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learn to swim...fuck all these gansta wannabes... fuck retro anything fuck your tatoos [27 Jun 2004|08:14pm]


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Dismantle me [27 Jun 2004|08:11pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]
[ music | Dismantle Me-The distillers !!!!!!! ]


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its a bull shit three ring circus side show of freaks here in this hopeless fucking home we call LA [27 Jun 2004|12:50pm]
[ mood | giddy ]
[ music | Tool-Enema ]

Your love is... by ChibiMarronchan
Your name is...
Your kiss is...delicious
Your hugs are...friendly
Your eyes...sparkle like the stars
Your touch is...heart warming
Your smell is...exotic
Your smile is...entrancing
Your love of a kind
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...yo [22 Jun 2004|01:12pm]
[ mood | Random ]
[ music | Hall or mirros-The distillers ] writing again cause i wanna be cool 8-)..well blurty is getting very thinking about switching to live journal cause its cooler and better and faster and way better :) yeah well..yesterday i went to the seaquarium and pet the killer whaley then im like...hey yeidel look its your twin brother and hes like..psst like whaaaatever!! haha whatta queer :) well im listneing to the distillers cause there my fav band and brody dalle..shes hott haha and i like her..manly voice ^L^ well im to me..i wanna go somewhere but i cant cause i dunno...ahhh im bored :( well later taters... im out like carlos(my cousin) in a beauty contest :)

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*Yawn* [23 May 2004|12:19am]
[ mood | sleepy ]
[ music | red hot chilli peppers-Suck my kiss ]

Yo,today was fun as fuck haha...okay okay lemme tell you..robert woke me up at 7 am...and was like "dude whats your adress im going over there" and im liek are you stupid dude i just woke up and my mom picked up and talked to his mom so they left about at 7:30 and my mom made me take a bath so i took a 30 min dressed combed my hair..then he arrived...and he startded playing video games untill like 3 then we tolsd vicky to come with us to the movies and we picked her and her sis up...then we got to the movies and decided to watch robert bought the pop corn and vicky in the middle of the movie burped lous as fuck haha thne she got up and started dancing llol..then that movie ended and we went to see her and her sister do the weirdest things in the thetres...her sis started putting cream on her legs and vicky started to check if she had a tampon on lmao....then we went to see van theiny the one about the vampires...and vicky asked this man "do you have money so i can buy a tampon" lmao! well can hellsing got boring and we skipped into this black people movie and a guy caught vicky then he caught me and robert and ana stayed inside laughing her ass off because we got caught lol we hauled ass to the front of muvico and stayed if we go in again they'll call the police lol then me and robert went home and lived happily ever after...the end

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[ mood | horny ]
[ music | robert talking ]

lol im here talking to robert on the phone and on the intertnet lol :) lol lemme tell you about this week...on sat or sunday whatever lol i went to roberts b-day party it was awesome...first we went ice skating for about 2 hours then we came back and played video games then we went on his big ass boat to the beach and we swam in there for about 30 mins then we went back to his house and got in his pool lol then hhh we starting messing with his dogs then i went to sleep and my mom picked me up and i came home and called him and while i was talkgni to him me brother came in and was like "i need to install your computer again to check this floppy since my computer doesnt ahve a floppy plpayer thingy" so when he installed it and my mom came in and was like oh since you installed it leave it installed and he got all pissed and almost took a bite outta me lol...i clicked with robert because i was soooo happy and then yesterday nothing inter STiNG HAPPNED NOW IM HERE TALking to vicky and robert and jenny and imma go beacuse im boring today

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arf arf [08 May 2004|09:34pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]
[ music | my puppy barking ]

yo,i got a puppy shes not very playfull when shes by my i wonder why...i think she thinks he might eat how devestating :) well the puppy gets annoynig sometimes..she follos me everywhere daMN..its so hard the get in my car without her following me :) well anyways enough about my doggie :)i may be grounded for like 5 more months...thats what mommy told me...all because im failing science...omg i only need a C and she took away the comp for that:) lol i wanna call claudia and vicky but umm i forgot theyre numbers id put my number in here again...but i got strange calls from hillbillys in texas so im never gonig to put it on here :)claudia called me but i dunno i didnt pick up i was to lazy ;) lol well im bored and imma go play a game later taters

