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    Thursday, June 24th, 2004
    10:09 am
    Dear Mrs. States:

    I am very pleased to be able to report to you that at last evening's School Committee meeting, Mr. Sarno made a proposal to bring back a music teacher position.

    This position will be assigned to Stoughton High School. Due to drastically increasing numbers of band, chorus, and students from the general student body taking music classes, the addition of this position was a must! Without it about 60 students of the band, almost 100 students from the computer music classes and/or the chorus would have had to been dropped from the curriculum.

    The committee made a unanimous decision to approve Mr. Sarno's request. As Fine Arts Director I am extremely pleased and feel very excited about the opportunities for our bands, chorus, and music students from the general student body. Due to the large numbers we will now have 2 sections of band. The Chorus will have someone well versed in vocal technique, and students not in band or chorus will have the opportunity to take Computer Music, Exploring Music of America, and History Though Art & Music.

    Please feel free to share this exciting news!

    Ronald R. Christianson

    Ronald R. Christianson
    Director of Fine Arts K-12
    Stoughton Public Schools
    232 Pearl Street
    Stoughton, Ma. 02072
    (781)344-4000 Ext 254
    Thursday, June 17th, 2004
    3:10 pm
    I really liked this, but there wasn't a way to link directly to it, so I'm copying and pasting. If you would like to go to the site that I got it from, its I recommend checking it out, this kid is funny, and I like his writing.

    Dear Anne,

    Get away from me. Just stay away. Forget my name. Forget my face. Forget anything you've ever know about me. I'm not the man you called every night. I'm not the man who would hold you for forever. I'm not the man who wrote those words you cherished.

    I'm not the man you used to love.

    I'm not the man I used to be. Please don't ask me for an explanation. You won't like what I have to tell you.

    Just pretend I was never here. I never sat next to you in Calculus. I wasn't your date to the prom. You didn't fall asleep in my arms. Cut me out of your memories. Cut me out of your life. Burn the letters. Destroy the gifts. Sell the necklace.

    I won't be in school on Monday. My house will be empty. My car will be at the bottom of Rose Valley. Any trace of me will be eradicated, extinct. For all intensive purposes, I will never have existed, except in your eyes, in your mind.

    I don't want you to have to try and remember a man that never was.

    Let the rumors spread. Don't try and contradict them. I'm not worth defending. In this town, people feel safe if their fears are explained away by a rumor or two. Let it happen. Let them live in peace.

    Let yourself live in peace.

    By the end of the year I'll be a nobody. A phantom. My name will turn into Albert or Alex. The stories will change. My life will fall into the cracks. I will be that guy who used to do that thing.

    What ever happened to him?

    Don't answer the question, beautiful.

    If it takes you hating me to forget me, then please, hate me. Hate everything we were. Hate everything we ever did. Badmouth me to your friends. Turn to a new man. Make him your own. Let him help you forget about me.

    I'm not worth your memory.

    I'm sorry I can't offer an explanation to you. The one thing you deserve, the one thing I'd love to give you, I can't. I'm sorry.

    I'm sorry.

    Oh God I'm sorry.

    I never thought it would lead to this. I never thought I'd be staring at my possessions in boxes. My entire life is in brown boxes, ready to disappear into nothing. My life is made up of my worldly possessions. It's sad, really.

    It shouldn't be this easy to completely disappear. Thankfully, for your sake, it is.

    I don't know where I'm going; all I know is that I have to leave you. I have to leave everyone. No one deserves what I'm about to do. You don't deserve to know anything about it.

    I never thought our last time together was going to be our last time… together.

    Tell your little brother I went away for a while. Tell him I'm sorry for missing football. Have John take him instead. John loves that kid.

    If there is every anything you need, ask John. He knows about this, I've already talked to him. He's promised me that he will take care of you.

    And yes, you do need taken care of. Sometimes even the toughest stones crack, beautiful. Don't try and deal with this by yourself. Don't pull your tough girl routine. John is a phone call away. Let him help you.

    Don't torture him for answers; he doesn't know any more than you do.

    No one does.

    When you're done reading this, get my box out from under your bed. Burn it. Burn everything that is inside of it. All our photos, our love notes, our poetry.

    Burn it all.

    Destroy anything that reminds you of me. My clothes you wear to bed. The books you pretended to like. The movie stubs.

    Let me fade away in flames.

    For your safety and for mine, please, please do this for me. It's the last thing I have to ask from you. As the man who loved you more than life itself, who held you when you were weak, who made you smile when no one else could.

    As terrible as it sounds, please… please forget about me.


    I Love you Anne, and I'm sorry.
    Saturday, May 29th, 2004
    10:23 am
    I'm not quite dead, sir.
    Me am busy a lot. Me doesn't write in blurty a lot. Me am making livejournal when summer comes and gives me free time. Me do survey that me stolen from Katie cuz me not want to start chem poster project thinger.

