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Give it to HEEEEM!! [30 Dec 2003|11:00am]
[ mood | exanimate ]
[ music | Watching Mick Foley: Hard Knocks and Cheap Pops ]

Yeah, well this is my first entry on here. I'll probably be posting what's on here on my blurty, themisfits. Christmas break has been great so far. Got to spend time with Nicole, i'll be going over to her house again tomorrow. Should be cool. Been hanging out a lot with The Fredo and Frank the Tank. We went to ROH's "Final Battle 2003" !!!! Fucking AMAZING! Me and Frank slept over Fredo's house friday night and watched old school wrestling matches until 4 in the morning. We all got less than 4 hours of sleep. Saturday morning we went to Milltown to pick up our friend from, Bill. We arrived at the National Guard Armory in Philly around 2:50? We got in and the Great Muta was sitting by a table signing autographs and taking pictures. It was amazing to only be a few feet away from the man. The convention card was sweet, Trent Acid vs Sonjay Dutt stole the show. It was such a great match. The Briscoes vs the SAT was also pretty sweet. J-Driller was hit on the floor, very nice spot. The main show was SICK. Xavier and John Walters stole the fucking show. Springboard 450 from Xavier to the floor on Walters through a table. Just insane. The rest of the card was also great. Muta and Arashi vs Christopher Daniels and Dan Maff was a cool match. Muta used the mist and I saw a dirty shinning wizard. Amazing night. I picked up Main Event Spectacles which I was at back in November and a Second City Saints shirt.

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Davey busted his ass again... [21 Nov 2003|03:21pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]
[ music | Converge - The Saddest Day ]

Alright, I got accepted to Fairleigh Dickinson! WEEEE. That's cool, the school is pretty awesome. I signed up to take Liberal Arts for "Still Searching" students. I'm probably gonna change it and join their QUEST program, which is something to get a masters degree at the same time as being able to be a teacher. I most likely wanna be a teacher, probably English. It should be hot. Yeah .. tonight shall be gay. Me and Angel have to go to some Sweet 16 or whatever. After should be cool though, probably chilling with Pete and the fags after Pete gets out of work. Alright fags, give me congrats on getting into a good college, or you won't be my friends anymore! Especially John...

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Pimpin' Ain't EASY [10 Nov 2003|07:06pm]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | Jay Z - Big Pimpin' ]

Me and Nicole

Lester, Nicole and Me

Yeah, I know. I look fucking amazing. Please, everyone better comment on how hot I look

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"Where's Hogan?" ... "RIGHT HERE BROTHER!" [08 Nov 2003|07:12am]
[ mood | calm ]
[ music | Evergreen Terrace - Not really sure what the tracks name is ]

Man, it's been a while. A lot has happened since my last update. I had gone to Ring of Honor with Rob Himself and Furious Frank. That was just a fucking amazing night. Fredo had told me about the show he went to, I'm glad it was awesome. I need to fucking see the tape when ever it comes out, I forgot the name of the band but one of them dressed up like wrestlers when they performed. That's where I got the title of this entry from, heh! Uh, been doing a lot of hanging out, sadly not with Nicole. Her aunt needs to drop dead, along with everyone else. Uh, yesterday I chilled with Frank thursday night I hung out with Mike, Angel, Davey and Pete. Tonight is Jersey All Pro ... I have no idea what's going on there. Not even sure if I'm gonna go. Gotta see if Franks going, if he is I'll probably hit it up, son. Main Event is Raven and Sabu against Dan Maff and Homicide, which should be fucking sick. Alright .. well .. yeah .. fuck you all.

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LET'S GO YANKEES! [18 Oct 2003|10:59am]
[ mood | exanimate ]
[ music | Bad Religion - Kerosene ]

Yeah, well the Yanks beat the Sox so now I can stop caring about baseball. I don't really care who wins the World Series ... as long as the Red Sox def. were not it. Heh. Well, yeah, last night was entertaining as hell. Hung out with Rob, Pete, Angel and Alan at my crib and drove around for a bit. It was just .. wow. I think us just sitting on my porch for a few hours just talking and eating shit was just great. Me and Rob are going to Ring of Honor November first. That should be awesome, the cards stacking up to be a damn good one. I know Rob's gonna have a good time seeing as he used to be a big fan of wrestling. Uh, then that next weekend NJAPW is gonna be in Secaucus mad close to Rob's house so a bunch of us will probably end up going. Uh, nothing mych else going on. Putting shit together for college, need to start driving. Hmm ... that's about it. Oh, well, I was gonna spend the day with Nicole today .. but NOOOOO. Her aunt had to be a cock smoker. Fuck her and her back surgery. I'm gonna go back to watching Saving Silverman.

