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    Tuesday, February 11th, 2003
    7:53 pm
    oatmeal is the shit
    havent updated in awhile. just forgot. whats been happening in my life. same ole same ole shit. going to school then to work then to home . nothing new or exciting, but on the positive, winter is almost over. i can feel it. yes! spring time is the shit. not too cold. not too hot. don't have to wear shorts, but dont have to wear sweaters. the perfect median.
    what happened today. lets see went to school. nothing worth mentioning happened except this hot girl told me i looked good today. that was sweet. lol. then i went to lunch with t boz. then went home. tried to be nice to my families fuckin dog, its not mine, by taking it outside to go. but i waited for like 10 minutes. it didnt go . so i go back inside. what is the first thing it does. it fuckin pisses. i wont call the dog by its real name, brandi, because not only is that the stupidest name ever, but the dog pisses me off, so i call it fucker. my dog fucker. lol. i went to work and it was alright. the dildo dyke wasnt as bad. but she still was nagging me. i just wonder if she can not nag me. oh well. i work the next 2 days. then valentines day off. i hate valentines day. its stupid. ive never had a valentine. all the day does is make me aware of how truly lonely i am. oh what a nice thought. oh, and i get a new pair of heart boxers from my mom. lol . this year to be nice to my mom im taking my sister out of thehouse so my mom and step dad can celebrate valentines day however they choose. so it means i have to see a movie with the caitster. what movie does she wanna see? fuckin made in manhattan. because j lo's in it. it looks like it fuckin sucks a fuck.
    well oh well. im off to rest
    Tuesday, January 28th, 2003
    6:34 pm
    heaven is a half pipe
    havent wrote in a couple days . ill update the last couple . on saturday i worked all day . then i got subway and some bitch flashed me when i was drivin. she was hot. it was cool. lol . on sunday went to 12 oaks and purchased a couple shirts . yesterday worked and then got home and found out im gettin 200 dollars for my tax returns. fuck yeah! im gonna buy a quarter year membership to a gym and make my skinny ass all strong and shit. i dont want to get like mega huge and have people call me diesal or any kind of shit like that . i just want to have muscle. anyways today i went to the orthodontist . i officially only have to wear my retainer when i sleep now . its not like i havent been doing that for 8 months. lol . and i get to get my wisdom teeth out now. hopefully i will get some codeine. it will be fresh . i just ate a lot of bread. i like bread. it makes me full . it makes me poop . it is good. lol . now i get to go to a finacial aid meeting for college now. my poor ass needs money from the government to pay for my schooling . ok back in the middle of typing i left and went to 7 11 and bought my step dad a trading times and myself a maxim. maxin equals good. its awesome its got sex sports gadgets and beer in it . its a magazine for men . hell yeah niggy . well im off to go collect food stamps . later pussy farts

    Current Mood: full
    Current Music: id rather be a n i g g a-'pac
    Friday, January 24th, 2003
    6:00 pm
    ah. another friday night with nothing to do . wonderful. this makes it the ............shit i cant remember when the weekend was anything to look foward to . lol . i think the reason the weekend isnt anything to look foward is a combination of me havin no girly and having shitty friends . even if im ugly and cant get bitches i should be able to have fun with my friends . well i hate my friends .thats a messed up thing to say , but i don't care . my friends aren't good for me . when i don't hang out with them for awhile things are better off for me . i feel better about myself . i am more focused on school and stuff . and girls come around . at least that is what happened before when i did that . i think i am goin to see if it happens again . my friends have a negative impact on me . they make me feel shitty about myself they do stupid immature things and are just plain stupid . they might have similiar feelings about me . i dotn care . i kind of look foward to growing up . hopefully i get to pick some new friends . that owuld be cool. i think the only reason i still even talk to my friends is the face that i have to see them in school . and that i have known them from my younger years . its just a routine . a habit . one that i need to break .
    another thing to bitch about , lol , is the absence of fly bitches in my life . where are the girls at? i need something to break my routine of life so i can meet some girls or something . i had hope that when i had my semester class change that there would be some uncharted territoty in at least one of my classes to get my mack on , but no . theres girls in my classes . girls that i am just friens with . girls that i am just friends with because they are out of my league . thats pretty much every girl . so i have to figure out some way to meet new girls . it would be sweet if i knew someone who could give me the hook up . but i dont . im want to try , but theres no one to try on! fuck
    i need somethin to uplift me up outta this . i need somethin to look foward to . somethin to make me happy . what would do that . i wish i knew . one positive thing as of late is this is my 8th day smoking free. a whole week has passed! least one thing is goin right . if i dont let people get the best of me with stress and shti i won't have an urge to smoke again .
    today was the day i can eat anything and not care . so i ate a lot . i ate a mega hershey symphony bar . it made me sick . lol . i ate so much . i dont care . ugh . on that note i think i am goin to be sick right now .

