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[16 Sep 2003|02:49am]
[ music | boa-duvet ]

im not the same person i used to be, even though im still the same. but this is nothing new, every day im a new person,but this is differant, if i look in the mirror i still see the same face, but if i look inside, thats where, i find the real answers.

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[17 Jun 2003|11:21pm]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | linkin park-faint ]


into the bottomless sea we dive
hearts bleeding and clinging to life
drowning in conciousness divides
our minds, our lives, our worlds compromise
apart from creation, we seek to it ourselves bind

the most intricate lock gaurds the gate to understanding
its key is lost beside our hopes and dreams
and desolation is all the world would seem to be
third rock from the sun drifting through infinity

confusion becomes willing submission
the minds cleverest lie to itself is,
convincing itself it dosent believe
a war is waged and a war is lost
the victor being none,and sanity as its final cost

from the battlefield we emerge broken beyond repair
cast down from our throne into madness and despair
with no choice on the bottom but to send heaven blank stares,
the mind forgets rhyme and shuts itself off from time

accepting the truth is almost impossible to do
when the truth is not known, all lies seem true
one face is one life is one lie
billions of lives on this world, all believing the same lie
believing that the answers will be ours to find
never understanding that in this life, to the truth we shall be blind

desert oasis's, sparkling blue seas
through my eyes life flows through me
apart from creation, I seperate myself
not truly seperate, not truly free
still connected to the world,conciously

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i need to get away, i really do. [20 May 2003|01:54pm]
sick of the norm! SICK OF THE NORM! SICK of THE norm!!!
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[16 May 2003|04:16pm]
i dont regret the things i do, i only regret the things i dont do.
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[07 May 2003|02:50pm]
do you believe in such a thing as global enlightenment?


i dont.
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useless ramblings... [03 May 2003|06:16pm]
[ mood | okay ]

im tired of being of the species homo sapiens, that is to say, tired of being human. id much rather be something more useful and interesting, like a dragon! except well dragons tend not to exist anymore, so mabye something simpler, like a phoenix! everyone knows theyre still around, plus id be immortal, rising from the ashes and whatnot, pretty snazzy dont you agree?immortality does sound pretty appealing dosent it?

i wonder if sentience is its own curse as well as its own blessing. on one hand you have the ability to question; to ask why;to understand. On the other you also have the abilty to ignore everything but your own little personal world and what you personally know to be "true".

agent smith in the matrix was right. the human race is a virus, metaphorically at least. to survive we must consume and multiply, and it never stops. but there is a crucial differance. the virus spreads without knowledge of its own doings, it dosent have the option to decide, or the option to feel remorse for what it does. we have both options, but from our actions youd never think that was the case, we choose to be what we are,becuase even though we can deny our nature, its much more easier to just continue on the same, and from a species of hairless apes who sit on their asses all day, its not to hard to figure out why we never even make the effort.

(edit)whats the use of talking about the wolrd?it seems almost like you shouldnt, becuase everyone else does?

and what about iraq? they say were there to establish a goverment where the iraqi people are free. well what is america really about? being free? or being equal? america, the land of freedom. america, the land of equality. we cant have one without the other. its the same with iraq. will the shiites, who have been oprressed by the sunni's for decades, find the equaLity theyve been denied for so long? or will the sunni's having oppressed the shiites for so long, find themselves the center of a malestrom of hatred? probably both, old habits die hard, after all in america, equality may be law, but it dosent matter in the minds of those who would hate, they hate just to hate. equality has to evolve naturally over time, over here were still in the process of learning what it means to realize were all the same. skin color/ethnicity/religion is as relevant as your eye color, and who really says "i hate people with blue eyes?"

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paybacks a motherfucking mission! [02 May 2003|03:04pm]
[ music | 311-feels so good ]

fuck all you fakes. if your going to call someone your freind then fucking act like it, its not just a meaningless word you know, theres a reason it exists, and its not there so little fucking punks can fuck with your head and then say "hey man im sorry, i know im an ass" and just keep up the same fucking behavior.fuck that.thats just plain bullshit if the other person is seriously trying to be your freind. false hopes and pretenses just set you up for the fall...but yea, sure, go ahead and play your the end youll be the one falling when i push you off the cliff.

there, i feel better now.

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