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Step UP To The Fucking Plate [13 Oct 2003|09:33am]
[ mood | contemplative ]
[ music | MxPx - Move To Bremerton ]

Yeah, well I have not updated in quite sometime .. so .. here it is. It's been alright. Had a really rough time last weekend, everything just started to go wrong. Since then things have worked out and it's a three day weekend now. Good shit. This weekend has been good. Friday I went to Big Derf's house and chilled with Frank, Giunta, Jose and K-Kwik playing Madden and bullshitting. Good times. Saturday I chilled with Frank. We went to e-wata so he can pick up his ticket for Anti-Flag at the Tickermaster in Coconuts then we walked to the blockbuster on Anderson Ave. where I rented a horrible game .. being Backyard Wrestling. The best part about it is the unlockable videos, heh. Yesterday night I hung out with Rob, Angel and Naked Dan by Angel's house and that was pretty entertaining. Today I need to do some school work and ... yeah, chill out and wait for Monday Night Raw. Nice to read that John had a goodtime at Mudvayne yesterday, I'm glad. Uh, nothing else to say 'cept I love Nicole and she makes me happier then Frank's hairless ass ever did.

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And I need you more then eva ! [18 Sep 2003|07:37pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]
[ music | Dashboard Confessional - Hands Down ]

Today Nicole and I hit two years. Fucking awesome to see all my friends acknowledging that, and having them sing that song from Old School, fucking great. Strom's gonna hit tonight, a tree already tipped over by the railroad tracks, mad funny. I went to the Specialist today for my allergies and my lungs. Dude, I'm allergic to everything and it's mother. The test the doctor did to see what I was allergic to was set these four like .. let's say .. combs on my back, but only had like 4-6 bristles on it and slightly spread out, pricked into my skin a bit. It injected me with all this shit that could have possibly been what triggers my allergies, you know what you're allergic to by what reacts in ten minutes (by reacting I mean what turns into a giant lump and ITCHES LIKE A MOTHER FUCKER.) I reacted to ragweed, pollin, trees, grass, dustmites and dust ... dude ... if you count that, you'll notice that's 6 bumps on my back itching like a mother fucker that I couldn't scratch. The itching turned into a burning after a while, FUCKING SUCKED. Well, on a brighter side, my lungs are great, no problems present. My lungs get fucked up when my allergies get triggered, fucking sucks. Well, yeah, I love Nicole and I gots to go. Looking forward to Ring Of Honor 11/1, gonna be awesome. Hopefully Fredo decides to go. Apparently his decisions swerves that of Frank, so let's see what's going on. Hopefully I won't be the only Frevolution member present, that would be a DAMN shame. D-

<333333333333333 Nicole

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I love my friends. [29 Aug 2003|09:56pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]
[ music | Bane - Superhero ]

Why is it that when someone's having a bad day .. EVERYONE decides to fuck with you? No fucking joke. It's like a plague that spreads around to everyone you consider a friend .. they just take it upon themselves to just piss you off. I mean, what, four people that i'm cool with just wanted to bust my balls today, one way or another. I'm usually NEVER in a bad mood, but just today of all days. I can always brush shit off and mostly always take things as a joke, but jesus fucking christ. Today it was one thing after the other. Whatever. Back to reading these fucking books.

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Line of the month.. [24 Aug 2003|07:36pm]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | R. Kelly - Angel Is Mad Gay ]

This is a response from Angel to an emotional friend .. let's watch and see what a man who is truely intouch with his feminine side does when faced with an awkward situation...

CURLYQT623: its amazing how you know someone for so long and they do somethin that can totally amaze you... sound familiar??
thatqbanguy: yea one time carlos was just standing there and he just did a back flip ...

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No Work All Play - The Gang and the tour [18 Aug 2003|12:06pm]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | NWAP Theme (No Idea What It Is) ]

Anthony - Ant
Angel - Froggy
Carlos - Father Carlos
Rob - The Rack
John - Johnny United

- The Tour -" NWAP's: Fuck The Kids, East Coast Tour " <--- Proposed title by me, heh

Well, as soon as we purchase a van and all get out licenses we're heading out for 2 weeks along the East Coast and just stop everywhere we can and just start some shit, film skits and pranks and such. Also, within the next year or so, as soon as the first video is done, the web site and everything is ready for purchase .. we will be coming out with NWAP shirts and stickers. Should be awesome. Ideas are al ready flying in the air for what shall be done on the tour and such .. but goddamn ... CKY will have some competition with a bunch of 18 year olds. This shit will be taken seriously, not just a bunch of JACKASS rip offs like the rest of the kids in America are. We are going to take the ball and fucking run with it.

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Welcome to NWAP ! [18 Aug 2003|09:57am]
[ mood | good ]
[ music | Watching Powerpuff Girls ]

No Work, All mother fucking PLAY! Heh, it's gonna blow up. Myself, John, Rob, Angel and Anthony are def. going to take NWAP to a level that will def. get us known around the East Coast. CKY may step aside ;p. Well, NWAP 1 will be worked on in Virginia Beach and will probably be completed by next summer, we have atleast a good hour and a half of footage for that. Mad funny stuff. NWAP Tour next summer most likely. Good stuff.

Last night was fucking insanity. We fucking made sure Anthony's last night in Jersey was going to be awesome. We got searched by cops, drove around actung utterly retarded, went to the diner and laughed our asses off. It was just insanity. I will fucking miss Anthony, there really is no point to going to Ridgefield anymore, unless it's for us to do our own shit. But, what can we do. NWAP lost a big part of it, it's going to take a while to get used to.

