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[25 Jan 2004|06:27pm]

wah chica wah wah

let me help you

yellow brick road [17 Jan 2004|12:52am]
[ mood | spanky ]

Snow snow go away! It’s snowing, like lots of snow, like 25 inches of snow. *pout* If it snows that much tonight and the fuckers in this town won’t plough then i can’t leave my house, therefore denied the privilege of going to Holly’s. Damn it! I bought snackies and everything. Gummi worms, and jalapeno and cheddar chips. *cry* Plus there’s a present waiting for me at her house and it’s KILLING me not being able to know what it is. *pop* <------ that’s my last nerve right there. It’s not snowing lots right now but it’s only 1am, could get a lot worse.

Schools got a snow day though but i was at work so it didn’t really matter to me. I got chocolates from Switzerland today too. Not just Swiss chocolates, I mean chocolates FROM Switzerland. This guy I delivered flowers for one day said he’d bring me something when he’d come to Canada. He told my boss how nice I was so extra points for me. I’m giving Holly the box cause it’s from Switzerland and it came with a bag too!! Now you have more things to go with that cow bell i gave you. lol.

I got some rather inappropriate offline messages from someone named Alyssa. Not going into details...

Me’s tired, perhaps sleep? Nah. Sleep *yawn* is for wussies.

Holly!!! Orli’s been bad again.


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quizzies [16 Jan 2004|05:48pm]
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lalala [16 Jan 2004|03:33am]
[ mood | blushy ]

Oh my goodness gracious. What a boring fucking day. Got up kinda early this morning and watched Jerry Springer, not at all interesting. Then I got hungry and had some cereal but there wasn't any milk so being the adventurous girl I am I used fruit punch. Interesting combination... not without it's uniqueness... a certain je ne sais quoi? Watched more Jerry Springer, typed on the computer *yawn* floated around the internet... Got bored with my pics so I changed them around. Really nothing that interesting, which is why i'm wondering why i am typing an update at all?? maybe cause i'm just bored and the voices in my head have long gone to bed...

*sighs* My nails are painted black again... that's my colour. My nails were black way before it was cool, since 8th grade i believe. so there :P Damn, i gotta work tomorrow. Well i suppose with three days off i shouldn't complain, but still, getting up early and then that uniform. ugh.

YAAAYYY! Holly's on Saturday!! What am I gonna bring?!?! *breathes* *fits of happy hyper* *breathes* Can I bring Orli?? He's fun to play with. lol. Remind me! CD of all my stuff. What was that?? I heard a noise...

kay bed now


let me help you [14 Jan 2004|03:07am]
[ mood | blushy ]

hehe. I was the human tomato today all thanks to my bestest buddy. She wrote off the top of her head, which is just mind boggling to me cause it would've taken me hours to get the wording just right and she just poof there ya go. I'm not gonna post it here cause it's gonna make me blush again. *hides* And I'm gonna be all red when I read the whole thing, this was just a few lines and it made me all blushie with the giggles.



2 dark ones| let me help you [13 Jan 2004|02:26am]
[ mood | thankful ]
[ music | If You Want Blood (You Got It) - ACDC ]

Dum de dum dum. Whoo, it's late. What the fuck am I still doing up? I don't know. Maybe I was hoping one of my buddies might be online but I guess they're all sleeping, just like I should be. Well, poo on you. It's dark out and I'm freezing, just the way I like it.

I've taken a pledge. This summer I pledge not to get a farmers tan.

Spent all frickin night fixing my computer cause it busted again. What would my family do without me here to fix this piece of crap all the time? OH! I got three of my Indiana Jones movies today and my book from chapters. Yay! Plus another movie is on the way. That'll be 4 out of 6 I'm missing. Whoo hoo. Now I just have to wait for that present from Cindi. Hmmm, what could it be?? Orlando perhaps, with a big silver bow... *whispers* notice how there is no mention of clothing. ;) Get you mind outta the gutter girl.