    -- Name: Matt
    -- Birth date: 1.12
    -- Birthplace: A small country in Lake Michigan
    -- Current Location: The giant swimming pool that is Mexico because me and Tom nuked it.
    -- Eye Color: Weird
    -- Hair Color: Irish :-p
    -- Height: Taller than Meghan and Leah
    -- Righty or Lefty: Yes
    -- Zodiac Sign: Capricizzorn

    -- Your heritage: British, irish, itallian, native american
    -- The shoes you wore today: Vans with paint stains for leaving the house, and checkered sandals for in the house.
    -- Your weakness: shyness
    -- Your fears: public speaking
    -- Your perfect pizza: Town Spa cheese
    -- Goal you'd like to achieve: That one that me and Tom are gonna do...No, not like that Brendan, freak

    -- Your most overused phrase on AIM: that sucks
    -- Your thoughts first waking up: Damnit, I wish I was sleeping
    -- Your best physical feature: My left pinky finger
    -- Your bedtime: Yesterday
    -- Your most missed memory: If I remember a memory, then I can't miss it, because I haven't lost it, because all the memories I have I remember.

    -- Pepsi or Coke: Pepsi
    -- McDonald's or Burger King: Wendy's
    -- Single or group dates: I'm pretty sure a single date is called, "Being by yourself"
    -- Adidas or Nike: Vans
    -- Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: Nestea
    -- Chocolate or vanilla: Vanilla
    -- Cappuccino or coffee: No

    -- Smoke: ing is for dumb people
    -- Cuss: yeah
    -- Sing: Spice Girls
    -- Take a shower everyday: I haven't showered since 1997
    -- Do you think you've been in love: :-D
    -- Want to go to college: I hearded o' dem learning places
    -- Like(d) high school: mhm
    -- Want to get married: mhm
    -- Believe in yourself: Yes, but I also believe in Santa, so I don't think it counts.
    -- Get motion sickness: Once in a while
    -- Think you're attractive: Wicked, wait, no
    -- Think you're a health freak: definitely not
    -- Get along with your parents: much more than jeff does
    -- Like thunderstorms: of course
    -- Play an instrument: I play trumpet and guitar, and I'm teaching myself how to play Jeff's old trombone, and I get my great grandfather's violin tomorrow, so I can start teaching myself that over the summer.

    In the past month...
    -- Drank alcohol: nope
    -- Smoked: nope
    -- Done a drug: tylenol
    -- Gone on a date: I went on dates with Lisa, and a date with Leah
    -- Gone to the mall?: w00t for Providence Place on Junior Negligence Day
    -- Eaten an entire box of Oreos: Not in the past month...
    -- Eaten sushi: nope
    -- Been on stage: At the Hatch Shell and those other places
    -- Been dumped: Probably
    -- Made homemade cookies: nope, but I ate homemade cookies, which is better
    -- Gone skinny dipping: nope
    -- Dyed your hair: nope
    -- Stolen anything: don't think so

    -- Played a game that required removal of clothing: uh, don't think so...
    -- Been trashed or extremely intoxicated: nope
    -- Been called a tease: pretty sure I haven't
    -- Gotten beaten up: nope
    -- Shoplifted: nope
    -- Changed who you were to fit in: not purposely

    -- Age you hope to be married: 12
    -- Numbers and Names of Children: Um, I dunno
    -- Describe your Dream Wedding: Cake
    -- How do you want to die: Doing something crazy, like skydiving, or bungee jumping
    -- Where you want to go to college: Sacred Heart, Vanderbilt, George Washington, Columbia?
    -- What do you want to be when you grow up: history teacher
    -- What country would you most like to visit: Australia

    In a guy/girl..
    -- Best eye color? 3D
    -- Best hair color? Green
    -- Short or long hair: Hair is good
    -- height: Yellow
    -- Best weight: 9000 pounds
    -- Best articles of clothing: lingerie
    -- Best first date location: Mexico
    -- Best first kiss location: The moon

    -- Number of drugs taken illegally: threve
    -- Number of people I could trust with my life: 3 or 4
    -- Number of CDs that I own: Um, more than 120, cuz they don't fit in my cd carrier thingy
    -- Number of piercings: ...put a barbell through my dingaling...I mean none.
    -- Number of tattoos: none
    -- Number of times my name has appeared in the newspaper?: a bunch
    -- Number of scars on my body: don't know
    -- Number of things in my past that I regret: don't forget, no regrets

    Current Mood: weird
    Current Music: Superman-Goldfinger
    Wednesday, April 14th, 2004
    4:11 pm
    At the request of Tom, you get a stupid and pointless entry, but that's alright...

    Here, have some quotes about laughing, since it's my favorite thing to do:

    If we couldn't laugh, we would all go insane. - Jimmy Buffet

    Against the assault of laughter nothing can stand. - Mark Twain

    Laugh, Live, Smile, and Love... for what you get out of life comes from what you put in. - unknown

    And now, some other quotes that I like:

    To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

    I honestly think it is better to be a failure at something you love than to be a success at some­thing you hate. - George Burns

    I had no shoes and complained, until I met a man who had no feet. - Indian Proverb
    ^See, there's always someone who has it worse than you, so stop complaining!

    Let no one come to you without leaving better and happier. - Mother Teresa

    You can complain that roses have thorns; or rejoice that thorns have roses. - Ziggy

    Life is what you want it to's all about perception. Now you can all think those over until next Sunday, when I get home. Maybe you can think about them while you're in SCHOOL tomorrow :-p

    Current Mood: anxious
    Current Music: Girls- Beastie Boys
    Thursday, March 18th, 2004
    3:26 pm
    This is what we like to call procrastination
    *. . . W O U L D Y O U R A T H E R . . .*

    1) Pierce your nose or tongue? nose
    2) Be serious or be funny? funny
    3) Drink whole or skim milk? simply smart fat free milk tastes like 2% and simply smart 2% tastes like whole milk. Well, that's what the commercial says, I've never actually had simply smart.