NWAP, Version 1.0:

- Starring -
Anthony (Ant)
Angel (Froggy)
Carlos (Father Carlos)
Rob (The Rack)
Will (Thrill, Kill, Will)

Appearences By
Mike P
and others..

Music by:
The Downside, Divinity Destroyed and Silent Witness

Length: Most likely 1:00 - 1:30

Man .. should be kick ass.

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Hit the lights ! [14 Aug 2003|07:03pm]
[ mood | optimistic ]
[ music | John singing Dashboard earlier ]

I plan on making use of the time I have online off my laptops battery. Well, myself, frank, fredo and john are sitting in burger king .. and suddenly the power is knocked out. Alright, we found it funny. We leave ... the whole block lacks power. ?. Yeah, we though it was these guys doing construction right next to the block on some shit ... we started walking...and walking...and walking ... and the power was out. First thought in the mind was "Terrorism..?" I mean, yeah, it's strange that that would be the first thing ... but every American has it floating in the back of their minds. But, i found this strange .. yet soothing. People weren't going nuts. People were atually coming together. Letting people use their cell phones, people talked to each other to see what was going on, people helped the cops by directing traffic, also gathered around car radios to see what was up. I thought, "You know .. this is pretty fucking awesome." At any other point I would have pictured seeing west new york, especially b-line, turning into a mesh of mayhem. But it didn't. People were calm, and collectively working together to take care of each other. I hear the same is going on in NYC, and that's fucking awesome. Maybe the people did get a rude awakening during 9/11 and screwed their heads on straight. So, yeah, all I know is there was a glitch in a power grid in downtown NYC that caused a domino effect with everyone intertwined with it. Strange stuff. Well, everyone, stay cool, and take care of yourselves.

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John is a pussy wussy, word. [14 Aug 2003|06:41pm]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | Talking to my lovely ]

Retardation at it's finest. Can I FuClKYou = Carlos, Iamyourstalker88 = Rob, VVeemo = Frank and Wolfmoon85 = John

this is how it starts:

IAmYourStalker88 (4:42:34 PM): and idk what do u want to do tonight?
WolfMoon85 (4:42:39 PM): i dont care really
WolfMoon85 (4:42:46 PM): anything is fine with me
IAmYourStalker88 (4:42:52 PM): ok
IAmYourStalker88 (4:43:16 PM): u want to chill with carlos?
WolfMoon85 (4:43:23 PM): yeah
WolfMoon85 (4:43:26 PM): i was talking to him
IAmYourStalker88 (4:43:27 PM): k
WolfMoon85 (4:43:29 PM): shotgun


Can I fuClKYou (5:37:58 PM): by the way
Can I fuClKYou (5:38:00 PM): passenger
Can I fuClKYou (5:38:06 PM): no idea
Can I fuClKYou (5:38:23 PM): ....
WolfMoon85 (5:38:35 PM): whatever i got shotgun
Can I fuClKYou (5:38:43 PM): actually
Can I fuClKYou (5:38:47 PM): frank called it
Can I fuClKYou (5:38:50 PM): a while ago
Can I fuClKYou (5:38:51 PM): heh
WolfMoon85 (5:39:04 PM): yeah actually i called it to rob as soon as we said were going out
Can I fuClKYou (5:39:23 PM): Actually, frank called it the second i said were probably gonna chill with rob
Can I fuClKYou (5:39:31 PM): about 3 in the afternoon
Can I fuClKYou (5:39:32 PM): no lie
Can I fuClKYou (5:39:42 PM): not to mention you cant call it with rob
Can I fuClKYou (5:39:43 PM): moron
Can I fuClKYou (5:39:47 PM): gotta call it with a passenger
WolfMoon85 (5:40:06 PM): not really chris called shotgun for the dd show to rob as soon as he heard about it so heh
Can I fuClKYou (5:40:31 PM): Then you let chris get shotgun cause you need to call it to a passenger
Can I fuClKYou (5:40:42 PM): the way its always been done
WolfMoon85 (5:40:52 PM): eh?
Can I fuClKYou (5:41:03 PM): Dude, if someone doesnt call shotgun to a person thats gonna be there
Can I fuClKYou (5:41:09 PM): you dont have shotgun
Can I fuClKYou (5:41:13 PM): you just cant call it with rob
Can I fuClKYou (5:41:15 PM): thats pointless
Can I fuClKYou (5:41:17 PM): hes driving
WolfMoon85 (5:41:19 PM): well i did
Can I fuClKYou (5:41:36 PM): im sorry john, null and void
Can I fuClKYou (5:41:44 PM): Frank apparently has shotgun
Can I fuClKYou (5:41:48 PM): cause you fucked up
Can I fuClKYou (5:41:51 PM): I cant believe you
WolfMoon85 (5:41:57 PM): beleieve what?
Can I fuClKYou (5:42:01 PM): WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU

