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  2003.12.09  20.19

yeah so physics final is done w/, think i did rather poorly, but shhh dont let the rents know.....

i love clare and she is so amazing in everyway and she needs to be better than that jese boy.

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  2003.12.06  16.22

ahhhhhhhhhh!!!! finals are on monday. physics then english then history then math then latin. AHHH! i'm so scrwed! what am i going to do? the only thin to look forward to is no more classes and 3 weeks of vaca after friday. and chico. ::sigh::


  2003.11.28  23.57
its me, again

hey its me, again. posting twice in one night.....oh yeah, can't you tell i'm the socialite? oh yes, you better believe it. so here i am, sitting and talking to my friend online and i'm doing all that i can't to stop myself from strangling him. he is being annoying as fuck. he likes the biggest slut in my grade, and i'm just like dan you can do so much better than than, but he doesn't seem to think that there is better than her. *shudder* i will never understand boys.

Mood: confused
Music: the scientist-coldplay

  2003.11.28  17.02
hi, i'm new

hey everyone!
look here, new journal. i'm not going to fill this with suicide attempts, depressing song lyrics(only once in a while) and lists of ppl who are "phony"(for all of you Salinger readers out there). I'm not trying to stereotype blurty users as all depressed, but the friends who's journals i've read have had that problem. I'm not here to make enemy's, just to see who's listening. Well here I am. sitting at home, over vacation, doing homework. Actually, homework is all I ever seem to do, and basketball. Not that I'm complaining, hate to make that appearence. I love my school, my friends, and my bball team. We have our first game on thursday, and I'll keep you all(whoever you are) posted. Thanks for reading!

p.s- the user name is from Empire records if anyone has seen it. I tried damn the man, but someone had taken it, o well. if you haven't seen emipre records, i really reccomend it, its definatley a good one; liv tyler, renee zelwegger(cannot spell her last name), and this really gorgeous boy who has not had his career taken of from there, unfortunatley.

Mood: weird
Music: sex and candy- marcy playground