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yo [06 May 2004|01:33pm]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | forever ending-forget the streets ]

yo im herre in the mommy took away my computer and she told me shes never gonig to give it back becauase im a fuck up and whenever i get my computer back i fuck up in life and shes gonig to take it away :) yeah well you heard that people im never gonig to get my computer back......well im bored without my computer i have nothing to do but listen to my fat cow brother sing opera and play his piano...i wanna call vicky but i forgot her number and claudia is acting all weird :) vicky if your reading this,this is my number and try and call me please hahaha! 305-822-6057...and if anyone whos not vicky calls me imma be mad :) well imma go to lunch because this fag is begging lmao :) ok well bye bye

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yo homie [22 Apr 2004|12:34pm]
[ mood | numb ]
[ music | nine inch nails-closer ]

yo people,if your wndernig why havent i been on aim is becausemy mom is a cacahead and she took away aim and now i cant use it...ahh grr that whore omg i hate her,jsut because of one F she took away my comp,well imma tell you about today :) i woke up and came to school there was only like 5 people in primetimeand the afganie was absent so we had a substitute.ummm i went to 6th pd and played a song in band and they gave me 3 A's yayaay :) then i went to rehearse a play with mrs.stel\ele the big play is tomorrow so :) now im here he says his name is noel. and mrs.lores is here wondering fi a computer works and im scared that wshe may find out that im even here :) oh well i dont care realy. well yesterday i got mr.pallais in trouble because he bitched put a kid andlike 60000 parents came to talk to mrs.chang and shes gonig to fire him maybe i almsot got in trouble with mrs.lorres...we're not suppose to be in this website lol it has bad porn stuff and bad wrods muahahahahaha :-D well im here nex to Noel and mrs.lorres is here agian so brb!

okay back she keeps checking on what sites im in :) wellllll im bored i need to internet back fuck ahhh i need it my mommy is a whore :'( fuck i punched her to day she took my internet away..jki told her shes a whore and shes liek okay :)...well imma leave becae noel is looking at what im writing and its getting me annoynig lmao :)back! :) mwell im bored..and theres liek two people watching what i type :) tanedys is like here watching what i type :) im bored i dunno what to write about,brb imma ask her :)

she said i dunno ...and umm the class is emtpy.omg mrs lores is coming later

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:) [11 Apr 2004|08:15pm]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | my brother chwing on something ]

yo im here in my bros room ysing his laptop because he ate my computer ..well lemme tell you about my life....umm on friday i was talkign on the phone then i told my friend to prank vicky and vicky found out it was my friend then vicky invited me to the movies and we saw girl next door it was funny as hell then i went home like at 12:30 am and my mom told me she thought they raped me and killed me lol :) well i went to sleep and woke up the next day(yesterday...saturday)then i asked my mom if i can go to the movies with vicky again and my mom said yeah so we went to pick e up and reached the movies like at 5:50 then the movie didnt started till 7:15? so we went to my house and played video games then we went to the movies and saw dawn of the dead haha vicky won a shirt of umm the tehcno station lol well then whaever theey bought like 3 large pizzas and umm 5 bread sticks thingy and well vicky ate half the cheese and ana didntate less then half then we all lied down on our bed :-D lmao and theyre mom honked and umm they went away and kailey called me and i went to sleep while i was talkgin to her so umm i woke up today bored as hell my dads suar was like way too high and my mom thought he was gogin to die and we were all scared so my mom like ran to my aunts house to get pills and umm i played video games and tlak on the phone now im heere in my bros room on his laptop..i had to cry alot so he can let me on this piece of shit called a laptop :) well bye im watching freddy vs. jason and hes telling me to get out haha so bye

