KK's Day

Monday, August 2, 2004

3:55PM - looks like another shitty ass week.

well, its monday, and ive almost given up on this week already. every one of my friends is wicked busy all week (like the past 3 weeks) and it looks like im just gonna end up sitting around here whenever im not working. i fuckin hate this summer. it sucks even more cause its prob. the last summer im not gonna be workin 8 hours every day.

im wicked depressed and i need to see some of my "friends" (the quotes are cause i never see most of them at all anymore) this week, or else i might just lose my mind. if i end up not doing anything by friday i might just give up and schedule myself to work every day adn tell everyone to bite my shiny metal ass. they can only do stuff when im busy anyway, so if im always busy, at least they'll want to see me, right?

aw, fuck it all.

Current mood: depressed
Current music: sick little suicide-the matches

(watch over me)

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