    * . . . A R E Y O U . . .*

    4) Simple or complicated? Whichever I feel like being at any given time.

    * . . . D O Y O U P R E F E R . . . *

    5) Flowers or angels? I like pansies!
    6) Grey or gray? Gray...because grey isn't a word...Dumbasses
    7) Color or black-and-white photos? color
    8) Lust or love? love
    9) Sunrise or sunset? sunrise
    10) M&Ms or Skittles? M&M
    11) Rap or rock? Ska
    12) Staying up late or waking up early? Late
    13) TV or radio? Radio, with the exception of Friday Night Standup
    15) Eating apples or oranges? Apples

    * . . . A N S W E R T R U T H F U L L Y . . . *

    16) Do you have a crush? mhm
    17) Who is it? lisa najibe

    * . . . D O Y O U P R E F E R . . . *

    18) Being hot or cold? definitely cold
    19) Tall members of the opposite sex? booooooo heehee
    20) Sun or moon? dunno
    21) Emeralds or rubies? Yes
    22) Left or right? Right
    23) Having 10 acquaintances or 1 best friend? 1 best friend
    24) Sun or rain? Depends on my mood
    25) Vanilla ice cream or chocolate ice cream? vanilla
    26) Boys or girls? girls
    27) Green beans or carrots? carrots
    28) Low fat or fat free? No thanks

    * . . . M I S C E L L A N E O U S . . . *

    29) What is your biggest fear in the world? Stage, public speaking, all that crap
    30) Kids or no kids? Well...I don't have kids now...but I want some eventually
    31) Cat or dog? Cat
    32) Half empty or half full? Again, depends on my mood
    33) Mustard or ketchup? Neither
    34) Hard cover books or soft cover books? It's called PAPERBACK, not soft cover...DUMBASS
    35) Newspaper or magazine? Newspaper
    36) Sandals or sneakers? sneakers
    37) Wonder or amazement? wonder
    38) Red car or white car? my car...which is black
    39) Happy and poor or sad and rich? Hi...teacher...
    41) Hugging or kissing? both
    42) Corduroy or plain? Like the bear?
    43) Happy or sad? What a stupid question. That's like saying, "Are you happy being unhappy?"
    45) Blondes, brunettes? um...

    * . . . W H A T D O Y O U W A N T . . . *

    Where do you want to live? I want to live in a city, but only for a few years, like for college or something.
    How many kids do you want? a couple
    What kind of job o you want? history
    Do you want to get married? yuppers

    * . . . W H I C H I S B E T T E R . . . *

    2 doors or 4 (on a car)? Mine has two...
    Coffee or ice cream? ICE CREAM
    Shampoo or conditioner? Hehe, like Billy Madison...
    Bridges or tunnels? Tunnels
    One pillow or two? Dos

    *. . .F I R S T T H I N G T H A T C O M E S T O M I N D. . . *

    1 MINUTE AGO: Wow, the spaces in that ^^^ thing are really crappy.
    1 DAY AGO: was yesterday
    1 WEEK AGO: sigh
    1 YEAR AGO: was a long time ago
    I HURT: my elbow when Brendan tripped me freshman year...that scar is still there too...bastard
    I LOVE: Right now I'd love some sleep
    I HATE: how I procrastinate so much
    I HOPE: I'll be able to sleep some time soon
    I FEEL: tired...geez, after looking at the last bunch I really feel like Meursault...
    I HIDE: when I used to play hide and seek...i was so freakin good at that game man
    I DRIVE: a '97 saturn sc2
    I MISS: sleep
    I WAIT: for the weekend
    I NEED: sleep... oh bnl

    Current Clothes: on
    Mood: tired
    Current Music: Here's to Life, the original version, not the Streetlight Manifesto cover
    Current Taste: chocolate
    Current Hair: long
    Current Annoyance: my brother running and jumping upstairs
    Current thing I should be Doing: homework
    Current Desktop Picture: a guitar in a bottle
    Current Favorite Show: Comedy Central presents
    Current Book: Right now I'm working on things for Catch-22 and The Stranger, and I'm in the middle of one of Jordan's books, and I'm about to start Perks of Being a Wallflower
    Refreshment: yes please

    Current Mood: tired
    Current Music: Here's to Life
    Wednesday, March 10th, 2004
    4:56 pm
    Take the quiz: "Which American City Are You?"

    You are blue collar and Rock n Roll. You Work hard and party harder.

    Oh, and you need to reread the play to find the deeper meaning that I spent lots of time and effort planning out...

    Current Music: On the Phone-I voted For Kodos
    Monday, March 8th, 2004
    8:14 pm
    Yeah, too lazy/busy to actually update, but here's my creative writing one act play which the critics (Mr. Colantonio) call "Twistedly Hilarious." (The spacing might be somewhat off, since I wrote it in word, and blurty is weird)


    SCENE i

    Curtain opens. A dark haired teen is lying on her right side in bed, her face seeming to disappear into plush pillows. The walls of the room are dark. The sun is just beginning to rise, as we see through a window in the room. Along the same wall as the window is a dresser with a mirror above it. The girl yawns and stretches her arms, slowly sitting up. The audience now sees that the right side of the girl’s face is not there.