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my dad once said that when the grass is greener on the other side someone needs to mow the lawn [05 Apr 2004|08:11pm]
[ mood | angry ]
[ music | Anatomy of a ghost-Set the stage ]

Yo,lemme tell you about today homies.Well i went to school and umm i was the frist one in prime time so i was like 2 minutes alone with that afganie bitch and i was polite and said "good mornin son" and she ignored me,haha that bitch.Well everyone came in and umm talked then she told us to shut up so we did,well i red this book there called "a wind in the door" yup i acutally red today :).Well the bell rang and if im correct i went to 6th pd?Then we had a test on 6 lines and omfg i practiced on the wrong line and when the test came i gotta B :'( oh well i'll make it up in open band lol thats right i wanna continue being a 4.0 in band haha a B can ruin the 4.0 :'(.Well after the test Orosil said i suck then when he played he played horrible i mean i didnt even know what song he played i think he made it up and he said i suck haha.Well the bell rang and i went to 2nd pd where we were talking about bi-sexual guys and greek people then we saw a movie that didnt move lol.Then the lunch bell rang i i got my lunch and hung out with Orosil then Sadii and Kailey came and Kaliey got me sooo fucking annoyed i fucking punched her and she called me a bitch and left and so did Sadii. Then i sneaked out so i dont have to o through the rampage at the cafetria where everyone pushes you to get out one door lol.So i went to drama early and um yeah i was bored :).well we continued watching the movie with no moving pictures and when it was done,the bell rang and i went to 4th pd.Mrs.lorres's class is always boring so we red a book about the blind kid whos stuck in this island with a black nigger :) and we saw cast away :).The bell rang and i hung out at the shelter for a little like 9 mins haha and stephen gave me a hug that was unexpected because i havent seen him or talked to him since last year,then i left and my mmo picked me up and umm i came home and played this kick-ass game and then ate and now im here again waiting for someone to get online..someone not boring :) well yeah bye!

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Kailey is a grotesque lesbian bitch! :) [02 Apr 2004|07:09pm]
[ mood | anxious ]
[ music | Hooker with a penis-Tool ]

Yo,im only writing in here because it satisfies Claudia :) well lemme tell you about my life.Lol well umm i dont have one.Lemme tell you about spring break :).I pretty much stayed here playing a video game or talking or went to my friends house or cousins house.Well yesterday night i started feeling like the day i felt in drama very sad and hurt and i cryed then my mom came in and i had to tell her it was my stomach so she gave me like 90 advils geeZ!Well today i woke up(scared to death!! there was this old fart looking at me through the window and i was in my underwear so i screamed and my mom came running and almsot fell)and ate pizaa then played runescape,Claudia came on so i talked to her about how it was raining ashes and stuff.
My cousin is a stupid ass! he called me going "omg!!yesenia!!omgomgogmgom!its the end of the world*scream*"so umm yeah i was scared when he told me that but then i just went to sleep :)anyways i did more stuff today but i just dont want to write them here because its to long and im tired! i have a new sn JoseHas3Balls! i got it because Jose wanted me to tell the world about his problem so i go in chats IMing people for no point at all and telling them Jose's problem and his phone number. :) omg!omg!omg! yuck yuck yuck!the day before yesterday i took Kailey to the movie theatres because Victoria d couldn't go so Kailey came and was acting all stupid and like a little lesbian.When we went to the movies she got her straw and like i don't know
she umm licked the straw then touched my cheek with the straw and when im like what the fuck?! i looked at her and she giggledomfg! i was disgusted!But other then that it was okay,i bugged my bro lol i spit in the pop corn and he ate it! Eww gross! haha then i got a large drink and I drank it all then when he went to drink it there wasn't anymore left!haha!then i bugged him about getting a refill and he missed half the movie.Oh yeah by the way we saw Dawn of the dead,that movie was godd i guess? it wasn't scary nor funny like people said.The only scary thing was the zombies! they looked ugly! like my brother! yeah they were that scary! but they weren't that fat. :-p Then when we came back here and Kailey sat on my lap!That was unexpected! lol then my mom gave me my dinner and Kailey kept fingering my chicken and i couldn't eat!So i gave it to her.Kailey kept touching me in places and im liek yuck kailey! and i wen tot lie down and watch t.v and she lyed down beside me and like touched me again! omg that lesbian haha!Then she left fnally! andi thanked god that she left and talked to my friends.She got one of my friends mad at me.She started bitching out my friend and she told em that she was me so they're not talking to me anymore :'(.Oh i found out why it was raining ashes,there was a big fire in the everglades :) Well later im out.

