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Ive got pees on my head but Im not a pee head [14 Aug 2005|07:49pm]
[ mood | cold ]
[ music | senses fail ]

Yeah so I'm officaly in love with Senses Fail. They are amazing! I so hope I can go to edge fest! That would be amazing. Seriously how awesome would that be.... Amazing awesome!

So nothing in my life interesting enough at all haha...

My friends are awesome I love them...

My favorites of the week
Band: Senses Fail
Food: Chipotle soft chicken tacos
Breakfast: Ego's
Word: amazing

PS I get my licence in 16 days!



16 candles [13 Aug 2005|03:01pm]
[ mood | calm ]
[ music | death cab for cutie ]

So I'm officaly 16 now and have been for 2 whole days...Isn't that exciting!

Yeah everything is still the same... no dates no guys...It's all good...

So last night I hung out with the guy I like... I guess I do anyways.. and all he could talk about was my friend Leanna...Yeah that was cool...whatever...I'll win him over eventually... hopefully...

So for my birthday I got a fabulous car... a 2002 red jetta... My DREAM car... And a mini iPOD the green version haha... oh and some new clothing....Good stuff....My friends heart attacked me and decorated my room like a mexican fiesta...They are the best ever!

So my myspace is gone and I'm happy. It got boring so I was done with it.... Now blurty is back and I'm happy... Yeah

So made some new friends...Ian welsh funniest guy ever! It's just an added bonus that he is hott! haha Yeah he's cool... He calls me ears haha long story ....

So my friends are here to take me out for my birthday ... It's a week long celebration! only for me!



Save the rain forest [05 Jun 2005|04:06pm]
[ mood | chipper ]
[ music | Singles ward sound track-- freakin awesome! ]

So I watched The Goonies and Monty Python The Holy Grail for the first time yesturday. Best movies ever! It was pretty sweet.

So my weekend has been lame! Friday Diana called me and was like come to MExico with me!!! And I got way excited and then I remembered I had gay ballet practice On saturday so I couldn't go and that basically ruined my entire weekend. Friday I don't remember what I did that how exciting it was. Saturday cleaned my room and went to dance practice and then came home and I dont remember what I did. Then that night I watched Goonies and Monty Python. Good Stuff. Then I went out and caused some trouble. Not really but I did go out. And today I have done absolutly nothing. Isnt that wonderful. Indeed it is. Well I went to church and then we went and got food and ice cream so I guess I did do something. Yeah that would be my weekend in a nut shell.

So I just got done watching Furn Gully. You know that movie with the fairies and their rain forest is getting cut down... Yeah anyways I used to watch it like 24/7 when I was little. Yeah it was on HBO so I watched. I never realized how hippie/tree hugger it was untill now. Yeaah pretty sweet if you ask me. Well I thourouly enjoyed the movie and now I'm going to go and save some rain forest.


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[02 Jun 2005|04:00pm]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | Me and the major- Belle and Sebastain ]

I'm so 'effing bored right now you do even know! I can't go any were because I have dance in an hour and it would be pointless to go any where and yeah! I'm bored as heck...Haha I sounded so mormon there! Maybe I'll go clean my room thats a good idea


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One whole year [01 Jun 2005|04:01pm]
So I forgot in my last entry That I have officaly lived in AZ for one whole year.... I don't think any of my Ny friends remember that ... Oh wait don't care!
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In Short I am a Junior [01 Jun 2005|03:03pm]
[ mood | busy ]
[ music | If youre feeling sinister ~Belle & Sebastian ]

I got bored and decied to bring back blurty! I know hot exciting. Myspace was getting on my nerves and blurty never did. So I'm back. And now that, that is said and done with here is the fun stuff.

So today was the last day of 'effin school and I could not be happier for it to be over with! I was done with it about a week ago. I had, had it with everything involving school. We had to take final these last two day which was crappy but I think I did alright with all of them! Yeah... I so 'effing excited it's summer! I cannot wait to go to lake powell and party it up there! And EFY is going to to be crazy this year! AHh I can't wait. Haha... Some classes are going to suck next year though.... Like without all the people in some of my other classes... Yeah that didn't make sense and I'm not going to try to make it make sense. So life for me is boring resently. No boys, no drama, no fun. Haha. Eveyone is always like I hate drama but then when there is no drama eceryone is bored. Its true you know it is.