    KATRINA: (to herself) Hm, weird, I can’t see out of my right eye.

    She pulls her hand up to her face. Suddenly she becomes panicked.


    She begins sobbing.

    BRENDA: (offstage) What is it now? You’re always whining about something or other.

    KATRINA: (still sobbing) It’s my face, half of it is gone!

    BRENDA walks through the door. We now see that BRENDA is a cat. Her
    white fur directly contrasts with the room. She has a small circle of red on
    her right front paw and she is limping.

    BRENDA: Oh man, I hate it when that happens.

    KATRINA: This is not the time to make jokes. I hate you so much.

    BRENDA: Usually when someone kills you, its assumed that they hate you.

    KATRINA: I didn’t kill you because I hated you; I killed you because you tried to steal my boyfriend.

    BRENDA: I crawled onto his lap; I’m a cat, that’s what we do.

    KATRINA: But it made me jealous.

    BRENDA: That’s not a very good reason to nail my paw to the ceiling!

    KATRINA: Why not?

    BRENDA: What is wrong with you? Oh, by the way, you look really nice with half of a face.

    KATRINA: (remembering her original problem.) AGH! SHUT UP!!

    BRENDA: Just thought I’d point that out, I had good intentions at least.

    KATRINA: Why won’t you shut up! (She swings a fist at the cat. It goes through.)

    BRENDA: Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you, after experiencing death your tolerance for pain goes way up.

    KATRINA: AGH! (Jumps up, looking flustered. Looks underneath her bed.)

    BRENDA: I’m sure that’s what happened. Your face climbed off in the middle of the night and decided to hide under the bed.

    KATRINA: Runs to the closet and opens it

    BRENDA: If it were in the closet it would’ve jumped out and yelled “Boo!” already.

    KATRINA: (Screams. Sits on edge of bed with her head in her hands.)

    Long pause

    What should I do?

    BRENDA: Get a monocle.

    KATRINA: Get a…why?

    BRENDA: Well, you can’t wear glasses if you only have one ear.

    KATRINA: But I don’t wear glasses.

    BRENDA: Obviously, you only have one ear.

    KATRINA: I hate you.

    BRENDA: I think I heard that somewhere before.

    Another long pause while KATRINA runs around her room looking in drawers and under piles of clothes for her face. She stops and looks at BRENDA.

    KATRINA: Are you gonna help me or not?

    BRENDA: Help you what?

    KATRINA: Find the rest of my face!

    BRENDA: Oh. Nope, I’m just here to provide encouragement and a sympathetic ear.

    KATRINA: Then provide me with some encouragement.

    BRENDA: (waving pom poms) Yay Katrina, I hope you find your face, but you won’t get a date to prom in either case.


    BRENDA: Do you hate me? Is that what you were gonna say? Because I think that if you want to get that point across you should tell me a few more times.

    KATRINA: (flustered) I…just…how am I going to deal with this?

    BRENDA: Deal with what?


    BRENDA: It did, didn’t it? Some people might actually consider it an improvement. You were way too symmetrical before anyway.

    KATRINA: Maybe I can cover it up with makeup.

    BRENDA: Maybe I’m a really short elephant.

    KATRINA: Do you have a better idea?

    BRENDA: Of course I do.


    KATRINA: Well?

    BRENDA: Well, what?

    KATRINA: Well, what do you think I should do?

    BRENDA: Get a monocle.

    KATRINA: (throws a book at her) I CAN’T STAND YOU!

    BRENDA: Apparently neither could the rest of your face.

    KATRINA: (trying to appear calm) Maybe if I comb my hair like this, it won’t be noticeable…

    Curtain closes

    SCENE ii

    Curtain opens on a neighborhood. In the second story window of the center house we see KATRINA combing her hair and talking to herself, although we can’t hear what she is saying. Two women enter from the right, walking across the stage.

    WOMAN 1: It’s a nice day today, perfect for a morning walk.

    WOMAN 2: It’s been so nice lately; we’re getting spoiled by this weather.

    WOMAN 1: Look, there’s Katrina in the window, combing her hair and talking to herself, same as every other morning.

    WOMAN 2: Do you know what her mother told me?

    WOMAN 1: What?

    WOMAN 2: She said that every morning, Katrina wakes up thinking that half of her face is missing.

    WOMAN 1: (gasp) Is it?

    WOMAN 2: Of course not.

    They turn towards the audience, revealing that they also don’t have a right side to their faces

    She has her ear, her eye, her cheek…

    Curtain closes

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    Friday, March 5th, 2004
    4:43 pm
    Ranking The Disney Pincesses
    Ok, first off, credit goes to Tom for finding this very funny article. Second, this is FUNNY, and not a reference of any sort to anime porn, which is just discusting. Finally, the opinions that follow are not necessarily my own...

    Ranking The Disney Princesses
    Update by Nick Pelton on Feb. 4th, 2004

    Any man who is honest with his penis will admit that the Disney Princesses are hot. In fact, since they are animated and therefore hotter than the limitations of physics will allow, they are super hot. I've gone ahead and ranked the most well known for you. Feel free to skip down to the hottest, I certainly would.

    9th. Mulan: Some girl who could get away with being a man, and she actually sounds hotter than she really is. That's why she was forced to hang out with some shitty dragon voiced by the even shittier Eddie Murphy.