WolfMoon85 (5:29:00 PM): yea
WolfMoon85 (5:41:46 PM): rob pick me up firstr
IAmYourStalker88 (5:42:02 PM): I will
WolfMoon85 (5:42:11 PM): ok cuz franks trying to get shotgun
WolfMoon85 (5:42:22 PM): lol
IAmYourStalker88 (5:42:26 PM): how?]
wolfmoon85 wants to directly connect (5:43:13 PM).
IAmYourStalker88 is now directly connected (5:43:13 PM).
WolfMoon85 (5:43:18 PM): iCan I fuClKYou (5:37:58 PM): by the way
Can I fuClKYou (5:38:00 PM): passengerWolfMoon85 (5:38:35 PM): whatever i got shotgun
Can I fuClKYou (5:38:43 PM):
Can I fuClKYou (5:38:47 PM): frank called it
Can I fuClKYou (5:38:50 PM): a while ago
Can I fuClKYou (5:38:51 PM): heh
WolfMoon85 (5:39:04 PM): yeah actually i called it to rob as soon as we said were going out
Can I fuClKYou (5:39:23 PM): Actually, frank called it the second i said were probably gonna chill with rob
Can I fuClKYou (5:39:31 PM): about 3 in the afternoon
Can I fuClKYou (5:39:32 PM): no lie
Can I fuClKYou (5:39:42 PM): not to mention you cant call it with rob
WolfMoon85 (5:43:44 PM): Can I fuClKYou (5:39:47 PM): gotta call it with a passenger
WolfMoon85 (5:40:06 PM): not really chris called shotgun for the dd show to rob as soon as he heard about it so heh
IAmYourStalker88 (5:43:54 PM): dude this is oh so fucked up
WolfMoon85 (5:44:33 PM): how about this who would you rather have shotgun me or frank
IAmYourStalker88 (5:44:43 PM): dude I dont care
IAmYourStalker88 (5:44:51 PM): but I am picking u up first
IAmYourStalker88 (5:45:00 PM): because I am not driving all the way to franks
IAmYourStalker88 (5:45:04 PM): then back up here to get u
IAmYourStalker88 (5:45:08 PM): then to carlos's
IAmYourStalker88 (5:45:13 PM): and
WolfMoon85 (5:45:13 PM): dude i think franks at carloss house
IAmYourStalker88 (5:45:20 PM): frank didnt call shit
IAmYourStalker88 (5:45:21 PM): no he left
WolfMoon85 (5:45:28 PM): oh
WolfMoon85 (5:45:35 PM): how do you know he didnt call it
IAmYourStalker88 (5:45:45 PM): I can send u the log
IAmYourStalker88 (5:45:48 PM): of carlos
IAmYourStalker88 (5:45:51 PM): he wasnt like
WolfMoon85 (5:45:52 PM): ok
IAmYourStalker88 (5:45:56 PM): franks got shotfun
WolfMoon85 (5:45:56 PM): sendit
IAmYourStalker88 (5:45:58 PM): anyway
IAmYourStalker88 (5:46:02 PM): at 3:00
IAmYourStalker88 (5:46:06 PM): I was at work
IAmYourStalker88 (5:46:34 PM): Can I fuClKYou (5:20:54 PM): woop
IAmYourStalker88 (5:21:12 PM): doesnt that come out on friday?
IAmYourStalker88 (5:24:57 PM): yo carlos
IAmYourStalker88 (5:26:21 PM): crime scene
IAmYourStalker88 (5:26:22 PM): sex
IAmYourStalker88 (5:26:26 PM): is always great
IAmYourStalker88 (5:26:30 PM): over a molson
IAmYourStalker88 (5:26:35 PM): or a miller lite
Can I fuClKYou (5:26:41 PM): rofl
IAmYourStalker88 (5:26:45 PM): its miller time
Can I fuClKYou (5:27:26 PM): word
IAmYourStalker88 (5:46:55 PM): Father CarIos (4:10:04 PM): yooooo

Auto response from Father CarIos (4:10:04 PM): @ work...SAVE ME!!!

