Bitch Session About Dustin....   
8/31/11 10:28 am
  Mean and LazyIm taking a few minutes to start writing while the kids have free time play. Its been a hectic morning so far-I woke up late and that is never a good way to get things started. I went to bed last night at 9:30pm cuz I didnt want to have to deal with Randy. he got home from work and sat on the couch for about 15 minutes and announced he was going upstairs to shower and take a nap. Well...45 minutes later I went upstairs to use the bathroom and he was laying in bed, playing his online game. "So much for taking a nap, eh"....I sneered as I walked into the bathroom.When I came back out, he was all snuggled into the bed-ear plugs in his ears. I slammed the door.
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A Week in Rewind....   
8/30/11 1:04 pm
  September is ComingIts hard for me to believe that its almost September seems like just yesterday was my birthday and the New Year had just begun. I remember as a kid time seeme dto just drag by...minutes seemed like hours and I wished all the time that the summer would hurry up and get done so I could get back to school with my friends. Now it seems like the summer months just slip away so quickly-every month just slips away quickly.
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Hello Monday-Where'd the Weekend Go.....   
8/22/11 11:29 am
  Old Trucks Live 4everGood Morning Blurty!!

Its a beautiful day here in Mid-Michigan...the sun is shining, the bugs are buzzing, the birds are singing...and there is a warm breeze blowing. AAaaahhhhh, perfect!! With one exception-its Monday!! I wish it were still the weekend cuz I have so much that I still wanted to get done around here.
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Remembering Sweet Tea and Honeysuckle....   
8/18/11 12:42 pm
  End of SummerIts another beautiful day in the neighborhood...and I am sitting outside watching the kids play. The older girls are swiming in the pool and the little one is playing on the small climber. The water isnt clear enough, in my opinion, to let the little one swim. Im worried she will drink the water. Randy and I are going to empty the pool this weekend and refill it. Hopefully we will be able to stay on top of it this time. We have a filter, but no vacuum for the pool. Next year I will definately get a vac for it.

I cut up an amazingly sweet and juicy Howell Melon (cantalope) for lunch today. The girls didnt seem to like it too much, but OH MAN!! its yummy!! I remember as a kid growing up in Tennessee having the most wonderful catalopes every day for breakfast. My Papa grew them in his garden and my Gramma would cut one up every morning. And the fresh tomatoes...they were always on the table-breakfast, lunch and dinner. She would skin the tomatoes though, and they were so sweet. Better than candy!! And my Gramma's sweet tea...makes me miss my days back home. Makes me miss my Papa and Gramma!!
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A Little Bit of Everything....again   
8/16/11 5:57 pm
**Started at 1:23pm**

Purple HeavenIm sitting outside on the patio watching the girls swim and have fun. I love my job most days!! Its been good the last couple days, the girls are all getting along well and their is very little bad behavior. Much different from the last few weeks. Its good when they get along-I dont like being that "meanie" making them take time out and all that.

Im back inside now, the skeetos drove me inside. They seem to love me and I am so sensitive to them. I get huge welts when they bite me. UGH!! I'll be happy when things dry up again and they go away. or when the sub sprays for them again.

Its been about a week since I last wrote here. Ive been meaning to sit down and write, but something always seems to get in the way. So I thought now would be a good time.

Its been a good week; I have felt calmer and less stressed then I have in a long time. Life has been good. I have started to feel some what connected to Randy, although there is still a huge gap. But, I dont feel the desire to stay away from him and push him away like I have the last few months. I know its going to take time...and I am okay with that. I am just taking it one day at a time.
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Hello People...I have a Life Too...!!   
8/10/11 10:00 pm
  Books2011-08-10 2:44pm

Im sitting in the diningroom, watching the kids thru the sliding glass door-I only have “D” right now as all the other kids have gone home. Hes only here for another hour and then I am done for the day-YAY!!

