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goodbye and goodbye   
05:05pm 18/10/2003
mood: chipper
music: this will be
well i have found a more invitingly friendly and more technically advance home at greatestjournal....l8r
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my band's name....i'm liking the lyric too....   
03:23pm 09/10/2003
mood: creative
music: waggy .:blink 182:.
What is your emo band name? by spiralinghalo
Your band name is:Tuesday not Monday
You sound like:Jets to Brazil
You will be signed to:Dreamworks Records
Your emo lyrics are:"The scar you left me on my heart will peel off and bleed some more"
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taking it all back
ha ha ha...   
10:11pm 05/10/2003
mood: exhausted
music: white lights .:rufio:.
still trying to get over the shock that some people don't know that we get a four day weekend...

Teeniepie87 [9:39 PM]: it's kind of weird that we have a game on a day that we don't have school
DMitch86 [9:39 PM]: wait we dont have school friday?
Teeniepie87 [9:40 PM]: ha ha ha....you mean you weren't counting the days???...;-) i know i was...no we don't have school on friday or the following monday
DMitch86 [9:41 PM]: ah thats pretty awesome
DMitch86 [9:41 PM]: nice


lildot87 [9:25 PM]: do you have a lot of tests on friday...with my luck i'll probably have millions
teeniepie87 [9:26 PM]: ha ha ha
teeniepie87 [9:26 PM]: your joking right?
lildot87 [9:26 PM]: no? y would i be joking...it the truth...my luck sucks
teeniepie87 [9:27 PM]: CHIC
teeniepie87 [9:27]: WE DON'T HAVE SCHOOL FRIDAY OR MONDAY!!!
lildot87 [9:27 PM]: seriously!!!
lildot87 [9:27 PM]: FUCKIN' AWESOME!!!
lildot87 [9:28 PM]: how did i not know this??????
teeniepie87 [9:28 PM]: ha ha
teeniepie87 [9:28 PM]: i dunno...

he he he...i love my friends they always put a smile on my face...especially dot and danny....funny funny people....well i got homewok and i'm really tired so l8r
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huh...at least someone, somewhere cares...hopefully...   
08:08am 04/10/2003
mood: lonely
music: alien ant farm .:these days:.
Afterlife as an Angel by childdoll
Your Name
Astrological Sign
Angel TypeAngel of Nature
Wing ColorPowder Blue
Heavenly WeaponBare hands
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taking it all back
bad day...   
04:40pm 02/10/2003
mood: crappy
music: yellowcard .:sure shot:.

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well...that's pleasent isn't it...but beware that is how i feel today...it was such a bad day...check out the other journal...if your confused and if you don't have the other journal addy....well then your not supposed to have it are you..? no...well i'm gonna go kill myself...or at least take a nap...(fyi i think i will choose the later so no worries)......
taking it all back
yeah so...   
07:21pm 01/10/2003
mood: aggravated
music: Rufio .:white lights:.
i've been avoiding doing this all afternoon...just got done talking to danny, i was talking to him b/c i was putting this off....but i figured i should update...so here i am...um nothing has really happened...yesterday we had our stinkin' 6 hours silk practice...yuck...it was okay...but we got new charts...ick....this is the 4th time since band camp...lisa is starting to piss me off....um...last night was the 1st powder puff practice...i didn't go b/c i'm not on the team...but the juniors got egged by mackenzie and like 3 other seniors...idiots...it's amazing how older people are sometimes more immature then people younger then them...but i guess we all need to be a kid sometimes...and poor matt...he got hit w/ on of the eggs and the eggshell cracked on his skin and he got a lil scratch...and tomorrow we have 3rd period ALL morning...which sucks b/c i have algebra 2 3rd period, so yuck...um....so that's about it...oh and kristen comes in 8 days!!! can't wait...oh also court got in another car accident...poor thing...but luckily she's okay...some jerk off rear ended her...ugh...isn't it amazing how people you don't even know seem to piss you off sometime...well last night i watched gilmore girls...rory's in college...i wish i was in college...lot's of my friends went off to college and i've have suddenly gotten this incredible urge to go to college...not b/c they are there but b/c i think i have hit that age where total freedom is so close but so far away...dammit...well i'm gonna go now...l8r
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wow...long long day   
07:29pm 30/09/2003
mood: tired
music: gap short .:do you remeber, those early days of septembers:.
well nothing much happened today...it was just really really slow...i was at school from 715 and i didn't get home until 634 which is way to long to be at school...well i'm gonna go do homework now...oh by the way i gotz a new journal on greatest journal...but i'm not gonna tell anybody....well maybe except for beans and christy_pie, and grady and stef to but they could really care less...well i'm gonna go now...l8r
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busy, busy, busy   
04:36pm 29/09/2003
mood: cranky
music: jason mraz .:you and i both:. (in my head)
school as usual...um except i convinced stef to walk w/ me this morning to put down my crap so that i could get it off my back, and on my way up to my french class we run into danny and i said hello and all and the next thing i know is stef slaps me on the arm...and i was kind of loud but i said "loudly" oww....b/c it hurt..anyway so when we got into the class room she was all like 'wow christine i'm so impressed, he really likes you. notice how he was the 1st one to say hi'....ha ha ha...whatever...so then school was boring...oh but doody told me i did "phenomenal" on my test so that's awesome...and then band was boring and yadaa yadaa yadaa, so i came home my mom had me drive back to the school b/c i needed to drop of name tags for chorus garmet bags, saw christy, chatted for a few secs, then i went to the dpta office to drop my mom off so that she could make some copies, then i had to go back to the school and pick up mike from rotc practice then i had to go to jackie's to drop off one of those copy thingys then i came home and now that i'm all rested guess where i have to go? SCHOOL.....argh no matter what i do i can't get away from there...but it's all good b/c i'm gonna go meet up w/ christy and we are gonna play some tennis...fun fun...and then we have practice so then i get to come home and do homework...well this is getting too long so i'm gonna go now...l8r
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06:54pm 28/09/2003
mood: contemplative
music: jason mraz .:absolutely zero:.