IAmYourStalker88 (4:37:14 PM): yoooooo
IAmYourStalker88 (4:37:17 PM): sup?
Father CarIos (4:37:22 PM): nm brotha
Father CarIos (4:37:27 PM): sitting here with frank the skank
Father CarIos (4:37:30 PM): hes playing smackdown
IAmYourStalker88 (4:37:34 PM): hey
IAmYourStalker88 (4:37:39 PM): at your house right?
Father CarIos (4:37:43 PM): yeah
IAmYourStalker88 (4:37:51 PM): hit him with something
IAmYourStalker88 (4:37:53 PM): like a pen
IAmYourStalker88 (4:38:01 PM): or
IAmYourStalker88 (4:38:07 PM): a real sharp object
IAmYourStalker88 (4:38:08 PM): lol
Father CarIos (4:38:18 PM): lol, nah man
Father CarIos (4:38:22 PM): we just had crime scene sex
IAmYourStalker88 (4:38:25 PM): nice
IAmYourStalker88 (4:38:27 PM): always good
IAmYourStalker88 (4:38:30 PM): ALWAYS!
Father CarIos (4:38:35 PM): I agree
Father CarIos (4:39:38 PM): So, dude, how was work?
IAmYourStalker88 (4:39:45 PM): it was alright
Father CarIos (4:39:50 PM): Cool cool
Father CarIos (4:40:12 PM): So what's up for today?
IAmYourStalker88 (4:40:19 PM): idk
Father CarIos (4:40:23 PM): Wanna have prison sex
Father CarIos (4:40:29 PM): along with some crime scene sex
IAmYourStalker88 (4:43:22 PM): lol
IAmYourStalker88 (4:43:55 PM): john wants to chill tonight
Father CarIos (4:45:09 PM): yeah, I heard
IAmYourStalker88 (4:46:35 PM): yo
Father CarIos (4:48:21 PM): what time are we gonna chill?
IAmYourStalker88 (4:48:30 PM): 8 ish
IAmYourStalker88 (4:48:33 PM): I think
Father CarIos (4:48:37 PM): sounds good
IAmYourStalker88 (4:48:38 PM): or when ever I eat
Father CarIos (4:48:52 PM): ok, coolio
Father CarIos (4:48:52 PM): brb
IAmYourStalker88 (4:49:06 PM): k
Session concluded at 4:49:07 PM
Father CarIos (5:20:12 PM): frank went home
IAmYourStalker88 (5:20:18 PM): ok
Father CarIos (5:20:34 PM): I want to see freddy vs jason for some strange reason
Father CarIos signed off at 5:20:41 PM.
Session concluded at 5:20:43 PM
WolfMoon85 (5:47:49 PM): i c
WolfMoon85 (5:47:57 PM): what the hell did you do last nite lol
IAmYourStalker88 (5:47:58 PM): he wasnt like franks got shotgun
IAmYourStalker88 (5:48:19 PM): lol
IAmYourStalker88 (5:57:17 PM): Can I fuClKYou (5:56:05 PM): why am i the greatest thing since sliced bread?
Can I fuClKYou (5:56:09 PM): oh, and crime scene sex
IAmYourStalker88 (5:56:12 PM): lol
IAmYourStalker88 (5:56:19 PM): your really not
IAmYourStalker88 (5:56:23 PM): but thats ok
Can I fuClKYou (5:56:32 PM): im gonna get frank and john to like practicly have a fist fight over shotgun
Can I fuClKYou (5:56:41 PM): then ill scoot into the passengers seat in the front
IAmYourStalker88 (5:56:42 PM): why?
IAmYourStalker88 (5:56:53 PM): I mean I am picking john up first
Can I fuClKYou (5:56:57 PM): dude, i know
Can I fuClKYou (5:57:09 PM): I want frank to like leap in through the window and attack john for the seat
Can I fuClKYou (5:57:14 PM): it'd be hilarious
IAmYourStalker88 (5:57:15 PM): lol
IAmYourStalker88 (5:57:22 PM): dude then fucking that would be it
IAmYourStalker88 (5:57:30 PM): then it has gone to far
WolfMoon85 (5:58:03 PM): lol
IAmYourStalker88 (5:59:44 PM): Can I fuClKYou (5:58:27 PM): lol.
Can I fuClKYou (5:59:39 PM): gonna try and get frank to walk to johns house and wait outside for you
Can I fuClKYou (5:59:40 PM): ROFL
WolfMoon85 (5:59:55 PM): lol

and now...

WolfMoon85 (5:51:25 PM): and by the way rob told me frank didnt call shit
Can I fuClKYou (5:51:54 PM): hey, he called it to me
Can I fuClKYou (5:52:00 PM): lol, you went to go bitch at rob?
Can I fuClKYou (5:52:01 PM): lol
Can I fuClKYou (5:52:10 PM): dude, im fucking with you, no need to be such a girl
Can I fuClKYou (5:52:12 PM): rofl
WolfMoon85 (5:52:36 PM): no forget it
WolfMoon85 (5:52:47 PM): it doesnt matter im getting picked up first anyway lol
Can I fuClKYou (5:52:59 PM): dude, i know this
WolfMoon85 (5:53:06 PM): NIG?GER NIGGEr
Can I fuClKYou (5:53:08 PM): and frank will probably not even mention shotgun
WolfMoon85 (5:53:14 PM): idk
WolfMoon85 (5:53:28 PM): dude this is frank were talking about ...the biggerst shotgun whore on this seaboard
Can I fuClKYou (5:53:36 PM): true
Can I fuClKYou (5:53:39 PM): youre second
Can I fuClKYou (5:53:54 PM): actually, chris might be second
WolfMoon85 (5:53:54 PM): i dont know about that
WolfMoon85 (5:54:45 PM): theres always your mom..oh wait shes just a whore
WolfMoon85 (5:54:47 PM): OHHHHHHHHHHHH
WolfMoon85 (5:54:50 PM): =-O
Can I fuClKYou (5:54:51 PM): A-HAHAH
Can I fuClKYou (5:54:53 PM): no
WolfMoon85 (5:55:41 PM): hes not a big shotgun whore?
WolfMoon85 (5:56:08 PM): VVeemo (5:55:23 PM): yo
WolfMoon85 (5:55:28 PM): sup
VVeemo (5:55:31 PM): i already called shotgun