Everyone is graduating and it's sad... I cant wait to graduate! It will be so exciting. All of the parties and such I can't wait. Only two more years!

Anyways it's summer and in short I am a junior!



MORP another excuse to stay home.... [23 Jan 2005|02:11pm]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | garden state ]

Well I have decided to come back to blurty and bore you all with my fascinatingly boring life. So yeah… MORP is coming up… it’s prom backwards…yeah not going. Its one of those things where the girl has to ask the guy… not gunna happen. There’s like one guy worth asking but wait he doesn’t like me that’s pretty cool. Yeah really don’t feel like being rejected so just not gunna go. Party with my family hahaha yes that’s what I will do!… yeah .. Seriously guy situations right now suck but whatever.

I’m just I don’t know. Yeah tired. I need a vacation hahah. February is just not going to be cool at all. We don’t have any breaks at all not one. And dumb AIMS test of what fun it will all be.

So now is gunna be when I’m going to be happy. I get to go shopping on Monday!!!! Yes I love shopping its my cure-all. Makes all my problems go away.! Yeah I really don’t know what else to write. My friends are mainly my friends again . that’s good. Very good. Um what else makes me happy …. Oh I get my permit in ugh 2 months…. So long. Yeah but still. Oh I might be going to see a modest mouse concert. That makes me really happy. That should be cool. So yeah I really don’t know what else to write. EFY is all signed up for and stuff. Hopefully we all get to go to the same place. Oh man . It is going to be some crazy stuff. Alright I’m out. Cuz there is really nothing left to write. LaTeR MaTeR

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friends...what friends [11 Jan 2005|10:39pm]
so kelsey smith is my olny cool friend that acutally lies to hang out with me. kylee is really nice and stuff she just doesnt bother to hang out with me, diana is really fun and we have crazy times but i dont know whats up with her but shes awesome like kelsey, kelsi yeah shes changed...alot, megan fun times with cameras but we never hang out. so yeah school today sucked majorly. actully it really wasnt that bad. tomarrow is gunna suck but whatever. my grandparents and uncle and aunt and cousin are coming this weekend. yay. i cant wait. its gunna suck alot. but whatever im tired and im going to sleep. maybe in my dreams ill find a friend... or not LaTeR MaTeR
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what friends [06 Jan 2005|01:26pm]
Why hello there. Um yeah I was bored so here I am writing this loverly entry. Yeah nothing new has really happened . I love how my friends never bother to call me I think its pretty cool. They could at least attempt to call me but whatever…. I love staying at home while they all hang out together! Makes me feel really good about my self. Yeah whatever. They suck… eh whatever. Kelsey doesn’t she at least makes an attempt….yeah . I don’t feel good right now so I’m gunna go to sleep or watch napoleon dynamite or something … LaTeR MaTeR
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what has bordom brought me to [02 Jan 2005|01:33pm]
[ mood | mellow ]
[ music | carry brothers- blue eyes ]

well I gave in and got a my space account.... but its just to prove that blurty and my space can be done all at the same time! well ever since i got home only kelsey has really tried to hang out with me cuz she is awesome like that. well diana is in the process of moving so she has an excuse but still.... yeah whatever. my back is all seriously screwed up i might have to get surgey for it.... and then i wouldnt be able to dance anymore so its probly not gunna happen.... oh man that would just so suck if i wasnt ever able to dance again.... even just thinking about it makes me want to cry... oh man that would be bad. yeah anyways I cant wait to go back to NYC its gunna be fun im so excited... I miss the city so much. I want to get married there and live there and be a ballerina in mew york cities ballet company.... wow im a dork. haha yeah fun fun. i think that i should cut my hair..... hmm not alot just to my shoulder... you tell me .... yeah im out later mater


another survey.... [30 Dec 2004|09:14pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]
[ music | holla back gurrlll ]

spell your name backwards: remlap yam niltiac
have you ever had a song written about you: yeah by my good friend jesse at efy
what song makes you cry: yeah concrete angel but only the first time i heard it
what song makes you happy: holla back gurrl
what's your all time fav. song?: blue eyes
what do you listen to before you go to sleep: my friend the tube
height: 5'1 and a half!
hair color: dark brown
piercing: no stupid infecttion had to let them close up
tattoos: no

