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Monday, June 2nd, 2003
11:59 pm - "the battery trios"
last night i was singing...

"one thing that i never said
im truely happy in my
heart and in my head"
(-alkaline trio)

and my mom was like "ohh reallllly?"
i said "its a song"
she said "whos that? the battery trios?"
i said "yes. matt is a genuis..."
she said "well you tell him i said 'if you think long n hard about it and think back far enough im sure theres been i time he has. maybe not at that exsact moment he wrote that but at one time or another'"
so paul walks in and says "time he has what?"
so ma says "that he has felt that way...."(truely happy in his head and in his head)
paul was confused.
me and ma said "ohh paul, you just had to be there!"
(he exits)

it was the cutest conversation i've had with ma in awhile

current mood: nostalgic
current music: yep

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Sunday, June 1st, 2003
4:47 pm

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Thursday, May 29th, 2003
2:04 pm - fucking blurty.
Krycty (2:04:47 PM): blurty is my friend!
ThatBimbo (2:04:50 PM): i fucking pasted me and james conversation in it and closed the im . but i cant get back to it now.
ThatBimbo (2:04:57 PM): blurty can fuck off
Krycty (2:04:58 PM): i lick blurty asshole every night

ThatBimbo (2:02:08 PM): im a moron
BlinkMe5245 (2:02:21 PM): why?
ThatBimbo (2:02:43 PM): i dunno
ThatBimbo (2:02:57 PM): i deleted an email. i can get it though. just remembered
BlinkMe5245 (2:02:59 PM): you moron

I'm tina. this is my journal. Will you be my friend? Please hold me close. Don't let go.

BlinkMe5245 (2:07:43 PM): email me.
i misssses you
ThatBimbo (2:07:49 PM): you never respond!
ThatBimbo (2:07:54 PM): go take a flying leap
BlinkMe5245 (2:08:04 PM): fuck me
ThatBimbo (2:08:08 PM): in your dreams
BlinkMe5245 (2:08:12 PM): i love you babyy
BlinkMe5245 (2:08:12 PM): xxxxxx
ThatBimbo (2:08:16 PM): uhh huh
BlinkMe5245 (2:08:20 PM): mmm tina
BlinkMe5245 (2:08:22 PM): big boooobs
ThatBimbo (2:08:34 PM): ass
BlinkMe5245 (2:08:38 PM): i love you baby
BlinkMe5245 (2:08:40 PM): unf unf unf
BlinkMe5245 (2:08:41 PM): xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
BlinkMe5245 (2:08:44 PM): i dream of you
BlinkMe5245 (2:08:46 PM): every night

check out my normal journal at:
yep. IIIII looooove LIVEJOURNAL!
its basically friends only. add me damn it.

current mood: weird

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