    8th. Quasi Moto: I put him as second to last just to reinforce how much Mulan sucks.

    7th. Pocahontas: Kind of cute at times, but she was a little too tall, and MUCH to whiny about the environment. Boo hoo that your entire world is dying because of the evil white man, nothing new there. Plus her jaw is much more powerful than mine is, big no no.

    6th. Snow White: Snow White was the fairest in the land, and I suppose by that they meant she was almost as hot as Dopey the dwarf. As you probably could have guessed, the whole dwarf situation with her kind of freaks me out. Her main problem was that she was made way before the concept of "attractive" was invented.

    5th. Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty: Lets face the fact, they are pretty much the same person. Both were taken directly from the Nazi's hand guide to perfect Aryan women. Sure, Sleeping Beauty gets a point because all you need to please her is a sloppy kiss, and Cinderella gets a point for being able to cook and clean, but that's about all there is to them. BORING.

    4th. Alice (in Wonderland): Alice is really cute and all, but she's a little too young even for me. Ha ha ha, just kidding. She did a lot of drugs and I'm not quite sure how I feel about that. Sure, it made her less able to understand what you were doing to her, and she surely had a huge supply all the time, but I don't want to be dating Ozzy Osbourne. Something tells me that snuggle time with her just wouldn't cut it because she would be too spaced out. And what about when I wanted to talk about my feelings! Sorry Alice, you should have just said "no."

    3rd. Belle: Belle is definitely hot, and I kind of dig the outfits she wears. She also has a very curious and nerdy nature about her that I really can appreciate. But when it comes to her taste in men lies the biggest enigma. At first I thought she had the best taste in men because the beast is obviously the man. But then I thought, wait a minute, the beast is THE MAN. I mean, he must have stretched her from here to next tuesday. Not only would you not feel anything, but you would probably fall in. So, I admire her for taking on the challenge of the beast, but there's no way I'm taking on the challenge of living up to the beast. Plus the talking/singing dinner ware would make me want to die.

    2nd. Ariel: Undoubtedly a babe. Some people will be mad that I put her as second, but a lot of thought went in to figuring out who should get second and first. There are many factors to look at. First of all, she is fucking fucking hot. There is no denying that. Especially because during most of the movie she had a mouth but couldn't talk. Amazing potential. Also, she was running around naked for some of the movie and didn't seem to care. Another brilliant plus for her. She was a red head too, which I think is kind of exotic. But there are also down sides, for instance, she has horrible taste in men. Eric was a complete douche bag - especially for a sailor. He didn't even have a peg-leg or anything. Another problem is you'd have to spend so much time telling her how to do stuff like use a fork. Oh, that was a cute scene at first when she tried to use a fork to comb her hair, but after a few years of showing her how to open doors and stuff, you'd be pretty pissed off. Originally the good stuff is so damn good that she was a shoe in for first until I remembered one last thing - her dad. King Triton. The guy is about 9 feet tall, pissed all the time, hates humans, and is king of the entire fucking ocean. At least when a regular dad walks in on you and your girlfriend with his rifle, you can try to run away and try to take the bullets in the ass. But if Triton ever catches you shacking up with Ariel he'll send an armada of sharks surfing on a tidal wave to smear your sorry ass. And you know he'll always send fucking Sebastian to watch you guys. Sorry Ariel, but that knocks you down to number two.

    1st. Jasmine: Here she is, the hottest cartoon babe ever made. First of all, Aladdin is a pimp, so she has good taste in guys. She is obviously hot, but her arabian slanted-but-not-too-slanted eyes make her ridiculously hot. Also, she wears the hottest disney outfit where the strap is always about to fall off of her perfectly animated boobs. She is bound to let down her guard sooner or later and let it slide all the way off. Also, thinking about fathers in law, the sultan is the best you can possibly do. Short, fat, jolly, and totally clueless. If he walked in on you two he probably still would have no idea what was going on. Plus there is that scene where Jasmine is coming on to Jafar. OH MY GOD. And that outfit she wears when she is his sex-slave. HOLY SHIT. aiygo8q2vfajw. I can't even write anymore. Jasmine = number 1.

    Despite all of their rankings, every single one of these ladies has a do-ability ranking of 100%. (Except Quasi Moto, who is roughly 105%). The best part is that all of these babes are about 13, so just having read this article puts you on the sexual offenders list. Congratulations.

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    Saturday, February 21st, 2004
    12:58 pm
    When I'm in the pit, I'm gonna fuck up shit
    Last night was TOTALLY CRAZY. Actually, let me talk about yesterday in general, skipping the boring parts...

    So that brings me to Brendan's house. I was helping him with his science project which was something about sound over a distance. So we brought Tom's halfstack out into the street, and Brendan played notes while I was way down the street. Then a cop came, and pulled up next to Brendan. And I tried not to laugh...really hard. But much to my dismay, Tom's amp wasn't taken, and Brendan wasn't fined OR imprisoned. We were discussing how amusing it would be for me to explain to Zeeland that Brendan was arrested while doing his science project. Not that Zeeland's tone of voice would all. So then we had to measure how far away I was from him...and I'm not sure what happened, but we discovered it was 90 shovels away...

