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Monday, May 19th, 2003
4:22p - Sweet Southern Charm and the Whore Who Fell For It!
Friday was a night to remember. First of all, I was not dressed in all black for once, I brought the color out of my closet for what I would consider my first official summer night out. And oh what a night it was. Ritas at Ninfa's got things off to a drunken start, always a good thing! We abused a shopping cart and in turn Nina, in the parking lot, that was lots of fun! When the rest of our party showed up, we headed to Wild Wild West. I didn't get to go in for about an hour though. After convincing Sean to come inside, inspite of Nina's attitude towards him and standing our ground for good parking spaces, Jason and I began our search for cigarettes. Little did we know that WWW sold cigarettes inside and we were in for the walk of our lives as we trecked out onto the dangerous and hellaciously humid streets of Houston. I pretended to be Tour Guide Barbie and I showed him around as we walked in the exact opposite direction of the only convenient store for miles. After walking for 15 minutes or so, we decided that I was a retard and we should turn around and head for Chimney Rock and the elusive Shell station. On our way walking back past WWW, Mike appeared out of nowhere, quite unexpectedly and joined our little cigarette search party. Twenty minutes later we arrive, sweating and feet blistered, stumbling into the little oasis. We buy cigarettes and drinks, because at this point we are nearly dead. We walk outside and ask to hitch a ride 2 seconds (by car) down the street to WWW, the fucking bastard said no! I was like, "You are fucking stupid, Dude." Jason offered him $10 to drive us back two blocks and the son of a bitch wouldn't do it. Sometimes I hate people. Rejected and dejected we slowly turned and made our way back to the club, fueled only by our happiness at finding cigarettes, the fluids we had purchased and gulped down and the need to escape the hot, sticky weather. Stupid Houston! Stupid weather! Stupid sweaty underwear!

Anyway, we finally get back to our friends who had considered us MIA ("according to military law" MIA means 'missing in action' for those who don't know) and we get our drink and boogie on until they turn the lights on and start sweepin' the floors. The party moved to Nina and Haley's place and then partially to my place where me, Jason, Phillip, Jessica and Stupid Ass Garrett went for a 3 am swim. It felt so good after being overheated all night, but Jason was cold so I did my best to warm him up....... yeah, you know what I mean, you dirty bitch. After going upstairs and shampooing the chlorine out of my hair, I hopped in my big comfy sex bed and warmed him up again!!! Hehe! I don't know if it was the hot summer night, the massive amounts of alcohol or his gruff country accent and sweet Southern charm that made those panties fly off, but he did something right!! Then the next day, I acted just like a guy and left him with my friends while I went off with a different group of friends. All guys no less. We ate lunch and worked out, then I babysat and met up with the guys again to play a little pool, drink a lot of beer and watch a movie at the Hoop's residence.

Sunday I slept until 5 pm, making up for the two all nighters I had pulled partying with friends, what a tragic life I do lead. Yeah, whatever. Then I met up with Dave who I had not seen in more than a year and we ate and saw his new kick ass apartment and then went once more to play pool with everybody. Jason was looking at me like "Where the hell have you been?" I felt bad for neglecting him and being sort of cold and I warmed him up again to make up for it. Then I went to work a few hours later and here I am typing away. I talked to James today and we are setting up a date this week that I am very much looking forward to. I talked to Mike and we exchanged email addresses so there is another escape from boredom at work and I ate lunch with Jason and snuggled with him for a while at noon. I may sound like a big whore to whoever is reading this, but I assure you I am not. I just like to think of myself as a good hostess! I showed an out-of-towner the city and a good time. I provided shelter and a bed and an even better time! Having sex with an almost stranger is just my little way of showing that I am open (literally) to new people in my life and I treat them well. I think that is a much healthier view of premiscuous sex. We're not sluts, we're just REALLY friendly. I haven't heard any complaints so far!!

Tonight, our outing is to the Laff Stop and tomorrow brings homemade lasagna and chocolate chip cookies!!! I can't wait to get all my friends together and have a dinner party. It's so much fun!!! I love my darling friends!!! Old and new. I hope to see Phillip and Jason again sometime, they leave tomorrow for Fuck Me In The Butt, South Cackalacky, the place they call home and I will go back to my boring, more moral life of not sleeping with strangers and getting drunk twice everyday! I'll report back tomorrow how tonight goes. I plan on sleeping alone since I am tired as a mother fucker and am too sore to be overly friendly anymore. We'll see if I stick to the plan...... knowing me, probably not.

current mood: naughty
current music: Anything w/ a twang, how bout Tim McGraw! Hhmm country boys!

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