I went to bed early last night, 10:30pm. I wasnt feeling well and realized once I got into bed that I had a fever. Yipee!! Randy came up at some point and asked me if I was feeling alright to which I said no. He gave me some ibruprofen and brought the laptop into the bedroom. When I asked him what he was doing he said he wanted to spend some time with me. Uh, hello...I dont feel good, Im in bed trying to go to sleep and your going to sit in the bedroom with the laptop playing your online game.

Eventually I passed out-dont have ant idea what time that was. Randy woke me up when he came to bed. Woke me up with his alarm clock. Woke me up looking for whatever it was on his night stand. UGH!! His schedule is making me crazy!!

Hes used to working afternoons and staying up til 3-5am and sleeping all day. Now, he gets home at 3pm and has a regular work schedule. But yesterday, dispite my telling him not to, he took a nap right after he got home and slept til 8pm. I have no idea what time it was when he finally came to bed, probably pretty late cuz I heard him hit snooze a couple times this morning.
Put on Hold til 10:38pm

Iam now sitting up in the den with Paige and Elz, watching Twilight New Moon. I love the Twilight Saga and am looking so forward to the last movie. I wish there were more books-more movies. Hopefully there will be, after this one.

Brandon is in jail tonight and will be for the next 20 days. He blew dirty back in July for alcohol and had to go to court Monday for probation violation. He was sentenced on Tuesday to 20 days in LCJ. When he gets out he will be off probation-he was supposed to be off probation the end of this week.

Elz is spending time here, cuz hes in jail and she doesnt feel comfortable just staying at home all the time. I told her she could spend the night and stay here whenever she wanted or needed to, but so far she has only come over during the day and evenings.

Paige, Saima, Elz and I went to Davids Bridal yesterday evening to start the alterations on Saima and Paiges dresses. Paiges is going to be easy, all they have to do is hem the dress about 7".Saimas dress is going to be a bit more, lol...hem, take in here and there, double bustle. Its going to be beautiful!! I am still waiting for the straps to come in for my dress so I can have mine altered. I am keeping my fingers crossed that they will come in soon enough so that I dont have to pay for rush alterations-thats like twice the cost. I may not have the straps put on if they dont come in soon enough. We'll boobs are far too big to not have straps, but I dont want to pay an arm and a leg for alterations. We'll see......

Ive been feeling stressed the last couple days-I think cuz of Brandon being in jail, the bounced check that one of my clients gave me and the fact that I am not getting enough sleep with Randys crazy schedule.

The bounced check-one of my clients, whos nephews I had for 3 weeks gave me a check as payment and it bounced. I contacted her about it the day we got the statement in the mail from our bank and she gave me a song and dance story about it. She said she had to take the boys to the Doc cuz they picked up that bug that was going around here. I know its bullshit cuz she had already told me that she was grateful that they didnt get it and that she had taken them to the fair and spent too much money. But I think she was looking for a way out-an excuse. It doesnt matter to me, she owes me the money and she owes the bounced check fee and she has to pay it. I gave her til Friday-this Friday, to pay it. If she doesnt pay it I will turn it over the the prosecuting Attorney for fraud and let them deal with it.

Im looking forward to the weekend!! I want to sleep in and get some work done in the basement. We need to get it done B4 the wedding so that we can get Dustin down there and the guest room cleaned out. We will have a FULL HOUSE the weekend of the wedding.

Speaking of the wedding...I need some great brunch ideas. Randy and I are hosting an "After the Wedding Brunch" at our house. I think I have mentioned this in a previous post. If it were just for my family, I would do something more southern and easy, but tehre will be 25-30 people here and they are red necks like my family.

We know that we are going to do alot of fresh fruit-thats a gimme. We are also going to do bagles and multiple cream cheses. We are going to do a ham and chesse crossiant roll up thing. Bacon. Sausage. It has been suggested to do Quiche' or breakfast burritos. No one seems to want pancakes or waffles-which is fine with me. We are going to do Mimosas and other fruit juices, coffee and ices tea. Someone suggested muffins of some sort. I just dont know. Any ideas...??