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hey! your gay! =D [15 Mar 2004|09:37pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]
[ music | brand new-guernica ]

yeah so here i am! being here! =D yay im not depressed any more..lookie here...happy happyso here i am tlaking to vicky and we;re talking about how claudia has yeah :)ahhh me and vicky have the most pointless convos ever!! :'( oh well lol theyre fun poinless convos :) well i talked to claudia yesterday and all we talk about is why i cryed in drama lol...i told her because someone stepped on my toe :) well yeah... :) so here i am talking to vicky...and breathing :) fun eh?welll today....i wen tot school i had a parent-teacher conference...all my teachers said i was doing fine and was behaving good..but i wasnt doing my homework..well its homework!! who does homework?!?! i know i dont! homework is for fools! lol well i went to primetime and thne i made annoying sounds to annoy mrs parekh..then she thought i was aplying with a skateboard and was like gimme that..and i gave her a baterie and she threw it and gave me a referal. mog i just smile and shes like "dont start with me son!" haha shes pathetic! :) and not to mention shes grosteque :) well yeah i went to third pd. and acutally did my work while nicky compied haha then the bell rang and i went to 5th pd and i didnt do my work i got distracted by papaya neck is so beautiful hand me some baby wipers so i can make it shiney :) then i went to 1st pd and red and did my work then i came home and went to sleep and got onlnie at 8:30 and im waiting for claudia to get on..if shes ever gonig to get vicky is starting to get boring! :) so yeah later im out!

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hi..your beautiful [12 Mar 2004|10:57pm]
[ mood | depressed ]
[ music | audioslave-like a stone?? ]

well i cant rwrite alot because ive been depressed this whole week :-\ and well nothing exciting has happend...well later

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hey ho lets go [08 Mar 2004|08:55pm]
[ mood | guilty ]
[ music | ramones-blitzkrieg bop ]

me and victorias lovely convo :)

MyFrendHas3Balls: hello barbara..want to have the most pointless convo you ever had?
Moonstreaking: lsure
Moonstreaking: lol.. about hwat?
Moonstreaking: *what
MyFrendHas3Balls: ok you being interviewed because im gogint o put you in my blurty!
MyFrendHas3Balls: so i'll give you 2 mins to come up with someinthg !
MyFrendHas3Balls: because we both have to look good ;-) i mena c'mon its my blurty..everyone reads that!
Moonstreaking: lol ok
Moonstreaking: lol okay
Moonstreaking: i love you
MyFrendHas3Balls: lol hold on!
MyFrendHas3Balls: the interview hasnt started
MyFrendHas3Balls: ok wait for it..and action!
Moonstreaking: i hope we grow old together and have three kids named " slut whore and bitch"
Moonstreaking: oh okay
Moonstreaking: sorry
MyFrendHas3Balls: lol thats ok lets start over :-)
MyFrendHas3Balls: action!
MyFrendHas3Balls: (you can start now!!)
Moonstreaking: ::giggle::
MyFrendHas3Balls: lol weee
Moonstreaking: i love you so much

Moonstreaking: i would die for you
Moonstreaking: ::naked dance::
Moonstreaking: im a very entertaining person
MyFrendHas3Balls: really?! haha wow vicky you say the darnest things :-[
Moonstreaking: look at me i mean come on
Moonstreaking: should lvoe me
Moonstreaking: lol
Moonstreaking: lol
MyFrendHas3Balls: okok i "lvoe" you
Moonstreaking: lmao you sound like the computer robots
Moonstreaking: lol
Moonstreaking: *love
Moonstreaking: sorry i really need to improve my typing skills
MyFrendHas3Balls: i noticed me too!

