Teves Syndrome's Journal

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

4:52AM - Day 2: "I like sammiches." -Her

Do you like forks with three metal pokers, or four?: Four. The pain is much worse that way.
Would you ever wear a hat with cat ears on it?: Her would, and if I didn't let her she would make me.
How many MP3's do you have on yourcomputer?: This isn't my computer so I don't know.
If you use Ebay, how do you sort your search results?: I look at the ones with pictures because you don't want blood stains.
How often do you get teased for your musical taste?: Never.
Are you fascinated by death?: Extremely. I wish it would happen RIGHT NOW.
Do you have posters on your wall? I live with Her and she has skateboard magazine pictures EVERYWHERE.
What did you have for breakfast this morning?: A spoonfull of frozen WhippedCream.
If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?: One that, when it gets cut down, kills the person who cut it.
What was the last book you read? Was it good?: Some Stephen King book. It should have been more detailed on the deaths.
Do you have a Livejournal?: I prefer dead.
What does your favourite t-shirt look like?: Um...all my black ones. Basicaly, all my shirts.
Are you going to college? What will you major in?: No. But, I love math.
Have you ever eating raw sugar by itself? All the time. Her made it a habit.
How often do you use Google? yahoo?: Not at all.
Have you ever owned one of those little Chevron cars?: Nope.
What was the last thing you won?: Me and Her played skate.
Do you own any comic books? We collect Simpson comics.
What kind of deodorant do you use?: Um...I don't remember.
Where was the last place far from home that you visited?: Um. Vegas.
first?: I think it was Disneyland. I don't know where.
What about for your feet?: They, are feet.
Have you ever gone to a grocery store late at night? Yes. Breeze In is a 24 hour store.
What did you get?: A pint.
What's the most expensive item you've ever paid for?:Um, 54$ for some shoes. I guess.
How often do you drink soda?: I skate at the skatepark, which averages to about 4 sodas a day. It's next door to Dominoes.
What's the best name you can come up with for a snake?: I'd call it Snake.
Would you or have you ever begged online people for money?: Her almost got this kid to send her 40 bucks through Western Union, but he didn't have his ID.
Was it successful?: I just said that god damn you.
What kind of people are you attracted to?: Her
Do you work? Where at?: I work at a Mini-Coffee Shop in a Mini-Book Store in a Coffee Shop.
Have you ever worked at Subway? No.
Do you want to have children? How many?: Um...no.
What would you do if your best friend said they were in love with you?: Holy shit I'd marry her!
What's the scariest thing you've ever done?: Tried to express my feelings when it was plain to see that they were already dead.
How long have you had your AIM/MSN/Yahoo name?: I use Her's.
Do you think fish are cute?: They're fish. You eat them.
Where will you be posting this?: Where ever this is posted. Figure it out yourself, moron.
If you found an ant on your food, would you still eat it?: People normally think that when bugs get on your food they eat it. It's said to be true that when they do get on your food they puke on it to mark their territory. No, I would not eat it.
Are you any good at math? What about quadratic equations?: My best subject.
Do you like your family?: Her is my only family.
Have you ever been to a concert? What ones?: Long story.
And lastly, how much do you weigh?: 120


Social Life :

What kind of school do you go to: An Academy.
How many friends do you have at school: Her and Stinky Pete.
How often are you online: A lot.
How many friends do you have online: About 3

Word Association :

Hungry: Not really. I never know when I am truly hungry. I found out I eat when ever I have nothing to do.
Posted: In a couple minutes.
Mary, Jesus, and Joseph on a Fucking Bus: Speed, the bus will explode when it goes below fifty, the driver is an athiest so there is absolutely no story line and the whole world is fucked.
Water: Never quenched my thirst. Ever.
Chips: Greasy mother fuckers.
Spasms: Her.
Cow: SlaughterHouse.
Single: Bliss.
ARRGH: Sweater's little sister Amber in the picture where she looked like FOSH ZE PIRATE...bunny.
Ducks: One's dead at the bottom of the lake by Lee's old house.
Puppies: Toy Damnation.
Pimp Mack Daddy: Cheesey Mac on the Moe Tum gone bad with it's Mac Daddy-ness. (inside joke)
Red Hot: Blue Cold.