Okay, its bed time and I am in need of a quick shower. I didnt take one last night and one of my clients got here almost an hour early, so I didnt get one this morning. I was not at all happy about that this morning!! I wasnt even out of bed and my alarm had just gone off when she texted me that she was in the driveway. Sometimes I think my clients forget that I have a life too!!

Until Next Time...
Lisa Marie~
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Finding Some Peace Within...   
8/8/11 11:07 am
  DreamsI feel different today...less stressed and happy. Its kinda weird, really. I woke up feeling this feeling of peace within myself. I'm not sure what has caused it...but I like it.

I have been reading my old journal, Originalsin_66 here on blurty and WOW!! What an eye opener that was. I cried alot!! There was alot of saddness in those chapters of my life. I guess I must have blocked it out or just somply forgotten it.

I think reading my words has helped me to see that my life, the life I am living now, isnt that bad. Nothing compared to what I was livng. And that while my life isnt perfect right is what I am allowing it to be. And if I need things to change-then I have to make the changes myself!!

Put on hold til...whenever I get time later

I dont have any kinds til tomorrow afternoon-YAY!! I got some work done after my work day was done...made dinner, took Dustin to get fitted for his tux and am on here.

Getting back to what I was writing about up there....

I have felt good all day-emotionally good, in my soul. Its been nice really. Well, until Randy started bitching about Dustin...but that was something I understand. hes had it with Dustin as I have...and it wasnt directed at me.

I felt so at ease and peaceful today that I actually sent Randy a text this afternoon telling him to have a good day at work and that I loved him. Its been....months since I did that. When he got home he thanked me for sending it and told me that it made his day. That made me smile-knowing that I made his day.

Ive been doing alot of thinking today-I think that I have finally come to realize that I am the Master (or in my case Mistress, lol) of my life, my destiny...and I am the only one who can make things happen or not happen. I am the only one who can make me happy (well, Paige makes me happy). And while the actions of others can certainly make me sad or mad or happy...its my reactions that make it more or less. Does that make sense...?? I hope it does cuz I dont know how else to explain it. lol

Im not saying that everything is great in my life. Im not saying that I have finally found peace with all the things that have stressed me out and have happened in the last few yrs....what I am saying is that I have found some peace within myself. And I am ready to start working on everything else now. And....I am ready to take control of my life and the things that happen in my life.

knowing that feels very good to me...!!

Until Next Time...
Lisa Marie~
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Old Journal...   
8/7/11 2:46 pm
  I just spend the last 3 days reading my entire Original Sin journal here on Blurty. I'll have to write about it later.

Hope everyone is doing good-havent heard too much from anyone in a while.

Until Next Time...
Lisa Marie~
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A Post from the Past...   
8/5/11 9:21 pm
  **Ive been reading my old journal; Originalsin_66...have been reliving Oct 2004-2007. Lots of tears!! This post was one of the first I wrote-within the first month**
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30 Day Muzic Challenge-Day 06   
8/4/11 6:57 pm
  Day 06 - A Song That Reminds You of Somewhere-~Flies on the Butter~ By Wynonna Judd  
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Relaxing and Listening to Muzic...   
8/4/11 3:15 pm
  Pedels and FlowersIts been a Blah day for me so far. I didnt want to get out of bed for work, but I forced myself. I havent felt good all day-but thats my own fault for eatting too much junk and candy the last couple days. The kids have been mean spirited towards eachother all day. Randy took the car today so I am stuck at home all evening (which really isnt a bad thing, but I dont like the feleing of being trapped). But the bright side is that I dont have to work tomorrow, so maybe I can revive myself over the weekend.