Sent Holly her lost chapter. She really like... I mean LOVED the chapter, you know I had to throw in something about his ears right. lol. Be thankful, no gagging. ROFL. I may even have to type out another one, if I ever finsih this damn english stuff, then the posters and programs for that play I promised to help with. I was so happy when she told me she liked it because well I was slightly nervous. I've never written those for other people and what one person likes may not be what another likes. It's a whole complicated thing. But I did good so no worries. *fetches a cookie for herself*

The Curse is upon us. Yes, Holly is writing the Fall Dance scene. This is the scene where all the girls that think Scarlette is a complete loser drool all over her boyfriend then he just turns around to kiss Scar, making all those bitchy girls jealous. Ooops. I went off into my own little world didn't I. I do that from time to time.

Damn it! Stupid theatre play Lord of the Rings already. Grrr. Bite.

So far so good. Looks like I will definitely have friday afternoon and saturday off. I have to start thinking what I'm gonna bring. *mental notes* cd with all my files on it, gummi worms, popcorn, lotr extended editions, movies (i should go rent the order, oh wait my mum rented it today and we have it for a week; the order, check), ummm, my art stuff to keep myself busy whilst Holly is typing oodles of updates (just kidding), magazines, my new purple cow pjs, a muzzle for her brother. hehe. all set.

And Holly I'm sorry about bugging you for so many updates. I'll stop promise. I'll be good. *angel smile* Cookie?


3 dark ones| let me help you i had to go home [11 Jan 2004|12:23am]
Spent all day at Holly's. Much fun. Cause I haven't seen Holly since our Post-Christmas Hoopla Parté: Version 0.3 which was... oh... about a week ago but that's too long and it sucks not being able to see my bestest friends as often as I used to. I go stir crazy being cooped up at home all the time. No worries though cause I'm supposed to have next Saturday off and I only work till 1 on friday so perhaps... sleepover time? I'll be quiet as a wee little mouse, honest :D Plus you know much discussion about SE and and and all the gossipy goodness. Wait I'm not much into gossip, we'll discuss boys... and girls ;) Remind me for pete sakes to bring my cd and pictures of cool clothes. And I'll look for some popcorn and gummi worms.

The only bad part about today was having to leave. :(

Kay I have to work at 9am so I best be going to bed soon.

Nighty night,

let me help you

This one reminds me of Crystal.rofl [08 Jan 2004|01:36am]

"Guys, I'm drinking Jolt. In about 3 minutes, my reaction time is going to exceed twice that of normal men. Steal another fry, I break your fingers.".

- Unknown

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[08 Jan 2004|01:32am]
lol. I didn't even realize till now that one of posts from last night is on there like three times. rofl. took me a little while.

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cru.ella [08 Jan 2004|01:30am]
[ mood | pensive ]
[ music | Like A Movie - MIdtown ]

I feel funny today, and not funny haha I mean unsual funny. My stomach was pretty much killing me all day. Could be lack of food perhaps, I just didn't feel like eating so I'm not gonna stuff myself for no reason. Maybe it's telekenetic pains? How are you Holly? Got any tummy aches, or maybe a reaaally bad headache around 1am? That's what I have right now, most unpleasant.

*sighs* I watched Shakespeare in Love, it's one of the very few movies that makes me cry. Right at the end of the play where Juliet kills herself is the kicker for me. *tear* Oh and I had a really freaky dream last night. I was helping some girl who was a werewolf look for something. Then everyone thought I was a werewolf but it was really this other teenage girl who was one. I remember being in the room with her when she was transforming and she was in so much pain. Can't recall the rest of it. o_O

I'm gonna really try to update at least once a day. I slack off sometimes though I promise promise promise to update when i go away to school. Living two hours away I need to stay in contact with my friends. Hey at least this will give Holly an excuse to kick her brother off the net. Scar's not on that often, remember she lives far away. hehe. *devil horns*

Plus I have to bug Holly for soooooooo many updates. :) And you thought two hour distance was gonna stop me.

I was wrong, it wasn't a full moon yesterday grrrrr. Muses where are you?!?!?!

♥ Scarlette ♥

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full.moon [07 Jan 2004|12:09pm]
Isn't a full moon yet?

Why you ask?

Because when it's a full moon the muses make Holly work overtime = happytime for her SE beta reader.