    So then we went to Ska Is Dead with Tom and Andy. Ska concerts are awesome, because you can take me, Brendan, and Tom at are weirdest...and we're considered normal. Yeah, so everybody was there, it was wickid cool. Most of Ruckus was there too...excluding Dave and J.P. Even Nutting was there! I thought Fred should go in the pit and mess people up with his cast, but apparently he thought otherwise.

    I went in the pit a lot more than I expected to. It was funny, cuz during Planet Smashers, Brendan kept running into me, er, skanking into me...or something. The pit is so awesome. It really is. Cuz everyones like violent and stuff, but if you go down, everyone stops, helps you up, and then goes back to being violent. I love it. I even went crowd surfing, which at the beginning I had decided not to do, what with there being a concrete floor and all...I don't even remember deciding that I wanted to go up now that I think of it. Oh well, it was fun. And as I was falling someone yelled for people to grab my arms, so they did, and I didn't fall on my face.

    Between every group, Tom sang Keasby Nights, so then when the singer from Catch 22 was like, Hey, we're gonna play Keasby Nights, I looked for Tom...but I was still in the pit...and he wasn't. The entire place became a freakin pit when they started playing that song. It was so crazy. EVERYONE was dancing.

    So I woke up this morning, and I have a cut above my left eye (from spiky red hair guy's fist), a little bit of hair matted down by blood (I took a crowd surfer's foot in my head), and really sore legs. So overall, AWESOME NIGHT.

    Current Mood: bouncy
    Current Music: Keasby Nights- Catch 22
    Friday, February 20th, 2004
    1:16 pm
    Saturday, February 14th, 2004
    3:12 pm
    So, I haven't updated in a while, but I slept last night...or this morning...either way its all good. But yeah...I don't really have much to say. Um...I jammed with Sean and Alex yesterday. I have to say that the Garage Sale version of 99 Red Balloons, though rough, is comparitively totally awesome. I think we're having a practice tomorrow...I'm sick, so I can't sing...but that's ok. You know what would be stupid? If there was a band that was so sucky that they couldn't get two freakin songs together for the battle of the bands. It makes me laugh, cuz Tom's like, hey we're awesome...but they can't learn 2 song in like 2 months...

    Um...I don't know what else to say, so I'll go find a random quiz to take and put it in.

    What type of friend are you?
    Bright Spark
    You're a kick in the pants, an inspirer, an activator -- people love being friends with you because you're full of energy and fun ideas. You aim to make the people around you feel happy and comfortable, and you nearly always succeed. You have a wide circle of devoted buddies and admirers, and you take vicarious pleasure in their successes and accomplishments while inspiring your friends with your own passion for life. Although you may sometimes resent the pressure of being everybody's muse or ray of sunshine, you try not to let it show -- but do listen to those voices in your head that urge you to slow down and savor your friendships more fully.

    Current Mood: content
    Current Music: Two Princes
    Friday, February 6th, 2004
    10:47 pm
    Bush makes me laugh so much until I realize that the American people were stupid enough to elect him
    Death toll in Iraq rises, evidence of administration's lies mount; media, federal government focus on Janet Jackson

    Posted by Jon on Tuesday Feb 3, 2004 at 10:33 AM Pacific Time

    Let's review: The "president" and his administration lie to start a war that they had their hearts set on from the day they took office, hundreds of U.S. troops die, thousands of Iraqi civilians die, and FCC Chairman Michael Powell--a sterling example of cronyism in the administration; he's Secretary of State Colin Powell's son--is calling for a taxpayer-funded investigation ... into Janet Jackson's split-second breast exposure during her halftime performance at the Super Bowl.

    No, scratch that; he's now launching an FCC investigation into the entire halftime show, and took time on Monday to phone Mel Karmazin, president of CBS parent Viacom Inc., to "express his outrage" about the show, according to The Washington Post. And we're paying for all of this.

    Stop the world. I want to get off.

    More Bush information thats nice to know (I love how he takes money from the important things so he can fly to mars and other equally useless stuff):

    George W. Bush has proposed spending $1.5 billion dollars on a "healthy marriage" initiative, designed to promote marriage among heterosexual youth, unmarried couples, and low income couples.
    New York Times, courtesy of Common Dreams, January 14, 2004

    The United States is experiencing its worst budget deficit in its history -- $374.2 billion -- under George W. Bush.
    Australian Financial Times, October 21, 2003

    George W. Bush refused to release $34 million in funding earmarked for the United Nations Population Fund, which provides poor countries with birth control, maternal and child care, and HIV/AIDS prevention.
    CBS, July 22, 2002

    The United States has lost over 3 million jobs since George W. Bush took office.
    Bloomberg News courtesy of Rocky Mountain News, October 18, 2003

    A second administration source has stepped forward to confirm Paul O'Neill's allegations that there were plans made for a military invasion of Iraq prior to 9/11.
    ABC News, January 13, 2004

    Secretary of State Colin Powell has been forced to withdraw claims he made prior to the invasion of Iraq that there was evidence that Saddam Hussein had connections to Al Qaeda.
    The Independent, January 11, 2004

    George W. Bush pulled the United States out of the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty with Russia, paving the way for the creation of a missile defense system.
    Associated Press courtesy of ABC News, December 12, 2001

    Current Mood: tired
    Monday, February 2nd, 2004
    8:44 pm
    Went WOT quiz crazy...
    Not that any of you have read any of them...except tom...but i was bored, so leave me alone

    I expected to be brown, cuz, well i'm a history buff...