Randy went for his first orientation with his new job. He is so excited about it!! But, he is even more excited that another factory called him for an interview-and this IS NOT through a temp agancy!! They have good to better starting wages and a very good benny package as well. So, hes going to start the new job tomorrow morning (yes, its the day shift) and continue to work his currnet job on the afternoon shift for the next 3 days, have the interview with the non-temp job next week and make the decision which job to take after that. Hes going to be very tired come Sunday/Monday after working doubles all weekend.
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Looking Up...   
8/3/11 10:35 pm

UP-UP and Away!Im really tired tonight and doubt that I will be here too long. Im sort of watching SVU, but its a repeat. Im bored. Well, kinda bored. I feel kinda crappy and should really just go to bed, but I kinda feel like writing too.

Ive been thinking alot about my health and my life...and my family. Its been pretty intense, to be honest. I have thought about writing letters to the people who are important to me-my kids, that they know how much I love them and what they have meant to me.

Theres been alot of death lately-in people that I know. Its very sad. Yesterday afternoon there was a terrible accident between a full gravel train and a small car. The car occupants were family members of a friend of mine. His cousin was killed instantly and his Aunt is in critical condition. Two others are in the hospital too. My heart goes out to the family.

Im sitting here in the den, and I can hear my little Paige Monkey breathing. I sure love that girl!! I can not imagine my life without her!! God blessed me the day he gave that child to me.

Randy got a new job this afternoon-at a different factory in Howell. Its one of the biggest in Livingston county and the bennys and pay are amazing!! HEs been hired as a temp on the new line and if he proves himself, he will get hired in after 90 days. That would be a good thing!! The only down side is that if there is no overtime, he will have to get a part timejob to make enough money to pay the bills. All my extra money is going into Saima and Ryans I wont have any extra til the end of September. Hopefully there will be over time...and he will be able to just work at the new job.

I have to admit that I have high hopes for the rest of this year. I am going to do everything that I can to make things in my life good. Get healthy and take better care of myself-inside and out!! Heal my heart and soul...and be good to myself. Its time...and I know it. Ive known it for quite some time...but I havent been able to say it outloud-admit it to myself.

My pillows are calling my I think I am going to say Good Night.

Until Next Time....
Lisa Marie~
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30 Day Muzic Challenge-Day 05   
8/3/11 6:01 pm
  Day 05 - A Song That Reminds You of Someone-~It Will Be Me~ By Melissa Etheridge  
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Paige Asks Some Hard Q's....   
8/3/11 3:13 pm
  KITTYIts nap time right now, so I thought I would use this time to write some. Dont know how far I will get though, I still need to pick up some and work on dinner too. So, I will write a bit.

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30 Day Muzic Challenge-Day 04   
8/2/11 10:57 am
  Day 04 - Your favorite song-~American Soldier~ By Toby Keith  
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Oh Happy Day....   
8/1/11 11:04 am
  BaLLooNsGOOD MORNING BLURTY-and EVERYONE who dwells here!! I am in a great mood!! And I am not going to let anything change that!! The sun is shining, the birds have been playing in my bird bath, its a beautiful day in the neighborhood!! Even the girls are behaving better today!! And that is a good thing, indeed!!

Im not sure what time I went to bed last night, it was pretty late. I stayed up writing and watching TV. Ive been recording SVU and started wathing it a few nights ago. I love that show. So I stayed up later then I had wanted to last night watching it. But, I dont feel tired this morning and it wasnt as hard to get out of bed as I thought it was going to be. Thankfully the girls Mom was running late, so I was able to lolly gag in bed a while and still had time to do my hair and make up B4 she got here with the girls. They are playing nicely in the play room right now. So, I thought I'd take a few minutes to write.

Randy had to work last night, so I had the house and bed to myself for a while. I sleep better when he isnt in the bed. Im not sure why that is, maybe cuz I can stretch out and move around. Maybe its that I dont feel that intimate connecttion with him, so sleeping with him doesnt give me that comfort that it used to. I dont know.

