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new boyfriend..yay for me! [05 Sep 2003|04:20pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]
[ music | Martina McBride--This Ones for the Girls ]

well...its been a lil while so i guess im do for an update!

--)>well i have a boyfriend now...thats the first thing..i havent had a boyfriend since joe..n that was like the summer of 8th since i broke up with him so yea..i go out with jeremy table and yea i can say it feels nice to start a new skool year with a new boyfriend..we jus started goin out tuesday nite...so yea..im really happy bout all that

--)>wut have i dun lately ..lets see i dunno...umm ive been to the mall a lot...ive went skool shoppin pretty much for the most part this past week...gettin all my las minute things..n yea we started skool wednesday the 3rd..n it totally sucks...my classes arent that great like i dont have a lot of my close friends in ther..my lunch is gay as hell too..i onli have dominique n jeremy in ther..n dominique onli sits with me every other day cuz she sits with steve on the other days..so wen shes not ther its jus me n jeremy n bruno...i dont even see any of my friends like in the hall way or nething..i see britt mayb once or twice..i dont see tina ever...i havent saw megan once this year n i dont have any classes with her..kristine was in my english class but she got it changed..i havent really seen ashley either..i saw her the first day but thats it so far...mayb its jus cuz its the first week of school and the halls are cluttered n stuff cuz the new sophmores are all confused n stuff like we were las year but i dunno..hopefulli ill get to see more ppl next week..i miss everybody...i dont think this year is gonna b as good as last year but i guess we'll jus have to wait and see!...i think im goin to the mall tonite with brittany...ive been ther a lot this past week...lol..jeremy works in lucas pizza so i get to walk by n say hi to him n stuff but ..it sucks...cuz he has to work like everyday from 4 to 9:30 and i think he onli usually gets like one day off a week or sumthin like that but its ok..i see him a lot in school n stuff..=)..n kelc...i onli get to see her sumtimes once a day..sumtimes not at all..grr it sucks...but atleast she lives down the street from me so we take her to school and bring her home so i get to see her..uggh n my teachers r pretty nice and all i guess but my world cultures teacher says "you know" after like every sentence which bugs the heck out of me and he always clicks his pen..other then that hes cool tho cuz hes really funni..my english teachers nice but we already had our first oral presentation today n its the freakin 3rd day of school..i didnt think we started learnin usually til at least the second week..haha..i guess thats back in elementary school wen all we did is color and practice our abcs..lol...im not looking forward to this school year at all...

well i dunno wut else to say really so yea..i guess im gonna go..im waitin for britt to call cuz im goin to the mall with her i think ...alryte ttyl...ill update prolli after this weekend cuz its gonna b busy i think luv yaz MwAz BYEZ!!

( gully )

lalala [22 Aug 2003|12:04pm]
[ mood | content ]
[ music | Lonestar-My Front Porch Lookin In ]

hmm...well nuthin very xcitin has happened lately so ill jus tell ya sum of the lil things

--)>well monday..i went to wildwood with mah gurl RayVon..lol sike...ashley olivio..and her brother n her dad n carol n joey n danny(carols sons). me n ashley almost were twins we both wore white shirts..cept mine had a cheer syin on it and we both wore yellow shorts but mines said cheerleader n hers said cutie ...we had a lot of fun..we bought wristbands for the three piers..n rode a lot of the rides...we rode the great noreastern 2wice once in the very front n then once in the middle i think or the very back i dont remember...we went on all the lil corny rides too like the lil mazes and haunted houses ..but it was fun tho..we went on teh go carts and we also went on the great white..which is that old white rickety wooden roller coaster..i think i went on that like 3 times..fun fun..n omg we had so many things that happend that nite ther gonna b memories forever..haha..ther was this girl n she was wearin a skirt n she kep itchin her crotch n me n ash were jus gaggin omg it was so nasty..i told ashley she prolli had crabs... n then we look at her again n she did it again n then sniffed her hand it was like one of the most disgusting things ive ever saw...n then me n ashley were gettin on one of the rides..i think it was the musik machine or sumthin like that...n these 2 black boys were in line bhind us..n wen we were gettin on all the sudden me n ash hear "booty booty booty booty" it was funni we both turned around n the 2 dudes were smilin i was like omg ashley walk faster..ol....n then yea i said in one of my earlier entrys that all the people that worked up ther had accents n they were from another country..well we go into one of these stores to look for shorts...n ther was this dude n he read my shirt n he was like ooohh a cheerleader..n then he started walkin behind me n he was like with a big butt too..i was like aahhh ashley get me out of here..i was bumpin into these racks n stuff tryin to get out of the store...lmao...n the best part of the nite is wen we met Ken...lol..we go into this las store to get shorts...and this dude that worked ther came up to us to see if he could help us...n he read my shirt n he was like o ur a cheerleader...(he has an accent let me remind u..but he was cute) i was like well i used to b but now im a coach..n he was like o im standin next to a professional...n then he started cheerin ..he was like gimme a K gimme an E gimme an N if KEN cant do it no one can..omg it was hilarious..so then he took us to the bak of the store to put the decal thingys on the bak of our shorts...they say SPANK ME and they have a hand print on them...(My mom said im onli allowed to wear them around here..lol) neways chingy comes on the radio.."ryte thurr" n he comes out from behind the counter n starts doin the chicken dance that they do in the video n he tries gettin us to do it n hes doin the harlem shake...n omg it was so funni n then he asked how old we were n i said 15 and ashley said 13 n he asked if we were sisters n we were like no friends n then he said to ashley..u r cutie ..ur shorts r real good..lol..n he said if she was jus a lil older..i was like well shes takin neway...n he said aww if i was jus a lil earlier...n ashley was like yea if i onli came here like 8 months ago...lol..it was funni..but wen he was dancin n stuff he was like see u guys aint had this much fun all nite...n we were like nope..he was rill cool tho...so after we left ther..we went home...it was like 1 wen we got home...i had a lot of fun that nite ash..we gotta do it again!