    Brown Ajah
    -- Brown Ajah --

    What's your Ajah?
    brought to you by Quizilla

    You are ta'veren. Your actions shift the entire
    pattern. The world revolves around you, for a
    certain time, at least...

    What Type of Wheel of Time Character are You?
    brought to you by Quizilla

    Your Test Results
    You were just taking a basic personality test, and you chose to matched against men. After some serious number crunching, the personality test determined that you are most like Logain.

    Your Test Results
    You were taking the version of the personality test that lets you find your perfect WoT mate. You were looking for a woman and believe that the idea of opposites attracting is incorrect. After some playing around with the numbers a bit, it was determined that Min is clearly the right person for you.

    Current Mood: bored
    Current Music: Little Miss - Spin Doctors
    Friday, January 16th, 2004
    9:26 am
    I'm away. If you need and/or want me, you can call the cell (free weekends w00t) at 781-771-0486.
    Thursday, January 15th, 2004
    9:35 pm
    Today's statistic...
    My away message said, "Today's statistic: 90% of girls at stoughton high school sweat Tom Hunt" I got some interesting responses, including:

    The Yeti Returns: and 100% joe

    Dave Landry says: correction
    Dave Landry says: 90% of girls and Dave Landry at stoughton high school sweat Tom Hunt

    campo13: So true, so true. I'll be the first to admit it. And I did have a crush on him way back in the South School days

    ROOFTOPRUCKUSfan: the other 10% sweat tom klements

    PetMonsterInABox: and 87.6% at the Aggie sweat him too!
    PetMonsterInABox: the ones that don't want his balls are the ones that dont know him yet

    kel2705: damn compitition

    goof52388: wow thats a lot of tom lovers

    THunt3434: really?
    THunt3434: kickass!
    Wednesday, January 14th, 2004
    10:49 am
    I'll be sitting at my desk, with a gun in my hand, wearing a bulletproof vest

    Stolen from Andy cuz we're bored

    1) using band names, spell out your name:
    Mad Caddies
    Taking Back Sunday
    2) have you ever had a song written about you?, but there's been one written about Andy's food mart...
    3) what song makes you cry? Hey Ya by outkast
    4) what song makes you happy? Any ska
    5) what do you like to listen to before bed? music

    height? between 5' and 6'
    hair color? redish/brownish
    skin color? Irrelevant
    eye color? Weird
    piercings? None
    tattoos? None

    what color pants are you wearing? Gray
    what song are you listening to? Well I'm not listening to anything, but I'm singing "When they come for me I'll be sitting at my desk with a gun in my hand wearing a bulletproof vest, singing my, my, my, how the time does fly when you know you're gonna die by the end of the night." Woo
    what taste is in your mouth? tongue (mine...not andy's don't worry)
    what's the weather like? Um...inside
    how are you? mentally unstable. Yay
    get motion sickness? not often
    have a bad habit? Have you ever heard of procrastination?
    get along with your parents? Usually...but now my mom is all you can't drive to worcester for the freaking ska is dead show...
    like to drive? it's a way to get places

    TV show? Boy Meets World...Let's hear it for Disney Channel!
    conditioner? Air
    book? A buncha dem dawg
    non alcoholic drink? Cream Soda
    alcoholic drink? Not the boring stuff
    What do you like to do on the weekend? Play guitar, play trumpet, play with your mom...

    HAVE YOU...
    broken the law? yeah...
    ran away from home? well, I've gone a direction that wasn't towards my house...
    snuck out of the house? With much difficulty...
    ever tipped over a porta potty? that's kinda random...
    used your parents' credit card before? yeah...but with permission
    skipped school before? yeah
    fell asleep in the shower/bath? no...
    been in a school play? Only when they forced us in elementary school...i have the worst stage fright

    boyfriend? No thanks
    sexuality? Yes
    kids? How'd you know about them?
    crush? like orange soda?
    in love? Like the song?
    had a hard time getting over someone? yeah...they were really tall HAHAHA
    been hurt? like shot?
    your greatest regret? "Don't forget, no regrets" -BNL

    do you have a job? Nope...I've gone to the last resort...I'm having lindsizzle hizzle hook me up yo.
    what does your cd player have in it right now? Catch 22
    if you were a crayon what color would you be? Yellow, cuz I'm bright and cheery woohoo
    what makes you happy? music
    who makes you happiest? um...friends?
    what's the next cd you're gonna get? Mitch Hedburg's new one

    time you cried? dunno
    you got a real letter? also don't know
    you got e-mail? I got one from that count?
    thing you purchased? Um...lunch...
    tv program you watched? I think the Daily Show
    movie you saw in the theater? Don't remember...I saw LOTR3...but that's a weird story...

    abortion? Guys shouldn't have a say in whether it's allowed or not
    teenage smoking? stupid
    spice girls? are they dead yet?
    dreams? I like dreams

    Current Mood: hungry
    Current Music: Catch 22-Keasby Nights
    Sunday, January 11th, 2004
    4:37 pm
    Manana sooooooool
    Today's question for discussion:

    Which is more annoying, stupidity or ignorance?

    Now comment with what you think.

