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i wanna be cool [30 Jun 2003|10:10pm]
[ mood | bored ]

1.Am I cute?:
2.Am I hot?:
3.Am I sweet?:
4.Am I crazy?:
5.Am I loveable?:
6.Am I funny?:
7.Am I annoying?:
8.Am I daring?:
9.Am I a good person?:

10. Hug me?:
11. Miss me if I was gone?:
12. Listen to my problems?:
13. Hug me if i cried?:
14. Be a good friend?:

15.Ever go out with me?:
16.If you already have would u do it again?:
17.Kiss me ((Really))?:
18.Marry me if u could?:

19 When's my birthday?:
20 How old am I?:
21 What school do I go to?:
22 Do i have any siblings ~> names?? :
23 Who is my most current ex?:
24 Who is my best friend?:
25 Who am i crushing on/dating?:
26 Favorite song/songs?:
27 Favorite music group?:

28 Hook me up with someone who would it be and why?:
29 Do one thing with me what would it be and why?:
30 Drop me one piece of advice, what would it be?:

31 What do you love about me?:
32 What do you hate about me?(seriously):
33 What is my best quality?:
34 If you could change one thing about me what would it be?:
35 What is your honest opinion of me?:

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[25 May 2003|10:34am]
[ mood | cold ]
[ music | sneaker pimps-underground ]

wow. well it seems to me that im the center of attention in some ones life. but w/e not gunna let it bother me. cuz most of the time all my entry's are friends only. so i could give no fuck about what i say or people read. but it just kinda pisses me off when my parts of my life are exploited on the internet. its bull shit. i dont go around and write how i hate people. and all this other shit in my journal now do i. no i choose to be the better half of my situation. enough about that though. i will not let myself be brought down to their level.

this will probably be one of my 'few' public entries only becuz i know people have this and will read it. (how stupid) =], and they arent on my friends list. but incase u are some one who wants to be added. let me know and i'll add u to my friends list. then u can read all u want. i dont think i ever made that clear that yes i still do write in this. i just make all my entries 'friends' only....enough said.

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wise words... take time read it... [01 May 2003|12:04am]
[ mood | crappy ]