--)>well cheerleadin n football season is startin up again...we had tryouts not that long ago n practices started this week...monday thru thursday..so i have off tonite..n then were havin monday thru thursday practices next week too..so far were doin pretty good but lets jus say its gonna b an interesting season..lol...

well not much of nething else has really been goin on so yea.. im prolli goin with kelc n her mom to the depford mall around 2...so yea im gonna go get ready for that n try to get ahold of kelc n see if shes awake yet..so yea..ill update sumtime in the future...wen i get a chance..haha..iight luv yaz ByEz!!

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just got bak from WV [08 Aug 2003|02:52pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]
[ music | Brooks and Dunn--Red Dirt Road ]

its been about a week since ive updated so i guess i have to catch yous up even tho i dont really remember much...here it goes

-->well i kno las friday i went to wild wood with kelsea n krissy n kelseas mommy (my 2nd mommy hehe) n i had a blast we didnt ride ne rides tho cuz the tickets were real xpensive n the smallest amount u could get was 50 n we onli wanted to ride like 2 rides so yea didnt ride ne rides or play ne games...mostly jus walked the boardwalk...i bought a outfit its a really cute cheerleadin outfit...we had fun we took pics on the beach...and omg i got hit on by these foreigners that worked in one of the stores...everyone that worked there was a foreigner haha...n then ther was the bois in the car afterwards on the way home...lol kelc n krissy ...its was fun we went for kelseas birthday...yay for kelc shes finally 15!!..sike nah u kno i luv u kelsea!

-->i hung out in the neighborhood with kelsea and krissy and jason n marc sum 2...i dont kno wut days but yea sum days...n krissy died her hair blue..it looks soo awesome

-->i got to chyll with ashtray too...sorri ashley hehe...but yea i havent hung out with her in like forever but yea me n her chylled wit danny n ryan one nite..til she left....i dunno wut nite that wuz either...

-->monday i went to the deptford mall with dominique n monique...i didnt buy nething cuz i was poor but we jus walked the mall n we ate lunch...fun fun like always

-->the funnest part of my week was west virginia...me and my lil cuz cortney slep over my poppops house tuesday nite...we went to bed around 11 and we had to wake up at 2 ...we finally left around 2:30 in the mornin and it was about a 9 hour ride...omg and 3 people in the front of a lil pickup truck make the trip seem a lot longer...we got ther around 11 and went to my aunt jackies and uncle bills house....(my moms aunt and uncle)..thats where we stayed anyways yea my aunt jackie made us hillbilly hot dogs...chilli n cole slaw on them..i kno it sounds nasty but actually its really good...any ways...all my cousins live around ther...its all the people that jus came up here for my mommoms funeral but yea we got to go visit them and im really glad...cuz i got pretty close with the boys..theres ryan whose 15 jeremy whose 13 and nathanial is 9 he calls me burper...haha..hes so adorable..anyways yea wednesday we didnt really do much we went to nathanials football practice with his mom wanda which is my moms cuzin Mark's wife so that makes her my second cuzin n the kids...nathanial, ryan, and jeremy theyre her kids so theyre my 3rd cuzins..neways i went with wanda, cortney, nathanial, and jeremy....while we were there..i met 2 friends of jeremys...dwayne(14 yrs old) and jeremy ( Dunk...16 yrs old ) they were pretty nice but dwayne was quiet and dunk made fun of me the way i talked n cuz i like rap musik. he was tryin to teach me how to talk like they do...all they listen to down ther is country...dwaynes lil cuzins who are 10 and 11..jamie and justin both liked cortney ...but they were too young for her . even tho shes 10 she didnt like them...she goes after those older guys u kno..lol...shes so cute...we left at 8:30 and we had to take dunk home he sat next to me in the bak ...hes pretty cute but he talks with a lil bit of a lisp but it was nuthin major...he made fun of me pretty much the whole way home...that nite we pretty much jus chilled outside...me cortney, jeremy, ryan, nathanial, lil david...another 3rd cuzin hes 19, mark ...hes nathanial, jeremy, and ryans brother..hes 16 almost 17 and dunk came up and hung out with us...we went in at like 11..and went to bed...thursday--yesterday--we were supposta go to the pool with the boys but it rained so we went shoppin at the mall...it was nice but nuthin xcitin...prolli about the same size as the hamilton or deptford mall...i bought a tommy shirt and a west virginia tshirt..we got austin one to match..hehe...we got home around 8:30 and ryan came up to the house with me n cort...i think im closer to ryan prolli then the other ones but neways...he took us on a walk to his house to sho us this rattle snake he had in a jar....actually it was jus the skin and the rattle..he took all the guts out...eww yuckies..they have a lot of snakes down ther and loose doggs...lol neways we walked bak to aunt jackies and uncle bills...o yea almost forgot...uncle bill is my mommoms(who jus passed away)brother...im sure im makin all this family stuff pretty confusin but o well neways wanda n nathanial were up ther they had jus gotten bak from football practice..and jeremy came wen he got dun coon(raccoon) huntin with mark...they stayed up ther til about 10:30 me and nathanial played baseball on the playstation and i beat him...haha...it was fun...wen they left i gave em all hugs ..well wanda, big mark(their dad), and ryan...and nathanial too i think but i dont remember...we had to go to bed and then get up this mornin at 2:30 and we left at 3 and headed home...=( it was so beautiful down ther with all the mountains n stuff im gonna miss it..i told me mom im makin it a goal to go down ther at least once a year to see everybuddy..i have the boys screen names tho so ill keep in touch with them...lets see over all i learned that u cant have a can of "soda" down ther but u can hav a can of "pop" umm i learned how to do this lil whistle thing thru my hands i learned how to tie laces of a shoe a different way, i learned how to make this bug noise with ur fingers that really annoys the hell out of people wen u do it in ther ears..and i jus had a lot of fun im really gonna miss it...='(

well if uve actualli read all of this ur crazy....but this is the end now so u can give ur eyes a rest...haha...well g2g so ttyl luv yaz MwAz Byez!