Right Now . . .
what color pants are you wearing: denim
what song are you listening to: none
what taste is in your mouth?:diet pepsi
whats the weather like?: 50 degrees and rainy... freaking freezing
how are you?: just peachy
get motion sickness?: only on airplanes
get along with your parents?:most the time
have a bad habit?: bitting my nails and procrastinating oh and i get kinda jealous of like friends and stuff
boyfriend/girlfriend: no...
have a current crush: honestly i really dont know ?
have a big regret: yeah....

Favorite . . .
tv show: i love the 80s
conditioner: ice cap
book: a great and terrible beauty
non alcohol drink: frozen hot chocolate
alcohol drink: gross
things to do on the weekend: hang out...

Have You Ever . . .
broken the law: maybe a really pointless one that like noone knows about...
ran away from home: yeah to the backyard...i was 5
snuck out of the house: no ... theres nowhere to go
ever gone skinny dipping: kinda?
made a prank phone call: yeah then they called me back...
tipped over a portapotty:haha yes ... fun times
use your parents credit card:yeah at the gas station
skipped school before: yeah with permission tho
fell asleep in the shower/bath: yes
been in a school play: indeed
had a boyfriend/girlfriend: i dont count him as one
had children: heck yes ...
been in love: no that retarded
have a hard time getting over someone: oh man you have no idea
been hurt?: for sure
gone out with someone you only knew for 3 days: no

Random . . .
have a job: kinda
your cd player has what in it right now: love angel music baby
if you were a crayon, what color would you be?: green everyone likes green
what makes you happy?: when my friends flippin call me to hang which seems rare right now and when guys notice im alive....
the next CD you're going to buy: who knows

When/What Was the Last . . .
you got a real letter: um dont remember but it was from kyra
got an email: today
thing you purchased: some candy
Tv program you watched: csi
movie you saw in the theaters: leminy snickets...
kissed: last summer
hugged: the 22nd
song heard: holla back gurrll
place you were [ besides home ]: the kennel picking up my dog
phonecall: dont remember
you were depressed: kinda right now?
you were in the hospital: when they gave my penicillin ... i think i was 3

When/What Comes to Mind When You Hear . . .
car: licence
murder: victim
cape: hero
penis: evil
cell: phone
shoe: pumas
fun: friends
crush: sucks
music: radio
chalk: teachers...ew

well that was fun and exciting..... made me sound like a dork but whatever.
christmas was good spent it in utah... it wasnt all to bad. i got a tiffany and co necklas, digital camera, 2 pairs of pumas, gift cards, socks, some dvds. i pretty much got everything i needed. so yeah it was all good. i was pretty happy. um yeah so my wonder friends who love me so much decided not to call and invite me anywhere or even bother to call me but whatever. they just all love me sooo... well thats how it feel right now anyways. yeah gay. tomarrow is new years eve. should be fun. ill probly go to a party and get ignored by everyone oh i just cant wait. oh fun... yeah im tired and pissed right now so whatever im done... LaTeR MaTeR

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REBEL AGAINST MY SPACE! [22 Dec 2004|03:51pm]
Yeah so noone has updated in a while so I thought I should. Everyone is all "myspace is the best screw blurty." Ew I hate my space it's stupid. Everyone left poor little blurty for freakin gay my space. Even the name is gay. It should be burned! Or get like a really bad virus and have to be shut down completly... yes that would be awesome beond belief! It just makes me angry! Yeah

So it was the last day of school! Yay that makes me happy! No more homework or finals or tests or anything for two and a half weeks! Yes!!! Yeah I think I did bad on my science and my math finals. But whatever.