I have no real idea what time he got home last night, I know it was later-after 3am. He didnt climb into bed until after 5am, but I checked the laptop and desktop and he was online for over an hour. Hes a dummy!! He complains ALL the time about being tired, yet he stays up later all the time online messing on his online game. Its his own fault really. Dont stay up so late and you wont be so tired all the time.

Dustin has been behaving the past few days. Maybe he realizes that he is on an extra short leash and that his days are numbered here if he doesnt straighten up. Randy and I have decided that he needs to grow up. he needs to start paying rent and start behaving like an almost 22yr old-not like a 10 yr old. Its going to be a hard adjustment for him, but he can do it!! Well, he has to do it or he will be finding another place to live.

Saima and Ryan got their first "regret" to their wedding invitations. They have 90 accepts though. So that isnt too bad, although it was kind of a shock to see who it was. My moms good friends sent the "regret"...she isnt going to be happy about it. My Mom has gone to all their kids and grandkids things; weddings, birthday parties, graduations etc....her friends have attended none of our things. Well, I take that back, they did attend Saimas open house and her bridal shower-but that is it. I told Saima not to worry about it and not to tell my Mom either. She can find out on her own or at the wedding-which ever comes first.

I talked to my ex husband, Mike, the other day. His son (my step son who lived with me), Mikey got in touch with me to tell me that he couldnt afford to pay for his tux for the wedding and needed help. He asked me if I could help, and I had to say no cuz I am helping pay for the wedding and the after wedding brunch, but that they could stay with me as long as they needed. Mikey asked me if I would talk to his Dad about him helping and I told him I would, but that he needed to talk to his Dad himself.

I called Mike and left a VM for him to call me. He txt me later that night at midnight, so I told him I would rather talk on the phone. He called me a few days later after talking to Saima-who pretended not to know why I needed to talk to him.

I told him what was going on and he asked me why Mikey wouldnt call him directly. Well DUH!! The last 2 times the kid reached out to completely turned your back on him. Why would he want to try again.

Mike and I had a good conversation, but we seem to have good conversations everytime we talk now. Its a good thing. I like that he and I can get along now, for the sake of the kids. I have noticed that he will talk to me more when Kari isnt around then when she is around. It makes sense to me-she doesnt like that he and I get along. She hated the relationship he and I had when we divorce way back when. I thinnk she was jealous that he and I got along so well...and I think that maybe she was worried that he and I might get back together. It wasnt going to happen, but I dont think she knew that.

Anyways, he said he would help Mikey pay for his tux, but that he wanted Mikey to call or text him directly and talk to him. I agreed with that and told Mikey that his Dad wanted him to call or text. So...they did and all is good. I am doing what I can to help the kids get back in touch with their Dad and to help build good relationships. Its been difficult, but they need their father. And now that they dont have to worry about him beating on them-they are all bigger then Mike is now and no longer afraid of him. And...well, I think that Mike realizes his mistakes and feels bad for what he did (and didnt do). Time seems to have healed this wound.

Its lunch time, so I need to end this here. Im sure I will be back, at some point in the day to write again.

Until Next Time...
Lisa marie~
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Thought of the Day...   
8/1/11 10:04 am
~Look beyond my eyes and see my beauty
~Listen beyond my words and hear my heart
~Feel beyond my body and touch my soul
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A Good Weekend-Finally!!   
7/31/11 11:01 pm
  Lavender SwingI am happy to say that this weekend was a good one. With the exception of one small "tiff" between Randy and I, it was a good weekend. And trust me, I needed a good weekend!!

I already wrote about last week...

Friday, after all my clients picked up their kids, I was an emotional stressed out disaster. I cant even explain it in words. I felt like I Was going to have a melt down. I sat on the loveseat and starred off into space for I dont even know how long.....and then I started stress cleaning. I cleaned the whole house. This house sparkled!! I cleaned for hours, in just about every room in this house. And I feel into bed at 2am exhausted, but destressed!!