Can I fuClKYou (5:56:28 PM): lol
WolfMoon85 (5:58:13 PM): lol
WolfMoon85 (5:58:16 PM): this is funny
Can I fuClKYou (5:58:21 PM): priceless
WolfMoon85 (5:58:24 PM): lol
WolfMoon85 (5:58:32 PM): this si great cuz i know ill have shotgun
WolfMoon85 (5:58:43 PM): so i can just fuck around
WolfMoon85 (5:58:45 PM): all i want
Can I fuClKYou (6:00:12 PM): haha
WolfMoon85 (6:00:21 PM): lol
WolfMoon85 (6:00:30 PM): Can I fuClKYou (5:59:39 PM): gonna try and get frank to walk to johns house and wait outside for you
Can I fuClKYou (5:59:40 PM): ROFL
Can I fuClKYou (6:00:41 PM): LOL
WolfMoon85 (6:00:52 PM): ass
WolfMoon85 (6:00:53 PM): lol
Can I fuClKYou (6:00:56 PM): LOL
Can I fuClKYou (6:00:56 PM): YES
Can I fuClKYou (6:00:57 PM): WOO
Can I fuClKYou (6:00:58 PM): ROFL

and finally

VVeemo (5:55:23 PM): yo
WolfMoon85 (5:55:26 PM): yo
WolfMoon85 (5:55:28 PM): sup
VVeemo (5:55:31 PM): i already called shotgun
VVeemo (5:55:46 PM): infront of calors at like 2:30
WolfMoon85 (5:56:32 PM): well i called it like 1:30
VVeemo (5:56:40 PM): shut up ur such a liar
VVeemo (5:56:50 PM): i got shotty
WolfMoon85 (5:57:24 PM): IAmYourStalker88 (1:43:27 PM): k
WolfMoon85 (1:43:29 PM): shotgun
WolfMoon85 (5:57:31 PM): BITCH
VVeemo (5:57:37 PM): that can be edited
WolfMoon85 (5:58:08 PM): dont cry
VVeemo (5:58:14 PM): i got shotgun
VVeemo (5:58:19 PM): its too bad
WolfMoon85 (5:58:52 PM): ok
WolfMoon85 (5:58:55 PM): whatever you say
WolfMoon85 (5:59:05 PM): as long i have tiome to smoke a cigarette
VVeemo (5:59:06 PM): i willed be watever i say
WolfMoon85 (5:59:17 PM): on the way to yuor house
WolfMoon85 (5:59:23 PM): everything will be ok
VVeemo (5:59:25 PM): lol
VVeemo (5:59:29 PM): alright
WolfMoon85 (5:59:34 PM): of course you knoe
WolfMoon85 (5:59:43 PM): i have shotgun after you get out
WolfMoon85 (5:59:59 PM): so dont worry
WolfMoon85 (6:00:09 PM): i know carlos is trying to get you to walk to my house
WolfMoon85 (6:00:10 PM): dont
WolfMoon85 (6:00:11 PM): lol
WolfMoon85 (6:00:15 PM): ill give you shotgun
VVeemo (6:00:33 PM): i know
VVeemo (6:00:37 PM): i wouldn't anyway
WolfMoon85 (6:00:39 PM): yeah
VVeemo (6:00:44 PM): thats too much for shotgun
WolfMoon85 (6:00:45 PM): thats when it goes too far
WolfMoon85 (6:01:09 PM): thats when rob justhave to take the front passenger seat out of his car
VVeemo (6:02:25 PM): yea
VVeemo (6:02:30 PM): that'd be funny
WolfMoon85 (6:03:21 PM): not really

yeah this is the oh wait theres more

Can I fuClKYou (6:35:59 PM): I hope you post this part of the convo on your journal too
Can I fuClKYou (6:36:07 PM): Cause apparently, im not the ass here
Can I fuClKYou (6:36:09 PM): BIATCH
WolfMoon85 (6:37:06 PM): Every time I try to run away I fall on my face's journal
Can I fuClKYou (6:37:14 PM): EDIT IT JOHN
Can I fuClKYou (6:37:16 PM): PUT THIS IN THER
Can I fuClKYou (6:37:18 PM): E
Can I fuClKYou (6:37:20 PM): EDIT ITTTTTTTT
WolfMoon85 (6:37:25 PM): EAT MY COCK
Can I fuClKYou (6:37:46 PM): YOUR MOTHER
Can I fuClKYou (6:37:50 PM): CAN EAT BOTH OUR COCKS

I found this to be priceless. All over the goddamn shotgun. I love my homies.

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....Team FredoCarlos knows NO fucking mercy. [07 Aug 2003|07:47pm]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | Alkaline Trio - Fuck You Aurora ]

fredo = Well .. fredo. Katja = pissed off ex-girlfriend ... let's watch.