Christmas this year kinda sucks... like no one has like the christmas spirit or some crap like that but whatever. Yeah fun stuff I have nothing else to write so I'm out. LaTeR MaTeR

REBEL AGAINST MY SPACE [16 Dec 2004|06:07pm]
[ mood | blah ]
[ music | Degrassi!!!! ]

Ten random things about me:
1. I have a birthmark on my pinky toe.
2. I'm a girl and I live to play halo 2. Thats right halo 2.
3. I can't carry on a conversation.
4. I have a silent laugh.
5. I love sleeping.
6. I wish guys payed attention to me.
7. I sometime lack confindince.
8. I can't spell worth my life.
9. The back space key is my best friend.
10. I like hugs

nine places i've visited:
1. Aruba
2. Hawaii
3. Salt lake
4. San Deigo
5. Anahem,CA
6. Orlando
7. Idaho
8. Detroit
9. West Virgina

eight things i want to do before I die:
1. Get married.
2. Have kids.
3. Go to college.
4. Get a job.
5. Bunjee jump.
6. See whats left of the 7 wonders of the world.
7. Do something to change thousands of lives for the better.
8. Spend large amounts of time with all of those that I love and care about.

seven ways to win my heart:
1. Like me for me.
2. Wait for me tell I'm 16.
3. Smell really really good.
4. Not being cheap.
5. Having just the right amount of self confindince.
6. Knowing when to be around me and when to give me some space.
7. Being able to be with my friends and me being able to be with your friends comfortably.

six things i believe in:
6. God.
5. Myself.
4. Love.
3. Life.
2. Family.
1. True laughter.

five things i'm afraid of:
5. Not being able to have kids/ my kids will be disabled in some way/ my kids not having friends or a social life.
4. Not being able to find the perfect guy.
3. Getting fat.
2. Being stuck in an elevator.
1. Being unhappy

four of my favorite items in my bedroom:
4. My pillow.
3. My bed.
2. My chandlaier
1. My computer

three things i do everyday:
3. Wake up.
2. Eat.
1. Look at my cell phone

two things i am trying not to do right now:
2. Let my elbow touch the table(they are all skinned and painful).
1. My homer work.

one person i want to see right now:
1. My dad


drama [15 Dec 2004|02:29pm]
[ mood | blank ]
[ music | garden state sound trak- such great heights-iron and wine ]

Hello... I am really starting to get worn down with school... We have finals coming up and so the teachers are like craming us with information and homework that I have to look up the answers cause I can't remember how to do it. Ugh! Where are you christmas! Haha yeah. Oh man 2 and half weeks of no school sounds wonderful! I can't wait. So I vote that myspace should stop. I was messin around on it the other day and i saw like the trendiest people ever on it. Yeah blurty is cool! But people (who will remain nameless) have left it behind for pointless myspace where the only things that change are comments and pictures. And half the time the pictures don't show up! Yeah I will stick to my loving friendly so-much-better-then myspace blurty!

Ok that was my lil specheel....Um yeah fun stuff. Today I discovered I can't carry on a conversation in person like at all. I hate it. I have like no good stories to tell so like the conversation just kinda ends.... Yeah it's gay. Anyways. Christmas is like like 10 days!!!! I can't wait! It's gunna be awesome! I get my permit in 57 days! Yay! So yes I havent really updated in a while... I think I don't really remember haha. Um yeah everything is going good in my world. I'm just kickin it. ya know rollin with the flow. haha.. I'm such a loser. Yeah fun stuff. I'm over Zach now. Yeah so I don't anyone right now haha. Its a good thing go. Guys just create drama. So I'm not really sure what else to say. Like I said I can't carry on a conversation so I'm out. LaTeR MaTeR

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are we still really friends [11 Dec 2004|09:57pm]
[ mood | confused ]
[ music | americas next top model ]

So I'm starting to wonder if this whole "are we still friends" thing is a bunch of bull hockey.(pretend I didn't say bull hockey) Even though we don't have feelings for each other anymore doesn't we can't talk like we used to. I am really starting get so annoyed with it. I just don't understand how we can go from talking all the time to "hey, whats up, nothing oh yeah me too". Ugh it just bugs me I hate it! Yeah fun stuff. I really don't get anything. At all. Yeah I'm done for now. LaTeR MaTeR

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we were ment to be [09 Dec 2004|05:24pm]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | some good old fashion vh1 ]

Hello there friends. Um yeah. Today was better… I guess. Meh . Yeah my hair looked good today so I was happy. I’m still bummin about Zack but yeah whatever. Tomorrow is Friday and this makes me happy. I have like nothing to do this weekend but oh well. I’m sure ill find something.. So yeah im really tired right now and this entry sucks like no other!