Saturday we slept in til after 10am and it felt so good!! We got up and just putt'd around the house. Finally we decided to go do some running around; we got Randy fitted for his tux for Saimas wedding, stopped at Honda to get the extended warranty for the car, stopped at the Salvation Army Thrift Store, went to help Robbie pick up the big screen TV that I got on freecycle (I decided to let him and Vicky have it instead of storing it in our basement for when we finished it), went to dinner at New Century Buffet and then came home to veg a while. After a couple hours of vegg'ing we went to Walmart for groceries-which took about an hour, came home and put them away. I went to bed around 1am alone-Randy stayed up playing on my laptop. I have no idea what time he came to bed.

Sunday everyone slept in til 11am or later. It felt good!! We got up and made brunch of belgium waffles, bacon and scrambles eggs. It was yummy!! After brunch we all went out our business...I swept and vac'd the floors cuz Sadie is shedding terrible and did laundry. Randy went out to work in the yard-cut the grass, weed eat and just general picking up.

He had to go into work tonight a 7pm (which I had forgotten about. I made dinner late-after I went to Walmart to get a few things I had forgotten Saturday.

Paige went with the neighbor and her kids for the day to the grandparents house and she got back home around 9pm. We veg'd a while and she passed out around 10:30pm. I have been messing around online since. Now I think I will head to bed. I have kids early tomorrow and need to take a shower still.

Im still taking things day by day with Randy. It hurt that I went to bed alone on the only night he had off. Im not surprized though, he mentioned that something bug is happening on his online game-which will always come B4 I do. I have come to accpet that from him.

I am hoping this week will not be a repeat of last week. I dont think I could handle another week like that!! I am going to do my best to make sure it doesnt happen!!

Until Next Time...
Lisa Marie~
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30 Day Muzic Challenge-Day 03   
7/31/11 10:37 pm
Day 03 - Song that Makes You Happy-~Santa Claus is Coming to Town~ By Bruce Springsteen
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What a Horrible Week...!!   
7/30/11 12:24 am
  CraZYHOLY FUCK!!! This has been one crazy week!! I am SOOOOOOOooooooooo Happy its Friday and I dont have any kids this weekend...!! OMG!! I was ready to pull out my hair the last 2 days!! I had sick kids all week!! I had misbehaved kids all week. I had inconsiderate parents all week. I had a disaster in my house all week. I have felt crappy all week. Its been busy all week. UGH!!! Its been a week from Daycare hell for me....!!!!!!! And I am glad its over!!

I worked last Saturday-and the mom brought one of her girls over sick!! She didnt tell me ahead of time, and didnt say anything til she was walking out the door. I was pissed!! If it werent for the fact that she was listing a half million dollar home, I would have told her I couldnt watch the girls.

Randy's sister came Saturday for a real quick visit and I had to clean like a maniac to have it look decent here. I know that I shouldnt care, and Randy of course said not to, but no one blames a man for a messy house-it would all be on me. It was nice to meet his sister and nieces though.

Sunday Randy went to see his friend Ted and Paige went to spend the night with Robbie and Vicky-so I had some time to myself. I dont think I did much of anything...I cant remember to be honest.

Monday I took the day off work to "fight" with Randy. Rarely do we get the chance to talk cuz I have kids around all the time and he works nights. I felt that we needed the time to talk about my counseling and things...and I wanted to make sure we had plenty of time. As it turned out, we were able to talk Sunday night and just spend time together MOnday til he went to work.

As Randy I were getting ready to head out to the movies to see Harry Potter and Vicky txt'd me telling me that she was bringing Paige home cuz she was complaining of a bellyache but that Vicky felt she was lying about it and as a punishment she was coming home. I was instantly pissed and it just got worse once I was able to talk to Paige.

