Bad day   
05:59pm 23/01/2003
mood: crushed
music: Idiot Boyfriend- Jimmy Fallon
First off, Happy Birthday to ayacakes, would wish you one on LJ also, but LJ is such a bitch. Hope you have a super-fantastic birthday, woobie-woo. Love you to Bacon Bits. *rubs thigh*

Now then, have had terrible day. Hate everything. Wish was dead. Stupid Bruce. Hate men. Am so becoming a lesbian.

BacchanalianChic (4:05:05 PM): *cries*
ASHMARL (4:05:09 PM): What's wrong?
BacchanalianChic (4:05:17 PM): bad day
ASHMARL (4:05:25 PM): *hugs* What happened?
BacchanalianChic (4:05:34 PM): Bruce (guy I like) pulls me out of lunch and takes me outside to ask me something. everyone is all "awww" and I'm thinking he's gonna ask me out.
BacchanalianChic (4:05:42 PM): but he doesn't.
BacchanalianChic (4:05:55 PM): he's all "there are rumors going around that you like me. I was wondering if you did. I mean, it's okay if you do. I'd rather you tell me"
ASHMARL (4:05:55 PM): Aw!
BacchanalianChic (4:06:04 PM): so I'm saving face because that sounds like he doesn't like me. So I'm all "no, we're just friends. God, can't girls and guys just be friends?"
BacchanalianChic (4:06:24 PM): and then he's all all "okay" so we went inside
and then after he leaves to go home, Josey comes up to me and is all "he was going to ask you out this morning" and I'm like "why didn't he" and she's all "I don't know"
BacchanalianChic (4:06:33 PM): fucking pussy thing to do, not asking me out.
BacchanalianChic (4:06:41 PM): he said it in a way that he like didin't want me to be interested
ASHMARL (4:07:13 PM): LOL
ASHMARL (4:07:16 PM): Bastard
ASHMARL (4:07:22 PM): Go up to him and snog him
BacchanalianChic (4:07:47 PM): no. There will be no snogging
ASHMARL (4:07:56 PM): Make him jealous, then
BacchanalianChic (4:08:06 PM): so tomorrow I'm gonna be all "You know, I would have gone out with you if you'd just had the guts to ask"
ASHMARL (4:09:31 PM): *grin*
ASHMARL (4:09:34 PM): Harsh, girl, harsh
BacchanalianChic (4:10:27 PM): i'm upset.
BacchanalianChic (4:10:47 PM): I'm not thinking clearly. Mindy had to remind me that kicking people would get me thrown out of school
ASHMARL (4:11:32 PM): LOL
BacchanalianChic (4:11:37 PM): and then you know what the bastard did to me while I was working on pin curls? DO you LOUISE?! he patted me on my fucking back. And I go "Bruce, I've had a shitty day. I don't want to be touched, thankyouverymuch"
ASHMARL (4:11:39 PM): Well make sure you're not too mean
ASHMARL (4:11:47 PM): *grin* Git
ASHMARL (4:11:49 PM): Git git git
BacchanalianChic (4:12:07 PM): I know. Who pats your back?! Honestly.
ASHMARL (4:12:43 PM): How patronising
BacchanalianChic (4:12:49 PM): I know.
BacchanalianChic (4:13:25 PM): and then when he left hes all "see you tomorrow" Fuck him. Like it's some sort of given that I'll always be there for him.
ASHMARL (4:14:38 PM): So don't go in!
ASHMARL (4:14:44 PM): Or else get a boyfriend who is not him
BacchanalianChic (4:14:58 PM): no, I'll loose hours. I have to go in

BacchanalianChic (5:39:19 PM): mama force fed me potpie.
BacchanalianChic (5:39:21 PM): ick
ASHMARL (5:39:42 PM): LOL
BacchanalianChic (5:39:43 PM): don't want to eat. want to curl up in little ball and drink vodka. Hate Bruce.
BacchanalianChic (5:40:50 PM): "if you like me, that's okay. I'd rather know." Jesus Christ. Who says shit like that unless they Just Want To Be Friends
ASHMARL (5:41:14 PM): LOL
ASHMARL (5:41:53 PM): Must go, sweetcakes
ASHMARL (5:41:55 PM): Night night!
BacchanalianChic (5:41:58 PM): nini
BacchanalianChic (5:41:59 PM): loff you
ASHMARL (5:42:03 PM): Ditto
ASHMARL (5:42:04 PM): Bye!
ASHMARL (5:42:08 PM): And have a good day tomorrow
ASHMARL (5:42:10 PM): Don't be too mean ;-)
BacchanalianChic (5:42:15 PM): I'll try
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