ENGLISH- yeah we had a sub. didn’t really do anything like at all. I was bored. I was kinda ignored but yeah. Meh

ART- worked on a project. It was retarded. I really didn’t do anything in this class either. Basically talked and got made fun of the whole time. It was fun.

DANCE- we got yelled at cause we were mean to the sub heh. Then we watched shrek 2. That was a funny movie. Yeah talked to diana like the whole time it was pretty cool.

After that I went home and took a nap and that’s like basically my day. Yeah I don’t know what else to write so LaTeR MaTeR

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its been a bad day please dont take my picture [08 Dec 2004|02:38pm]
[ mood | depressed ]
[ music | REM- its been a bad day ]

Hi. I had just a terrible day. It sucked soooo badly. I just wanted to cry from the second I was awake. It was one of those days when you really just hate everything about your self. And I hate everything about me today! Oh man like my voice its sooo annoying! And my hair hates me. Yeah crappy ugh . I seriously don’t know why I have friends. Yeah so heroes my day

ENGLISH- did nothing basically took a test that I failed miserably

MATH- yeah hate this class too. My teacher is an incompetent idiot and said I was missing 3 major assignments even though they were right on his desk where I had left them 2 days ago. And he was like I don’t know if I can count these! I was like you are kidding me!!!!! And like all the people that I sit with backed me up. Yeah I have to get and 80 on a test in order for me to have a B. ugh I suck in school. I suck at life

SCIENCE- this class was alright cuz Diana was there and yeah she cheered me up but I was still pissed about how crappy I am. Yeah I am so doing bad in this class to!

Yeah Zack doesn’t like me at all so I am going to try and get over him. Heh yeah that’s gunna happen soon.
Ew I’m so retarded! Yeah I’m gunna go take a nap so I can stop being so gay. LaTeR MaTeR

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blonde [07 Dec 2004|08:23pm]
[ mood | sad ]
[ music | iron and whine- the greatest hights ]

Soooo everything is all good now! LOL...
Blurty doesn’t suck any more. YAY LOL. I am protesting my space! It has stolen all the attention away from our beloved blurty. So I’m not going to fallow everyone and I’m going to stick with my no confusing easy to use awesomely awesome blurty that is sooooooo much better then “my space”. yeah that’s right I said it all of you are trendies!!!! All of you! And you should really just rethink what you are doing. Haha my poor little blurty is like the only one left. Its lonely come back all of you my space junkies!!!! Yeah so anyways. Every thing has been going pretty well for me.

ENGLISH-ugh I missed a day so I’m like behind like always… I seriously can not be absent anymore. I have to write like 2 essays yeah but whatever ill get my grade up somehow when it matters most.

DANCE- yeah can not miss this class anymore either I am gunna have to do tons and tons of make up work for this class yeah have to bring this grade up too!

DRAMA- this is like the only class I am doing good in. yeah I am sooo never gunna make honor roll like ever and that pisses me off

Yeah my report card is gunna suck this semester ! I did so bad… I hate it. I really just need to do my home ‘ work!!!! Wow this has made me like upset LOL. Yeah I’m sad now. I kinda really feel like crying because my grades SUCK so badly! Ugh yeah I am really upset now so I am out. LaTeR MaTer


blurty sucks [07 Dec 2004|06:56pm]
So I redid my blurty because my last one was being alll gay and wouldnt let me read friends only entrys and does this one .....NO of course not. ARIOGHAH gayness yeah that all for now. LaTeR MaTer
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