Also known widely as the Fire Bird, the phoenix is a profound symbol of life and rebirth. It has a life cycle of 500 to 600 years and after that amount of time, it sets itself on fire and dies in the flames. Then, after three days, it rises again from the ashes. It is a completely benign creature who lives in dew. It is said that the phoenix has a beautiful melodious song which grows ever more mournful as its life comes to an end. It is also a symbol of the sun and immortality.

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wow....long weekend...   
06:29pm 28/09/2003
mood: dorky
music: jason mraz .:sleep all day:. i loved 2 w/ him...lol...yum
well on friday stef came over and we chatted and talked...it was all good until...of course i opened my big mouth...well...yeah...STEFY I LOVE YOU!!!!!.....and i'm sure the whole school doesn't know...please don't be sad...and then i went to my daddy's l8r that night...ALONE....b/c mike through a hissy-fit...well i guess i shouldn't talk...i've done it b4...so on friday i just ate chicken...ha ha ha....and watched joan of arcadia...good god beans...the 1st "god" was hot...lol...and so are john ritter (rip) son's...NO I WANT HIM!!...he he christy_pie...so on saturday i went to school and we went to the rising sun competition...silks did "excellent" the 1st 2 songs, but then....esh...lisa flipped...we must've looked so bad...so she says that we are having a 6 hour practice on tuesday afternoon...but i'm cool w/ it...we need the work...and hey lisa is bringing pizza...so sounds like a party...let's have fun girls...make the best of the situation...and not bitch at jess, b/c it's not her fault...so um, saturday night i drove my dad's huge truck...good god...i felt like i was on top of mt. rushmore...okay maybe not mt. rushmore...but i was definatly on a hill from what i'm used to driving...so the saturday we picked mike up from the jrotc car wash and he decided to big mature about it all and come with us...i'm really proud of my lil bro...yes he's very annoying at times...okay most of the time...but he's coming into his own...slowly...but he's definatly doing it...so then on saturday night i watched 'how to lose a guy in 10 days' *shetypeswhiledroolingoverthethoughtofmatthewmacounheywhoshevowssheWILLonedaymarry*, and then i watched...um i don't remeber i think it was footloose but i fell asleep like the 1st 1/2 hours so yeah...i never cared for that movie too much...um then today i woke up w/ a major headache...so i didn't go to church this morning...i felt bad about it...daddy really wanted me to go w/ him....hmm...maybe your right stef...so then when he came home we went to borders and i bought two new cds....and mike did his usual lecture on how i don't need anymore cds and how i could start my own record store as it is...whatever i love music...so then we went and had pizza for lunch and then we went to see the rundown...it was good....it was funny, very funny *chuckles at the thought of "thunder" and "lightening"* so see the movie and figure it out for yourself...yeah the movie had WAY to much unnessasary fightening for me...but it was a pleasure to see sean willam scott half naked...as it always is..so then i came home...talked to grady and her i am...getting ready to leave w/ my mama for a slides party...aka renee sticking out her tongue and saying "nenr nenr nenr i've been to italy and you haven't"...she really doens't like me...i don't know why....but...ahh...i could say something so rude but i'm not gonna...maybe i just won't go...yeah i think i'll just stay home and chill...well i g2g discuss that w/ the head hancho...well l8r

