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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

9:52AM - sushi. robo?

so last night i went out for sushi with my dad. i got number 6, which was "assorted cuts of sushi served family style over a bed of rice." while my dad got "assorted cuts of cooked sushi." apparently, "family style" means I got a bunch of rice and rice noodles with a whole bunch of raw fish on top. it was weird.

anyway, going to get some of the last stuff for the concert, and then finishing everything for my class. and then IM DONE WITH THE STUPID SUMMER CLASS!

anyway, im hungry, so im gonna go break fast. later people.

Current mood: hungry
Current music: the killers

(watch over me)

3:01PM - 2 DAYS!!

SO i went out and got teh stuff for the concert on Thursday. I made this "punch" thats suposed to be tropical punch flavor, but i made it half rum, so it just kinda tasted like burning. sooo, i poured some into a seperate bottle and added a Sobe Nirvana to it. now its like 40% rum and it tastes good. and itll get us trashed.

Current mood: excited
Current music: the forty fives

(watch over me)

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