MyFrendHas3Balls: haha wow i need to learn where to put my commas!
MyFrendHas3Balls: haha did you die there pal?
Moonstreaking: lol yea
Moonstreaking: sorry
Moonstreaking: i was too ashamed of my bad typing skills
MyFrendHas3Balls: dont be ashamed!
MyFrendHas3Balls: be not ashamed!
MyFrendHas3Balls: ;-)
MyFrendHas3Balls: :-)*
Moonstreaking: :-)
Moonstreaking: lol okay
MyFrendHas3Balls: woops silly me,there i go again mispelling smiley faces!
Moonstreaking: lol
Moonstreaking: and how is that possible?
MyFrendHas3Balls: you know vicky(you dont mind if i call you vicky haha of course you dont!) your not a good candidate to put in my blurty!
Moonstreaking: why not:-(?
MyFrendHas3Balls: but hey i love you,you love me,you love me more then i love you(i think).so what the heck your in!
Moonstreaking: i could hump legs really good
Moonstreaking: i mean i do it front back side side
MyFrendHas3Balls: lol oh of course you can!
Moonstreaking: lol weeeeeeee
Moonstreaking: im in
Moonstreaking: im in
Moonstreaking: im in.. lalalllalala
MyFrendHas3Balls: lol yes you are! but talk i mean i sound like a robot talking to myself because i have problems..:-)

MyFrendHas3Balls: and trust me thats not good!
Moonstreaking: lol
Moonstreaking: that was funny
Moonstreaking: you are? ofcourse you are
Moonstreaking: lol
MyFrendHas3Balls: lol so vicky..your making me look bad! talk !
Moonstreaking: lol
Moonstreaking: okay
Moonstreaking: umm
Moonstreaking: what what what about hwat?
Moonstreaking: i dont knwo what to talk about
Moonstreaking: theres something wrong
Moonstreaking: i ALWAYS have something to talk about
Moonstreaking: okay maybe not always
Moonstreaking: but hey! whos keeping track?
MyFrendHas3Balls: haha! i dont know!

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im bored [07 Mar 2004|02:57pm]
[ mood | productive ]
[ music | blink 182-all of this ]

hello fellow stranger who are reading this! well yesterday i woke up at 1 pm and i went and saw the movie the passion of the that movie was awsome!!! omg i cryed,lol so did every one else in the theatre!i couldnt really hear them talkgin all i heard was lik people sobbing and sniffs and people blowing theyre well there wasnt really much to hear because the movie was like i dont know in the language they talked back thne in 600b.c i had to read the sub titles and theyre was like this tall fat guys head in front of w/e lol...well there was these old ladys in back of me who kept laughing theyre ass off :'(..i think one of them spat of my back...when they crusified jesus they like wouldnt stop laughing..they couldnt even breath :'(...i found that rather sad (the movie) and rather idiotic(the old ladies laughing,they were prob. satanic)..well when the movie ended this black lady gave me a dirty look because i was wearing everything black and chains and bondage pants so she thought i was like satanic..that fucking pissed the fuck outta me!! i hate when people judge on what they see!!well i came back to the house...jose(with the three balls) called me then i called claudia and we made fun of his third ball..then my little 4 year old cuz called me and well actually had a conversation with me and he sounded cute! well..i clicked with claudia because she had to walk skipper then she called me and uhh we hng up because she didnt want skipper in her room then i weent to sleep at 12 and didnt talk to her since lol...well today in the mornin i woke up and went on the internet and got a new says that i have no life!! yayayayay! well i talked to vicky...and now im talking to claudia and nivky again...shes not entertaining :'(

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i have no life..... [06 Mar 2004|09:35am]
[ mood | awake ]
[ music | lost prophets-last train home ]

You are Orange.
You are outgoing and optomistic. You always try to
find the bright spot in everything. You are
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your purpose or goals are.
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haha weeee im most compatable with claudia :-p

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... :) [03 Mar 2004|05:31pm]
[ mood | indifferent ]
[ music | Atreyu-Ain't love grand ]

Atreyu is writing your life story! dark, loud and
grand, but you may want to rethink the whole
obsessed with death thing. and the black
eyeliner. yick.

