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Monday, July 28th, 2003
10:22a - Portrait of the Artist as a Fucking Asshole
shiggity shiggity shway....i have not updated in awhile. lemme try to remember what has happened these past few days....

Friday - Mickey, Jeff, and Adam came over and we all watched "Freddy Got Fingered" perhaps one of the greatest movies ever created.

Saturday - Hung out with Sarah, Ruweed, and Andrew. we had lots of fun. Andy sat on the back of an ice cream truck and the driver got pissed and yelled at him as andrew sprinted off into the mountainous range of houses. then nicole and heba came over so me, beebs, and drew got our "sneaky sneaky spy ninja" game on and had fun doing so.

Sunday - to my suprise was delicious. eric had returned from vacation, and we took him to the spinner, where everyone seems to be having bad luck these days, no one can even get passed 15 seconds, and i cannot beat my 30 second record..... i pissed down the slide to the amusement of a family gathered behind me. then eric went to go spend time with sarah and we were left to do whatever.... and so with nothing better to do, we decided to go to mickeys (after andrew busted a water balloon over jeffs head) and beebs and jeff pelted mickey with balloons as well. then they got into his garage and terrorized it. and as we made our way down to jeffs, beebs and jeff ran back to mickeys and got back into the garage....this made mickey angry, sorry mick :-(.
well then me, drew, and beebs hung around all night and skated and balled and all that fun stuff.

today we are supposedly making a movie. but i dont know how this will go. i have no idea what we are doing. lots of fun stuff coming up soon....

-go to moms for 2 weeks straight
-skate that sweet spot by my grammas house
-get drums
-Lawrence Arms w/ None More Black and Colossal @ The Shelter for $8

i have finally figured out my concert situation, and i have reasoned that Warped Tour has sold out and it would be a waste to pay 30 bucks to see M-80 and the Suicide Machines, and then have to deal with the thousands of preppy girls there getting in the in turn, there arent many good shows other than the lawrence arms so we will see.....after lawrence arms.....bouncing souls!!!!!! hehehehe but thats in september.....o well

[we are the force to bring another day]
[we are the order in the disarray]
[we are forgiveness and we are love]
[we are the sword and we are the dove]
[and if this thing stops breathing...]
[and if this thing blew up today..]

current mood: good
current music: Dillinger Four - J. Harris

shoot me

8:49p - The Flags Will Cover Coffins
i like skateboarding, even when i fall
i like being with my friends, even if we arent doing anything
i like making music, even if i suck
i like listening to music, even if you dont like it
i like going to concerts, even if its in the ghetto
i like being hyper, even if you think im weird
i like being myself, even if you dont approve of me was cool. i spent time with pretty much everyone....beebs, eric, mickey, jeff, sarah, andy, and even a little of dat. we terrorized mickeys house, well i didnt but i was involved. and then we went to erics and played in his basement, eric tells me im getting better, which boosts my confidence.....shit i cant wait till i get my drums. we didnt get a real whole song down, but me and eric had a few guitar/drum doodles that we had fun with. then sarah and eric went happily as a couple to the movies and i hung with mickey and jeff.....we went to holden and franklin and all that shtuff. we saw spaz and talked to him a bit.

i dont know whats going on with my relationship. i think im the shittiest boyfriend in the whole world, and i think my girlfriend agrees. im expecting to be dumped in the near future. maybe if we can make it till school starts everything will work out, but untill then i dont know what the hell to do....sigh :-/

[the airports almost always empty this time of the year]
[so lets go play on a baggage carousel]

current mood: contemplative
current music: The Weakerthans - Confessions of a Futon Revolutionist

shoot me

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