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Tuesday, June 3rd, 2003

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    the greenest grass is always on the otherside
    today wasnt too bad, i didnt do much just chilled, helped my father work on sheet rock, he tells me today that we got alot of construction to do this summer. that sucks. i have my own plans for this summer. i have a couple people that mean alot to me and i plan on spending alot of time with them, one person in particular. she means alot to me, and i dont know if she knows how important she is. she aint had it easy, i feel really sad when i think someone beautiful like her going through all this pain. she talked to me about her problems.i wish i could have said something better. i have lost alot in my life, i dont want to lose her. sometimes life is funny, you c a girl that is beautiful inside and out, she is as close to perfect as anyone can get, yet she still thinks she is a loser. it really makes me sad. i wish i could help her. i hope i do help her.well till next time keep chillin cya around


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