♥ Scarlette ♥
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full.moon [07 Jan 2004|12:08pm]
Isn't a full moon yet?

Why you ask?

Because when it's a full moon the muses make Holly work overtime = happytime for her SE beta reader.

♥ Scarlette ♥
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full.moon [07 Jan 2004|12:05pm]
Isn't a full moon yet?

Why you ask?

Because when it's a full moon the muses make Holly work overtime = happytime for her SE beta reader.

♥ Scarlette ♥
let me help you [06 Jan 2004|02:22am]
Kay I tried to sleep and I can't. I think something's wrong with me. But I should go cause I wanna wake up early and write some more english assignments like a good little student x_x

I'm gonna try and think of ideas for Shadowed Edge... well for some of the characters... alright, alright I admit it... ideas for Scarlette and Orli. I can't help, it's like the Romeo and Juliet story I always wanted, without the dying in the end.

♥ Scarlette ♥

PS Bet you a million bucks you're trying to figure out how i got the little hearts right?
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alo [06 Jan 2004|01:45am]
[ mood | grumpy ]

Would ya look at that, my updates seem to be getting later and later. I don't really feel like sleeping. There's too much stuff swimming around my head to fall asleep. I did piss all today, well except for some typing and trying to hook up a dvd player to an ancient tv. Hung around the basement for a bit, damn there was just nothing to do. I got back my independent - 90% and I'm convinced the teacher kept one of my assignments, the poem on high school. And he thought my interior monologue of the girl turning into a vampire was "wow!" Enough about that now, I hate school stuff and I don't wanna talk about it... at least till it's completely over with. So please don't ask.

Tried to get back into my lost chapter writing but it just wasn't working. Then I tried to type some of my vampire story and that wasn't working either, so I got frustrated and had a nap. I had a nice dream though - but I can't remember what it was about... Actually lately I've just been reading. Took me a good hour to read through all of Shadowed Edge again, I missed the part where Orli meets Scar and I wanted to refreshify my memory. Then they kissed at the end and I was like whoohoo!

My Indiana Jones book that I ordered should be here this week. Yay! Something I ordered through the internet is finally coming.

Have you ever wondered what would have happened if you were never born? I think about that sometimes but maybe I shouldn't anymore cause I'm here and that's that. Or what would have happened if you had done something differently in the past? There are a few things a time machine would come in handy right now.

I feel a cry coming on.

Being alone sucks, I'm going to bed.

♥ Scarlette ♥

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Free.Dom [04 Jan 2004|01:03pm]
[ mood | silly ]
[ music | Queen Sarah Saturday - Seems ]

It's not nice to keep Dom all locked up in your basement Holly.

I have three, count 'em, three days off. Whoo and might i add hoo. What am I gonna do with three whole days off? LOTR marathon i believe, extended editions at Holly's house perhaps. I still have all that extra salt, extra butter movie theatre style popcorn and ketchup chips. All I need are gummi worms and we are all set. Supper? Who needs supper when you can make a popcorn/gummi worm sandwich. Oh, yes it's possible and it's fantastic. Highly recommended.

Congratulations to the World Idol: Kurt Nielsen Whoo! He rocked. I never liked that Beautiful Day song until now.

Haha. School tomorrow. Suckers. I get to stay home and reeelax. Watch some Indiana Jones and Young Indiana Jones. Play around on the computer, listen to music. Sleep!!

Holly Rules!


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2004 has begun [01 Jan 2004|12:24am]
[ mood | crazy ]
[ music | Def Leppard - Pour Some Sugar on Me ]

Hmmm, let's hope 2004 has more in store for me than 2003 did. I was looking at Holly's journal and she wrote about the stuff that happened in 2003, and me thoughts this was a good idea.

January: V. happy working at the museum. Only downer was it was my last month there. I had grown acustomed to the smell of moth balls and that creepy buffalo head in the basement. It named it Ezekiel. It was the end of a semester and the beginning of homework hell. OAC History and geography proved to be more work than I though, go figure school meant work. meh. Holls was getting worse with the pacemaker pains and the wires poking into her ribs. She was still waiting for an appt. to get that fixed. This was also near the beginning of Shadowed Edge aka the BEST story on the planet. I could be slightly biased. Started the OBsession.