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well well well hot or wat
your at one with the world and will only keel over
and die when its absolutly necessary . . . . .
. . .good on ya! all those lucky enough to know
ya will need you so i'm glad your so posotive

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your roxanne!
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Playful Girl

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:'( [26 Feb 2004|06:22pm]
[ mood | sad ]
[ music | jimmy eat taco(something like that)-sweetness ]

well today i got up early and went to school...i went to homeroom and saw mrs.parekh there at the door so i wiped off my smile and looked pissed and i was walkgni slow and shes like "hurry up son!!" then when i reached the door shes like "c'mon son smile c'mon laugh like you always do..c'mon" and im like "no im good you stupid taliban bitch" and then she said "what'd you say son?" im like "I SAID NO IM GOOD!!NEXT TIME PAY CLOSER ATTETION SON!!"..."are you copying me?!?! i think i should send you to the office"..."go ahead" haha she was so pissed...well...we read 101 FCAT tips or sometihng..and she was talkgin about bringing the whole windixxie on the FCAT testing day..w/e lol i didnt pay atention i was too busy selling fake yugioh cards to that stupid russian...haha he gave me 20 for a it was a sticker but shh he doesnt know that :) then to bell rang and i went to....2nd pd!! weee drama!! then i was showing Kevin my birdhouse and mrs.steele took it away and told me i'll get it back when i behave good and stop talkgin and like "mrs.steele you know thats never going to happen!!" and she ignored me...omfg!!then we did inprops and all i heard was somthing about tacos or paco and pepito and the 99ยข then she sent us to rehearse and she gave me a 2Fs for not bringing the script...w/e! i dont care anymore. acutally i :) well i rehearsed with my group i already know my lines so i dont need a script anyways!lol well then agani i only have two lines haha :) the two FUNNIEST lines ;)then i went to 4th...and it was boring..then i went to lunch and it was also bornig...then i went to 6th pd...there was a substitute or as how carlos will say it prostitue :) anyways that guy was a old refugee who was ezctly like mrs.ay my papaya neck itches again hand me that baby ass wiper.... lol...well he told us to sitt down and we did..then this kid bryant punched this oter kid nelson(nelson is fat) and nelson chased bryant and mr.look im like mrs papaya said "hey you fat kid!! and fat kid!! stop running im gogni to call the security fat kidd!" i felt so sorry for the kid..i mean he got punched and then bitched out by a teacher? im like dude thats fucking wrong then i told the teachr "dude wtf is your prob?!?! you cant call little kids that you stupid refugee fgo back to cuba where you belong" then hes like "ok missy youre gogin to the office!" like " haha yeah your a funny refugee if you send me over there im gognit o tell you bitched out a kid which thats not fucking fair"...then everybody started shouting bad words haha we were in total control...then we scatterd and played the instruments ...drums and everything..and he was tere...doing he was watchign me closely but w/e i didnt care :) we had control and he couldnt do shit hahawell the bell rang and everyone ran out and i came here to my house made fun of my bro called claudia then she started saying she has big coconuts! weee whatta fun day!

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:) [25 Feb 2004|10:51pm]
[ mood | sore ]
[ music | the used-on my own ]

The Dante's Inferno Test has sent you to the First Level of Hell - Limbo!
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Level 2 (Lustful)High
Level 3 (Gluttonous)Moderate
Level 4 (Prodigal and Avaricious)Low
Level 5 (Wrathful and Gloomy)Very Low
Level 6 - The City of Dis (Heretics)Very Low
Level 7 (Violent)High
Level 8- the Malebolge (Fraudulent, Malicious, Panderers)Moderate
Level 9 - Cocytus (Treacherous)Very Low

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