Have You Ever :
Drank: Yup.
Smoke: Noped.
Kissed Someone Outside Your Gene Pool: Who would kiss someone INSIDE the gene pool. It's disgusting even if just a peck on the cheek.
Put on an English Accent and asked for a rubber: Not at all.
Done drugs: Once, for Bone's birthday and Her almost died. It was scary as hell.

Done Karaeoke: For Her's 6th grade thing.
Gone into a chat just to annoy peoplle : The only reason I do.
Filled out a survey with bullshit answers: Haha, no. I tell the truth.
Swore in front of your mother/father: Yup.
Eaten a dog treat: No, but I watched laughton eat one because he got it from his secret santa. Him and his god damn publicity stunts.
Contemplated a huge road trip with friends just for shits and giggles: Shits? HAH.
Had dreams involving your internet friends: I don't have any internet friends.
Contemplated murder on someone who wrote a survey: I contemplate murder on anyone and everyone. There is no reason on to not daydream as what would happen to them if that nearby object somehow smashed into their skull.
Screamed random things at people while in a moving vehicle: Yes. Fucking tourists.
Written a song: Not me...but Her has, she's in a band. :)

Junk Survey

Have you ever...

Hit someone forcefully: Every day.
Seen "Are you Afraid of the Dark": Yes. Most pathetic, they didn't have anyone die some gruesome death AT ALL.
Thrown anything at a moving car: Yes.
Been in a fist fight: All the time.
Laughed so hard you cried: Cried?
Hit an animal in the road? All the time.


Who do you sit with at lunch: Her and Stinky Pete, they like whisky.
Do you think Justin Timberlake is hot or not: What the fuck?
Who gave you a Valentine card this year: Her and Stinky Pete.
Favorite shoes you own: The only pair I have.
What color would you dye your hair: It's fine the way it is.
Who are your closest friends: Her and Stinky Pete.
What is something you wish you could have that someone else has: Her, god damn Nick has her.
Favorite TV show: I don't know. Why would I know?
Make-up or none: I don't wear makeup.
Do you believe we landed on the moon: It was some HollyWood set or some shit in somones basement.
What are you wearing now: Boxers and a T-shirt.

What song is stuck in your head: Bring the Pain- Mindless Self Indulgence.

How old are you mentally: Mentally....20
Describe yourself in 5 words: Evil, hatefull, loving, caring, senile.
Do you dream at night: Always, but I can never understand them.
Do you remember your dreams: They're pathetic, no one dies.
Do you sleep with one pillow or two: 2, Her usually steals one though.
Do you like school: Not at all.

Do you have a best friend(s): God damn re-runs.
Do you have a religion: Not at all.
Do you practice it:Not at all.
Does death scare you: Sometimes. It won't when I'm old.
Do you watch tons of tv: Not at all.
How many times have you been to the movies in the past 6 months: Once.
Do you read magazines: Guitar and Skate magazines.
Whats your fave band: I do not know.
Name 3 cds that you bought in that last year: Year? Um...Anthrax, Thursday....and I think that's it.
Do you wear makeup regularly: Not at all.
Are you a saver or a spender: Saver.

More Junk...

Which 5 people do you trust and are open with the most: Her and Stinky Pete.
Can you live without the microwave: All I eat is microwaveable shit. Unless I get Her to cook.
Which guy/girl do you wish to be with RIGHT now: Her.
Would you rather eat sandwiches or pasta for the rest of your life: "I like sammiches." -Her
Football or rugby: None.
What's something you ALWAYS have on you: My clothes.
What do you think of guys with nailpolishes: Umm, gay.
What's a happy memory of a time you've spent with the opposite sex: Every second with Her.
What's the nicest thing any one has ever told you: I love you.
What's your favorite fastfood restaurant: TacoBell.
Favorite book: Um, I don't know.
More Junk...

Did you read Fear Street books: Nope.
How about Sweet Valley High: Nope.
Babysitter's club: Nope.
Favorite show on nickelodeon (can be from the late 80's/early 90's when nick was good): KABLAM!
Favorite cereal: CocoPebbles.

Current mood: tired
Current music: NOTHING!
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4:36AM - Day 2: Reminder of day one.

