Why the journal you ask?

Our lives are -way- too interesting not to have something that keeps everyone else in the world in check.

Basic Stuff [meet the sisters]

Names: Dylan, Deanna and Daylin
Alias: the bitches of eastwick
Age: legal
Zodiac: Scorpios
Location: South Florida
Nationality: Chezk Cashew

THeir lust...

Actor: JoHnny DePP
Singer: Evanescence
Rapper: OuTKasT
Song: "Kickass Violin Solo"
Want: people to get off their backs

Contacting the sisters

For the most part, someone is almost -always- online available or not. If no one is available, they do check email daily, and have other means of being contacted. Make sure you put which sister you wanna talk to, other wise the other nosy bitches are going to read it.

Email: [please, put 'blurty' in the subject and who you want the letter in attention to]
Blurty: teeny_wahinee
M Mm ka aay !!
/~teeny_wahinee @!*'

we'd fuck um'
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Ze Past

she's in a funk |ze hour- 05:24pm|
|Monday- March 29, 2004|
:|: mood ::.
:|: music ::.

So I'm sitting here, watching my baby sister. In the biggest funk I've ever seen. I dont know whats wrong with her, or how to help. You would think all the 'education' im getting here in community college on psychology might help me psyco-analyze her.

She's in a daze and I know it's over a boy. I wish I could help her, I'm not sure what to do...

Dae.. talk to me.

3 DiaG NoNSeNsE

you want something? |ze hour- 06:36pm|
|Friday- March 26, 2004|
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:|: music ::.


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