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[30 Apr 2003|06:20pm]
[ mood | chipper ]
[ music | tonight - west side story ]

Well, I guess you all can say I'm uber-happy we're back. Disregard the whole uber-happy thing, I saw it on Clueless but maybe it just doesn't work for me. But, back to THE RETURN OF PAPARAZZI. It's great, other than the fact that me and Kelly are going to fight over the computer again. Just kidding, I don't fight with her, she is my boo ;) Speaking of Kelly, living with her is going pretty great. We've been on this huge abnormal West Side Story kick the past couple of days, we'll watch it over and over. Usually, we end up singing the songs so much that Justin comes in and either tells us to stop, or just laughs at us hysterically. Whatever, he knows he likes it. Hi Justin I haven't gotten amnesia or anything, I still love you tons. :-*

I came back on Boston Public on Monday, which was very cool. I brought the afro puff back, too! Oh how I missed it so. My fansites are being so slow, seriously, I'm beginning to think the people behind these sites are way busier than me. Here I am, all anxious, angry and maybe a little homicidal like "HELLO CAN I GET A SCREENCAP >:O" when these people are probably out having lives. Now I feel all bad. This is awful, let me get back to Perky!Tamyra.

Alright to recap, Kelly is great, Justin is great, Boston Public is great, even the fansites are great. Now this community is going to be great again, sup :-D

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[21 Mar 2003|07:43pm]
[ mood | not dead ]
[ music | die carmen rasmusen die ]

I will not let you all die. I am updating so no one can yell at me :-D

So, my baby Kelly was great on Tuesday but really, when is she not great. She blew all the AI2 kids out of the water, so much for Simon's these-kids-are-so-much-better-than-last-year theory. I went with her because you know, I gotta go hit on Clay and Trenyce. I had a glittery marker neon posterboard sign that said "TRENYCE AND CLAY, ALL THE WAY" so if you saw that sign, you saw me on TV. ;) After the show I tried to get to Clay and Trenyce but Corey started trying to sex me up. Kelly saved the day, she was like "BACK AWAY SHE IS MINE" she's hilarious when she's angry. Hi Kelly :-*

Justin took me to see Willard and it really wasn't all that scary. He had to shut me up in the theater because I started singing Ben at the top of my lungs. :-/ What I'm sorry, Michael Jackson was awesome when he was black okay

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[11 Mar 2003|05:24pm]
[ mood | cold ]
[ music | kelly osbourne - shut up ]

I've been in New York the past few days and I'm still trying to get over the fact that it is REALLY REALLY FREAKING COLD. That was very articulate I know. ;) Yesterday I was on The View basically talking about Boston Public and recording my album. And well I don't think I have ever had to fake-smile that much in my entire life. Most of it was because I was terrified Star Jones would cook me like a turkey and eat me if I didn't look like I was having loads of fun. The hosts kept going off the subject and asking me weird questions, because you know they are fascinated with my personal life. I'm pretty surprised they didn't ask me if I'd given into drugs yet. Which I haven't >:o I guested on The Caroline Rhea Show, it just aired, and it's your basic awful talk show crap. Why didn't I go on Dr Phil?

So Justin wants to take me to see Willard with him, I'm super scared though. That doesn't make me a wuss either :-[ he says it isn't scary or anything, but hey anything with flesh eating rats being controlled by an evil scary looking guy so he can get back at his enemies is pretty creepy to me. It's okay, I will be buried into Justin's shoulder the whole time and he'll protect me. I love him :-D

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[07 Mar 2003|03:47pm]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | eminem - sing for the moment ]

So, Carmen made it. This is horrible, I will have to change the channel while she's "singing" (because the definition of singing to her is cruel and unusual punishment.) She's only performed once and I swear my ears have not bled this much since Nikki McKibbin. Wait I mean what, I am Tamyra I love everyone. O:)

