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[14 Jul 2003|06:01pm]
i spent the night at Elizabeth's house last night. we went to salisbury and saw "the pirates of the carribean" it was very good. today, we took lots of pictures. before taking lots of pictures we made cupcakes, they were delicious and we have pictures of them here: http://public.fotki.com/KJTgreat/cupcakes/ yay! there are also pictures of our walk here: http://public.fotki.com/KJTgreat/coke_is_better_than/ it was a great day. i <3 elizabeth! yay! we made a special cupcake just for DJ and we went to his house to give it to him and he wouldn't come downstairs and get it. so he sent his brother down cuz he's a lame whore and we gave the cupcake to his brother. i bet he didn't eat it, i bet he said his brother could have it. that makes me sad :-(. that is all :-)
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i guess that it's typical to cling to memories you'll never get back again [14 Jul 2003|10:34pm]
[ mood | pleased ]
[ music | "Bandages" by Hot Hot Heat :-D Bright Eyes is up next. ]

elizabeth and i have made 5 albums today. they are: http://public.fotki.com/KJTgreat/cupcakes/ http://public.fotki.com/KJTgreat/lovely/ http://public.fotki.com/KJTgreat/ive_slept_alone/
http://public.fotki.com/KJTgreat/i_dont_care/ http://public.fotki.com/KJTgreat/coke_is_better_than/
go look at all of them. and leave comments. i'm the one with the black shirt on, elizabeth is the other one. we are super people. my knee hurts really bad. i should get that looked at again. i'm supposed to have an appointment with my orthopedic surgeon every 6months. i haven't gone in two years. i really like this font, i've decided, it's lovely. i don't want to go to work tomorrow. ::shrugs:: it's money, i'll deal. atleast i don't have to go in at 7:30 on saturday, that's a tres tres bien chose. (very very good thing). i wish he would get online. right now. he got on earlier when elizabeth and i were on a picture taking adventure. and he got off before we got back, i was sad. that's all i have to say now. i'm not in a very creative mood at the moment, sorry. :-\
P.S. - into this song i send myself and with these drinks i plan to collapse and forget this wasted year (this wasted year) well devoted friends, they dissappear... i guess it's just like breathing, but not wanting to, there are some things you can't fake.

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