CaptainLunchbox5: "wheres the justice?"
CaptainLunchbox5: "why is life allowed to be so stupid for people?"
SatansSugar481: there is none
SatansSugar481: in a society like today... things just arent the same. morals mean shit to people
CaptainLunchbox5: yea!
CaptainLunchbox5: totally
SatansSugar481: i was thinkin about it
CaptainLunchbox5: i so totally understand and i agree with that
SatansSugar481: people are such dumb fucks when it comes to common sense. and just not being stupid these days
CaptainLunchbox5: our society has totally gone to shit
SatansSugar481: like i mean you shouldnt jsut fuck some one over fer no reason. lieing means nothing to people these days.
SatansSugar481: and as for familys got
SatansSugar481: go*
SatansSugar481: its just sick to see how people dont even care about marrage or not
CaptainLunchbox5: its all subjective anymore
SatansSugar481: exactly
CaptainLunchbox5: people rarely think about whats good for others
CaptainLunchbox5: its all about what they can get
CaptainLunchbox5: and most people dont give a damn how
CaptainLunchbox5: and then
CaptainLunchbox5: theres people like us
SatansSugar481: and yeah nothing about living for the moment or anything but
SatansSugar481: fucking think about it
SatansSugar481: before u screw people over
SatansSugar481: u know?
CaptainLunchbox5: who get fucked for the sake of tothers enjoyment
SatansSugar481: exactly
CaptainLunchbox5: ?
CaptainLunchbox5: we do
SatansSugar481: yeh
SatansSugar481: everyone has a boss too
SatansSugar481: even homeless people
CaptainLunchbox5: it takes a tough mind to look around and see this shit and take it in and understand it and to live with it and not die or go insane
CaptainLunchbox5: only those who are really level headed can take shit like this
SatansSugar481: they have to fuckin listen and folow the laws and shit.... fuckin religion is worth shit these days no one gives a fuck. and even then u are a follower. no one these days is fucking standing up for whats good. wheres all the fuckin ghandi's and fuckin people worth reading about in history....when people look back alls they will see is that our presidents couldnt do shit for us. and that, no one has their shit together at all... no one stands up for whats right
CaptainLunchbox5: "if you dont stand for soemthing, youll fall for anything..."
SatansSugar481: wise words
CaptainLunchbox5: true words
CaptainLunchbox5: and what about love
CaptainLunchbox5: you knwo what people translate love into these days?
CaptainLunchbox5: one word
CaptainLunchbox5: sex
SatansSugar481: sec
SatansSugar481: sex**
CaptainLunchbox5: yep
CaptainLunchbox5: thats all it means
CaptainLunchbox5: and i mean sex is good and all
CaptainLunchbox5: but thats just a small part of love
CaptainLunchbox5: and thats only when love is deep
CaptainLunchbox5: and when sex and loved are confused and abused
SatansSugar481: yeh
SatansSugar481: definately
CaptainLunchbox5: people get very hurt
CaptainLunchbox5: and trust is shot to shit
CaptainLunchbox5: cause trust is a BIG part of sex
CaptainLunchbox5: and a BIG part of love
SatansSugar481: and there is none
CaptainLunchbox5: and its just thrown around for people to define for themselves
CaptainLunchbox5: theres no sense of direction
SatansSugar481: thats why people get fucked over..... there's like 13 yr olds w/ kids almost as old as themsevles and its patheic
CaptainLunchbox5: totally
CaptainLunchbox5: nakes me sick to see
SatansSugar481: hell yeah
CaptainLunchbox5: people dont know what to make of life anymore
CaptainLunchbox5: so truth then becomes completely subjective
CaptainLunchbox5: and if truth is subjective
CaptainLunchbox5: it is not truth
SatansSugar481: its like halloween all year round now....
SatansSugar481: thats all it is...
CaptainLunchbox5: totally
SatansSugar481: even if its not people in general... its everything is hidden behind some fuckin wall of fabulous when beind it is the fuckin truth that no one see's
CaptainLunchbox5: or dont want to see
CaptainLunchbox5: depending on how honest they are
CaptainLunchbox5: and people block shit out
SatansSugar481: no to others but themselves
CaptainLunchbox5: and wash it down with subjective "truth"
CaptainLunchbox5: its a world of greed
CaptainLunchbox5: and not necessarily greed for money
CaptainLunchbox5: just greedy souls
SatansSugar481: its pathetic to see it... fuckin in skool, work, public in general
CaptainLunchbox5: everywhere
SatansSugar481: and its real sad that people are born to it. so its all they know
CaptainLunchbox5: corruption thats all encompassing
SatansSugar481: fucking think about it kids being born into it
CaptainLunchbox5: yea
SatansSugar481: and its horrible. cuz they have no clue
SatansSugar481: adn cant do shit about it
CaptainLunchbox5: but people that are like us
CaptainLunchbox5: can raise generations of kids
CaptainLunchbox5: who know right from wrong
SatansSugar481: but who the fuck is gunna stand up for it.
CaptainLunchbox5: totally
SatansSugar481: serisouly the 60's and 70 have changes the generations to come.... we see what we can do.. but no no one does shit about it
CaptainLunchbox5: yea
SatansSugar481: becuz were all to god damn scared of the government
CaptainLunchbox5: but it also changed it for the worse
SatansSugar481: no famous leaders will come out of the 90's or 00's
CaptainLunchbox5: the hippies have torn down once sacred laws and ideals
SatansSugar481: i promise u that
SatansSugar481: no one will stand up for this shit
SatansSugar481: we might as well be fuckin communists
CaptainLunchbox5: naw
CaptainLunchbox5: not communists
CaptainLunchbox5: more like
CaptainLunchbox5: an occult
CaptainLunchbox5: or soldiers
CaptainLunchbox5: thats why im going into the Army dude
SatansSugar481: we already are if u think about it.... no one jsut see's it cuz the name is different or w/e
CaptainLunchbox5: theres a sense of tradition and sacred ideals
SatansSugar481: people need to be put into there right minds, before we can move on to become better then we have been
CaptainLunchbox5: yea
SatansSugar481: and learn from our shit..thats why the worlds gone to hell
CaptainLunchbox5: but i personally think that all the "end times" stuff from the bible
CaptainLunchbox5: could all be rolling into effect
SatansSugar481: no one cares enough, they just want to get by and make their money.
CaptainLunchbox5: or soemthing
SatansSugar481: id ont believe in the bible or religion or anything... but i do believe that we are all fucked at one point or another. and what we do now will affect us along the line. and that there was a plan and shit... no one knows though. and no ones taking the time to figure it out
CaptainLunchbox5: well dude
CaptainLunchbox5: i think
CaptainLunchbox5: thay religion
SatansSugar481: so its like a blank sheet of paper. waiting to be written on. we didnt do it ourselves. but it was done for us. and what we do now is all we are gunna have
CaptainLunchbox5: did us sme good
SatansSugar481: it keeps people in line...
CaptainLunchbox5: well
CaptainLunchbox5: its what our counrty was based on
CaptainLunchbox5: all but a few of our founding fathers
CaptainLunchbox5: upheld christian ideals
CaptainLunchbox5: it composed most of what our society stood ofr
CaptainLunchbox5: *for
CaptainLunchbox5: freedom was another part of it
CaptainLunchbox5: but it wasnt equal in amount o religion
CaptainLunchbox5: *to
SatansSugar481: so everyone doesnt freak out... like thats like the only reason that there is a government is its all "under god" or w/e and thats the only reason why its even worth peoples time it to pplease themselves thinking if they do bad then oh no they will go to hevean or hell... well will all have a judgement day i will say that much... but maybe not in religion... or even after death... for all we know it could be right now... that the earth or w/e universe is fucking taking action on what we have become and what we will become

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s.a.d.-suck a dick [31 Jan 2003|03:22pm]
[ mood | determined ]
[ music | mario brothers remix ]

im soooooooo bored
i want to hang out w/ ashlee tonite
she has a game
so i duno
otherwise its me and my pillow
yeh sleep
people need to grow up
and stay the fuck outta my life
i havent @__@ in a while.
i wanna too.
maybe i will...
sounds goood.
call me if u read this ash

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ouchies [21 Jan 2003|09:22pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]
[ music | you are my sun shine ]

i chink i got stept throat
i cant even swallow my own spit.
it hurts to bad.

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new [21 Jan 2003|05:00pm]
i got a new pic fer me journal
ash i got a lotta new ones if u want me to send u some
they are cool.
this one reminds me of me and u
its goofy.
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choad [29 Dec 2002|10:57pm]
I got a coffee can choad: good to the last drop!
I got a ford choad: like a rock!
I got a doubble mint choad: doubble the fun!
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[29 Dec 2002|03:39pm]
yo baby lemme call u on my choadarola
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