Apparently they forgot to feed her or give her water. Yeah, I was pissed!! They picked her up Sunday just after 1pm, so she hadnt had lunch yet. They took her to McDs and got her fries and no drink and then went to Vickys folks for a BBQ a which Paige had a hot dog and doritios. She also had 2 glasses of lemonaide.

That was all she had to eat and drink until 10am Monday-and then she had one pancake and another glass of lemonaide. By the time she got home at 11am, she was severely dehydrated and sick at her stomach. I started pushing fluids immediately and fed her a PB&J on our way to see Harry Potter.

I tried to talk to Robbie about what had happened, but he was siding with Vicky. I just dont get it. Clearly Paige was dehydrated and hadnt had enough food...and all he could do was complain that she wasnt listening to Vicky and that she had lied about feeling badly. It will be a while B4 she is able to go spend time with them again.

Tuesday that same Mom brought her other daughter over sick-she actually carried her into the house and told me she was running a fever and had a stomachache. Again I was pissed. I know that they have no one else to watch their kids and that they need every bit of paycheck that they get, but damn!! I do not like to take sick kids!!

PaigeRideWednesday Paige started showing signs of being sick with that damned bug the girls brought over here. I txt'd all my clients to let them know we had a nasty bug in daycare-a high fever and sick stomach was what they needed to watch for. ALL my clients pulled their kids out for that day and the rest of the week cuz of these 2 girls bringing that bug here.

Paige did go to the fair with Elz...but didnt get to stay long cuz she started feeling really crappy. She got to ride 2 rides and see all the animals and play some games. Elz said she would take her back to the fair this Saturday so she could ride some rides and play more games.

I had the girls both Thursday and Friday. And let me tell you they were HORRIBLE!! Mouthy, disrespectful, nasty mean kids!! I couldnt believe their behavior!! It got to the point that I wanted to slap both of them in the mouth for their attitudes. Thursday I made them all take naps and be in time out and Friday I damn near lost my patients with them all (including Paige!!)

Randy had left for work and I had gone upstairs to use the bathroom...and I heard the girls acting crazy-running around and yelling downstairs. By the time I got back downstairs they had gotten into a full blown water fight and there was water everywhere; on the floors, carpets, tables, walls...everywhere!! OMG!! I was pissed!! And I was ready for my day to be over right then!! I was ready to tell their folks that I was done and they could find a new provider. Yeah, it was that bad!!

Im better now though, I did some major cleaning after they left and I was able to work off that frustration I was feeling. I was supposed to start my counseling this week, but I was feeling sick on my appt day so I called to reschedule. "C" was cool about it and said it was no problem. He said he didnt want to get sick anyways. So, I'll start next week instead.

Brandon raced in the demo derby all 3 nights and took 3rd place the first two nights. The 3rd night his car died after the 5th lap and he didnt finish. Its too bad, but its the way it goes at times I guess. I didnt get to go cuz I felt crappy the last night, but Saima and Ryan took Paige instead. She had a good time and was exhausted when she got home. She didnt even talk to me or say goodnight to them, she went straight upstairs, stripped off her clothes to her panties and fell asleep on the couch. She slept all night!!

I dont have any real plans for this weekend-just cleaning the basement. We still have boxes down there that havent been unpacked and we REALLY need to get that done. I want to purge alot of whats down there cuz we havent used it for a yr it must not be too important, right!!??!! Plus...I want to get the section where Dustin is going to be making into his bedroom done so he can move down there and we can turn his room into a guest room. We are hosting a couple people for Saima and Ryans wedidng and I want to make sure that they have space.

I still need to write about the fight I had with Dustin and a few other things, but I think I am going to call it a night and go to bed early so I can get lots of sleep. Randy has alot of running around to do in the morning which includes gettiing fitted for his tux for the wedding. He asked me to tag along and I said I wanted to...but I may change my mind in the morning. We'll see how I feel in the morning.

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Lisa Marie~
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