    Current Mood: crappy
    Current Music: kool keith-represent my nuts
    Wednesday, January 22nd, 2003
    3:21 pm
    same ol' same ol'
    its a little after three on wenesday afternoon . just got out of school . got to go to work in a tiny bit . works not that bad though . it passes my time .
    got new classes in school . yesterday was the begining of the new semester . my classes are pretty good overall . i have someone to talk to in almost all of them at least . instead of last semester where i could either not talk or talk to dorky uninteresting kids. sadly though there is no new hot girls i dont know . darn . i was lookin foward to spottin myself a new princess. well at least there is no annoying kids in my classes. well im off to eat for the first time today . im starved. food = happiness when nothing else can

    Current Mood: sad
    Sunday, January 19th, 2003
    2:37 pm
    stupid people can suck my dick until they numb it
    last night i had a prank pizza delivered to my house . hmmmmmmmm wonder who it could be . it wouldnt be travis dan and nate who were being retarded like a half n hour before . geeee couldnt be . the funny thing is that it doesnt matter . cuz if they were tryin to get me in trouble they didnt . they just showed their level of maturity . and they wonder why i dont want to hang out with them a lot . well anyways . fuck it. its around 2 30 on a sunday afternoon . and i aint got shit to do . thats the best things ever . outtie
    12:58 am
    if there is grass on the infield play ball
    shit , that chocolate was good . hershey's symphony bars are the best . but now my stomach feels all shitty ........and shit . lol . saturday live is funny. tracey morgan is one funny ass nugga . its already sunday . this long weekend is goin fast. toamrow i have to carpet the house or something to do with carpet and stuff . and i am goin to look for a book called "porno" . its a serious book , but it sounds cool cuz its about porno . ha . people are stupid .ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh . especially friends . or however the fuck you spell it . i have to do somethin to get into shape tomarow . yes i do . but for the moment i have to sleep . yes . i must sleep . g'night pussies .

    Current Mood: weird
    Current Music: barry whites voice in that arby's commercial
    Saturday, January 18th, 2003
    11:44 pm
    life is short and a bodybuilding elf
    fuck , sitting at the crib watching mad tv now . hell yeah niggy . what did i do today ? i uh woke up kind of early (10:30) laid in bed for a bit . watched tv . got yelled at for existing . went to work . thank god the cherokee dyke was not there . i would not have been able to handle her . for those who arent in the know , the cherokee dyke is my boss jean . she quite possiblely maybe the only lesbian cherokee indian . i mean lesbian cherokee native american lol . work was straight . lol . i guess. got off of work . got some mother fucking mcdonalds . me and the dartman watched jeepers creepers . what a stupid movie . the stupidest movie ever. those kids in it are fuckin retarded. yeah and my other friends were being stupid . they knocked very loudly on my door late at night then like ran away or somethin . thats real awesome . lol . i am fiendin for a smoke . its the second day smoke free. i forgot to put the patch on . not really a smart decision when im tryin to quit . but shit i didnt smoke anyways . but i still am goin to put the patch on tomarrow . right now i want some chocolate . i am goin to get some chocolate . later