<3 teenie_pie
taking it all back
03:23pm 26/09/2003
mood: geeky
music: stephanie rolling on the floor laughing...
i'm gonna be gone all weekend so don't expect any updates *cough*sammi*cough*....so um...mini hiatus yeah...buh bye
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another one of my philisophical moments, jeff   
07:45pm 25/09/2003
mood: content
music: smile empty soul .:bottom of the bottle:.
there's always love out there
you just have to look for it hard enough and long enough
and the adventures you gain on the way in your search
make love all that much better
taking it all back
nah nah na nah na nah....   
02:38pm 25/09/2003
mood: good
music: the beatles .:hey jude:.
well school wasn't that exciting...and now i'm online and all of my friends are ignoring me....but i won't name any names *cough*sammilindsericadannyjeffpetey*cough* :O But i cannot believe jeffy is ignoring me!!!! (see if you get any tonight...no i'm serious...see if you get any tonight ;) well i'm gonna go do homework now then....FUN FUN...right christy....ha ha ha....l8r
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09:20pm 24/09/2003
mood: tired
music: dashboard confessional .:hands down:.
nothing happened...i got my liscense...went to practice...learned the 3rd show....fun fun....well i'm tired and i'm going to bed....nighty night....(or as cpie would say) catch you under the covers.....
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03:03pm 24/09/2003
mood: crappy
music: 3eb .:crystal baller:.
well it's been a stressful day...i hate missing school b/c then you have to catch yourself up and that is never fun...well i got things squared away with christy...i honestly don't think she did the whole question thing....but i dunno....i'm just so friggin confused....and i am really pissed at the person who is breaking into her account...but whatever...so now i gotta go to the dmv to get my liscense AGAIN!!!! *fun*....and um...then i'm off to silks practice...then i'm coming home talking a shower, eating, doing homework and passing out....(sorry jeffy, but no movies tonight...maybe i can get away from my dad one night this weekend but well see...) so last night i watched gilmore girls i love that show so much...i don't know what it is but something about that show make me feel....i dunno...festive and i can relate to it b/c me and my mom are like that EXACTLY so it's nice to have something to relate too....and also i watched one tree hill....man it looks like it's gonna be a new favorite of mine...and i love chad michael murry...he's a great actor...and he aint' too bad on the eyes either...ha ha ha....well i'm gonna go take a nap before i leave for the dmv...so i'll probably update tonight....l8r

*Can we try and take the high road
though we don’t know where it ends
I want to be your Crystal Baller
I want to show you how it ends*

I <3 THIS SONG!!!!! heh...okay i'm going now....
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about to go to bed...   
11:49pm 23/09/2003
mood: loved
music: john mayer .:st. patricks day:.
so yeah back to school tomorrow...ick...but it's kind of nice to be sick and have your friends *eh-hm* (you know who you are ;) bring you chicken noodle soup and movies....i really appreciate it and i feel so loved now...ha ha ha....well i'm gonna go to bed....g'night neverland....l8r
taking it all back
first day of autumn..   
12:53pm 23/09/2003
mood: full
music: you and i both .:jason mraz:. i <3 him
you know how that anticpation for fall or winter comes and you can't wait for the windy days w/ leaves flying everywhere and of the snow falling on the ground and you get like a warm fuzzy feeling...i love that feeling...and i just got it...i'm so happy...now only if i could stop coughing and get rid of this migraine....
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09:28am 23/09/2003
mood: sick
music: taking it all back .:count the stars:.
it's a stomachy, headachy, throaty, eye watery, body achy, crampy kind of thing......so i'm staying home from school....you know i love the whole staying home from school part i just don't like the being sick part :(
taking it all back
injuries, injuries...   
09:05pm 22/09/2003
mood: blank
music: everwood
well i went to silks...it was okay i guess...but poor christy pie she hit herslef and got a little goose bump on her head..poor thing hopefully it will go away....and as for me well i have an injury of the heart...i like the biggest jerk i could ever possibly like....i really couldn't pick a bigger jerk...all well...i'm gonna go watch everwood...my favorite show...l8r
taking it all back
the hero dies in this one   
03:37pm 22/09/2003
mood: sad
music: the hero dies in this one .:the ataris:.
As I leave here today, apartment 108
I'll always keep you in my heart.
Anderson is cold tonight,
The leaves are scattered on the ground.
I miss the seasons,
And the comfort of your smile.

Sometimes this all feels like a dream.
I'm waiting for someone to just wake me up,
From this life.

As I look out at these fairgrounds,
I remember how our family split apart.
I don't think I ever told you,
But I know you always did your best.
And the hard times,
They only made us stronger.

As I sit here all alone,
I wonder how I'm suppose to carry on when you're gone.
I'll never be the same without you,
I love you more then you will ever know.
So maybe now you finally know.
Sometimes we're helpless and alone,
But you can let it keep you weighted down.
You must go on.

Do you ever feel like crying?
Do you ever feel like giving up?
I raise my hands up towards the sky,
I say this prayer for you tonight,
Because nothing is impossible.

As I sit here all alone,
I wonder how I'm suppose to carry on when you're gone.
I'll never be the same without you,
I love you more then you will ever know.
So maybe now you finally know.
Sometimes we're helpless and alone,
But you can let it keep you weighted down.
You must go on.

(The hardest part isn't finding who we need to be, it's being content with who you are.)

Stay who you are.
You must go on.
Stay who you are.

it's shocking how a song can be SO true sometimes
taking it all back