05:43pm 01/03/2003
  Comming to the sweet sweet end of a 49 hour marathon. You know you need to quit with the damn creation and take a nap when you are starting to see random polygons floating aorund your room. In contrast to my dazed state, i feel the need to dance a jig or to an massage my audio work a little bit more before i go sleep sleep. Sadly most of my current stuff is crap as not knowing how to use your tools will make the production of what you really want difficult but i am trying.............ohhhh yes i am trying. Next week i will focus on my 3D arts so that i may get a freakin job that actually pays me money! ahhh the life of a poor computer geek. Maybe i should go to more of those crazy Hip Hop shows my friends enjoy so. Usually some fairly attractive females there. AHH HA!!!! the lights in my room are going crazy(that will show me to string up 3 sets of jebusday lights).... if i can get some comment i may actually tend to this online journal thing...i like it.... the layout is pleasent. hmmmm people need to come to vermont. SNOWBALLS FOR ALL!!!!!  
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