Living with Kelly is really great, she's my best friend and it's super. No, we do not have pillow fights in our underwear you perverts. But seriously, I missed having her around and I'm so happy she is done filming the movie, I get to see her a lot more. And seeing Justin, well that's a huge plus. He's going to come and see me soon. I'm nervous and excited and scared all at the same time. That probably makes no sense at all, but oh well. :-[

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[01 Mar 2003|05:09pm]
[ mood | justin is the best ]
[ music | don't let the sun go down on me - justin ]

I am still here, I have just been busy calling Simon Randy and Paula excessively to see what the twist is for wildcard. They won't tell me. The surprise better be that Frenchie is coming back, she is the best one. So anyway Guarini told me he likes me and I told him I have a crush on him too, then he signed off so he left me do not let him talk you into anything else. Boys are trouble. ;)

Wow um I'm really late on this but I hope all of you saw Boston Public with me on it. I was only on for like 5 minutes. Maybe there's a reason for that because let's just say I'm not winning any Emmys anytime soon. I'm not the best actress but hey this is not a Jessica Simpson on That 70s Show situation. I think I'm on Boston Public for like 4 more weeks and in upcoming episodes you get to see my semi-abusive boyfriend threaten me and have his fist 2 inches from my face. Great stuff.

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[26 Feb 2003|01:25pm]
[ mood | yay ]
[ music | get here - justin guarini ]

Josh Gracin and Corey Clark better make top 10. If one of the girls makes it, I will get hostile. Hi kids, do you like violence? Frenchie was supposed to be in group 4. :-/

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[24 Feb 2003|06:03pm]
[ mood | what ]
[ music | sugarcult ]

I'm going to be on Boston Public tonight. Watch or die bastards. >:o

No, you guys know I'm just joking. I'm extremely nervous for the show. I don't want people to think I'm a bad actress but really nothing is worse than Timberlake in Model Behavior. Oh and don't count out Longshot. ;)

But anyway the Grammys were great blah blah blah. Frenchie Davis was there and I know this because I stalk her. Don't worry this is not one of those Britney-and-creepy-Asian-guy cases. Okay Norah Jones won everything. She's great but really SHE WAS UP AGAINST FREAKIN' BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN AND SHE WON. I hate the Grammy voting committee. Avril should have won something and John should have won more. Speaking of John I think he is like my favorite. He's amazing, and he really shined yesterday - he just stood up there and sang, no backup band, backup singers or dancers, just talent. I have been listening to his CD all day, all of you buy it because it's the best thing ever.

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[21 Feb 2003|12:45pm]
[ mood | ... ]
[ music | kelly singing i'm too sexy, really just don't ask ]

Right now, I'm at Kelly's house! Woohoo! I'm moving everything in right now. Or, you know, sitting here typing while I make Kelly do all the work. No but seriously, I'm really excited to move in with her. I'm kind of nervous because I don't have much experience with a housemate or a roommate. The American Idol house doesn't count because we literally had no spare time. We were never in the house, it was either interviews, rehearsal, or the show. And we didn't get to see each other in the house because it was so damn big. But anyways, moving in with Kel is going to be a lot of fun, I was getting really sick of not being able to see her that often before. She's my best friend, what do you really expect.

Now excuse me I am going to prank call Justin and pretend to be Edgar. You can ruuuuuuuuuuuuun.

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[20 Feb 2003|01:48pm]
[ mood | ... ]
[ music | band of gold - frenchie davis (:'() and kimberley locke ]

So, I have been watching American Idol 2. Why have Ryan, Randy, Simon, and Paula been saying this year's talent is better than last year's? It is a suckfest. I miss Kelly and Justin. Speaking of them, they were the best yesterday on the results show. I still think it should be From Tamyra To Kelly, but hey the people want the fro, and that is what they get. ;) No I am just kidding Justin, you know I love you. You will be hearing from me a lot more because I am moving in with Kelly and we will prank call you every day. Hi Kelly :-*

You will all watch me on Boston Public or be forced to live your life eating through a tube. Take your pick. Mmm yes I am hostile.

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