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    Thursday, July 31st, 2003
    7:35 am
    Im sad rite now....... i have 4 friends in the town i live in.... ALL of my friends live sumwhere else.. None live less than 2 hours away........... My 4 friends here are.. Adam,Skylar,Samantha, and well i guess its 3 not four.. in other places theres BradlyJames,Brittnay,Chelsea,Lacy,Weezal,Mikey,Courtney,Laura,Sydney,Lenae,Chris and the list goes on and on and on and on... Why cant i just have my friends here with me!... life is hard enough as it is rite now without having to worry about if my friends are ok because i cant see them or just go to their house to check on them... maybe thats why my phone bills are so high... Between late night calls to Brad,Weezal, and Brittnay... and early afternoon calls to Laura expenses are pretty bad.... I miss all my friends sooooo much, because i never get to see them EVER EVER EVER..... I need more friends in pocahontas.... Adam and Skylar are great... Samantha is fixin to go off to college in Fayettville 4 hours away and then ill only have 2 friends here with me.. and they are both guys.. not very easy to just let it all spill on guys.. But i have.. ask Brad, Weezal and Adam.. they would know.. i can trust those guys with everything.. oh and CHRIS... i talk to him alot too... Its just tuff ya know..... i wish my life didnt suck so bad.. I wish i was still the happy little girl everyone loves like i was last year.... i am ugly... I am a Band geek and a Cowgirl..... thats all for now.....

    Current Mood: sad
    Current Music: None watchin Real World
    2:17 am
    My Mommiez in da hozpital!.... and otha stuff
    My mommies in the hospital she had surgery for ulcers monday... i miss her.. please pray for her.. she dont feel too good rite now..... so i sit at home alone waiting for my big brother LUKE to come get me cause we are gonna go see her.. yayayayayayay!........... But Neway.. My father finds it necessary to store his worms for fishing in my refridgerator while my mommie is gone.. WHY WHY WHY... thats all for now.. thank you..

    Current Mood: dirty
    Current Music: weezer n dashboard
    Wednesday, July 30th, 2003
    11:56 am
    Mmmmm Tha CRaZzInEsS oF MOnKeYz N BaNAnAz n being bored
    WelllL!!!!... A wise guy wunce said when answering a question that read "How Good of Friends are we".. he replied by saying "LIke a Monkey and a Banana" And thats perty Close!... This guys was very wise, and me and this guy are equallly horny lol how do u like that one!.. Monkeys love bananas there fore we have a loving friendship? it can be taken many ways.... But we choose to take it our way.... Me and this VERY wise guy, are friends like monkeys and bananas..... We both agreed this fact would be ok as long as we dont eat eachother.. reffering to the monkeys eat the bananas.. ya.. well... we long distance *Pinky Promised*.. But NEWAY.. Me and this guy have the same amout of letters in our first names they both end in -e-y AND we call eachoter by our first and middle names leaving out the e.. Confused yet?... Thats the whole concept your suppose to be confused.... so WHAT NOW!... i just dont know... Its the Craziness inside of me... I am talking to this Very wise guy rite now, and we are both very bored... Boredom gives us Craziness.... w0rd....w00t....SNAP!.. CRaZzy... 4 of the many words wee use..... Oogla Memp/ fjkslad ... thats our secret language... we yet to come up with the rest of it .... BUt yes.. I belive i am going to submit this entry and continue on with a new one, Enjoy... -Creator-

    Current Mood: blah
    Current Music: weezer and dashboard
    Tuesday, July 1st, 2003
    2:00 am
    Ok WELLL! TO begin with.. Today i am going to complain about sooo many freakin july birthdays.. what is this.... Get pregnant and have a kid month! I know atleast 15 people and counting whose birthdays are in july!.. Skylar,Skye,Isaac,Lindsay,Sarah,Ashley,Hailey,Michael,Sam,Wade,Brittnay,Courtney, Lemme see there are definitley more but none that i can come up with off thatop of my head.... but good greif.. Your just not cool in july if your birthday is in july... Except for skylar cause hes awesome ALL the time... Me and Brad and other Whitney and Karla and Keri and Jim and Julie and michael Guthrey and Chris and Brittnay J. are the awesomest cause our birthdays are in months when theres not that many peoples brithdays... And we are AWESOME!.. lol And by the way BradlyJames.. U can HoneyRoastedNuts.. Cause your great and We should send in the Vanilla Sprite Idea.. heck ya its awesome.. :) But NEWAY.. If u have a july birthday please dont hate me :D theres just a lil frustration in keeping up with them all.. and im BROKE nOO MOOLAH there fore no bday presents for the July Ppl Sorry!... cept for skylar maybe cause hes awesome and Isaac cause hes my little brother.. Thank you for reading.. Cya

    Current Mood: oogla memp/
    Current Music: weezer and Dashboard as USUAL
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