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look its rachel [25 Feb 2003|03:54pm]
[ mood | bored ]

im pretty sure you all know who i am so why make any kind of im just gonna say hi
AIM:riskyxrachel...use it

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[25 Feb 2003|12:01am]


Rachel - Road Rules 11 Campus Crawl
Blurty: rachel_robinson
AIM: riskyxrachel

Lindsay - Real World: Seattle
Blurty: lindsay_brian
AIM: x little lindsay

Expect a lot of updates tomorrow.
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[24 Feb 2003|01:44pm]

[ mood | excited ]

hey all you wonderful people! i'm Keri Evans. i was on Real World Chicago, and i'm back again *smiles*
hopefully it will be fun.
look its keri

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[24 Feb 2003|02:53pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

all of us need to update more. before the directors get annoyed and kick us all out of the house.

david honey where are you hiding

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[24 Feb 2003|01:12pm]


Amaya - RW: Hawaii
Blurty: amaya_brecher
AIM: amaya loves ya

Keri - RW: Chicago
Blurty: keri_e
AIM: look its keri
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[24 Feb 2003|12:55pm]

[ mood | aggravated ]

Nate showed Lori his penis and she turned red.

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[23 Feb 2003|02:14am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Hey ya'll, it's Trishelle from RW 12: Las Vegas. I hope everyone is doing fine. I'm kind of excited to be back here again..and to see some old roommates. We'll see how it goes. ;)
AIM: tasty trishelle

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[23 Feb 2003|12:54am]

Okay I need a roommate... anyone interested?
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Oops its a confessional. [22 Feb 2003|08:12pm]

[ mood | giddy ]
[ music | Sean Paul ]

Oh shit.


What you say in there is between you and the camera. [;)] And the viewers of course. Who would they tell?

Watch what you say in there, kids.

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[22 Feb 2003|04:48pm]

You all are picking roommates already? Christ I haven't even looked at this place yet. Nate if you're roaming around come and find me. Let's room again, yo.
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[22 Feb 2003|05:23pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]
[ music | DMX ]

Hey kids. Can't wait for this to start.

drink me ruthie, don't be shy.

I see Hawaii and Battle of the Sexes kids. *s*

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[22 Feb 2003|05:18pm]

[ mood | complacent ]

Hi, I'm Blair. AIM boisterousblair.

I look forawrd to living with y'all.

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[22 Feb 2003|04:16pm]

[ mood | aggravated ]


Road Rules: The Quest

Blair Herter
Blurty: blair_herter

It would be appreciated if you go out there and pimp this community. The greater the community's population, the better the games.

There will be sister communities and I'm in talks with certian moderators to be affiliated with this community, celeb-wise. Thanks for joining and look for more updates.

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[22 Feb 2003|04:10pm]

Sup babies. I'm wasting my first entry in here to say that you directors better let blair_herter in or I am going to throw something. Thanks.
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[22 Feb 2003|05:03pm]

[ mood | irritated ]
[ music | some britney spears shit ]

hate to be a repetitive poster but what does a girl have to do to find a confessional around here?

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[22 Feb 2003|03:49pm]

Did yall really think I'm going to let David have all the girl fun? Psh. You know my screen name and when I sign on abuse it alright. Especially my girl Brynn. :-*
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[22 Feb 2003|03:39pm]

oh HELL yes. I'm ready to do this shit once again.
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[22 Feb 2003|04:34pm]

Hey everyone. I'm Kendal *smiles*

Okay I'm not really good at making introductions so just talk to me on aim

Kinky xx Kendal
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[22 Feb 2003|04:37pm]

[ mood | busy ]

name's lori. aim's sorry not lori. use it.

where is coral!

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[22 Feb 2003|03:28pm]

[ mood | cranky ]

i'm colin from real world hawaii. i see my girl ruthie is here. this should be fun, or something.

aim: colins on mtv

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