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Sunday, August 3rd, 2003
12:18a - Sassafras Roots

i got my tickets for the lawrence arms. i went with mick. we fucked around. there was a line at ticketmaster. it was loaded with people getting shitty warped tour tickets. they all talked about how awesome it was gonna be. i said "im glad im not going to that shitty concert" and they all quieted down. i really hate warped tour now. because of people like them. anyway we did shat in the mall.

came back. watched cky. yes the movies. not the band. the band isnt good. then we went to erics cuz we love him. then we left. i skated outside. some 9 year old kid came. he played with me. he was annoying. but i enjoyed his company. he tried skateboarding. he is a pymp. i want my band. i want to make the 2nd "etc.". i want money. i dont want school. i want fun. i want to skateboard. i want to hurt myself a lot. i want to not care. i want to enjoy my youth. i dont want to grow up.............i want to fuck everything.

[i have no belief]
[but i believe im a walking contradiction]
[and i aint got no right]

current mood: sore
current music: Green Day - Stuart and the Ave.

shoot me

11:07p - all the billboards in the world cant cover our eyes...
man today sucked. mickey came over around 4-5. we hung around untill spaz came over. we filmed him for no reason and he showed us his ass. me and spaz skated a bit out front. my ankle is still fucked up. it hurts all the time now. bitch. then we hung out. and i took mickey home.

i need a ride to the alucard show on saturday. and i also need someone to go with. if not, im going alone (obviously). if i go, it will automatically make my weekend kick ass. lawrence arms on friday, and alucard on saturday. gotta love it.

i hate warped tour. i have heard every possible story about warped tour. one has said "i saw m-80 and they were awesome". hell, no one has even said "i saw m-80 and they sucked". maybe because all of the people that went didnt contain enough intelligence to go see the best band there. sad isnt it. well please everyone shut up about warped tour.....or else i will be forced to insert a combat knife into your face :-)

[i will never swallow your false ideals...]
[...of a lifeless happy ending]

current mood: bored
current music: fordirelifesake - just a memory

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