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    Thursday, January 27th, 2011
    10:00 pm
    All About Thrombosed External Hemorrhoid

    Hemorrhoids are brought about if the veins found close to the anus plus rectum is infected and swollen. These hemorrhoids can occur externally and internally as well. Generally external hemorrhoids are quite painful. When the external hemorrhoids become strangulated and blood supply is cut off, its gives rise to a situation known as thrombosed external hemorrhoid. Thrombosed external hemorrhoids are often accompanied with agonizing pain. This condition occurs when blood clots are formed in the small veins located within the anal skin or if a vein ruptures. Though this condition can be extremely painful and discomforting, the situation in itself is not a very serious medical condition and it can be taken care of without medical treatment but it is advisable to meet a physician just the same. Mostly it is the pain associated with this condition that makes most people turn to medical attention.

    The causes of this condition can be as simple as letting the blood sit around for a long time which is caused when one does not move for a long time. Some of the symptoms of thrombosed external hemorrhoids other than the excruciating pain are burning, itching, swelling or even inflammation. The color of the skin is also a definitive sign of thrombosed external hemorrhoids. Most of the thrombosed external hemorrhoids are deep red, blue, deep purple or black in color. This tint is caused because of the blood clot.

    Prevention is usually much better than cure and this holds true for thrombosed external hemorrhoids as well. A healthy life-style and also a well balanced diet plan along with sufficient intake of liquids as well as a proper exercise regime, is what a person have to adhere to to be able to avoid this situation. Make certain you have sufficient movements and also do not sit around in the same position for an prolonged time period. Even though you have to sit in one position, make certain you are taking a short break of a minute or two and also stretch out your legs and stroll around for a bit.

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