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where do i start [31 Jul 2003|11:24am]
[ mood | thankful ]
[ music | Great Big Book of Everything Song from Stanley! ]

--)>well tuesday...we spent the whole day at my poppops house..and pretty much jus enjoyed eachothers company...at 4 we had to go to the funeral home for like a private viewing for jus the family...my poppop walked in first and walked up to the casket and he jus broke down cryin. That was the hardest part for me .... i hadnt even seen her yet but as soon as he did that i jus started crying...that lasted for about ahalf hour and ryte b4 we left...i told my mom....i wonder if her nails are polished...cuz she always usta have me paint them for her..but we couldnt tell cuz her hands we coveredthen we went bak to my poppops where more family had jus come up from WV....i had cuzins that i never knew existed...then the pastor came to go over the service..that was kinda hard too..i cried a lot tuesday...but not near as much as i did wednesday

--)>yesterday(wednesday) was the viewing and funeral...it started at 9. My mommom looked so beautiful u hav no idea...she looked like an angel...and rocap shannon did a wonderful job. It looked jus like her...there were so many people there too...my mommom was really loved and she had a lot of friends...the funeral service started at 11 so we all sat down...and the pastor talked a lil bit and then my aunt jackie and aunt jenny and my cuzin binky sang a beautiful song called "Going Home" they had wonderful voices and i kno my mommom would've loved them singing so much....just a week ago b4 my mommom passed away wen she was in the hospital b4 she got real sick..they sang for her in her hospital room and she enjoyed it so much...then the pastor talked a lil bit more and then it was my turn...i read a poem that i had written for my mommom...here it is

* Just the Other Day *

It seems like just the other day
when you would sit me on your knee
and tell me everything’s ok

You would spoil me rotten
and yell at my mom to
let me have my way.

It seems like just the other day
when we would sit for hours
and watch talk shows on TV.

We would enjoy each others company
the whole day long
always you and me.

It seems like just the other day
when I would go to your house
and raid the refrigerator for food

You would always say
get what you want
you treated us all so good.

I t seems like just the other day
when I would paint your nails
so you could always look your best

And I would always give you
a hug and kiss
just before I left.

Now this is today
and I have to accept
that you’re gone and face reality.

But it’s alright
because you’re watching over all of us
from the best place you could ever be

*Mom mom Raines*
There aren’t enough tears that could fall to my cheek to show how much I’m gonna miss you. You’ll be in my memory and my heart forever and always.



--)>i got up ther and read it but it was really hard for me...i cried...and i had to pause a lil bit here and ther but i got thru it..after the service we all had to get in our cars...and follow the herst to the cemetary...u kno the whole headlights and flashers thing all the way ther...yea...i had stopped cryin by then.the paul bearers carried the casket to the site and we all crowded around...my brother was one of them...we all got carnations to put on her casket before they barried it...thats wen the tears started flowin again..i think that was the hardest part...walkin away and realizin that i would never see her again...after the funeral we went home and changed and then went to my aunt mimis house..thats where they had the food and stuff...a lot of people came up to me and told me my poem was beautiful and that i had a lot of courage to go up ther and read it and they never wouldve been able to do it...sum people said that they also were doin good and werent cryin and stuf until i got up ther and read that...but yea...yesterday was jus a very hard day but i made it through

--)>ryte now i jus wanna thank everybuddy thats been helpin me out this past week...faren and adrienne..thanks for your kind words that u left commentin..they were really comforting...danny thanks for lettin me cry on ur shoulder that one nite..hehe didnt mean to make it all soggy....dominique, britt and ashley thanx for comin to the funeral..that really meant a lot that u were all ther for me...and kelsea thanx for jus bein ther always...i kno u wanted to come to the funeral but under certain circumstances u couldnt...but i still appreciate the fact that u were gonna come...thanx alot all of u cuz uve all been really supportive and i wouldntve been able to get thru all this with out yous!

--)>well i g2g my mom should b here soon shes takin me out to lunch i think...so yea.luv yaz byez!

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cant stop cryin [27 Jul 2003|07:51am]
[ mood | sad ]
[ music | smilez and southstar--Now That You're Gone ]

well...my mom came home bout a half hour ago to tell me that my mommom passed away this mornin...i found out las nite that the had taked the breathing machine of her n she was breathin on her own...n my mom told me that she would look at u n stuff wen u talked to her. She said she didnt kno if she was gonna make it thru the nite and that if she did then it wouldnt be much longer...my mom went bak up that at like 2 in the mornin las nite n my poppop went up ther at like 5 this mornin...i guess the nurse came into the waitin room n told them thay everything was slowin down so my mom and poppop wen tin ther and held her hand as she died...it was kinda weird wen my mom first came in to tell me i didnt cry at all..but then like 5 minutes after she left it all jus really hit me and i havent stopped cryin since..i jus kno im gonna miss her SOOO much...i jus wish i coulda seen her one more time...i was gonna go up ther today and see her...but atleast she doesnt have to suffer any more...she knew she was goin to heaven and im glad she didnt go in pain...MOMMOM RAINES...i jus want u to kno that i love you with all my heart and you'll be thought about and missed everyday for the rest of our lives...

and yea i call a truce too..no more grudges!!

well i gotta go get a shower and stuff and walk over my poppops house cuz i guess the whole family is goin over ther...i was supposta go bak to sleep and then go wen i got up and ready but i couldnt go bak to sleep well ttyl

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i dunno [26 Jul 2003|05:31pm]
[ mood | blah ]
[ music | ringing in my ears ]

well there hasnt really been much goin on for me to talk about but yea....heres wut i got

--)>i went to see my mommom today at the hospital....shes still in ICU but now shes in isolation which means shes in a room by herself...we had to wear a mask to go in ther cuz of sumthin with germs...and if we wanted to touch her hand or sumthin like that we had to wear rubber gloves...me christa my mom and my aunt mimi went in ther together...i started cryin a lil bit...cuz i hate seein her jus layin ther lookin so hepless...her face is a lil swollen n shes breathin thru a tube and since her blood is really thin in her body thers a whole bunch around her mouth....she had her eyes closed the whole time and she barely moved at all. She moved her mouth a tiny bit but thats all she did...after we went in to see her my dad brought me cortney n christa home n took us to our mommoms n poppops house...weve been ther all day i jus came hom eto update n get out of that house cuz i was startin to get a headache...but yea more of our family came up from west virginia...and everybuddys over ther now gettin ready to eat so i guess me n cort r gonna walk bak over ther...ill update sum more wen i get a chance!

luv yaz ....byez xOxO!

