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    Friday, December 12th, 2003
    4:55 am
    Party biatch
    well its been awhile since an update. Nothing really happening except me getting really fucked up thanksgiving eve, work, christmas shopping, and my ass finally getting cable. cable internet is the fucking shit. I've downloaded so much shit. adagio, iced earth, norther, kalmar, bone crusher yea biatch. the new iced earth is fucking awsome, ripper is no barlow but fits in very well. I had my work christmas party this evening. I brought emily along. we had fun playing games and eating. I kicked ass at pool also. but I had more fun with emily before the christmas party if you know what I mean. haha. well its off to bed now then tv.

    Current Mood: tired yet still awake
    Current Music: iced earth-the glorious burden
    Wednesday, November 26th, 2003
    2:28 am
    still got you pushing buttons in the CIA
    its been a while since I typed in hur. Lets see what have I done that is worth posting. I worked alot and thats about it. Friday night me, emily, josh croft(jesus), mike, sean and scott all went to IHOP for dinner. I was fun and great to see sean again(you son of a bitch). Talking about shit thats happened, drunken sean momments, arnold movies(well predator thats it), homeless people who work at pickadilly that take baths in toilets but yet to have a cell phone(reminds me, mike we should hang out with eddie sometime haha), and talking about turbos. Josh showed me some of his knife tricks and cut himself. This kid is fucking crazy as shit but cool as hell, if we were about to be jumped by some turbos this is the dude I want to have my back. Saturday I worked morning and then went home and did nothing thanks to josh and jimmy FUCKERS hahaha, its cool. Sunday I worked again. I had a run in with a homeless person who wanted some change, I had the bright idea to tell him I was also homeless and asked him for some change back, it worked and he left me alone so I'll have to use that again one day. I just got done watching xmen 2, its fucking bad ass, way better than the first. I talked to bill today and he said he found the new iced earth cd with ripper on vocals, I hope he can get it cause I'm fucking stoked about this album. I have no idea where josh is or jimmy, josh's away message says road trip with jimmy be back thursday, so i have no idea. well thats all for now. later fuckers!!!! keep it metal!!!! \m/

    Current Mood: awake
    Current Music: king diamond-the puppet master
    Wednesday, November 19th, 2003
    11:53 am
    Last night
    Me bill and josh went up to my work and shot some pool, I kicked ass as usual as josh read BW&BK. I don't think josh won a game but bill did win some. I guess I have an advantage, since I work there, have access to free pool and stay about an hour shooting pool like 3 nights. Bill let my borrow the new machine head, its alright about 4 out of 8 songs are good but its no burn my eyes or the more things change. I can't wait till dec 1st for killswitch, lamb of god, shadows fall and the so-called "no tallent" god forbid(fucking bullshit.). I'm going to go watch my lord of the rings:the two towers now(dec 17th, return of the king). josh get that jager and shit for tonight and call jimmy.

    Current Mood: mellow
    Current Music: dimmu borgir-deathcult armagedon.
    Tuesday, November 18th, 2003
    1:39 am
    Fisrt post
    well if bill and josh have a journal I guess its metal. I'm not going to be like some people (we won't name names but we know who) and post every single fucking event on here and show the world how bitchy we are. If I start doing that shoot me cause thats fucking emo shit. I worked tonight and pat and mike fucking tricked me good, I was playing pinball with mark the cop and they said joe (the owner) was at the hotel in front of the building and saw me and tolled them to write me up. I wasn't mad cause I haven't had a write up before so its not bad. Pat said he would rip it up if I go and play these girls in a game of pool, so I did I said would one of you all like to play me, and some guy they were talking to said yea. Pat and mike were laughing but they ripped up the warning. the guy I play sucked ass at pool(not that I'm good or anything) but he was playing redneck pool just shooting and taking whatever went in, I stilled hustled his ass and embarassed him in front of them girls haha thats what that bitch gets. I later found out that mike and pat played a trick on me and joe never called and told them to write me up, mike called on his cell phone and said it was joe, fucking bitches, they just wanted me to try and get them girls to talk to them. I can't wait till later, the two towers extended dvd comes out. well thats all for now.

    Current Mood: awake
    Current Music: BW&BK cd sampler
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