    Current Mood: full
    Current Music: Don Vito & Revolt at the Madhouse-Kortatu
    1:34 pm
    My friends are better than yours :-p
    Yeah, so last night I went over to Josie's to watch the game. I thought it was gonna be just the old school crew, but Dave and nicole and meghan were there too which was cool. Meghan's a cool kid even though I don't talk to her all that much. She gave me an elephant :-). But yeah, Josie's dad made pizza which was awesome, and then anthony came over and sat on my lap and I came to the realization that if you want to pick up chicks, you should pick up babies. Try it, it works.

    But yeah the game was awesome, and Tom was yelling a lot, and Jose got mad at me when I threatened to put piglet in the oven...

    And then at halftime, Tom and Josie brought out a cake and everyone sang happy birthday. It was carazy. My friends are so awesome. So we all had cake and ice cream before the second half started. And then while we were watching the game, dave hit something on the remote control, and the screen got covered by a menu. Tom yelled. Josie yelled. I yelled. Then Josie made the menu go away and the ball was in the air...but it wasn't caught, so it's all good. By I think we all almost had heart attacks. But the Pats won. So overall, awesome night. Woohoo. Thanks everybody!

    "If I grow up..." -Meghan

    Current Mood: happy
    Current Music: Easy Target- Blink 182
    Saturday, January 10th, 2004
    12:26 pm
    Totally skilled yo
    You're a Trumpet. Biggest balls in the band.

    What is your inner musical instrument?
    brought to you by Quizilla's funny cuz I play trumpet...but they said I have a big ego :-( Oh well

    So I left school sick yesterday. I wasn't gonna, but Josie made me. :-p to Josie. Whoa...Josie just called. Skill.

    So since I have nothing else to say, I'll give you one of Fulgham's stories...

    Now let me tell you about Larry Walters, my hero. Walters is a truck driver, thrity-three years old. He is sitting in his lawn chair in his backyard, wishing he could fly. For as long as he could remember, he wanted to go up. To be able to just rise right up in the air and see for a long way. The time, money, education, and opportunity to be a pilot were not his. Hang gliding was too dangerous, and any good place for gliding was too far away. So he spent a lot of summer afternoons sitting in his backyard in his ordinary old aluminum lawn chair-the kind with the webbing and rivets. Just like the one you've got in your backyard.

    The next chapter in this story is carried by the newspapers and television. There's old Larry Walters up in the air over Los Angelos. Flying at last. Really getting UP there. Still sitting in his aluminum lawn chair, but it's hooked on to forty-five helium-filled surplus weather balloons. Larry has a parachute on, a CB radio, a six-pack of beer, some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and a BB gun to pop some of the balloons to come down. And instead of being just a couple of hundred feet over his neighborhood, he shot up eleven thousand feet, right though the approach to the Los Angelos International Airport.

    Walter's is a taciturn man. When asked by the press why he did it, he said, "You can't just sit there." When asked if he was scared, he answered, "Wonderfully so." When asked if he would do it again, he said, "Nope." And asked if he was glad that he did it, he grinned from ear to ear and said, "Oh, yes."

    The human race sits in its chair. On the one hand is the message that says there's nothing left to do. And the Larry Walterses of the earth are busy tying balloons to their chairs, directed by dreams and imagination to do their thing.

    The human race sits in its chair. On the one hand is the message that the human situation is hopeless. And the Larrry Walterses of the earth soar upward knowing anything is possible, sending back the message from eleven thousand feet: "I did it, I really did it. I'm FLYING!"

    It's the spirit here that counts. The time may be long, the vehicle may be strange an unexpected. But if the dream is held close to the heart, and imagination is applied to what there is close at hand, everything is still possible.

    But wait! Some cynic from the edge of the crowd insists that human beings still can't reallyfly. Not like birds, anyway. True. But somewhere in some little garage, some maniac with a gleam in his eye is scarfing vitamins and mineral suplements, and practicing flapping his arms faster and faster.

    Current Mood: imaginative
    Current Music: Song Numba 2
    Wednesday, January 7th, 2004
    10:35 am
    I'm not crazy cuz I take the right pills every day.
    And here I am again...done with my "work" for this awesome class. What a shame that there's only 2 or 3 more classes. And I'm so glad that we get to have a midyear in this class. How the hell does she plan on giving us a midyear? She gonna make us get into college? Oh well, next semester I get to take Creative Writing this hour, so it's all good.

    The Gods of free time have decided that I shouldn't have all...I was like "woo ealry thizzle dizzle!" And then Mrs. Foley was like, "Hey Matt, you're good at math, you're just lazy." Now, I already knew that...both parts...but she decided that I should do a packet yesterday and go to the thingy on thursday. So I guess I'm actually on math team now...even though I don't really have time for it. I don't have time for sleep either...that would probably explain why I'm constantly sick, but hey, It'll go away if I ignore it and/or drink caffeine.

    I was gonna bring that book in that I told you about before, and put some quotes, but I didn't. Maybe I will later. Andy has just told me that we're cool band geeks. Unlike lynnette and Lisa :-p.

    Tell me songs with easy basslines that don't suck. We're actually gonna have practices for the fun band during the mid-year week. Yay fun band.

    Speaking of bands...BRENDAN WORE THE SHIRT I MADE YESTERDAY! That made me laugh all day.

    Ok, time to search stuff at all

    Current Music: Bleed American-Jimmy Eat World
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