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my new layout [23 Jul 2003|06:31pm]
[ mood | energetic ]
[ music | Loon-- How You Want That ]

AHHHH alryte i kno u all sweat my new layout...lolz...thanks lesley for makin it for me n thanx julie for makin my icon u guys are the best...

--)>..well guess wut i did today...i babysat...n cort helped me...it was like heaven Cole took a nap today for 2 hours and 45 minutes....thats the longest hes ever slept for me. Usually he onli sleeps for like a hour but yea he was good today...now im jus watchin cortney

--)>yesterday well lets see britt came over for a while...n then she left n i was outside chillin n danny came over...he brought me a list to download a cd for him..n we jus chylled out side til like 10:30 n i saw kelsea n krissy for like 5 mins...and jeremiah too..o yea i also found out my mommom had 2 heartattacks yesterday...shes in ICU ryte now breathing thru a tube...n shes like out of it cuz they had to sedate her so she wouldnt keep tryin to rip the tube out ::tear:: i dunno but yea thats about all that went on yesterday

--)>monday i went to the beach for 5 hours...with mo and dominique and i am BURNT like lobster cherry tomato apple red red red burnt...of course its not as bad now but yea its really funni i have to wear my bathing suit top cuz my bra hurts my sunburn...i dont think ive been this burnt ever...my face started peelin today...uggh..hoepfulli if i keep puttin lotion on it it will be ok soon i dunno...wen my brother saw me he said "wut happened to u did u get in a fite with a tomato?" aint that so nice of him...yea...lol thats a brother for ya..but neways lets jus say my pas 2 nites of sleepin have been very painful and sticky from aloe vera stuff..lol but yea that helps a lil

--)> n i dont remember wut i did over the weekend...i got my nails done...theyre really pretty blue and purple tips with this white kinda swirly stuff neways yea theyre purty!

well thats all...yea i kno my life is borin sorry its not a lil more entertainin for u all...well im gonna go cuz my lil cuz looks a lil bored sittin on the couch...Keep it Gully!! luv yaz byez

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ugh its to earli to think of a subject [18 Jul 2003|08:44am]
[ mood | blah ]
[ music | Nelly ft. Pdiddy n Murphy Lee--Shake Ya Tailfeathers ]

hey everybuddy....guess wut im babysittin again...lol...its alryte tho cuz my lil cuz cort is here too and she plays with him n keeps him busy! this is gonna b a pretty short entry cuz i have nuthin to talk about

--)>lets see...i havent really dun nething xcitin since the las time i commented...i went to the mall n bought my mom a birthday present n spent all my money...but its ok ...cuz i made 50 bucks again this week...my mom said if i keep doin my chorez like i have been shes gonna give me allowance..yay for me...lol umm monday i went with mo and dominique we went up to hamilton n went to sum stores around ther...(joann fabrics, bjs, the walmart, a matress store) n we ate lunch at old country buffet...mmm mmm yummy...we were gonna go to a movie up ther but then it was too late we got in the car after we came out of bjs at like 2:35 n the movie started at 2:40 so we were like nevermind ..we were supposta go to the beach but then it ended up rainin =(...umm pretty much all ive been doin is hangin out in the neighborhood lately...ive been chyllin wit kelsea n jeramiah n jason ...n kelseas friend krissy the pas couple days...its been fun but kinda borin ...cuz this neighborhood can onli stay entertaining for a lil while...the people in it are all my friends its jus theres nuthin for us to do xcept sit on the front steps or porch like hoodlums...lol kelc...

--)>omg! nun of u will guess who called me the other day from MARYLAND>>> Robbie...i was like where the heck r u cuz he was on a cell fone..n he said im at foot ball camp in maryland...n all i could think is y is he callin me...but neways yea so i talked to him ...n then guess who i-med me the other day that i havent talked to him for a while...Jeremy...im like wuts with all these people...neways yea he imed me n was actin all normal like nuthin ever happend...wutever..he imed me yesterday too n he called me las nite..i was like wut happend with u n brooke...did u finally realize she was playin u ...he said they jus stopped talkin like a couple weeks ago n he knew she was playin him n he didnt care but yea...he prolli did...cuz he would prolli still b talkin to her if he didnt...i hope he dont think i still like him...cuz i dunno i dont really like neone ryte now...but neways yea

k well im gonna go cuz u kno i gotta go BABYSIT...aaahhhh! sike nah it aint that bad...n besides i get paid to day $$$...alryte well ttyl luvyaz byez

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tired [11 Jul 2003|08:39am]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | Lumidee---I'll never leave ]

well its kinda early...i had to wake up at 7 this mornin cuz im babysittin my lil 1 yr old cuzin cole...hes sittin on my lap ryte now n he keeps tryin to type on the keyboard...so if theres any xtra letters in this entry u will kno its from him...lol

--)>lets see Tuesday wen mo picked me up we went to V-Land n picked up dominique n then we went to buena vista campground to register cuz theyre stayin ther in august cuz of elvis weekend...buddy is obsessed with elvis...neways then she took us to lunch...i dont remember where but i kno i got a chicken cheese steak..it was good....then we went to the hamilton mall i bought a really qute tommy hilfiger halter top from macys n dominique bought a bathing suit coverup n mo bought a couple of hats...so after we left ther it was like 6:30 and we went to the Peking Buffet(Chinese Place)for dinner...it was prolly the nicest n cleanest chinese place ive h8 ever seen...n me of course...we're at a chinese buffet n the first thing i get is pizza and mozzerella sticks..mmm yummy..lol. i had sum crab legs..they were huge...n i had a lil bit of dessert ...after we ate they brought me home n mo said i have to read 10 chapters by next week or i cant go with them on her day off =(

--)> wednesday i babysat cole and britt came over for a lil while then she went home...n her n stacy picked me up at like 5 n we went to the 15 year old allstars in pennsville...charlies aunt tracy brought us home...well to britts aunt pams house n then she brought us home...the boys lost their game...which means theyre dun since its double elimination...o well better luck next year...lol neways after her aunt pam dropped me off i had to get my stuff n go to my neighbors house n sleep over ther so i could babysit her thursday ...