February: My first Valentine's Day at Safeway. I didn't know Safeway was evil until they jacked up the prices of roses to $39.99. Not as hectic as I thought it would have been. And alas another Valentine's Day gone by sans boy-toy. hmpf. Holls went to Edmonton to get her pacemaker all fixed up. Everything went just fine but she was in a lot of pain when she got back. She had to rest for a long time and I reeaallly missed her. We're so close that I swear half my brain wouldn't work when she was gone, lol.

March: Ummm, march break? Can't remember what I did... St. Patricks Day was great though.

April: Boring

May: Finally met the one and only Cindi. She spent, what two weeks here? I think. Anyway she was here which was cool cause it was mine and Holly's birthday. I turned 19 and she turned 20, we went to Holly's and had a fun sleepover.

June: Finished high school for good. Nuf said.

July: Work, work, work. Bugged Holly for updates.

August: Crystal's birthday, she turned 20. I got her, ummm... I can't believe I can't remember. Was it the steering wheel cover? Or was that the year before? We had loads of fun but it was sad cause it was very close to when Crystal was going to move away. Bugged Holly for updates.

September: Started working at Safeway way more often cause I was not going to school. Many fun days with Holly and Crystal. Expanded my horizons by writing my own lost chapters. Apparently getting very good at it too, just need to let go a little bit more. There are some words I'm just not comfortable using yet, but give me time.

October: Sad month. Crystal moved away and Holly was going to Georgia. But they wouldn't let her cross the border to US so she had to drive all the way back home. That sucked big time cause she was so looking forward to spending time with Cindi then it just back fired. Oh, found out I had a lost chapter but then it got lost. :( poo.

November: Crazy work month, got called in like every second day which made it harder for me to be able to see my friends. Finally had our trip to Winnipeg, Holls, Crys and I. Had sooooooooooo much fun, I swear best time of my life... grumpiness aside. Bugged Holly for more updates and lost chapter. :D

December: Home. Safeway. Home. Safeway. Yep that was pretty much the whole month. Oh but the greatest Shadowed Edge update arose in this month, the long awaited kiss between Scar and Orli. Yes, I think I was the only eageraly waiting for that one. Still planning the Post-Christmas Hoopla Parté: Version 0.3

Take notice there is no mentioning boys anywhere. But that's because the gods think it's funny to see me miserable and bitter. There were a few crushes along the way but circumstances beyond my control got in the way. Sad really, some of them were v. cute.

May 2004 bring me joy, happiness, good grades and good shags. hehe. kidding... or am I??


let me help you

DODODO [01 Jan 2004|12:00am]
Happy New Year!
let me help you

boogabooga [29 Dec 2003|10:53pm]

We came, we saw, we kicked its ass!

Bill Murray

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spiders and other creepers [29 Dec 2003|10:50pm]
[ mood | peaceful ]
[ music | Stephen - Senses Fail ]

Witchitar and Gizmo... lovely pet names. Apparently I have to feed the black widow and leaf mantis when Dom's gone?? Chickens. Just drop a few flies in and keep your fingers out.

8am I was sleeping peacefully, nice and cozy in my bed without a care in the world.

8:20a I hear the phone ring. Dread. I hope it's not my boss. I hear my mum coming towards my door with the phone. Ahhhh shiiiiittttt. I got called in, again! for 9am. ugh, i was like half asleep. It was a pretty boring day, nothing much to do, just blowing up balloons, cleaning up buckets, and making arrangements. *yawn* I was looking forward to a little extra sleep.

Going downtown with Crys tomorrow. Do a little shopping sans moola, then getting my haircut finally... I'm starting to feel like one of the Ramones. It's all shaggy and loosing it's pitch blackness.

Looking very much forward to our Post-Christmas Hoopla Part?: Version 0.3. Just the girls for some reckless fun, watching movies and filling out tummies with junk food. Plus they can finally open up their christmas presents that are sitting on my bedroom floor since november. And Holls and Crys have presents for me that are just dying to be torn apart to shreds.

I. Can't. Take. It.


Holls you bugger, never came back on. :P

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