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Well [15♥Jul&;04 @ 04:49pm ]
[ mood | indescribable ]
[ music | Talib Kweli-K.O.S.(Determination) ]

We've just made up a new routine for BattleCry. Its coming in August. Jay told me the lineup for whos going to be in it with us and it sounds like a solid crew. I'm just kind of doubting it because:
1. We have no b-boys/b-girls.
2. Not everyone knows the routine.
3. Some people who are in it don't even know they are.
but other then that its all good. Yesterday I was with Eric, P, Marco, and Jay at the mall it was a pretty good time you know. We saw these kats with this crazy ass hair. I guess they bleached it and thought it was the dopest thing in the world whatever, you know friggin' suburban kids. Eric was meeting this girlies there so I left him to do his thing you know, hopefully the magic went on. So I come to find out that this wack ass crew called "Street Dreams" is talking mess they say that they ripped us and the Lil' Boogaloos. Hahahahaha thats not going down. So its been the same old same old lately but at least this time I'm actually out doing stuff now. Eric's birthday is on Sunday! Its going to be dope.

Events without the skylights can be even more entertaining then the jampacked arena.

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It doesn't have to be.... [08♥Jul&;04 @ 08:41pm ]
[ mood | anxious ]
[ music | A-Team(Abstract Rude and Aceyalone)-We Like Breakbeats ]

I've been sitting in my room all day like always. Playing video games and just listening to music. I tried writing earlier but just nothing came to mind. My last two works are just two lines because I have this damn wall in the middle of my way and I can't seem to get over it yet. Today I missed practice because I over slept. My mom usually wakes me up but she had to go to work early though. It's not a big deal though I got more sleep! Yesterday Will and Laha came over after practice they had breakfast and what not. Well Laha wanted to play me in some Madden(bad idea Laha). I wuped the crap out of him then he left. Then I went to wet n' wild with some friends and then that just sums up my day yesterday. Today I've just been sitting here doing nothing. Eric's birthday is in a week and some odd days. He should of told us later because the suspense is killing me. It's going to be a good time though. I just have to make sure that I see Cecilia the day after though because thats the day she leaves for Mexico. I need to buy some clothes. See this is why a job wouldn't be so bad right about now. Hopefully I can get some money from mama or something though.

Things change, but they don't have to. Just because things do change and things do get broken doesn't mean you have to sit idly by and watch it all happen. If you get up and put in your hand somethings could still stay the same maybe even most.

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Know That [27♥Jun&;04 @ 04:55pm ]
[ mood | grateful ]
[ music | Mos Def and Talib Kweli-Know That ]

So after I changed the look of my journal,(if you can't tell I'm bored more than usual lately). Thus explaining why I write more in the journal as opposed to my usual once every or so. So on Friday I went to a quincenera with my girl, her friend, and her friend's man. When the highlight of your evening is placing a bet on whether or not that guy over there is going to fall asleep that should tell you your not having a good time. It would of been cool but all they played was banda. The only way to dance to it is to bounce around, I'm hispanic, but I'm not doing that sorry. It was good being with her though because I haven't been with my girl in the longest. So today though I a lot of stuff happend. My friend from back in the day called me. Me, him and my other friend were like brothers let me tell you that. Well he tells me that theres a good chance that he could be coming back in like January. Thats the best news I've heard so far come out of him. So its looking like the old gang could be coming back. My girl's mom might not like me but on the plus side her pops is real cool with me. On the third we got to rock a show at a convention show or something. So I called up this kat to learn the routine, turns out him and two other kats in the crew were out at the illegals. It's cool though I'll just learn it tomorrow but for right now that made my day another 24hours of bull****.

Some friends are like dollar bills theyre expendable, they come and go. Relationships are the same except there are the special ones. That goes the same as friends there are the special ones that stay with you forever. Family on the other hand through thick and thin stay with you wherever you are.

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Looking up [23♥Jun&;04 @ 01:05am ]
[ mood | optimistic ]
[ music | Mos Def-Brown Sugar(fine) ]

So I think I can make it into IB or at least my confidence level has risen. Its just my damn biology class that I'm worried about other then that everything else seems to me to be perfect. Also with my girl for me its been a rough ride bet after realizing some things everything is getting better now. At first I was angry because I never talked to her and never saw her in a while. After I talked with her though I realized that it bothered me that I didn't see her in two weeks and I didn't talk to her in a few days. I'm going to definetly see her on Friday, its a party but she said its going to be wack as hell so its just going to be me and her for some alone time. Also she loves to dance, I'm cool with dancing too its just that when the mainstream comes on or if the music is wack I don't really like to dance to it. I'm just going to fold though because I haven't been with her in a WHILE so I just got to suck it up and move with her. I don't mind dancing to "rap" its just it always converts to freak dancing. I have no problem with freak dancing its just yo if I'm going to dry hump someone I might as well just have sex. I don't know after wallowing in my self pity for the last week everything seems to be looking up.

The dark always seems to envelop someone, even in the darkest rooms theres a light switch. Just make sure you weren't in the dark for a while. When they turn on the light it takes a while to adjust.

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2nd or 3rd Family Matters [20♥Jun&;04 @ 02:42pm ]
[ mood | moody ]
[ music | Mission-Soul Chips ]

So I thought everything between my girlfriend's family and I were great. I was finally thinking that I was being accepted by a girl's family. I guess not, I don't know if she's either in trouble or they just don't want her using the phone. Maybe it's about me. Who knows! All I know is that I can't get a hold of her. We're not doing all that good in my opinion either. I haven't seen her in over a week and the stupid thing about that is she lives up the damn street. I'm talking walking distance. I'm always over my boy's house and he lives like thirty seconds from her. It's real stupid. Also she got her phone taken away from her so its like I can't even talk to her anymore. Even if when we do talk on the phone it's not like how it used to be you know. Before we went out we could talk for hours and there was actually topics of interest. Now its more like a one-sided conversation or no conversation at all. I want this to work out so much but by the look of things that isn't going to happen anytime soon. I could tell already that she's getting bored with me so I better pull something drastic or I might lose her.

Experts couldn't even describe my feelings toward anything. If statistics proved everything then doesn't that mean that the groups that people are put in are totally diverse. The people put in each group has to be exactly the same. So what the experts are saying is if your rated stupid, your just like any other dumbass. If your a genius, your listening to Mozart and on top of that your regarded higher.

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