--)> thursday i babysat anderson...thats the lil girls name next door..i had fun ...shes so cute...she told me i was a really good babysitter...aww i felt so special...after her mom came home from work aroudn 2:15 i came home n got my shower n got dressed n stuff n then jason came over n then danny came out ther n then jeramiah..n we were all jus sittin out ther talkin n stuff n then i went inside n i talked to britt for a lil while...shes leavin today to go campin ..at like 2:00 =( shes gonna be gone the whole weekend...im gonna be so bored at nite time...

well g2g coles screamin so ttyl luv yaz byez

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ummm i dunno [08 Jul 2003|10:04am]
[ mood | annoyed ]
[ music | Bow Wow--Lets Get Down ]

well...its kinda early for me to be awake i should be sleepin for atleast another half hour but o well i have stuff to do so this is gonna be a short entry

--)>i have to do my chores and get a shower and then mo is pickin me up and takin me and dominique somewheres i dunno where but yea it should be fun she always takes us sumwheres fun

--)>i really gotta start readin more for this summer readin...im still on chapter 7 of the first book...n i got like a book left thats 1 1/2 inches thick plus a skinny one...its jus that i hate readin n i can never really get interested
plus i have to have like complete silence to read and thats very hard to find in this house unless i go upstairs in my room aka the sweat box ill get it dun...prolly like the las week before school starts like evry other year...but ill get it done!

--)>ther was a fite yesterday but i missed it cuz i was babysittin my lil cuzin cole...n i didnt want to surround him in that kinda atmosphere..lol...it was btween jason narveaz and paul peterson...i guess they said paul got more hits on jason but jason made paul bleed...and his hits were better so i dunno..they said it was nuthin xcitin. they fought up in the cemetary..i wanted to b ther but yea i was babysittin ..= (

--)>Las nite i went swimmin at jasons house it was really fun...it was me brittany todd and jason and kelsea went too but she jus watched cuz she didnt have her bathin suit so yea it was fun...we stayed til like 9:45 wen jasons mom came home n told us thats wut time it was then we had to leave like ryte after that cuz kelsea was supposta b home at 9:30 ...her dad sounded pissed off wen he was on the fone but wen we went to her house and xplained that we lost track of time he was ok...n she didnt get in trouble...yay for kelsea..lol

well i gotta go do my chorez and get a shower b4 my mummy comes home. ill update later after i come from wutever mo is takin us to do...lol luv yaz...BYE

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::yawn:: [06 Jul 2003|11:03am]
wow...i havent updated in a while but its alryte ...ill catch everybody up on wuts goin on!

--)>well im really tired ryte now...i jus got back from campin at tall pines (Yogi Bear) campground with my cuzinz and aunts and uncles...it was fun i guess...but of course jus as i thought christa hugn out with matt the whole time....i didnt kno how close he was gonna be to us..he was at the campsite ryte next to ours...i mean i didnt really care that she hung out with him its just that...sumtimes i felt like she was ignorin me...n then other times when i did hang out with her ...i felt left out...n i kinda felt bad for paul (matts friend) cuz it looked like matt was kinda leavin him out too...but wutever..i made the best of it and had a pretty good time...we went thursday n came bak this mornin...thursday there wasnt really much to do. we had to set up camp and basically thats all we did...we walked around a lil bit n got to kno the place a lil better...friday...i went to the pool in the mornin with cortney n my aunt val n aunt mimi n austin...i didnt swim tho cuz i really didnt feel like it...then ...i didnt really do nuthin for the rest of the day ....in the evening my mom n dad n mommom n poppop came to visit..n they stayed for a lil while...then there was the dance...they had a family dance from 7:00 til 10:30...teen hour was from 9:30 til 10:30...thats wen they played all the good musik...sum older people n lil kids still stayed for that too but it was mostly the teenagers....then yesterday(saturday) mornin we went to the pool again n i actually got in...it felt good but it was crowded....everywhere u turned u bumped in to a lil kid or a pool toy...wen we left there we went bak to the campsite...n got dressed n stuff n then we went on the train ryde. it took us all around the campground...that was like a half hour long...then a lil later we went up to the store...me austin cortney n felicia took a walk to the store but then austin seen the train n he wanted to go on it but we couldnt cuz it was done...it had jus took the las ride...so then there was this other ryde startin..it was this water ryde thingy...there was a tractor pullin this big wooden wagon which is wut everyone sat in...we had to wait to get on tho cuz ther was too many people so we didnt get to go on it til like the 3rd time cuz the second time felicia was in the bathroom n we couldnt leave her ...i had to keep tellin austin that he wouldnt get wet cuz he didnt want to ..n all these people were like no ur gonna get soaked...n i kept winkin my eye n i was like NO HES NOT GONNA GET WET...it was really funny...the guy said it was gonn abe like goin thru a car wash...cuz wen u go through the campground all the campers get big tubs n buckets n pans n cups n hoses n water guns n basically u get soaked...n the water is FREEZIN...it was fun tho...the first time we went on i was curled over austin cuz he didnt wanna get wet but he did neways..he said he didnt like it be he was ok ...then wen the ryde stopped he started cryin cuz he wanted to get off..so i took him bak to the campsite n me corntey n felicia went bak to get on again...that was alot of fun...wen we went bak i had to get ready cuz they had another dance ...christa n matt had already left so i had to meet them there...i went n it was a lil more fun then the dance friday...n then this mornin we packed up all our stuff n came home =( i didnt wanna leave...i was havein so much fun..