"To get out of downtown I had to go through someones back yard, hang on a treebranch and slide down a cliff, squeese between the cliff and some building, climb up a fence and over a wall into a parking garage JUST to get back to the car. Damien was with me."

Her told me to write that. She doesn't know what I write in here but she knows I write and she wanted you guys to know. I do not know why, I guess it's because it made her 'feel like a fugative'. She likes that.

Current mood: lonely
Current music: Same thing.
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4:21AM - Day 2: It was funny, I guess. But someone should have died, seriously.

Today me and Her woke up at 9 and just layed in bed untill 2. I could tell she was depressed or something because the way she was talking. When ever she's sad it's usually because of relationship stuff or about time going by so slow and how she wants to be older. So, usually that's all she talks about when she's sad. There's no hiding it.
She wore a dress today. It was beautiful. I think she should wear them more often. She only wore one today because she was doing laundry. So while she was doing that I went to the skatepark to see what was happening down there.
I found out she's going out with that Nick guy. I'm extremely jealous but I'm not going to do anything about it. I'm terribly scared though because Her and I both know that she's not ready for another relationshit. It's been a couple days since they started going out and already the headaches and depression is kicking in. Soon she'll be totally insane again and ruin the whole thing, then later she's going to torment herself because it was her fault in the first place....then later get over it and THEN repeat the process by getting another boyfriend too soon.
Today people were wondering where she was. I knew she was going to be happy that I told her that because she was telling me how no one would care if she disappeared. Once she didn't talk to anyone or leave the house for 3 weeks and the only thing she got after that was that guy Sam said "Wow, you were gone for like...2 or 3 weeks" No 'I missed you' or anything like that from ANYBODY. She was sad. But I told her that people were sad she wasn't at the skatepark today and she was happy for a while...Bliss! I love it when she's happy.
But she got sad again due to the fact she couldn't hangout with NICK. I tried to cheer her up but she just layed there staring at her wall. She seems to do that a lot. She stares at things for long periods of time and doesn't move. She's crazy.
Around 1030 she came to and went skating. She was sad that she could only skate for a half an hour though because the skatepark lights go out at 11. How sad.
The rest of the night we hungout and watched Starsky and Hutch. It was funny, I guess. But someone should have died, seriously.

Current mood: nauseated
Current music: Her's breathing while she sleeps. :) Beautiful.
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Monday, August 16, 2004

2:28AM - Day One: Deep inside I was hoping someone died.

Today was seriously ridiculous.
Her didn't wake up till about 2. Her says she woke up at 9 and just layed there, she does that a lot so I guess I believe her. I waited for her to get back from her dads and that took a while because she decided to walk back. So I just hungout with Stinky Pete.
Pete was once again drinking whisky from that nasty old flask. That drunken, crazy solo man. We hungout at the skatepark and just watched people skate. I wanted to skate but Her wasn't there and I usually barrow her board.
When I was sitting there I got really pissed off at this kid who wouldn't stop staring at me like I was a 'wannabe'.
I calmly just called him over, and punched him in the gut. I know that may seem a little bit harsh but he should know better.
As soon as Her got there we skated for a while and it was great because she wore her Bikini and DAMIENS shorts. Why doesn't she wear any of MY stuff, huh. I feel jealous. I should kill Damien.
Oh, yeah. The questionmark key is broken on my keyboard so pay attention to when things sound like a question because they may be.
Later that day there was a fire downtown and Her left with DAMIEN, DERRACK and some chicks. God damn. I went with Pete in my car. Thare was this one building by....um...Subway that was on fire and it was smoking up the whole downtown area. It was crazy. Deep inside I was hoping someone died.
After all that happened I went back to the skatepark and me and Her went back to her house and hungout. It was great. It's usualy at night that I spend time with Her. I love it because I share her bed sometimes.
I guess you're wondering if we've ever done anything. No, just friendly pecks on the lips when we say Hi or Bye.
I hate it because she likes that Nick kid. I want to kill him too.
My hands hurt from typing and Her wants me to get off her computer so she can sleep. I'll leave you to guess all the inbetween details about today.

Current mood: jealous
Current music: Mindless Self Indulgence - Bring The Pain
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