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Shitttt [08 Apr 2003|12:36pm]
[ mood | fucked ]
[ music | Riot Girl--Good Charlotte ]

So yeah...if you haven't heard I fucked up. I hurt the two ladies I like the most. I am going to go with Banji and Joel. I am meeting them in Minn. for their concert, then after that i am going to my concert in TX on the 11th.

So I was talking with Zac. I think i told him too much about how i feel about you know who...A_r_l. and that fucker told her.hahaha.

I am so glad i am going. I need to get away from all this shit. I told my mom i would never be like my dad, but i guess I am.

I am gonna go drink myself to death.

I only love Bart right now. he is the best dog ever. <3. maybe joel and benji too.

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