--)> there was this boi at the campground he was really cute...cept he coulda got his hair cut or sumthin or braided...but he looked good with it down to ..it was blak n curly. i think he was like half spanish and indian cuz his dad looked indian n his mom looked spanish neways his name was george(he didnt look like a george) n i noticed him the first day we got ther...n then i kept seein him around with his lil sister...like friday mornin at the pool...thats the day i didnt swim but yea n then i saw him at the dance that nite...my aunt said she saw him keep lookin at me but i dunno...then saturday mornin at the pool i was sittin on the side of the pool...stickin my feet in i was holdin baby colen i noticed he was in the pool with his lil sister n they were playin with a beach ball with this other lil boi..finally i went n got changed n got in...then i was holdin austin...n he was like i wanna play with the ball...so wen the ball passed george..austin got it n threw it bak to him it was funni...he jus smiled..so then after i took austin bak to his mom ...we kinda joined the game...n he kept hittin it to me n stuff... n cortney n felicia kept tryin to get it from me...so then we saw him later...we were waitin to get on the water ryde wagon thingy i was tellin u bout...n we were standin ryte behind him n his sister n they got on n then ther was no room...=( so we didnt get to ryde with him...it was funni tho b4 it left sum people got off..n his sister was liek u wanna get on theres room ryte here ....n i was like no thats ok...then at the dance....we saw him again n he was dancin with this one ugly girl..i could tell he didnt want to cuz he kept pullin away from her n goin to sit down but she woudl jus got drag him again so finally he danced with her....n he was sittin at this table with his bak towards me n he kept like turnin around n lookin at me cuz i was kinda sittin ther like by myself ..wen christa n matt were dancin n stuff...i wanted to dance with him so bad..but i didnt have the guts to go n ask him ....well it was the last slow song n the last song actually of the dance...n i didnt kno cortney was goin to but she went up n asked him to dance with me....((grr that made me mad but kinda happy but i wanted to kill her))....neways cortney n his lil sister came up to me...n his sister was like he said yea if u go over ther..but then i looked over ther n these 2 girls were talkin to him ..n they were pretty too! =( so after the girls walked away the song was almost over....n i didnt get to dance with him...o wells i shoulda asked him earlier in the dance...i need to be a lil mor forward n less shy...ill have to work on that...this mornin me n christa took a walk to the bathroom while everyone wa packin n he was goin to the bathroom too...he was walkin ryte behind us..n i waited on a bench til christa came out n he came out like the same time as her..n walked behind us on the way bak too...omg it was kinda embarassing...

o well now im home n can actually get a real shower n sleep in a comfortable bed lol...campin was fun while it lasted

--)> Im really startin to get tired of people bein stupid n commentin in my journal...ok im glad u think im a bitch..n it doesnt hurt my feelings at all...i dont kno y ur wastin ur time readin my journal if u dont like me any way...n if u wanna talk shit...u mite as well leave ur name so i kno who u r

well thats all for now...ill update later...BYEZ
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busy tiring weekend! [23 Jun 2003|10:05am]
[ mood | drained ]
[ music | Dru Hill- I should be ]

well i had a very busy weekend..i spent most of it in a van traveling but it was still fun...

--)>this weekend was dominiques family reunion in pennsylvania..im not part of her family but im jus like a part of it so i still go when i can. I almost wasnt able to go cuz i had a softball game for the playoffs friday nite n thats wen they were leavin...but game ended up gettin cancelled so mo picked me up wen she got dum work n then we met dominique aunt bertie n nana at the house n we all cramed into the van(along with our luggage)and headed towards pennsylvania...omg it was so funny wen we got to the delaware memorial bridge...first it took us 45 mins to get over it then we had to go through the toll booth n aunt bertie was tryin to switch lanes cuz we were in an easy pass lane n we were supposta b...n she gets nervous real easy wen shes drivin ..so shes got her blinker onaun berties yellin "can i get over can i get over....as soon as i get done this im pullin over i dont care where it is" moniques got her arm out the window pointin over to the next lane to see if sumone will let us go..nana yellin " put your hand higher...put it higher" dominiques yellin" were in the rite lane the lites green up ther were in the rite lane" and im sittin there curled up with my jacket over my head ..it was really funny...well we finally got to aunt merts n went to bed n the woke up at 6:30 saturday mornin for another 3 hour trip to the park where the pavillian was at...once we got ther there werent that many people there yet so we helped set up ...more and more people started comin n it turned out pretty good xcept it was drizzlin and it was cold n me and dominique walked through sum mud and got our shoes and socks soaked...so she was wearin these bobos that she found in the van n i put on my flipflops with thes thick woven green slipper things that looked like baby booties...but it was still fun...so we left that kinda late n went to aunt aggies to sleep ther...then we woke up at 6:45 n left around 7:15 and headed home for what was suppost to be a five hour trip but we didnt end up gettin home til around 4pm so it ended up bein like almost a 9 hour trip....i mean we stopped and ate at the restaurant but that didnt really take that much time...overall it was fun...and i havent been anywhere in a while so it was nice for me to get out of millville!

--)>so we get home at 4 sunday evening n i have to hurry up n get a shower n tehn go to the homerun derby at 5:30 n then stay for my game ryte after...well i didnt ein the homerun derby ...lol i onli got 7 points but o well n we didnt win our game either which mean were out of the playoffs n our season is over..=( but its alryte we won the championship las year n got trophies and jackets so yea...