fredo (7:04:22 PM): terrible person? what the hell is wrong with you?
Katja (7:04:43 PM): It's the truth, how could you say "what the hell is wrong with you"?
fredo (7:04:52 PM): i typed it
fredo (7:04:54 PM): easy enough
Katja (7:05:08 PM): Of course, but it lies deeper than that and you know it. Don't be smart.
Katja (7:05:47 PM): If you can't see how you're a horrible person after doing this to some feeling being, then you're even more gone than I think you are.
fredo (7:06:25 PM): i told you i would talk about it when i was ready, but no. you kept nagging on and on. the reason i wouldn't IM you is because i knew you'd just keep nagging me and all that would do is ENGRAGE me
fredo (7:06:40 PM): yet you didn't seem to understand
Katja (7:06:46 PM): Of course I understood
Katja (7:06:49 PM): It was obvious
fredo (7:06:50 PM): no no
fredo (7:06:53 PM): i don't think you do
fredo (7:06:57 PM): because apparently
fredo (7:07:00 PM): i'm a horrible person
fredo (7:07:07 PM): who has a spot reserved on satan's throne
Katja (7:07:31 PM): I believe that you aren't right for what you did, and you are horrible in the actions that you took.
Katja (7:07:53 PM): How could you expect me to stand back and watch something that I've built upon for years fall away with not so much as a reasonable explanation?
fredo (7:07:54 PM): or maybe you're just stupid for not lettiing down and not giving me a chance?
Katja (7:08:04 PM): Stupid?
fredo (7:08:05 PM): and i don't need roy mcfagahan
fredo (7:08:11 PM): up in my biznatch
Katja (7:08:41 PM): I brought him into my business, and that's my choice. He's a confidant to me, something that you wouldn't even stand to be.
fredo (7:09:08 PM): oh my god
fredo (7:09:15 PM): do you have shit in your eyes
fredo (7:09:18 PM): do you not see what i type
Katja (7:09:34 PM): Yes, I saw what you said.
Katja (7:09:46 PM): But it doesn't change the fact that you weren't a confidant.
Katja (7:09:49 PM): That's the truth, either way.
fredo (7:09:58 PM): do you have aids in your brain? i told you that i'd tell you but i needed some time to mysel;f
fredo (7:10:01 PM): myself
Katja (7:10:45 PM): Do you feel the need to type derogatory comments about me, is it really necessary? You could start to be a mature human being
Katja (7:11:07 PM): No, I do not have aids in my brain in whatever sense you're saying that in
Katja (7:11:21 PM): You obviously don't understand feelings.
Katja (7:11:29 PM): I know you needed time.
Katja (7:11:33 PM): It's not about that.
fredo (7:11:48 PM): no, it's all about kim
fredo (7:11:53 PM): because she's a victim
fredo (7:11:56 PM): guess what
fredo (7:11:59 PM): it wasn't all about you
Katja (7:12:09 PM): I don't think that it's all about me at all.
fredo (7:12:09 PM): i understand you needed help
Katja (7:12:15 PM): Of course not.
fredo (7:12:17 PM): but i could not supply it
fredo (7:12:21 PM): and that's it
Katja (7:12:56 PM): You're only looking at the surface of things.
Katja (7:13:35 PM): It's not about me at all, I cared about how you were what you were doing.. what you were feeling. It is more than obvious that I was a victim, and you surely weren't. You didn't have to feel any pain that I had to, and if you did, I couldn't even imagine it.
Katja (7:14:11 PM): It's not all about me
Katja (7:14:23 PM): It's about our relationship that you were constantly feeding lies to me in.. don't you see?
fredo (7:14:48 PM): OH MY GOD
fredo (7:14:51 PM): HOW WAS I LYING
Katja (7:14:53 PM): Don't you remember towards the end where I was just getting a feeling in my heart that you were going to leave me and I confronted you about it?
fredo (7:14:57 PM): i meant it when i said it
fredo (7:14:59 PM): but things change
fredo (7:15:00 PM): accept it
Katja (7:15:09 PM): I've accepted this
Katja (7:16:00 PM): I don't accept you saying that "things change" after everything as strong as what happened between us was imminent
fredo (7:16:13 PM): well, learn to
fredo (7:16:15 PM): because they do
fredo (7:16:21 PM): no matter what the circumstances
Katja (7:16:25 PM): Maybe in you, and maybe to you
fredo (7:16:43 PM): it's not just me
fredo (7:16:46 PM): it happens in life
Katja (7:16:51 PM): Yeah, maybe things happen in life
Katja (7:16:56 PM): Sure, people change..
Katja (7:17:02 PM): It's inevitable
Katja (7:17:22 PM): However, to me, when it comes to love.. it never changes the way I feel about someone. Ever.
Katja (7:17:39 PM): And that's where we're different. Everyone's different, but some hold the same view.. I just made a mistake in thinking that you did as well.
Katja (7:17:58 PM): I've accepted this.
fredo (7:18:08 PM): well i could say if you REALLY loved me, you wouldn't be on roy's nuts right now
Katja (7:18:31 PM): I just absolutely despise the way you just worded that, Alfredo.
fredo (7:18:44 PM): i'm sorry
fredo (7:18:47 PM): i'm a horrible person
Katja (7:19:23 PM): You did lie, and when someone lies... that's just horrible. Especially about something that is so wonderful
fredo (7:19:55 PM): i didn't lie
fredo (7:20:00 PM): think it all you want
fredo (7:20:03 PM): but i didn't lie
Katja (7:20:30 PM): Alfredo, you said that you would "always be in love with me." What does forever mean to you? Maybe you felt it at the time, but that doesn't excuse anything. Not when you go that deep with words.
Katja (7:20:35 PM): That is a lie.
fredo (7:20:56 PM): it's not a lie because at the time, even i believed it. it's more like i got ahead of myself.
Katja (7:22:46 PM): It's not even that. It's not right either way, Alfredo. I'm sorry.
Katja (7:22:52 PM): It's just not.
fredo (7:23:09 PM): in your opinion
fredo (7:23:13 PM): because you're still stuck on it
Katja (7:23:27 PM): I'm still stuck on it? That's rather arrogant of you to say
Katja (7:24:20 PM): I realize that there is someone in this world for me who isn't going to "get ahead of himself," or "lie" in any sort of way--whatever the reason.
Katja (7:24:31 PM): I'm better than this.
Katja (7:24:44 PM): I can deal with this, I'm not going to let it ruin me anymore.
fredo (7:24:52 PM): k
Katja (7:25:45 PM): And for your comment on how if I really loved you I wouldn't be on "his nuts" right now..? Even that is a horrible thing to say, depicting your horrible attitude.
Katja (7:26:31 PM): I don't really think you know what I'm feeling.
fredo (7:26:32 PM): it's an expression
Katja (7:26:41 PM): I know it's an expression, but just the way it is so vulgar.
Katja (7:26:47 PM): So not true.
fredo (7:26:50 PM): i'm sorry kim
fredo (7:26:57 PM): suck it up
fredo (7:27:04 PM): it's not going to hurt you
Katja (7:27:45 PM): No, it doesn't hurt me.
Katja (7:28:09 PM): It's not about hurt, it's about your attitude and it justifies my comment that you seem to be so opposed about.
fredo (7:28:41 PM): most people would agree i have a great attitude
Katja (7:29:00 PM): Most people who haven't seen the way that you are to me.
Katja (7:29:03 PM): You're not like this to other people.
fredo (7:29:12 PM): because they haven't given me as much shit
fredo (7:29:14 PM): why should i
Katja (7:29:38 PM): Wow.. now I gave you "so much" shit.
Katja (7:30:07 PM): Excuse me Alfredo, for desperately needing to know answers.
Katja (7:30:37 PM): Excuse me for not thinking straight, but I let my heart rule me in too many cases and it completely messed with my ability to see the real situation.
fredo (7:30:56 PM): you're excused

