house yesterday. Just dropped by and sat outside talking to me and drinking Pepsi Vanilla. Traitor! He's lucky I didn't whip out a sharp object and slice his frickin hand off. THERE'S NO COMPETITION! V is the best! Supporting that other crap should get you thrown out of the country. I'll prove the earth is flat and throw 'em off the edge.


So anyway, I started thinking, and I wrote about my senior project idea and sent it to Miss Muller.

"Hi, Miss Muller!

This is Chris Price.

I was thinking (rare thing, I know!) while watching Nosferatu on DVD. It was around the same time I was working on a screenplay. What further pounded it into my skull was seeing the music video "Tonight, Tonight" by the Smashing Pumpkins. In the video, the band is placed in a reenacted form of Le Voyage dans la lune. What is my point, you may be asking.

Well, as the two movies and my writing blended together, a concept was born!

For many people, senior project was an imminent and loathed thing. Why? Because of the service hours? Having to dress nicely at the gallery? Perhaps. But, oh what fun it would all be if you can find the right project!

Making a movie which can be on a minimum out of my pocket budget in which there is little need for people to learn lines more than they already do (with Fall Play, Musical, and Shakespeare...) Tough to do, isn't it? Not to mention that sometimes audio and video quality from non-professional equipment can come out in the end with a less than desirable quality. Ah-hah! That is where the two forementioned films come into play.

In case you aren't familiar with them, I'll explain. They were both made prior to 1925 (Voyage in 1902 and Nosferatu in 1922.) Which means...

SILENT FILMS! Not only do we cure ourselves of the need for possible voice-overs and dubs not to mention sound effects, but we can make it as tacky as we want. The actors don't need to memorize much. They can be coached on the spot. Any special effects and so on can be made of glitter and cardboard with strings attached. Elbows can get dirty in editing... purposely adding differences in lighting, jumps in continuity, and everything that goes with it. The script's dialogue can be changed in post-production, as they are placed on separate screens.

Your next question may be about music... Well, I would assume so anyway since you make a living teaching about it. The answers keep getting better. Since it's meant to pay homage to those classic pieces, we can use the same period (well, really slightly older. Nosferatu uses some Bach, in fact) music as they do. I think that most of everything over 100 years old is duty free.

I hope that right now all of the caffeine I've had is paying off in making this idea sound great! Too many exclamation points, eh? Ok then.

Since we had discussed things such as this in the past, I thought that maybe you would be willing.

Since I always hang around the music room on Monday rehearsals even when I'm not needed, that would be some good time to work up hours by working on details. It would work nicely due to the fact that as of right now I have the class second semester.

Once edited, we can transfer the movie to DVD format and play it on a laptop at the gallery. I would also ask for Kristina Matusik's help by paying her to make a custom theatrical poster... she's amazing! (oops, sorry. That one slipped.)

Furthermore, as we would be using no copyrighted media in the film, it should also be eligible to be entered into contests or be used as a way to show schoolboard or other people what can be done. Maybe more funding or grants can be obtained! (again, sorry. I can't help it.)

If you can't partake in this project, it's alright. Just please get back to me with thoughts/questions/comments or Ritalin.

Anyway, now that I've pitched the idea to a prospective producer, my books say that I should close the deal with eye contact and a firm handshake . Eh, close enough, right?

Thanks for your time and for thinking it over! (I won't bother saying sorry for them anymore)


-Christopher Price"

And the response:


That sounds like a fabulous idea. It could be the best senior project
ever. Also, I now have access to two REALLY nice cameras (in addition
the school camera) AND I just got my hands on FCP4. Hope to talk with
soon. I do not, however, have access to Ritalin. hee hee.

With all best wishes,

Ms Muller"

So, Danielle and everyone should take part in my movie! If, that is, they aren't too big with the whole 'Philly-wood' movement. Grrrrr.

Anyway, Liz is coming home today! YAY! (I haven't written about the day she left because I couldn't pay it tribute without getting sappy...) :(

Ok then. LATER!


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Go Go, Go Johnny Go, Go Johnny Go, Go Johnny Go! [20 Aug 2003|01:32am]
[ mood | cynical ]
[ music | "Johnny B. Goode" ~Chuck Berry ]

"One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors."

You know who said that? That's right, Mr. Finnegan. You know not. It was Plato.

That is why I plan to vote when the time comes. You were about to get Marx quotes whipped out on you. Except your left wing liberal ways and your pride would be tarnished. Wouldn't want that. :-P

Yeah. Ok, I'm done. I have nothing major against anyone in that family at all. Just politics can be quite annoying. I know Liz wishes it wouldn't come up at all. Well, actually, I really didn't say much today. I went along with it. Uh-huh *shakes head*.

I hope Arnie wins, if for no other reason, just to laugh at you shooting down any chance he has in your mind. Not that it matters to any of us who governor of California is, right? Yep. Friggin A.

So, anyway, tonight a group of us went to see Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. Fun stuff. Frank was interested in Keira Knightley's hair more than anything else, Liz was happy when Keira looked ugly and was then distracted because of her ADD and the zipper on my shirt, Danielle spilled her nachos, I was more concerned with Liz and keeping my shirt zippered, Daniel was confused and lost his shirt... and Kim... um... Kim... hm. Kim was the only sane person, as usual.

Funny how that works.


I had fun. Liz got a new computer! um, I think. Hm. Not sure of the details... AND it plays DVDs, so she can borrow some of my movies! Oh, how she must count the hours.

Liz knew "director terms!" I was so proud of her! :)

Speaking of, a music teacher who makes me uncomfortable has Of Mice And Men and Angel has The Matrix. I lent them out a while ago. Not cool.

I wanted to buy a Ralph Wiggum shirt and um... what other one did I want?! Hm. Damn. Hot Topic rules, by the way. Liz's Hat is sexy. As his her 'wrist warmer'? I don't know what the proper name for it is... And her Pepe for President pin! THAT's who should run for CA governor! Ha! Ha to you, Mr. Politics. :-P

I have just one more thing to say:


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Det Sjude Inseglet - Playing Death in a game of Chess [16 Aug 2003|02:50pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]
[ music | "One" ~Metallica ]

"Because I could not stop for Death --
He kindly stopped for me --
The carriage held but just ourselves
And immortality."

-Emily Dickinson

Happy Deathday!
Your name:TheNamed
You will die on:Monday, August 17, 2037
You will die of:Sexually Transmitted Disease
Created by Quill

STDs'll get you every time. :-P

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"Angels and ministers of grace defend us." -Shakespeare [16 Aug 2003|02:21pm]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | "White Rabbit" ~Jefferson Airplane ]

...Nice, except for when I'm cracking up at stoned guys who want to 'f all yous.' Whew. Fun.

Heroic Angel
Heroic're always there when someone
needs your help. You care alot for your
friends and family. You're bold and have much

What kind of angel are you?
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The Red Pill [16 Aug 2003|04:04am]
[ mood | devious ]
[ music | "Mr. Brownstone" ~ Guns 'n' Roses ]

Well, after being adamantly against starting another online journal, I decided to give it a go. Perhaps this way, I could manage both just as easily. I like my FOD, but what's the point of doing it all for just that one? No one goes there much anymore. I've had an FOD for 2 years. Ah, how time flies past us all.

It's 4 am and I haven't slept. Hm. Maybe I should try soon.

I just thought that I would try this out. Does it look sexy? Hm? Hm? You can answer. Really.

Well, screw you then!

Sorry... I love you all. Yeah. In a non-polygamous or carnal way of course.

Then again...*grrr*

'Til we meet again.

I'll see you further down the rabbit hole.

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