--)>well since we lost our game n i dont hav nemore that means i can go campin now with dominique n that whole crew i told u about earlier...they rented a cabin for the week at parvins...and im goin to stay with them for a lil while...they get a cabin every year but i usually stil have softball games so i can onli go for like 1 or 2 nites...but neways yea so i have to go do my chorez..n then pak so my mummy can take me out ther

so talk to yaz later...ill update wen i come home..luv yaz byez

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my new fone!!! [19 Jun 2003|08:41pm]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | Chingy-Right Thurr ]

Hey everybuddy..i kno i already posted today but im really bored ryte now...n i have nuthin better to do so yea here it goes

--)> I jus got home not too long ago...I was gonna go to the mall cuz kelsea and lesley are ther...my mom didnt really wanna go walk around so she told me if i found sumbuddy to take with me she would jus drop me off..cuz i had to get a battery for my fone and a couple shirts...well i called brittany to go and she was already ther wit brandi n TJ...so my mom was like fine ill jus go walk around with u...she didnt want me to b ther by myself..neways then she says "well i would jus buy u a new fone if u gave up gettin new shirts"...so i was like ok as long as it has caller id n an answerin machine...so she said ok..i mean i really wanted a couple of new shirts but i get new stuff all the time n i jus got a new outfit las weekend so we went n i got this really neat Vtech fone it doesnt have an answerin machine but it has caller id n all this other stuff that makes up for it...plus i already have an answerin machine at my house i jus wanted wun that was combined onto the fone but its alryte ill live with this...neways it has plates on the face of the fone and the base(charger) that can change colors..it comes with orange, yellow, red, and babyblue. It has like 10 different ring tones...it has the rocky theme, we will rock u, blink182-all the small things, christina aguilera-wut a girl wants, lady marmalade, and the james bond theme plus u can download other ones on this site...n wen u put it on the charger this lil dogg or pig or sumthin runs across the screen its so cute..i love it..im lettin the battery charge ryte now but yea its awesome...u can also make ur own ring tones...u can customize them by dialin the buttons cuz u kno how every button has like a different sound...well yea n it gives u codes to make songs like happy birthday n stuff....its so nifty...hehe i kno im a dork gettin all xcited over a fone...but i cant believe it does all this crap...n its not a cell fone or nuthin its a regualr fone....hehe..ok well im gonna go ...i jus wanted to update about my fone...

come on u kno u wanna hula so put on ur grass skirt n lei..and make a comment...lol...luv ya byez

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Last Day of School [19 Jun 2003|01:55pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]
[ music | All American Rejects-Last Song ]

Hey everybuddy, wow its been a while..i havent updated since like march thats along time. And i got a new layout to-yall kno u like it...i gotta give madd props to belkis for her skills n thanks so much for hookin this up for me and thanx kelsea for givin me her name..hehe...anyways on to whats really important

--)> Today is the last day of school....Im gonna miss everyone so much cuz u kno u always say ur gonna hangout over the summer n ur gonna keep in touch but they never do..onli the close ones do...I kno ill definitely see kelsea n dominique..n prolly ashley...n hopefully brit to but it depends if my mom will let me hang out wit her or not...Im gonna miss all my teachers..well not all of them but mr. bump definitely and ms. capertina n ms. bagliani...its alryte tho ill go back the first day of school next year and visit all of them...I think ill have ms. bagliani next year too cuz im takin Art II so hopefulli ill have her again! It doesnt even feel like the las day it feels like im still gonna have to wake up in the mornin n do the earli routine::wake up, get shower, do hair, do makeup, rush around like a chicken with my head cut off, and leave for school:: im kinda gonna miss all that! but ther is one good thing about school bein over....I GET TO SLEEP IN!! hehe

--)> It was so funni today ...we were messin with Mr. Bump this mornin first we put a post it that said "kick me" on his bak but then this kid ruined it n took it off for him....then kristine wrote "I AM GAY" on a brite piece of yellow paper n put tape on it n she wen n gave him a hug...thats how she put it on ther ....she stood ther for like 3 mins huggin him sayin "mr. bump im gonna miss u so much" i guess u jus had to be ther...it was hilarious tho.

--)> The onli bad thing about summer is that i gotta babysit my neigbor n my lil cuz Cole...but it will be alryte cuz ill get sum xtra spendin money n its onli 3 days a week....ill have off on modays cuz thats Moniques day off and she always takes me and dominiques somewheres...and ill have off on fridays and the weekends so pretty much ill have a four day weekend and work on tuesday, wednesday, and thursday--my neighbor said shell pay me 20 dollars a day n ill b babysittin her 2 days a week and i dunno how much my autns payin me to watch cole but that will be onli one day a week...and ill still have time to do stuff and chyll wit kelsea and sum other friends..

--)>OMG Jeremy is such a jerk i dunno y hes bein so ignorant...if anybody should be bein rude ryte now it shouldn't be him it should be me...hes the one that played me i didnt do anything to him at all..i was tryin to be nice n see if we were still gonna be friends n first he says i dunno...n god i jus hate guys none of them are worth it...im not wastin my time anymore on people that wont waste their time on me wutever..im done with them...well untill i find a cute wun lol..sike until i find one thats different then everyone else and actually gives a damn...

well im gettin all flustered and frustrated now talkin about idiots so thats all for now...do a lil hula for me k? luv yaz byez!

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Sniff Sniff [08 Mar 2003|10:49am]
[ mood | sick ]

*Hey peoplez, I kno i havent updated in a while ...so thats y im updating now..lol! I had to go teach the little kids again at saturday enrichment...We did pyramids today it was fun but man those kids dont listen to nething i tell them i say lunge more and they dont i tell them to lock their knees and squeeze the penny nd they dont...lol o well theyre little kids wut can i expect but i was kinda gettin annoyed easily cuz i dont feel good my nose is all stuffed up n stuff!

*My bedroom is finally startin to come together! I finally got a bedspread and pillowcases...theyre really cute . they got lil moons n stars n suns on 'em . its kinda countryish cuz its a quilt but its really cute. Me and cortney spent the whole nite las nite puttin stars on my ceiling. that was a lotta work. We wer like doin pyramids n stuff to get them up there. it was funny. it was fun puttin em up but first we had to stick all the little stickers on the bak n then we had to peel the backing off. lol N cortney stuck them to her arm so i could jus take them off rather then having to go down to the floor and getting them everytime i needed one.LOL. It looks really neat wen u turn my lite n stuff off n its like pitch blak. Neways yea!

