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    Monday, October 24th, 2011
    9:32 am
    How 15 Simple Articles Got Me Ranked On Page 1 In Google
    Have you ever wondered how much work it really takes to get a website to rank on page one in Google for a keyword phrase that has a decent amount of competition? I can’t promise you that my results will be easily duplicated in your situation, but I can tell you that it took me about fifteen articles published using standard article marketing practices in order to get my twelve page website to rank on page one in Google consistently. Here is how I did it.

    The first thing I did was to launch my website. I wrote ten articles that I wanted to publish as part of the core structure for the website. I also wrote a separate homepage and about page for the website. So, in total there were twelve unique pages. The core articles for the website were all written about specific topics within the article marketing niche. The whole website was created to test the efficacy of article marketing. So, it made the most sense to keep everything centered on that one topical area.

    In addition to creating that core content for the main website, I also wrote a bunch of other articles related to article marketing. Those other articles were to be used to promote the core website. I wrote fifteen of them in preparation for this website launch.

    I started publishing the articles for the main website one article at a time. After I would publish a new article on the website, I would then immediately go publish an article on some other article directory website to promote my new article. I would link from that article directory article back to the brand new article on my website. I did not just link to my homepage as you might have thought. Instead I pointed the link to the deeper page on my site. My goal in doing that was to get the internal individual pages on my website indexed in Google. I have been using that method for a long time and it works well.

    I wanted to publish each one of the fifteen promotional articles on a different article directory style website. This was done more for the long term benefits of gaining more domain authority for the site. By doing that enough you will build up your website’s ability to get new pages ranked highly in the search engines.

    Because the keywords I am competing for have so much direct competition, I did not expect very quick results. I presumed it would probably take several months before I had enough juice on the site to get the homepage to rank all that well. To my surprise, the homepage made page on in Google in less than one month. And this was with only about fifteen articles published to promote the site. I had also written and submitted a bunch of other articles. Those other articles were still waiting for review at the other websites where I submitted them. So, after one month, my site still only had about fifteen articles that had actually been published so far.

    I made sure that I got those promotional articles indexed in Google as fast as I could. To do that I simply used my social media accounts or the social media accounts of a colleague to promote the articles a little bit. In a couple of cases I had to go get some other links by writing a new article and pointing links from it to some of those other articles I had written.

    My story proves that it is possible to get a page one ranking in Google in under one month using a simple process of writing and publishing original article content to article directory style websites. The entire website that I created was just to test to see if article marketing still works or not. So far the results have been promising. I am still working on it though. Check to see where the site ranks right now and you’ll know whether or not article marketing should be the primary tactic you are focusing on to get results with your website.
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