..i want to cry..from laughter.

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Only Time [02 Aug 2003|11:20pm]
[ mood | mellow ]
[ music | Enya - Onle Time ]

Ever notice how people may act differently towards someone at times depending on who they're around or where they're at. I truely hate that shit. Just throught some people should know that. Ok. On a better note, spent the day with Nicole, good stuff. Also hung out with rob and Frank until like an hour ago, also good stuff. I dunno', was just brought down when I started thinking about my first comment. People can just come across as being retarded sometimes. If you're someones friend, maybe you should talk to him/treat him like one at all times. Friends tend to disappoint me at times.

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Gah.. [25 Jul 2003|06:20pm]
[ mood | grumpy ]
[ music | Anti-Flag - Fuck Police Brutality ]

Well, i'm leaving my house today and I wont be back for a while. I mean, i'll still be online and updating and shit .. but .. i won't be home. I'll be at angel's house until wednesday, then i'm at my grandmas until my parents get back from florida on August 25th ;| year I already made it clear that i'm staying here by myself. Seeing as i'll be 18, have a car and have my own job. You all know what that means. PARTY PARTY PARTY. Fucking animal house. Heh, well, probably just chilling a lot and concerts and shit. Mad chill (quote the fredo, nevermore.) Yeah, well .. goodbye room. I'll see you not soon enough :(.

I miss Nicole, she went to the beach with her mom and aunt today >.< !! I love her so much ;D <333333333333333

- Later putas

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Kodak Moment [21 Jul 2003|05:54pm]
[ mood | melancholy ]
[ music | The chants of ECW in my head ]

All I have to say .. is .. that's one of the best nights of my life. That's Raven kicking CM Punk during their dog collar match. From left to right you see Frank, me and fredo. Mad .. fucking .. funny.

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E-C-FUCKIN'-W !!! [21 Jul 2003|10:59am]
[ mood | bouncy ]
[ music | Alice In Chains - Man In The Box ]

I got to meet Raven saturday night at the Ring Of Honor show. He signed my Best Of Raven in ECW tape. The show was fucking amazing, I picked up 14 autographs. I foung it funny that CM Punk came out to AFI's "Miseria Cantera" and was wearing an AFI shirt. Good stuff. God, the show was fucking amazing. Tomym Dreamer came out during the Raven and CM Punk dog collar match. It was insane when he fucked up CM Punk. The ECW chants were insane, the place went fucking nuts.

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I threw up on her cunt! [14 Jul 2003|08:46pm]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | SHAT - I threw up on her cunt ]

I found the page with every SHAT mp3 you could ever want. I know, I own all. go to - /shat

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I saw her standing there... [14 Jul 2003|11:00am]
[ mood | sad ]
[ music | New Found Glory - 3rd and Long ]

Man, I hate not being by Nicole. I havn't seen her since saturday and really, it kills me. I hate leaving her house or just .. letting her go. It just bothers me so much. I feel empty :(. I miss her so much right now and i'm gonna see if I can go see her by her job. On a retarded note, me, fredo, frank and John were in the park yesterday and some little kids came upto us and asked us if we were in Jackass. If course, we said yes and went on acting as if we were from the show. Good times. Well, I love and miss Nicole :(

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