* I have to go to the sophmore semi tonite with charles. Im not really in the mood to go but i kinda have too. I got my nails done thursday. nd im goin today at 3:30 to get my hair done....Pictures start at 5:30 but were not goin that early...the dance dont start til 7 neways! We actually jus got home ...we had to go get the bootineer(im not sure how u spell it).My dress is a peachy pink color but its a lil more peach..and mo made me this lil wrappy thing to go around my back n shoulders n stuff. Im gonna look pretty...i still gotta get a camera so i can take lots of pictures!

* I joined bowling club and yesterday was the first day...its really fun im on a team wiht kristine and this boy bill and it was suppost to be kristines boyfriend jeff but his mom wouldnt let him so now we havto find a 4th team member..Our team name is the kritters lol mr bump named us!...neways we played mr bumps team and we beat them lol...its only cuz were handicapp...thats wut they hav us under..I guess its a special category for the people that dont play so well. I actually did pretty good i got like a 70 or sumthin the first agme i think but hey i was jus warmin up..then i got a 96 the second game and a 103 the 3rd....thats the highest i ever got without bumbers lol!

* I havent hugn out with kelsea lately! i was over there thursday and i think she was mad at me cuz we were watchin tv in the livin room and danny n roger came out n danny told me to come out rill quik...then i went inside to get sumthin n she was like wut ur dissin me for them n kerry said i thought kelsea told u not to talk to them near our house...n i was like no im not dissin u for them im comin bak...and kelsea was fine wen we were outside wit danny wednesday ...i dunno but im allowed to talk to him where i want ..i kno shes not really frends wit him iguess but i am and we were on the sidewalk..its not like we were on her porch or in her yard...neways wen i went bak in she said she was tired and wanted to take a nap so i went home and i havent talked to her since then...i dont think shes mad at me tho well at least i hope not!

* well i gotta go ..MwAz byez

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::YAWN:: [01 Mar 2003|10:46am]
[ mood | sleepy ]
[ music | Dixie Chicks--Goodbye Earl (haha kelsea) ]

*Jeez, im tired...i just got bak from saturday enrichment...I had to teach them lil kids 4 more cheers today. Its so hard cuz i have like kids that are btween 6 and 13 years old. I have to teach like baby cheers like the cookie monster because the little ones cant learn harder cheers and the older ones are gettin bored. But hey wut can i do...only my best. and theyre all so shy i have like 15 kids in my class and im louder than all of them put together..im louder then them when i talk. Mayb thats jus cuz ive been cheerin for so long but i dunno. I thought little kids liked to be loud. well i guess theyre just shy. its only the 2nd week. They'll warm up eventually!

*I went to the mall lasnite from like 6-8:30 . can you believe it. I was actually allowed to go ...I was so happy! neways i went with kelsea..her dad took us. we were supposta be there at 5:30 but her dad got a fone call and we didnt leave til around 5:50. When we got there sarah came runnin up ...its kelseas cuzin i guess kinda sorta neway im not really frends wit her because of past experiences...anywayz i was bein really quiet nd she was liek do u hat eme or sumthin and i was like NO. which is the truth i dont hate or or like her shes jus a person i kno. then we found lesley...and walked around a lil bit jordan and ant were there...kelseas been telling me bout them and i finally got to see wut they looked like. I still didnt get a very good look at jordan tho. I guess he was kinda qute form wut i saw. at 7 Kristine and Megan met me there and i hung out with them til we left...I got this really qute shirt from rou21 or however u spell it...its says slinky and it has a lil pic of it and then it says its fun for both girls and boys. I also got 2 pairs of socks one of them has ducks and the other has cow spots and it says silly moo..but yea neways i had a lot of fun las nite. I m glad my parents are givin me a lil more freedom now...

* well I dont really have nething else to say. im tired out and cortney is comin over. Im gonna babysit her again =) ill write later if i can...MwAz..Byez---Give me a scare---

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Hmm...My First Entry* [28 Feb 2003|11:02am]
[ mood | content ]
[ music | Bowling for Soup- The girl all the bad guys want! ]

*Hey, Every1 ...its 11:02 am ryte now.Im sittin here on the computer and all of u are in skool ...hehe aint it funny. My mom woke me up this mornin n told me ther was a 90 minute delay nd then she told me i could just stay home cuz it would be to hard...She needed my help cuz she has so many things to do today.

*Well...My little cuzin cortney is here. She found out i was stayin home and she wanted to stay home with me too. Her mom wasnt gonna let her but i guess my mom talked her into it. She loves spendin time with me and i love spendin time with her...I call her my mini me...Shes just like my little sister and i love her to death. Christa was mad because cortney got to skip skool and she didnt but thats her fault for missen so many days already this year. I guess she was being ignorant so cortney told em b4 they left this mornin she went upstairs and unplugged her sisters fone..lol. Thats the same thing i prolly woulda dun...GOOD JOB cortney!

*Today is my Daddys birthday. Me and Kel-C spent all las nite makin a stuff for him. We both made him a card and i made him this cute lil coupon book..kinda like the one i made him wen i was 10...lol but neways we made this huge banner and im gonna hang it up for wen he comes home from work ...were gonna go get balloons and a cake for him today...He turned 43 woo hoo OLD MAN lmao!

*I just got out of the shower and stuff and were getting ready to leave...I gotta go do Cortneys makeup for her (shes so adorable) well ill update later...MwAz byez...Make a comment!

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Hey Kaytee! [26 Feb 2003|06:37am]
[ mood | impressed ]
[ music | ::Cheering:: ]

This is KT's journal but im writing in it because i wanna! HeHe! Me and Lesley did a good job! woot woo! Hope ya like it and you HAVE to write in it lots! = ) ! Well Love you BUNCHES! Kel-C Testing 1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8...9...k im goods! BYES!

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